Israeli Intelligence Was Instrumental In Qasem Soleimani’s Assassination

I’m shocked to learn that it was OUR GREATEST ALLY that provided the intelligence that resulted in Qasem Soleimani’s assassination.

The Jerusalem Post:

“Israeli intelligence was instrumental in the successful US assassination of the leader of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force Maj.-Gen. Qasem Soleimani, NBC News reported on Sunday. …

According to NBC, informants in Damascus were able to tip off the CIA about exactly which plane Soleimani would be on, which Israeli intelligence confirmed and verified.

According to The New York Times, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was likely the only US ally in the know regarding the assassination, having spoken to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo beforehand.

Yisrael Beytenu head Avigdor Liberman said the Times report was based on Israeli sources, which he noted was poor judgment.

“We need to distance ourselves from it,” he said in a radio interview Sunday. “Ambiguity and silence are the best thing for us.”

Times of Israel:

“In an interview published Thursday, Mossad chief Yossi Cohen said a potential Israeli assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, the head of the elite Quds Force in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, was “not impossible.”

In a profile piece for ultra-Orthodox newspaper Mishpacha, Cohen was asked about Soleimani’s claim that Israeli aircraft targeted him and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah in Beirut during the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

“With all due respect to his bluster, he hasn’t necessarily committed the mistake yet that would place him on the prestigious list of Mossad’s assassination targets,” Cohen said. …”

The ADL has accused me of spreading an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory for believing that Trump assassinated Soleimani for Israel and his Jewish donors even though everyone knows it is true. It was even discussed on 60 Minutes before it happened.


“Hunter Wallace claimed that the killing of General Soleimani marked the beginning of “World War Jew.” In another blog post Wallace warned his readers that “if you support and vote for Donald Trump in 2020, you are voting for a Jewish war with Iran” on behalf of “Sheldon Adelson and the other Jewish donors who fund the GOP.”

Why did Trump assassinate Soleimani?

It was a combination of the intelligence he received from Israeli sources, the fact that he is surrounded by neocons loyal to Israel like Mike Pompeo and the way they interpreted and massaged the intelligence to present it as an “imminent threat” and because he needed the support of the Iran hawks in the Senate in his impeachment trial.

New York Times:

“But as the president watched television over the weekend, he grew angry that critics were accusing him of reckless escalation. He sought validation from guests at his Florida clubs, recounting details of the Baghdad Embassy protests and drinking in their praise for his decisiveness. He told some associates that he wanted to preserve the support of Republican hawks in the Senate in the coming impeachment trial, naming Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas as an example, even though they had not spoken about Iran since before Christmas. …”

Sheldon Adelson and his fellow Jewish billionaires who hate Iran are responsible for driving Trump’s Iran policy. Remove all the Jewish donors, Israelis and the Jewish puppets in Congress like Sen. Tom Cotton and Soleimani’s assassination would have never happened.

Donald Trump is so “pro-Israel” that he is outright whacking foreign leaders like a Jewish mafia gangster now. Supporting Donald Trump in 2016 was the biggest political mistake of my life. It is one that I won’t make again in the 2020 election.

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  1. I look forward to the ADL’s apology to you…BWAHAHAHA!! They would rather give a million shekels to Jews for Jesus than do that!

  2. This website is more important than I thought. The Jewish organizations really do monitor this website. Theoretically, I thought they did but now I have proof. Actually if I ruled a country I would monitor political websites as well. Jews think the way I do in some ways though their cause is different than mine.

    I definitely will print out/copy etc. this article and give it to Family and friends. This article will even end up in Mexico.

    My anglo friends think the Jews are less dangerous than they are. My latin friends automatically assume Jews are dangerous because they are not us( Latin and Catholic) and the world is a dangerous place. Liberals are babies compared to Jews.

    And to think I almost did not read this article. The quotes from the Jewish newspapers were very instructive.

    • Christina,

      Please attempt to wake your school chums up on the JQ, or at least get them inquisitive to follow the shekels…um, I meant challah breadcrumbs.

      • November,

        I only have a few anglo friends. They are generally Catholic or Baptist. The Catholic anglos are mildly anti Jewish but in a theoretical way just recognizing them as a false religion and being cry babies. I met them at church or at school.

        Talking to Baptist anglos on Jews takes manipulation or finesse if you prefer. The best way is to call attention to how they generally support liberal causes and immigration except in Israel. Using the direct approach to turn them anti Jewish would be fruitless. To the Baptist anglo my religion and people are the enemy not the Jews.

        It also has to be said that when I am with my girl friends we do not talk about politics very much. We in general talk about things that would irritate you.

        • Christina,

          For the most part, Homo sapiens irritate me. To know humans is to be a misanthrope, if you have a modicum of common sense.

          Unfortunately, my dog is a social butterfly. Children, adults, and other dogs are drawn to her, so I have to deal with a lot more people than I’d like to.

          Yes, demonstrating the hypocrisy of the jews for your baptist acquaintances is probably the best strategy. You can show their ‘for thee but not for me’ antics in their own words and deeds.

          Again, even the fact that these people cannot grasp the obvious is yet another reason that I don’t play well with others or suffer fools mildly.

          • November,

            I am still at the stage where I like most people. I do not expect much from people though. I recently have come to the conclusion that most politicians have the same morality as one of my younger sisters only they are not so cute.

    • My latin friends automatically assume Jews are dangerous because they are not us( Latin and Catholic) and the world is a dangerous place.

      Sensible attitude. I hope you keep your guard up. It wasn’t all that long ago that whites, too, felt the same way about Jews. But once the cucking began, a trickle fast became a flood.

