Twitter Purge

As I was saying this morning, the biggest change of the Trump presidency has been that political correctness has gotten much worse. In the offline world, it has taken the form of Antifa street violence at our events. In the online world, it has taken the form of censorship and deplatforming. Politically speaking, there has been no response to this from our “representatives.”

I’ve been suspended from Twitter again.

Since Donald Trump became president, I have been banned from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, PayPal, Stripe, Square, Disqus, Donately, Google Pay, Bitcoin, PopMoney and numerous other fundraising platforms. I have been blacklisted by social media and fundraising platforms by Jews because of my politics, not on account of abusive behavior.

How do I know this? In the case of YouTube and Facebook, I was banned from those platforms in spite of the fact that I never used those platforms for politics. I used Facebook solely to keep tabs on real world friends and family like most people on there. I used YouTube only to watch recipe videos and historical documentaries. As for fundraising platforms, I was banned from several of them for raising money to help pay for private school tuition for my son.

I’m not complaining because getting banned from Twitter was really a blessing in disguise. I was wasting far too much of my time on Twitter anyway which has been systematically rigged by the Left since the 2016 election. It was one of my goals this year to reduce my presence there and to break that bad habit. A few years ago, it was worthwhile to be on Twitter because our content could reach people and the same rules applied to everyone, but what is the point of being on there now when your account can be arbitrarily nuked on a whim over your politics?

The response from the Trump administration to this massive escalation in censorship on social media – a price that we all paid for supporting Donald Trump in 2016 – has been to pass a huge corporate tax cut and to work on changing the composition of legal immigration and passing a cheap labor program for Silicon Valley. No one who has been censored as a result of supporting Trump in 2016 should bother to show up to vote to reelect him in the 2020 election.

Note: Nick Fuentes is currently suspended from livestreaming on YouTube. TruNews was also recently banned by PayPal. This is one issue on which we should all be able to agree.

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  1. “In the online world, it has taken the form of censorship and deplatforming. Politically speaking, there has been no response to this from our “representatives.””

    I honestly think Conservatism Inc not only supports social media censorship, they are working hand in hand with the Democrats to shut White righties down.

    BTW I was looking at Bitchute yesterday and found a money raising page, so they can pay someone to give them live streaming capability, and hardly anyone has donated.

  2. I think you’re right about facebook but on twitter david duke and kevin macdonald were there, so I think Twitter was more fair than facebook.

  3. Remember that social media platforms were partially developed by gov’t agencies. It has been admitted that one of the concepts behind social media development was how to efficiently divide and isolate people. Once they are divided and isolated, they are then more dependent on social media, and so more easily controlled and manipulated.

    Once I find out that gov’t is behind the invention of something, I immediately wonder how they intend to harm me with their new technology. So it’s wise to limit how you use the internet, which was developed by DARPA.

    • I’m self-admittedly too stupid to understand the attraction of “social media” in general among the younger generations broadly speaking, but among the elder generations specifically. I’ve personally never had a Facebook or Twitter or Skype account, or anything like any of these, and was, in point of fact, extremely reticent to even get an email account until around the year 2000.

      I have the same name as my (Boomer) father; one of my younger sisters set up a Facebook account for our dad several years back (around 2010 I think). He died in 2016, but his Facebook page never died – it was kept, and is kept, “living” by my younger sister aforementioned. I cannot tell you the number of times in the last three years I have been approached (in person) by persons (old friends and relatives and acquaintances) who will say to me, “I saw where you requested to “friend” me on Facebook; I authorized the request, but haven’t heard from you since.” Or something to the effect.

      I spent a lot of time, in the months following my father’s death, explaining to such persons that “that isn’t me; it is J___ using dad’s account making you think it is me since we have the same name, and he is passed away and I am alive.” I have also spent an inordinate amount of time in the meantime explaining to my offending sibling that what she is doing in that vein is absolutely illicit and morally unjustifiable all around, and have requested that she cease and desist from those purposes any number of times in the process. All to no avail. So I finally excommunicated her ass and “cast her down with the sodomites” so to speak. In other words, I finally gave her an utlimatum – stop doing this, or suffer the consequences for ignoring the order. She thumbed her nose at it, and I in turn removed all benefits she and her family had previously received based on our kinship. She is only a half sister from a second marriage in any case, and it is that other half that ultimately sealed her fate with me, so there ya go.

      In any case, I still can’t understand the attraction of social media when I knew from the gitgo of its inception it would be used to track people’s movements, their political and religious sentiments and so on and so forth. But I’m kind of “backward” and “old school,” while the new generations pride themselves on being “forward moving” and “cosmipolitan,” so I guess therein lies the explanation; I suppose my chains aren’t especially more comfortable and non-binding than yours when we boil it all down.

      • Not being on social media can only help you stay sane, T. Morris. It caused some problems for me. I “divorced” myself from my so-called family in 1993. Faceborg enabled some of them to watch me from afar, however. So to hell with that. Also, the “friends” I made there were only friends under certain conditions, like if I could somehow help them, read the secrets they were too cowardly to reveal to their “real” friends and family, and other things that turned me off. I had built up an FB group for PWS (People Who Stutter) that offered helpful alternatives to the 97%-ineffective standard speech therapies, and it was like pulling teeth to get people to open up enough to participate. In various ways, I tried to help people the whole time I was on the awful Facebook, but the platform caters to the superficial nature many people have. Also, it’s possible to be anonymous when you want to attack people for not being in lockstep with your beliefs.

