Donald Trump Postpones The Iran War For Now

The good news is that Donald Trump has chosen not to escalate with a retaliatory strike on Iran after last night’s attack and that the downward spiral into a war with Iran has been stopped for now. We can all breathe a sigh of relief that no one died in last night’s attack on U.S. military bases in Iraq due solely to Iran’s restraint and capacity to guide its missiles.

The bad news is that Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran Deal in May 2018 and to crush Iran’s economy with wave after wave of sanctions for Israel is what brought us to the brink of war with Iran last night. He is imposing even more sanctions on Iran after deploying even more troops to the Middle East. This is a foreign policy crisis entirely of his own making. He brought us from a state of relative peace and a relaxation of tensions with Iran when Obama was president to grotesque political assassinations and Iranian missiles raining down on U.S. military bases.

This is not a great victory for Donald Trump. It is a preview of what we can expect in a Trump second term. There is no reason to believe that Trump’s Iran policy will not eventually plunge us into a war with Iran especially with the 2020 election safely behind him. Over the course of the past three years, Trump’s actions have demonstrated that his commitment to Zionism is real and his commitment to the rest of his 2016 agenda is a fiction. There are more troops in the Middle East now and a greater likelihood of war than when he was elected president in 2016.

To recap:

  • Trump has failed to end the “endless wars” in the Middle East. In the fourth year of the Trump presidency, we are still in Afghanistan
  • Trump has boasted about squandering hundreds of billions of dollars on the military to beef up the American Empire like a conventional Republican president
  • Trump hired Israel First neocons like Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton to run our foreign policy
  • Trump has brought us to the brink of war with Iran after pulling out of the Iran Deal and dramatically escalating tensions with Iran
  • Iran has scrapped the nuclear deal and has resumed its nuclear program
  • Trump promised to pull troops of Syria. There are still American troops in Syria and the ones he pulled out were redeployed to Iraq. There are more troops in the Middle East in 2020 than in 2016. We are even more deeply mired in the region
  • The Iraqi Parliament and Prime Minister have demanded that Trump remove American troops from Iraq. And yet, he can’t take a win
  • Trump signed a huge arms deal with Saudi Arabia and has supported its war in Yemen. He even vetoed a bill passed by Congress on Yemen
  • Trump has given the Golan Heights to Israel
  • Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
  • Trump has paved the way to Israel’s annexation of the West Bank

So far, the only good news of the Trump presidency to come out of the Middle East is the eradication of ISIS which was largely the work of General Qasem Soleimani who Donald Trump labeled a terrorist and had assassinated while eating a bowl of ice cream. The biggest winner of “the most pro-Jewish president in history” has been Israel.

In the 2016 election, we were led to believe by Donald Trump that we had learned out lessons from the Iraq War and that we were going to bring the troops home, secure our borders and rebuild America. Today, it is clear that what we got instead was Marco Rubio’s foreign policy. Hopefully, we will be wise enough not to fall for the same bait-and-switch in 2020.

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  1. It looks like the American public didn’t bite, despite the full-on press by the MAGA Spam Campaign. Social media has been discussing “Israel” non-stop for the last 72 hours, despite the attempts by the Usual Suspects to get everyone on board another “hate Muslims” campaign.

    Only old boomers give a damn about the shitty little country in the Middle East. Only the boomers who wear adult diapers still watch CNN or care about “Holocaust survivors.”

    No white man or woman under 40 gives a shit.

    No one is going to sign up for Trump’s war against Israel’s enemies. No one with a room temperature IQ actually listens to Prager U. or Ben Shapiro. They have really painted themselves into a corner, haven’t they?

    • PS – you are correct on those under 40. I’ve had a number of conversations over the past few days, with all kinds of folks under 40. I mean not just Whites. Negroes and Hispanics – fuggedaboutid.

      The kikes can sign up for their wars.

      • The Christian Zionist boomers and their brown grandchildren can fight for Uncle Shmuli, madam. When can we look forward to the publication of your next delightful online newsletter???

    • It looks like the American public didn’t bite, despite the full-on press by the MAGA Spam Campaign. Social media has been discussing “Israel” non-stop for the last 72 hours, despite the attempts by the Usual Suspects to get everyone on board another “hate Muslims” campaign.

      Only old boomers give a damn about the shitty little country in the Middle East. Only the boomers who wear adult diapers still watch CNN or care about “Holocaust survivors.”