      Actually, I’m just reading a book called “The Provincials: A Personal History of Jews in the South,” by Jew Eli Evans. The impression I have is there used to be no shortage of Jew-wise southerners (aka “anti-semites”). It’s astonishing how quickly that wisdom was lost, and how quickly southerners began deluding themselves that Jews were their friends.

      • Silver,

        Thank you for your kind comment. You do give out your praise sparingly. Sounds like the book you are reading is a valuable resource.

        • Sounds like the book you are reading is a valuable resource.

          The basic historical outline is already well known in these circles. My main interest in it is the way a politically astute Jew crafts a narrative with which to seduce white libtards and use their idealism against them.

      • The impression I have is there used to be no shortage of Jew-wise southerners (aka “anti-semites”).

        I have it on good authority that that was indeed the case in the “Old South.” If you read some of the memoirs written by Southern ladies (some of them very young, as in 16-17 years old) during the WBTS and its immediate aftermath, you will often (or at least fairly often) stumble upon a few passages expressing their severe distrust in the Jews with whom they would occasionally come into contact out of some necessity or other. They would utilize their services when necessity dictated, but would in no way take them into their confidences, for they always suspected them to be malevolent spies playing both sides against the middle, as Jews are prone to do. One such memoir that comes to mind (there are several I have read) off the top of my head was written (or actually dictated) by the wife of a Confederate officer under General Stuart’s command. The name given as author is, I think, Avery, but I’ll have to double-check that. Another (seems like) is Emma LeConte’s memoirs, and yet another is that of The Wartime Journal of Georgia Girl by Eliza Francis Andrews. There are others, but I can’t remember their titles or authorship at the moment.

        Of course we may safely infer that such womanly expressions of “Jew-savvyness” were also incident to Southern men who had, prior to going into Confederate service, flown in the same circles with the women.

  3. Remove all the Jewish donors, Israelis and the Jewish puppets in Congress like Sen. Tom Cotton and Soleimani’s assassination would have never happened.

    Equally, if white southerners weren’t such contemptible, moronic ziocucks, a Tom Cotton wouldn’t be possible. But since they are such contemptible ziocucks, a Tom Cotton would be a fool to turn down the zogucks.

    You really should focus more of your criticism on your own people. Jews are gonna Jew, that’s a given. And for the time being, there’s not much that can be done about that. Certainly nothing you say is going to affect Jewish behavior. But white southerners, on the other hand, they might just listen up if it were one of their own urging them to mend their ways.

    • Silver,

      A tough comment by you but seemingly true. My observations and those of my family familiar with Texas have come to the same conclusion. Southerners love their Jews. Even though Jews despise them in film and print.

      I am not familiar with too many Americans from outside of Texas and California. Californians seem way less pro Jewish than Texans.

      I am not knowledgeable enough to know if Americans in other parts of the United States are as pro-Jewish as Southerners. I doubt it. I believe Texas passed or tried to pass a law saying no economic relief from some storm a couple of years ago unless they signed a statement saying no criticism of Israel could be done.

    • Silver,

      “Tom Cotton would be a fool to turn down the zogucks.”


      If Tom Cotton had any honor, duty, and dignity in his gentile bio-spirit, he most certainly wouldn’t have been such a traitor to his own people for 30 pieces of silver. But he took the coward’s way keep the bullseye off of him and receive immediate gratification for his betrayal, as do most Gentiles that hold office at all levels of government.

      I do agree with you that we do need to criticize and call out our folk both traitors and low information normies on the contemptible actions and lack there of.

      • If he refuses the zogbucks, his opponent will accept them and promptly bury him in the election. We can all dream pleasant dreams of a world in which honor precedes pragmatic calculations, but in this world, money talks. (Of course, it’s precisely this that should make us dubious about the merits of “democracy.” As Hunter has previous defined it (from memory), democracy: the political theory which contends that the average voter has as much influence as George Soros.) Secondly, by ziocucking, he’s not really “betraying” his people, considering that they want him to ziocuck.

        • “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”

          – H.L. Menchen

          Yep, it’s a vicious cycle of betrayal, appeasement, greed, and cowardice. But even the judas goats and jews won’t be able to protect themselves from the coming pandemics (think the “Spanish flu” of 1919) traveling around the globe in the jet age, or another extraterrestrial impact that sets in action a global winter. One way or another, this insanity will end.

  4. Committing murder for the jews is the final straw for me. I also refuse to make the same mistake in 2020.

  5. What does the ADL also fully support? IFA Kaplans lawsuit against Unite the Right which just resulted in Eliot Kline imprisoned for forgetting passwords from old email accounts.

    They are truly an evil people.

    There is no de-radicalization at this stage of knowing.

    Only skillful means in ensuring that all scores will be settled…….


  6. HW,

    You know that much repeated truism about “You only receive flack when you’re over the target?”

    Well, tally ho!

  7. I am reading on-line that Israel vetoed the making the hit in Lebanon or Syria because they were afraid of backlash from those places and wanted it done in Iraq so the US would get it. Of course Trump obliged.

  8. “There is nothing that the international Jew fears so much as the truth about himself or his plans.”

    – Henry Ford Sr.

    The International Jew

    Volume 1, Page 200

  9. Iran has nukes.

    Iran has been refining nuclear material for 20 years.

    Iran has the Pakistani Dr. Khan cone shaped nuclear warhead.

    Iran’s ally in North Korea, detonated nuclear devices, so Iran has nuclear warheads.

  10. Wasn’t it Mossad that provided the intell about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to the United States?

  11. So how many Trump supporters will finally see the light that he works for Jews, and will NOT vote for him in 2020?

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