Saudi Terrorist Responsible For Pensacola Mass Shooting

I didn’t have time to write about this yesterday.

Obviously though, it is devastating for the carefully constructed narrative that Iran is the greatest threat we are facing in the Middle East when a Saudi terrorist does a mass shooting on American soil and six other Saudis stand around and film the entire thing!

The Daily Beast:

“Six Saudi nationals were reportedly detained for questioning after a Saudi Arabian aviation student killed three people and injured eight when he opened fire at the Pensacola Naval Base on Friday. The New York Times reports that while they believe the shooter acted alone, at least some of the Saudi nationals called in for questioning were seen filming the entire shooting. No one has confirmed if any of them were involved. SITE Intelligence, a group that monitors jihadist activity, also reported that a man with the gunman’s name, which was identified by the Times as Mohammed Saeed Slshamrani, posted a Twitter message hours before the shooting in which he referred to the U.S. as a “nation of evil” for its support of Israel. …”

New York Times:

“The Saudi man who shot and killed three people on a naval base in Florida on Friday did not have any ties to international terrorist groups and appears to have been self-radicalized, according to an initial assessment from American intelligence and counterterrorism officials.

The gunman, identified as Second Lt. Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, was killed by a sheriff’s deputy who responded to the attack. Lieutenant Alshamrani was training to become a pilot and initially entered the United States in 2018, according to a senior American official who has been briefed on the investigation’s initial stages. But at some point Lieutenant Alshamrani returned to Saudi Arabia and then re-entered the United States in February 2019, the official said. …”

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — Top U.S. defense and military officials on Saturday reaffirmed America’s continued commitment to and relationship with Saudi Arabia after a Saudi Air Force student’s deadly attack at a Navy base in Florida.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper and others attending a security conference in California played down any initial impact on U.S.-Saudi ties. President Donald Trump described a conciliatory conversation with the Saudi king.

But the shooting also is testing the allies’ ties just months after the Trump administration delivered substantial military aid to Saudi Arabia to counter threats from Iran.

“I spoke with the king of Saudi Arabia. They are devastated in Saudi Arabia,” Trump told reporters Saturday as he left the White House on a trip to Florida.  …

A U.S. official told The Associated Press on Saturday that Alshamrani hosted a dinner party earlier in the week where he and three others watched videos of mass shootings. And one of the three students who attended the dinner party videotaped outside the building while the shooting was taking place, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity after being briefed by federal authorities. Two other Saudi students watched from a car, the official said. “

I can’t even.

Do you realize where we would be right now if an Iranian terrorist was responsible for this? We nearly got frogmarched into a war with Iran this summer over a drone that was shot down over the Persian Gulf. We attacked Syria twice for doing nothing.

Aren’t you ready to go attack Iran for the sake of Israel and Saudi Arabia in a regional conflict which has nothing to do with us? You would think this terrorist would have launched the jihad in his own country given the fact that Saudi Arabia is Israel’s ally.

Trump’s absurd Muslim travel ban allowed this Saudi terrorist to come here while blocking Iranians who aren’t terrorizing Americans. The terrorist was being trained here to fight Iran which is the only major country in the region which DOES NOT produce the terrorists who kill Westerners. Iran is a problem for Israel and Saudi Arabia, not for us.

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  1. (channeling Punished King Emperor Blompf): NOTHING to see here! Remember folks, IRAN is the greatest terrorist threat in the WORLD!! MAGA! (err…) Sorry Jared, I mean MIGA!!!!!!

  2. Seeing how Israel is SA’s bff the US ought to hand out the mission to train Saudi military personnel to Israel. They have so much in common. Instead this will be swept under the rug like what happen after 9/11 when the number of Muslims went up.

    I wonder if the Saudis who filmed this murder danced around like those Israelis on 9/11?

  3. Consider that these third worlders the PTB are bringing in, are being given access to nuclear power stations, our most powerful weapons, our intelligence apparatus, they are also put in charge of who is allowed into the country.

  4. Laughing at all the deluded zog boomers who think theres gonna be some retribution for this from blumpf potatus. I tried to redpill a boomer last night on the Israel ,Saudi arabia, American relationship but he wasn’t having it because Israel hates muslims and they are greatest ally lol stupid boomer

  5. Sad that young man died but seriously no white man should even be in the stupid military until zog is dismantled.

    Learn a trade or something don’t waste your time with the military they will abandon you, veterans are abandoned all the time

  6. Here s an easy sell even to dumb ass Amurikun NFL worshipping dumb goyim :

    Foreign countries receiving highest tech American fighter planes have to use (White) American pilots

    We don t train Pakistani or Saudi pilots in Florida

    Hue f$&@@“ is that?

    • This and other similar comments have all the marks of hasbara trolling, which, rather than ineffectively opposing the point of view with ridicule or disgusting ad hominem as in the past, now attempt to poison the well by associating the evidence and argument with hate speech and ignorance.
      A signature trait is being too clever by half and not half as smart as they think they are, which their arrogance makes them incapable of seeing.

