Rep. Steve King: I’m Treated Like a Felon By My Own Leadership

Steve King isn’t a White Nationalist.

He is treated like a pariah though by the Republican leadership for defending Western civilization in a purely cultural sense. These same people had no problem assassinating Qasem Soleimani for Israel. Tell me more about how we need to reelect Donald Trump and the Republican Congress in November in order to “move the Overton Window.”

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  1. If they’re already going to treat him like this, he needs to stop being a bitch and say what needs to be said unapologetically.

    • This times a thousand.

      He needs to just lay it all out completely and don’t apologize.

      If he does it, others will follow. I think it’s killing them to keep it to themselves.

  2. You all might as well become Nazis and go full 14/88, since the enemy is going to treat you as Nazis anyway. Being defensive or apologetic is only going to make them hate you even more.

    • You’re in luck spahntard. No matter how many times this bogus logic is refuted, there will always be some people dumb enough or desperate enough to fall for it.

    • “You all might as well become Nazis and go full 14/88, since the enemy is going to treat you as Nazis anyway. ”

      Before you go Hollywood Nazi (((spahn))), to be convincing, you should give up your support of porn, because everyone knows Uncle Adolf sent all the pornographers and deviants to the fun camps.

      “Being defensive or apologetic is only going to make them hate you even more.”

      When the Inquisition calls you Heretic and burns you at the stake, admit your crimes, or the Inquisition will hate you more.

      “We are sinners! We are GUILTY of crimes against the Holy Religion of Political Correctness. Helleluya! Praise Political Correctness and Diversianity! Please burn us to save our souls, so we can get into Heaven!”

  3. Republicans will soon be gone. Then we can finally get down to business. Ans when we do, Steve King will be right there, in with the howling mob calling for our heads. Because, just as you said, Steve King is NOT a white nationalist.

  4. Blah blah, lesser of two weevils blah.

    We get it, Orange man bad. I dont want to vote for him either but. Bernie Sanders is likely to win. He will probably have our kids taken away and placed in foster care with trannies that will mistreat them, and we will likely be in prison for protesting.

    The coal industry in Appalachia will finally be absolutely destroyed, like Obama tried to do, google will post deep fake nudes of our wives to humilate them into leaving us, and we will find ourselves knifed by antifas and left to bleed to death in gutters because we are evil nazi’s. Meanwhile Israel will still dictate our foreign policy, and we will still be killing brown hero generals on their behalf.

    What SHOULD we do tho?

  5. Tell me more about how we need to reelect Donald Trump and the Republican Congress in November in order to “move the Overton Window.”

    No problem, I’m happy to remind you of how much the conversation has shifted since 2016. Trump has cucked badly since then, no question, but his election nonetheless helped pro-white ideas seep into the mainstream some.

    It’s not much, obviously. But when you’re as marginalized as pro-whites are, you have to take what you can get. From that perspective, electing Trump was worth it.

    There won’t be as much to gain from supporting him this time around, since Trump has basically transformed into a mainstream cuckservative. On balance, a Democrat would be worse, but it wouldn’t be some great catastrophe if Trump lost. And as someone noted in the other thread, the one good thing to come from a Democrat victory is the willingness of Republicans fight them on policy. So I’m not going to pretend that this is another do-or-die “Flight 93” election.

    • Right. The lesser of two evils.

      I am inclined to agree, in the absence of a convincing argument otherwise.

      Certain things are a given regardless of who we vote for, that’s the nature of the Kosher sandwich.

      This doesn’t offset the obvious rhetorical benefits of having such a hamhandedly Philosemitic president.

      He really is the best thing to happen for the JQ since pontius pilate.

    • You made a terrific comment on another comment to whit voting Trump is verification that the JewOP can lie to us and use us and betray us and there are no consequences.

      The Dems are do bat shite crazy that they are a better option for 2020. Stock up on popcorn and…lead….and stay out of the way.

    • It’s over, stupid. And you cowardly reactionaries have lost. Now go watch your wife get “blacked” by the UPS guy.

  6. If you vote, I suggest you vote for Trump, unless there is some serious third party or politician worth giving publicity to.

    The point isn’t who you vote for, the point is the issues you are supporting.

    Saying, “I support Trump because he is better on immigration and anti-white policies,” whether it is true or not, is better than saying “we all must support Trump because Democrats are worse and the real racists!”

    Saying, “I’m staying home or voting for the Constitution party” is probably better than saying “we all must support Trump because DEMON-crats will cut and run in Iran!”

    The point is to leverage Trump’s popularity and media to promote our own talking points and agenda. The point is NOT to actually support Trump – frankly, he doesn’t need our help anyway and would reject it anyway.

  7. A vote for a Republican like Steve King or Zion Don can give us time to organize and to gather resources. Will Donald Trump or a generic GOP candidate like Nikki Haley target white separatist communities like Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders, or Kamala Harris? European American separatists will be better served by Republicans who are indifferent rather than inimical to our plight. Racially-conscious European Americans should view themselves like a religious minority. A mass movement will fail because we lack institutional and media resources to actualize a mass market campaign. Open white advocacy will become anathema. There is no future for undercover or closeted racially conscious whites. We must build real communities that are isolated from the mainstream like the Amish. This is the only path. Republicans may give us more time to develop resilience. Our hands are literally tied. Vote for the Democratic candidate that will kill or jail you and your family or the Republican who will be apathetic towards your plight. We have no political power. We are not conservatives or mainstream Christians. We are alienated and disaffected in this society, and as a consequence, we must establish new communities to survive and ultimately, thrive.

    • AW,

      Have you been paying attention at all these last three years?

