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  1. at this point they are just laughing at us, before they feed. punditry is useless at this point. all western governments are enemies of the people, it’s obvious. rooting for this puppet or that is a joke

  2. UK has the same problem as US.

    Until reasonable alternative, cucks unfortunately are the last defense line against full communism.

    The problem is electorate. UK had British National Party over decades but it is unelectable Also they had very moderate UKIP but even this soft core thing got only 15% something vote max.

    In Europe, there are lot of anti immigration parties around all the time. The problem is, nobody votes for them. And nobody knows what to do.

    So there is only 2 choices left. Vote cucks to win time to figure out what is wrong with general population. Or ignore cucks and go full communism like we did in Eastern Europe 100 years ago.

    For general information, brainwashing is the word used by people who have no idea what is going on. It is like strategic bombing means that air force has no idea where the enemy is and dropping their bombs on the civilian population.

  3. no,

    voting cuck wastes time. While the demographic balance shifts steadily against the Whites.

    only when Whites have nowhere to go w/in the (((system)))

    will they actively resist.

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