      CNN has nothing to do with the ‘MAGA Spam Campaign.’ They along with The Guardian, The Atlantic, and a host of other anti-White (and Jewish dominated) news sources came out against Trump’s Iran War. The main reason for this is that the Liberal Internationalists (who are led by Jews) currently have goals that conflict with the Zionist goal of invading Iran.


      1). The Zionist Jews now care more about destroying Israel’s Middle Eastern enemies than maintaining the Liberal International Order within the West. They are supporting Trump even though Trump is ‘unleashing populism’ because their #1 objective is to knock out Iran.

      2). The Liberal Jews know that maintaining dominance within the West is key for the International Jewish Lobby to maintain global influence. They are trying to retreat and shift focus towards fighting insurgent ‘Nationalists’ who they view as their main enemy (this is why The Atlantic et al. is so focused on us). They see the Zionists as demanding an offensive push that will backfire.

      Basically the Liberal Jews who run CNN want to talk about Trump’s racism and reinforce anti-White social norms in the West while the Zionist Jews want to instigate another war to their benefit.

      • American Jews must know and fear that a disastrous war with Iran would unleash a tidal wave of anti-Semitism in the US.

        • Jannie – it won’t be a tidal wave. It’s gonna be a slow, nasty drip. This is going to be a VERY long, ruinous, UGLY civilization war. The Christian concept – the Wheat separating from the Chaff? Well that’s what’s happening, and we are in the very beginning stages.

          Most Americans, like Trump – know NOTHING about politics, history, and other people’s cultures. They don’t CARE, either.

          White Christian Culture America is LONG dead. We are owned and operated lock stock and barrel by Jews. We ARE Israel’s slave plantation. Most Americans DO NOT know this, or in the case of millions of Evangelitard psychos (largely in the South, Dixians!) – they think it’s GREAT. We are a very tiny few, who do know, and think it’s ghastly. We are living in a JEWISH country. Period. Jews control our Government COMPLETELY. I don’t know how any one can dispute this anymore. They own and control our media, our major financial institutions, our educational institutions, our legal systems, most of the major businesses, and major sections of real estate

          They are so vociferous and focused on using us for this Big Dream, this Final Plank in their goal of Eretz Israel- the take over and take down of Iran. Jews/Israel are vicious, ruthless fanatics. Their “religion” tells them that they have the God Given RIGHT to do whatever they want, by any means they can concoct and get away with, and that others are resources to be USED.

          They know America is rotted out already. They fear NOTHING. They HAVE to destroy Iran in order to accomplish their ultimate goal of total control of the world. They are currently working to squeeze out anything that’s left of us, and then they’ll throw us away for good.

          • Pagans only benefit the jewish agenda. sure america is a jewish plantation, i say this consistently, but america is and was a WASP nation, and only WASPs can reject the kike. Pagans only aid the jew in attacking the nation’s Christian spine. WASPs had laws against kikes: living here, owning land, holding office, and voting. Pagans never did shit about the kikes in this land. PERIOD.

            This is also a SOUTHERN NATIONALIST website, so your skank ass can piss off back to sweden if you want to be pagan that runs their hole about Southern WASPs. frankly, residing in a WASP nation, but whining about it constantly, is exactly what NIGGERS do. GET OUT BITCH

          • “it won’t be a tidal wave. It’s gonna be a slow, nasty drip. This is going to be a VERY long, ruinous, UGLY civilization war. The Christian concept – the Wheat separating from the Chaff? Well that’s what’s happening, and we are in the very beginning stages “

            Very well said.

        • The jews actually encourage humans to hate them, miss Jannie! Paradoxically, it’s part of their group survival strategy. They just have to make sure it doesn’t get too out of hand.

    • My idiot X’er friends still haven’t figured out this is all because of Israel and overwhelming jewish power in our country.

    • That is the way things are moving and are moving in an exponential geometrical way…..

      Sooner rather then later, israel with their western/european elite will find them selves on the wrong side of History – same goes with the reds !!

      • Would that be the same Gov. Northam (D. VA) caught in the yearbook scandal, the same Governor Northam (D. VA) who was about to do the Michael Jackson moonwalk for the press until his wife stopped him? The same Governor Northam, MD (D. VA) who had to swear: “First, do no harm . . .”, then advocated for snuffing out the lives of children with defects immediately after birth? Is that the Governor Northam who now thinks he is fit to pass judgement on the morals of gun owners in VA, making law abiding citizens into criminals at his whim?