      Republicans aren’t apathetic towards us. Do you believe Blompf’s DOJ was apathetic towards James Fields, the men from RAM, or even the non-racial Proud Boys? And those RETARDicans really have done a real good job of stifling violence directed against their own supporters by anarch-communists in (((artifacts))), huh?

      Buying time=kicking the can down the road, and foolishly hoping that the GOP establishment that feeds off the shekels of the wealthy jewish oligarchs that control the republican platform will turn a blind if not an indifferent eye in our direction. Is that what you’ve witnessed over these last three years of the kushner/adelson/marcus/singer administration? Or have things on our side of the ledger gotten worse than it was under Obama?

      Personally, I’ll be taking the third position option of not voting, which is making a choice in and of itself.

      • As far as “time to prepare” that should already be taken care of, at least the majority of preps. The crash could come at any time, especially with this dumb ass screwing around with Iran or it may come after the election. Another couple of years of quiet would be nice before the wheels come off the U.S. but that seems improbable. I’m guessing this Spring the financials go tits up first, then look out below.

        When it’s obvious the financials are imploding, look for banks to be closed, credit cards to stop working and brokerage accounts to be unavailable. The bond and equity markets will also be ‘temporarily’ closed. This is already within the power of the President through the Treasury Secretary. We came within an inch of exactly these things happening in 2008 when that other dumb ass, GWB II was president.

        Markets will eventually be reopened (much lower) and there will be limits on credit card purchases and cash withdrawals. Many businesses will fail because they can’t get paid which will allow the likes of Amazon to buy them for pennies because miraculously, they will have the cash. Don’t worry about the billionaires either, somehow they will get access to cash to buy, also for pennies until the Government issues a new currency, destroying savings, pensions, investments etc.

      • Well said November. The demographic clock is still ticking. If Trump wins, complacency will step in and we lose another 4 years as the normies stay asleep. Elect someone like Warren and you wake the sleeping tiger.

        More people didn’t become woke because of Trump, they became woke because of Obama.

        Some people need extreme things to happen to wake them from their slumber.

        Things have to get worse to get better. I wish that weren’t the case, but it is.

    • We were supposed to have time during Trumps 1st four years & what happened? I’m a conservative woman. I am not a groupyer, I did not vote for Trump to “own the libs” & I do not excuse the abandonment of conservative principles by conservative inc. I ignored Trumps buffoonery & lies because I voted for the specific agenda he laid out during the campaign. None of that has happened. We got a tax cut for the rich, deregulation & tweets. The Hillary investigation is closed with no consequences. Me voting for Trump is an endorsement of this. I have 2 sons of draft age. I believe we will go to war with Iran if Trump is reelected. There is a new kind of TDS emerging, hostility towards those who refuse to vote for him a 2nd time.

      • Trump’s buffoonery and lies are what defines the man, and always have defined the man. Some of us saw it for what it was and is, some of us didn’t. You can be forgiven for your ignorance at the time because most all of us made the same mistakes, whether we like to admit it or not.

        P.S. You can get all wound up and vote (whomever) till your heart’s content and all that, but it will never change anything because your vote doesn’t count in Clown World Hell, and we’re going to continue on the same trajectory no matter what, rest assured of that.

      • Hello Vickey;

        You have no obligation to offer up your sons for military service, especially for a hostile foreign power. If the Government gets in a bind and needs more troops they will try conscription and I guarantee, it will be directed at White, Christian males, the wogs will get a pass. It’s Whites who make the country work including the military and everyone knows this, the wogs just screw things up.

        There will be a propaganda campaign focusing on WWII showing White men volunteering for service unlike the ridiculous multi-racial commercials on TV now. The message (to Whites) will be that military service is your patriotic duty like past generations; you owe the Government now. Don’t fall for it, the Government wants to be rid of White people, we owe the Government nothing.

        There will be massive opposition and non-compliance with conscription this time, right from the beginning. Conscription’s failure through public defiance may be what it takes to turn things around.

    • Republicans could only be called “indifferent” to White Nationalists, at least compared to Democrats, to the extent that WNs are portrayed as a threat to POC. Even then they can be pressured to punish WNs if they feel they have to prove they aren’t “white supremacists” and “Nazis”.

      But the minute WNs are portrayed as a threat to Jews or Israel, Republicans become the most vicious warriors against White Nationalism on earth, FAR more than Democrats. After the Pittsburgh shooting Blormpf said “if you mess with the Jews you will be destroyed” or something like that. Can you imagine a Democrat saying something like that?

      Keep in mind also that Democrats are far more likely than Republicans to oppose torture, capital punishment, police brutality, etc. The left may fantasize about doing horrible things to “Nazis” but they want to weaken the repressive forces of the state that are necessary to actually do it. A bunch of Antifa kids with milkshakes and urine balloons aren’t going to exterminate the white nationalist movement, but an elite force of highly trained ZOGbots could.

    • Hahahaha! I run into this problem probably 60%-70% of the time. I catch it and correct it probably 85%-90% of the time, on average. I’m less likely to catch it proportional to the length of my comment. Others who fly in my little circles complain of the same thing. “Spell-check” or “auto-correct” – whatever the culprit is – is plainly and purely a nuisance to those of us who actually know how to spell.

      • T. Morris,

        Yes, it’s my own mistake. The screen gives me three choices of what possible word it thinks that I want or predicts the words or word based on the sentiment expressed in the sentence.

        Reading from left to right as all Europeans do, I’m inclined to think that the first of the three options would be word chosen as the word, but it uses the second or middle choice instead.

        Again, it’s my mistake using the lazy option and not proof reading my comments prior to hitting the send button.

        Spelling was never a problem for me. Even when learning foreign languages, I was better at spelling and reading the language than speaking it. Go figure.

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