        It was a place that encouraged cowardice on many levels, as I said, and the censorship that has picked up since I left hasn’t helped broaden the homogeneity of “thinking” there. I was “shadowbanned” for 6 weeks after I noticed an official FB troll stalking me for not having an approved opinion on the effects of slavery on black people, whereupon I was mercilessly mocking him and Faceborg until the troll couldn’t handle it anymore and suspended me. People could post to my page even though I was locked out, but no one noticed I was gone. For SIX weeks. As long as they could go on about themselves, they were content.

        Social media is a worthless mess. I was on Twitter and Tumblr for very short periods. On both platforms, I immediately got pestered by annoying leftists (without having stated any of my beliefs), and on Tumblr some guys thought sending me pics of their uncircumcised penises would be a great idea. For me, social media has been a cesspool of self-obsessed navelgazers and perverts. Not to mention the assorted African women wanting an older White man, which was another fun time I’d like to forget. If the internet didn’t allow me access to so much interesting and usable info, I would still be writing to people via “snail mail” and using a landline phone.

  4. Dorsey is a typical spineless Irish Roman Catholic bastard. Anyone who uses Twitter is suspect. This includes Spencer, Duke, and others. What are they doing on Twitter? Shouldn’t they be posting on GAB instead?

    • Krafty Wurker,

      As if Dorsey was a Prot, he’d be so much more based. Bullshit! And you know it.

      I’m not Roman Catholic, but your cheap shots are predictable and unproductive. Fire away at the Catholic French government that went along with the zio-Brits in starting WWII in Europe all you want. I’ll even take a few swings myself.

      Why don’t you place your crosshairs where they belong on the British Protestant Anglo-Saxon elites.

      • Protestants aren’t allowed on the Supreme Court. Only Jews and Catholics are allowed. That should tell you everything you need to know about the relationship between Jews and Catholics.

        Every country created by Protestants was made for Whites – America, Canada, Australia. New Zealand.

        Every country created by Catholics was a brown third world hell hole from the start. Look what they did to South America. The Catholic church has been pro racial assimilation for centuries.

        The next Pope will be a black as night negro. Of course the first black Pope will be based AF, so dumb Trad Catholics will defend him and their anti-White church to the hilt. After the first Black Pope, all of the darkie Popes that follow will him be as far leftist and anti-White as the current one.

  5. I have also noticed that everybody has been saying basically the same things since 2016, and there has been zero progress made by our “intellectuals” on the formation of a systematic understanding of the nature of our circumstance or more importantly how to address it.

    The rhetoric hasn’t really been any more useful than WN 1.0 was, but that set of ideas at least managed to last for a generation, whereas WN 2.0 has become imminently irrelevant in less than 5. Worse, WN 2.0 has made itself a liability for anybody thats got any real world foundation, (a family, an actual career or investments or a meaningful college degree) to be anywhere near.

    I am mostly onnboard with the general outline of WN 3.0 as it has been laid out here, but the idiots that crashed WN 2.0 into the fucking mountain are still clinging to relevance beacuse they literally have nothing left in their lives but this husk of an ideology.

    I agree Trump shouldn’t be supported. Everybody does except the boomers. They were hopeless the day they were born for the most part.

    What are we SUPPOSED to do instead, is what I am interested in. Its January. The election is in November. I dont still want to be reading this hearing the same thing we’ve been saying for a year or more now.

    The Lesser of Two Weevils argument is still a good one, and it hasn’t been addressed.

    I agree it doesn’t seem right either, but I am not inclined to disregard my common sense in the absence of a real argument that gives me an ACTUAL alternative.

    This burden doesn’t just rest on you, HW. Its on all of us.

    • “The Lesser of Two Weevils argument is still a good one, and it hasn’t been addressed. ”

      Its not an agument, its a meme.

      A meme made up by jewish astroturfers for the purpose of getting dumb White Nationalists to support hard core Zionism.

    • > What are we SUPPOSED to do instead, is what I am interested in.

      Same here. I’ve had my fill of podcasts and articles bitching “OMG look at the outrage this Jew/Dindu/MegaCorp did today!!”

      Leaders should be providing us with concrete goals and objectives, plus advice on financial markets, technology-preps, and community organization.

  6. I was disappointed to see that. But, demoralization is exactly what the person(s) or group(s) behind this want.

    Most likely it was the ADL and it’s always justified to blame everything on Jews in unknown situations like these because these vermin never deserve a fair assessment/treatment since they are genetically conditioned to predate on gentiles.

    Thank you for all your passion, energy, and hard work. You’ve made a huge contribution which few have. This website is the number one Dissident Right website and is beloved by many.

  7. I had my Twitter account suspended for a “offensive background image.”

    My former handle was Literally Hitler. A Brit who I DM’ed with told me the Britcuck Police were investigating him IRL. Once I started in with the Theodor Herzl quote memes I only had a few days.

    Freedom of speech meant I lasted for about 16 days on Twitter. Some solid (((Murray Rothbard))) “free market” libertarian values at work.

    • There’s your first mistake. Stay away from inhabitants of cuck island. At this point, I think I trust the Persians more than the British.

    • “Literally Hitler.” Awesome! Was there anyone going by “Mean Mr. Mustache”? Rothbard is the patron rabbi of the AnCaps, as you may know. Even though he was a (((special person))), Rothbard was willing to make common cause with “unsavory” people like Pat Buchanan and David Duke on various issues. So anyone mentioning they admire him for some cover wouldn’t be safe from the ADL/SPLC censors.

  8. They are very upset how many people were calling them out on Iran on social media. It was good to see the push back on twitter from the dissident movement. There are many many more voices this time vs this nonsense as compared to 2003 when they had almost universal support in the blogosphere outside a few holdouts..

    Your twitter account was very effective pushing back vs. it.

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