        The Washington Post hypocrites originally called for the Governor to resign then said they were in error, they didn’t want the Governor to resign. People still want to know, was the Governor the one in blackface or was the Governor the one in the KKK hood? His wife should have let him do the moonwalk. His Lt. Governor was accused of raping a woman at the DNC in Boston in 2004, the second woman to make such a charge. What a pair.

        Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Increasing sanctions is not making peace. They showed fear; they were not actually going to go to war with us ,therefore we can punish them further without regard; we can make their lives even more miserable without concern. That’s called bullying; it’s the bully’s code.

    The Dems keep emphasizing that he was a bad actor and that no tears should be shed for him. but he was still a foreign state official who was assassinated in violation of international law. The American people having never shied away from genocide have no qualms about killing another Muslims. The Dems are playing into trumps hands as they don’t have the strength of their convictions. Like Iran , a they assert a resistance pose but cower in the face of the real fight.

    The Europeans signed on the JCPOA in good faith. They will not be willing to drop out of that agreement in response to a war crime committed by America’s bully in chief.

  3. There is no reason at all to vote for Trump this year, but plenty of reasons to vote against him or boycott the entire farce. He is a menace.

  4. Trump and his owners’ bright red line is ending Iran’s nuclear program as defined by the U.S. Government, acting for its beneficial owners. Iran made the decision long ago during the Iran/Iraq war to go nuclear as a matter of survival regardless of what agreements are signed with foreign powers. Iran’s government, over several administrations, has stuck to this decision in spite of the risks, costs and sacrifices associated with its nuclear program.

    If Trump is serious about ending Iran’s nuclear program he will have to choose war. There is no negotiation, no bribe, no deal, no threat, no pleading, no appeal, no UN resolution or anything else except actually attacking, destroying then verifying the destruction that will end Iran’s nuclear program. Iran has periodically slowed down its nuclear program for strictly tactical reasons (such as BHO’s Iran ca$h deal) but has never stopped making progress towards nuclear weapons and their methods of delivery.

    This is not to say that Iran doesn’t have the right to obtain nuclear weapons, they do, they are a sovereign nation, not one of BHO’s 57 states. The Iranian Government has made this point repeatedly but claiming at the same time that their nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes, something highly unlikely. The Iranian Government knows it must use deception and secrecy, just like every other government has, to produce nuclear weapons.

    Israel has also said publicly, repeatedly that they will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, they want to maintain their own local nuclear monopoly. That is what is driving U.S. policy in the Near East to the wall. Israel has repeatedly demanded that various presidents and the notorious scumbags in Congress use the U.S. military to destroy Iran’s nuclear program, consequences be damned.

    A war against Iran is unlikely to be short, quick, limited and decisive like the previous two wars against Iraq. Such a war will also be seen, even by the U.S. public as being fought for the interests of Israel, not the interests of the U.S. The long term repercussions of such a war are unknown but wars have transformative effects on nations and not usually to the advantage of the ruling oligarchs.

  5. Even back during the 2016 campaign I knew there was a reason why Zion Don had the Rolling Stones’ You Can’t Always Get What You Want played at the end of his high school pep rallies. He should have played a song titled You’re Not Going To Get Anything You Want.

    • I noticed that The Stone’s “YCAGWYW” was also playing when he walked out onto the stage at his campaign HQ on Election Night when he was formally announced as the winner – which I thought was interesting – and odd – at the time.

  6. The fact is our traitors have spent trillions on new weapons that the Military Industrial Complex wants used so that more can be ordered. Go look up and see who many of the largest shareholders of these defense contractors are. Also, military brass needs to keep their massive funding justified.

    Problem. Reaction. Solution.

    The people in the background need to be brought to the foreground. Nothing will change unless we change it. Remember folks, our income taxes only pay the interest on the fiat printed. The U.S. government corporation operates on other income. You don’t “own” your government like you think you do. It’s owned by a foreign entity and I don’t mean the other proxy, Israel. Besides, it isn’t your government. Again, it’s a corporation. IT’S A CORPORATION AND YOU ARE NOT A SHAREHOLDER. You’re thrown scraps to appease you. Less and less scraps with each generation I may add.

