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  1. Discussing this is what got me banned from WordPress.

    Not the Ghislaine-Maxwell/Jeffrey Epstein child sex trafficking blackmail ring itself. Instead, I was posting the bylines of “journalists” at the New York Times and the Washington Post and deconstructing their cover-up of the ring and their sponsors. I kept pointing out the connection between Les Wexner and the Bronfman brothers to both Maxwell/Epstein as well as the NXIVM “cult” (run by the daughters of Bronfman) and the Jewish “MEGA Group” and its sponsorship of Israeli espionage against the Clinton administration.

    The media narrative was that Wexner was “manipulated” by Epstein, when the truth was the precise opposite; Wexner was the top dog and Epstein was his employee.

    So by publicizing the actual names of journalists involved in the coverup of the architects and principals of the child sex trafficking blackmail ring, I was censored.

    Frankly, I’m surprised it took them so long.

    The lesson is you can discuss all of these issues out of context but once you start posting the names and connecting them to other names, that’s over the line. The actual “journalists” themselves have to be protected, even though they sign their own articles.

    It’s similar with judges. Although officially public figures, posting about judges by name is very, very dangerous and very likely to get you in trouble.

    Journalists and judges are key choke-points in the power structure.

    • Right about context, going back to Aristotle’s Rhetoric, and God help you if you reason well and have the facts on your side. The late superstar and courtroom sleaze-master Gerry Spence knew how to manipulate a jury with his crackerbarrel, folksy yarns, donning his Country Western costume before deplaning from his private jet, while the stuffed corporate suits he usually whipped made their case in closely reasoned and ethical argument guaranteed to lose in a courtroom and for the same reasons on the Internet. When you plausibly mention Wexner, Krauss, Lauder, and the ‘alleged’ voyeur Dersh (as they lovingly call him on Fox News) in the context of sexual perversion, you’ve won by showing them the courtesy of playing by their own rules.

  2. “What do they have on Trump? He is killing their enemies with drone strikes.”

    They have nothing on Trump. He is just a garden variety, snake in the grass, White anti-White traitor. There’s plenty more where he came from.

  3. Trump is every bit as sleazy and compromised as the Clintons. Anyone who thinks reelecting him is a good idea is a fool and a coward who is desperately trying to postpone the inevitable.

  4. Here is a “a Jewish follower of Jesus” Michael Brown that is leading the “Evangelical” charge against TruNews and Rick Wiles and even Wiles’ children.


    Notice he is connected to “my friend” Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (Boteach is an anti-Christian fanatic) and Breitbart.com and he references more “Jewish philosopher[s]” than Christians.

    His main concern is “anti-semitism” and the Zionist-occupation government in Palestine as opposed to anything actually Christian – or American.

    Just like Charles Stanley of the Southern Baptist Convention.

    Charles Stanley admitted his own “sexual” “immaturity” is why his wife demanded a divorce. Wonder what they have on all these “Evangelical Christians?”

    Something related to their trips to Israel and Ghislaine Maxwell’s and Jeffrey Epstein’s “parties?”

    • There are no mainstream churches or Christian leaders who are pro-white / anti-jew. None. So exactly what do white Christians get out of remaining in that thoroughly corrupted and discredited religion?

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