Charlemagne’s Saxon Wars

Is Christianity for cucks?

Does it require defeat in this world? It is worth remembering Charlemagne’s wars against Old Saxony. The Frisians and Saxons were conquered by the Franks and were forced to Christianity. Charlemagne had Irminsul cut down and committed a genocide against the Saxons. German military pressure on the Danevirke forced the conversion of the Danes.

Frankish military power and training as a warrior elite was the foundation of the Carolingian Empire. It is what made possible the conversion of northwestern Europe to Christianity and the spread of Latin culture among Germanic peoples who were never conquered by Rome. It is also what saved Western Europe from being overrun by Islam in Charles Martel’s time.

Suppose that Charlemagne had not conquered the Saxons but had instead operated on the “Christianity is for cucks” principle of modern day American conservatives. If the Saxons had not been converted to Christianity, would the Danes have converted? If the Danes hadn’t converted to Christianity, would the rest of Scandinavia? If the Saxons and Scandinavians had not converted to Christianity, would the Poles or the Balts had been converted later in the Northern Crusades? The Magyars who raided from the east and became the Hungarians?

If it had been up to American conservatives, Christianity in Europe would have been snuffed out by Muslims from al-Andalus and Sicily and by pagans from the north and by the Magyars from the east. England would have never existed because it would have submitted to Viking rule. This suicide cult for self-hating, deracinated, effeminate nice people isn’t the faith that established its dominance over Western Europe. It could have never defeated its rivals.

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  1. So you’re proud of christian race traitor Charlemagne who couldn’t control his daughters and fought his own tribes man for the jew?

  2. I am from Saxon stock. As are 90% of who posts here I’d wager. Im also of French stock.

    The only ancestors I have any knowledge of as far back as I can trace any of my family lines which include:

    1) French (Frankish and later Norman flavors)
    2) English (Anglo Saxon)
    3) German (Sieg Heil)
    4) Scottish (Stewart line)
    5) Irish (My autistic side)
    6) Scots-Irish (cuz fuk u mang)
    7) Welsh (i kno rite)
    8) Cherokee (Red Nigger Savage)

    All Christian, even the red nigger savage line, who converted to marry my horsethief ancestor who was on the run east from the Oklahoma territory and stole a one legged Cherokee Princess off the trail of tears, and hid in the hills of Eastern Kentucky to run moonshine. This is literally my family story.

    Not one pagan.

    We pander to the three or four pagans in our midst, at our peril. They should be tolerated, but not allowed to dictate policy in the ethnostate. Each of those three or four pagans each have a different and conflicting cosmology ffs. The only thing they have in common is they hate Christians.

    Each of the three or four pagans Ive seen shit post on here, all sound like Alex Linder. You may as well try to run an agricultural community while trying to include eco fascists. Its never going to work, and you are better off threatening them with a shovel to the dome whenever they start running their mouth about the rape of the natural world, than you are trying to make them happy while your kids go hungry.

    Pagans have no answers to our problems. All they have is a common hatred of Christians.

    Its analogous to Antisemites. They also have no answers to our problems. All they have is a common hatred of Jews.

    Both are useless as compatriots because they are inherently limited by their inflexible worldview which is only informed through confirmation bias.

    Pagans, are poison. Threaten them with a shovel, before its too late.

  3. Christianity has run its course in the West, HW. It cannot be revived, least of all in its 9th century Frankish / Carolingian incarnation.

    • He he. I’d like to take odds on that one, Spawn, but neither you nor I will be living when your indebtedness to Christendom comes due….

  4. “England would have never existed”

    What a wonderful thought.

    There is no way of knowing how things would have played out if Northern Europe had not fallen to Christianity.

    • Because the predestinating arm of the Lord cannot be stayed. England was foreordained to be Christian, just as the damned are foreordained to rebel against God, as you tacitly just have done…. Have a nice day.

      • Why is the Almighty allowing England to become Muslim, and its daughters rape-bait for brown orcs, you self-righteous motherfucker? Is that pre-ordained as well?

      • You are also the exact same type of mindless drone who would murder his own racial kinsmen for not converting to the “correct” made-up religion.

  5. I don’t think Christianity has been that great of a thing for Europeans. The reason that the “Jewish Question” persists, is that Europeans were forced to worship a Jew as their god. It really offends me. The idea that you have to go through some Jewish Lawyer type figure to get to Heaven is super offensive and childish. I think that the Jews were allowed or even obligated to lend money at interest; but Christians and Muslims were not allowed to; tells you right there what all the Abrahamic faiths are based on. Jews are the ruling money class, Christians and Muslims are the slave class. Not to mention that All the Abrahamic faiths are based on a totally fictional history; and that fake history, always replaces true history and knowledge. I think that that is the major dilemma that the West is facing. Most of us are educated enough to know that the bible is based on a fake history; but we have no other religion to replace it. The Christian age is the age of “Pisces,” and we are entering the age of “Aquarius.” So I hope we find a new way. Maybe based on Astrology and the stars and true history; and respecting the true history of the past, not a bunch of Jewish nonsense. Also technology and knowledge was set back 1000 years when Christianity replaced the Pegan religions. The Christians are really the “Flat Earthers” of that day; and still are. I used to defend Christianity because “forgive and forget” is good advice, and the two parent family is healthy; but non Christian civilizations also followed that advice. Other than that Christianity is truly a “Cuck” mind control system. I used to hope for some Marten Luther revival to help us take back power from the Jews; and that could work for a while; but they will always return; because even the Lutherans worship a Jew, as they are taught to cast them out. Its all stupid. Even if the Muslims took over all of Europe; the European DNA would have altered Islam to be about the same as Christianity. It might have even been better that way. At least Muslims don’t worship a Jews as their god, even though they still give that fake history respect. In my view; it all needs to go. Maybe I am tired of trying to argue with Zio-Christians that Jews are not their “Chosen” people, even according to their own religion; but they are so dumb, and looking back the church has always been about dumbing people down and controlling them. I think if Europe would have stayed Pegan, we might have had a man on the moon 500 years ago. anyway great article; its a good debate we need to have.

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