    So, your income tax dollars are not being sent to shitty little countries. The “funding of control” comes from another source.

    Buy Bitcoin. The top 20 cryptos that maintain their rank within that spread are the most likely to succeed. As a reminder, this is not investment advice. It won’t set you free but it may secure your future when the financial system is reset. Because as always, the common man is the last one to the finish line. And, most often he deserves it by not paying attention nor learning from past experiences.

  7. Look at the two automatons in the back of that top picture. Programming at its finest. They’re owned but not by us. They owe us nothing which is why they do nothing for us. Generals like Patton will never exist again. Promotions are granted to the ambitious who will strictly behave by the rules/laws. You can’t get that high up without selling your soul to some degree. Just like advancement in secret societies. Those war colleges are indoctrination camps, too.

  8. Spot on analysis. Trump had to back down because Israel would have been hit if he hadn’t. Unlike Trump, Iran keeps its word. Which illuminates so much of this reality that so many in the MAGA crowd are blind to.

    1. Our troops do not belong in the Middle East. We are the hostile aggressors/terrorists/occupiers/invaders. Iran is the morally superior and rational actor.

    2. Imagine if China had multiple bases stationed on the Canadian and Mexican border and for decades had been committing aggressions, assassinations, launching coups, violating sovereign air space, and involved in a litany of other hostilities against the US. What would be in the rational interest of the US against these repeated Chinese aggressions?

    3. Israel is not our ally, they occupy our government and have pushed us into decades long costly and deadly wars for their own interest.

    4. Trump is a liar and a fraud. MAGA meant bringing the troops home from the Middle East. He failed.

    5. Escaping the Trump cult is hard for so many MAGA White Americans because he is essentially their last hope as we fade into minority status. But, feel good bombing of brown people in the Middle East while white NBA players get continually dunked on and white women get impregnated by mandingos is not a reason to vote for Trump in 2020.

  9. We now resume your regularly scheduled broadcast – Stawk! market record highs, Anti-Semitism/Israel laws, record low Basketball-American unemployment and Monitoring the Situation!

  10. Worse case scenario in the Middle East is that China, Russia, the European Union, the Arab countries and the United States and Israel all get involved and it goes nuclear and the word is on the brink of extinction…and then suddenly the trumpet sounds…..oh wait, that’s Revelation. Guess whose Israel’s leader will be? Hint….AC

  11. David Duke is STILL making excuses for Trump – suggesting he is a good boy who is just doing this to get the Zionists to stop impeachment etc.

    Just what in the world is preventing him from calling out this philosemetic turd? Is it because he can’t admit he got duped in 2016? Is it because his donations would dry up if he insulted the patriotards’ great hero? What is it David?

    • you see the same thing with VoxDay and many others on the Right & hardRight: they simply do not have the strength of character to admit they were wrong. Haxo, on the other hand, admits he’s wrong when he is proven wrong. As below, re Iranian military competence.

    • VG comments about “Doctor” Duke. I think it’s his boomer pride that prevents him from admitting that Trump was a mistake. Duke is also a vain and narcissistic man with sociopathic tendencies. I always thought of him as the Bill Clinton of the alt-right.

      • Why does David Duke even have “guests” on his podcasts? He speaks for 90% of the time. Mark Collett and Patrick Slattery can barely get in one or two comments, before Duke comes roaring back on long winded rant.

  12. Trump knows if there was a war with Iran he would be one term president. Americans must prepare for a war with Iran in Trump’s second term.

  13. no, the ZOG war on Iran is on and ongoing. And

    Round One was just won by ZOG, bigly:

    1) Zion-stooge Drumpf/Pentagram murder Iran’s most competent military leader, plus a dozen Iraqi’ Shi’a militia commanders.

    2) Iranian counterblow missile strike a complete botch: too few warheads spread over too many targets and – as usual with ordnance that has only ballistic guidance – about half missed altogether. Result: insignificant structural damage, no ZOG fatalities…..the latter we know because, were there any, Drumpf would be waving the bloody shirt right now instead of “extending the hand of peace”. I had thought that, as non-Arabs, the Iranians understood the simple military axiom of force concentration. Evidently not. Had the 20 or so missiles they actually fired been aimed at a single airbase, perhaps 10 or 12 would have actually hit and thus “made a statement”. Right now Iran looks like a paper tiger. And worse,

    3) all evidence so far produced indicates that Iranian air defence – jittery and incompetent – malfunctioned and shot down a civilian airliner right after it took off from their own central Tehran airport. That’s just abysmal.

    in sum, Drumpf, his Zionist owners, and the Pentagram now know that they can take a free run at Iran whenever they want.

    and, if not immediately, (((they))) will do so by and by.

