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  1. For Heidegger, there was a nexus of complicity between metaphysics and Judaism. If metaphysics in its modern results had paved the way for Judaism, Judaism has known how to exploit this, in turn favoring metaphysics. In his ‘Black Notebooks’ Heidegger states:

    “The occasional increase in the power of Judaism is grounded in the fact that Western metaphysics, especially in its modern evolution, offered the point of attachment for the expansion of an other wise empty rationality and calculative capacity, and these thereby created for themselves an abode in the ‘spirit’ without ever being able, on their own, to grasp the concealed decisive domains.”

    We are now dealing with the ultimate outcome of modernity- the complete dominance of beings by Jews!





    • Why can’t National Socialists write in a style that’s easy for the general reader to understand? Their clunky, awkward phrasings make reading their works a wearisome chore, god damn it.

      • Spahn,

        Der Führer said as much about Alfred Rosenthal’s “intellectual manifestos.”

        Unfortunately, we must communicate with the middle of the Bell Curve and on on its extreme left or right ends. That’s where we will get ‘our most bang for our buck.’ Obviously, it’s easier said than done.

  2. It’s well to point out that reason has its limits, especially as it relates to what is most satisfying in life. All the same, I would be far more willing to trust someone obsessed with reason than someone obsessed with “transcendence” or “intuition” or whatever other mystical gobbledygook.

  3. Man cannot understand ANYTHING by sheer reason, alone. This is a foundational premise of Luther and Augustinian theology. The mind is ‘dead in trespasses and sins,’ and therefore, UNABLE to ‘come to a knowledge of the truth.’ Only a mind illuminated by the Holy Spirit, can even BEGIN to approach a BASIC understanding of Life, let alone, Truth.

    Eliminate that (God/Holy Spirit illumination) and you are not only in a cave (à la Plato), but you are in a TOMB (like Lazarus), deader than a doornail and stinking of your own vile nature, but (like Neo in the Matrix movies) still being USED by Satan, until God breaks into your world, and gives you life. Predestinating, God-given LIfe, illumination, and understanding are only possible through Christ.

    All else is crap.

    • Fr. John,

      When your children or grandchildren are burning up by fever, do you mumble some worthless prayers over them, or do you reach for some aspirin, acetaminophen, or other fever reducer derived from scientific research? There’s your true miracle made material in the here and now.

      Okay. Now you can condemn me to hell. With your three “anathemas.”

  4. According to Silver’s bio on Grindr his ultimate fantasy involves being part of a human centipede, with Sebastian Gorka in front of him and Charlie Kirk behind him. Gross!

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