      To a large degree a site is judged by the level of its comments, which no one knows better than these sayanim. I’ve answered this one, but no one else should take the bait in the future. Loyal readers deserve the curtesy of the moderator deleting this horrible stuff, which adds nothing and causes great harm.

  7. No one in Saudi Arabia will be held accountable for this, because Trump, and W before him kissed their ring. Why? Because they are richer than the America. Money rules Conservative Inc. and always has. What’s different now is that they can’t get blood from a turnip. Greed requires continual feeding. Now, they are bringing in more H1B Visa holders to work tech jobs, because “young people are not qualified”. This has been a 30-40 year Koch Bros plan. While we weren’t looking, opioids & smartphones replaced STEM. In the meantime, we voted for an outright con catalyst to accelerate the whole damn thing. He lied to us, plain and simple. The tweets & calling out the media felt good, until it didn’t. If this is the last White Man in the WH, is this how he (we) go out? Vote White, eff the party. If what we think is true, Biden thinks the same way. Tulsi seems to think the same way. I’m staying home to watch the fallout & watch Conservative Inc. wonder why they lost the White vote.

  8. We’re also supporting the Saudis in their attempted “genocide” (hate that now-overused term) in Yemen. Let the savages kill off each other; it’s in their history and perhaps their primitive nature. Why would we want to get involved in these endless tribal squabbles? All that ever happens is we get blowback like this, needlessly dead American youth, and thousands of backward, inbred, low-IQ, feral immigrants on our shores in exchange for our considerable trouble and expenditure.

    I’m all for handing out savage treatment to the heedless elites continually getting us into these pointless messes, though. It’s past time we refreshed the tree of liberty with copious amounts of tyrant blood, to paraphrase Jefferson.

    • We’re supporting the Saudi’s war against Yemen because Yemen is supported by Iran (aka, the good guys).

  9. “Three who filmed the attack”

    All will he released back to kingdom just like the “dancing Israelis ”

    Saudi is meat curtain for thier jew Cousins.
    Gawd a hate being in the middle of jew tribal warfare!

  10. That Saudi dune coon was right about this country being evil for its slave-like obedience to the jews and their Zionist Entity. Imagine the stupidity of allowing a wild-eyed Sunni terrorist to train as a pilot in an American flight school after what happened on 9/11. And a military flight school at that! This country deserves everything it’s going to get.

      • But what about the money? Our second greatest ally, Saudi Arabia, buys $10 zillion dollars worth of U.S. weapons and everyone knows, business comes first. Our greatest ally buys its U.S. weapons with money the U.S. Government gives them, then they bitch that they need more.

        Money rules, nothing to see here, just move along, straighten out your MAGA hat and pull the lever for the Republicans next year. Our greatest and second greatest allies will thank you later, one with a war for you to fight, the other with more terrorist attacks. Trump will pitch this one down the memory hole and his supporters will swallow it like Monica Lewinsky.

  11. Iran was once called Persia, Caucasians settled and created Persia, it was a major trading route for the Vikings who traded swords for Persian silk..Iranians have more in common with Europeans than with Arabs or Mongols/Israelis..Israel knows attack on Iran is a proxy attack on Whites!..Jews play the long game, understanding Viking history gives insight into their logic and plans.

  12. Saudi nationals being taught to fly? What could possibly go wrong? As the good doctor says 911 was supported and financed at the highest levels of the Saudi government according to the 911 Commission. Let us not forget Mossad agents trailed the 911 hijackers al over Europe and the Middle East including staying at the very apartment in Hamburg, Germany where some of the 911 hijackers stayed before coming to the U.S. Mossad knew what was coming but deliberately and with malice of forethought neglected to tell the United States because they want America forces all through out the Middle East as a buffer zone for Israel and knew that is just how America would react. Because Saudis did 911 Bush invades Iraq! Insane, but let it is ground troops in the Middle East.Remember Bush also allowed the Ben-Laden family and many Saudi officials to flee the United States after 911.

  13. Hold on a cotton picking moment. Harmless them middle aged British soft rock singer-songwriter Cat Stevens (know known as Yusuf Islam after converting) was banned entry to the jewnited states in 2004, but jihadis from all over the world fly into this country on their magic carpets without any vetting.

    Cuck island is just as bad. The U.K. Banned Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, and Mark Weber from entry, but released a homegrown jihadi early from prison who had a hit list of political leaders who murdered two British citizens on London Bridge last week.

    This isn’t clownworld it’s Hell World.

  14. Not to mention, the Navy has to rely on local Escambia county Police to neutralize the sand nigger. Both men, hospitalized. So, the occupying force (U.S.) brings in clean-cut jihadis from a notoriously brutal regime, then the local Host population has to risk their lives to stop the massacre. SECEDE!


    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted that Fulop “has asserted that today’s incident was a deliberate attack targeting the Jewish community.”

    “Although there is no credible or specific threat directed against New York City, I have directed the NYPD to assume a state of high alert,” he wrote. “Tonight, NYPD assets are being redeployed to protect key locations in the Jewish community. Tomorrow, we will announce additional measures.”

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