    • I am inclined to agree with you, even though you ride a girl’s bicycle to work. Iran had a perfect opportunity to stand up to ZOG and they blew it.

    • Iran could absolutely have caused mass casualties if they had wanted to. This was clearly a face-saving gesture to appease the Iranian public and to avoid the appearance of weakness. It was the only rational response under the circumstances.

      The Persians are not stupid, they know the Zionists are itching for an excuse to launch all out war and they are not about to give them what they want.

  14. israel and the “jews”/bolsheviks know they’re fkd now, its over for them..the whole world just rebuked their plans to vilify and attack Persia…and most of us pointed at that foreskin munching colony in the desert and said loudly ” No more wars for israel!!!”…this is a great day or mankind, jews have lost their moral high ground and are losing ground on several fronts…justice is coming!!!

  15. here is an afterthought…….

    Maybe there is a sliver lining here…..

    What President Donald Trump is doing by being aggressive in the middle east – an aggressive stance in the Middle East DOES NOT MEAN starting a war – and explicitly making it known that one of the MAIN REASONS the US is in the Middle East is because of israel, maybe this admission will be the very reason that will turn many million of people against israel.

    Being woken from their, pro-israel, slumber for many millions through out the world will take its time.

    I believe that President Trump’s open admission that israel is the MAIN CAUSE for all this mayhem that White/Western men have to go and die for in the Middle East, will be the great awaking that will turn the world against israel – maybe even shabbos goy zionists.

  16. The US just showed exactly how it would evacuate a war zone so there’s a good template for how to blast retreating transports out of the clear blue sky

  17. Donald Trump:
    Iran is a malign country, producing the worst terrorist in the world Qassem Soleimani, financing the evilest terrorist group Hezbollah…

    This is Israel speaking, pure and simple. Trump is their puppet and a menace to everyone else.

  18. I see on the internet info about General Soleimani working with the US in Afghanistan against the Taliban in 2001-2002. There are photos of Soleimani surrounded by US Marines as he fought ISIS in Iraq just a few years ago. Just when did he become the worst terrorist in the world, Trump? Yeah, I know– because Israel says so.

    (As to Hezbollah, Israel calls this group terrorist because they threw out the Israelis and frustrate Israeli plans to annex the water resources of southern Lebanon.)

    I am getting angrier and angrier with Trump, who might fairly be called a murderer, a war criminal (luring a foreign diplomat, which Soleimani was when he was assassinated, in to be killed) and an agent of a foreign power.

  19. Well I’m supporting hezbollah.

    Even as a orthodox Christian I support hezbollah.

    the only force that has defeated the IDF not once but twice.
    in land and on Sea.

    Syrian orthodox Christians & Alawites and Mohammedans fight side by side against the talmudist zionists……May God be with them !!

    Christian Singer Honors Hezbollah in Stunning 2013 Concert Performance

    Kornet ATGM vs merkava = 54-0

  20. We are already at war with Iran, trumps strike was like arriving early for a movie and catching the 20-30 minutes of commercials before it starts. Our tickets have already been paid for, and the start of the motion picture will start shortly. Until then watch this Christmas themed lexus commercial, awww that’s cozy.

    Iran has said they’ll be enriching uranium to make a bomb, trump said they’ll never have a nuclear bomb. So what’s the enforcement of that? Bombing their scientists and nuclear facilities? A ground invasion? How do you stop that? Trump has already thrown diplomacy out the window.

    Trump has also they’ll remain in Iraq despite the Iraqi government and Iran telling them they have to leave.

    This show of “peace” in trumps speech was just that, a show for American people. When the war with Iran heats up from either the us trying to stop Iran from creating the bomb or from the us refusing to leave Iraq and Syria trump is priming the American people to believe he never wanted war.

    Framing this as “war” was averted is playing into trumps/zionists framing of events.

    Trump (and his Zionists handlers) has already declared war on Iran.

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