#HeToo: Will FBI Sex Tapes Destroy Legacy of Civil Rights Hero MLK, Jr.?

Just a friendly reminder.

David Garrow:

“Newly-released documents reveal the full extent of the FBI’s surveillance of the civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King in the mid-1960s. They expose in graphic detail the FBI’s intense focus on King’s extensive extramarital sexual relationships with dozens of women, and also his presence in a Washington hotel room when a friend, a Baptist minister, allegedly raped one of his “parishioners”, while King “looked on, laughed and offered advice”. The FBI’s tape recording of that criminal assault still exists today, resting under court seal in a National Archives vault.

The FBI documents also reveal how its Director, J. Edgar Hoover, authorised top Bureau officials to send Dr King a tape recording of his sexual activities along with an anonymous message encouraging him to take his own life.

The complete transcripts and surviving recordings are not due to be released until 2027 but when they are made fully available a painful historical reckoning concerning King’s personal conduct seems inevitable. …”

MLK is still a conservative icon.

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  1. That will be a great day, when the “legend” of MLK is consigned to the trash dumpster where it belongs.
    Meanwhile, I wish a happy James Earl Ray day to y’all!

    • He was also a plagiarist. That is well known to the point that even the NYT admitted it after Boston University was caught ignoring the saint’s plagiarism and had to admit it publicly. Having zero academic (or any other) integrity the committee of “scholars” placed a letter with his (sic) dissertation in the official record admitting MLK’s plagiarism. If they had an ounce of integrity they would have revoked “Dr.” MLK’s dissertation like they would have years earlier for anyone white.

  2. Happy Thanksgibsme!

    R.I.P. Martin Looter Kang, you were the father of all race grifters and Affirmative Action frauds.

  3. What takes the cake is Mary Anne Conway saying if MLK was alive today he would not support Trump’s Impeachment! We can think conservative Ronald Reagan for this holiday! The image they have of King is not the real King but in a media driven society chock full of Jewish and liberal mediacrats perception becomes reality and is more powerful than actual verified truth. And it will be that way until their whole rotten system collapses. Hasten the day!

  4. There was a book released last year the main headline on The Daily Mail website about this “human” and nobody batted an eye. Same with Matthew Shepard. You can’t break the narratives on this.

  5. https://www.amren.com/news/2016/01/time-to-rethink-martin-luther-king-day-2016/

    MLK Day’s 2027 Problem

    It is obvious to everyone that there is a reason King’s FBI files were sealed for fifty years back in 1977, and only the Main Stream Media’s typically relentless Politically Correct air cover prevented this flagrant maneuver from discrediting the Martin Luther King Day legislation in 1983.

    The problem that these sealed files pose, the MSM/ Ruling Class determination to repress it–and incidentally the unimpeachably reasonable nature of the MLK Day opponents’ position–emerged at President Ronald Reagan’s famous October 19, 1983 press conference:

    [Sam Donaldson, ABC News]. Mr. President, Senator [Jesse] Helms has been saying on the Senate floor that Martin Luther King, Jr., had Communist associations, was a Communist sympathizer. Do you agree?

    The President. We’ll know in about 35 years, won’t we?

    No, I don’t fault Senator Helms’ sincerity with regard to wanting the records opened up. I think that he’s motivated by a feeling that if we’re going to have a national holiday named for any American, when it’s only been named for one American in all our history up until this time, that he feels we should know everything there is to know about an individual. As I say, I don’t fault his sincerity in that, but I also recognize there is no way that these records can be opened, because an agreement was reached between the family and the government with regard to those records. And we’re not going to turn away from that or set a precedent of breaking agreements of that kind.

    Sir, what do we do then in 35 years if the records are opened and we find that Dr. King was a Communist sympathizer? Do we then try to undo the law? I mean, I’m not quite certain where the logic is there.

    The President. The logic is there in that there is no way that this government should violate its word and open those records now.

    I happen to–while I would have preferred a day of recognition for his accomplishments and what he meant in a stormy period in our history here, I would have preferred a day similar to, say, Lincoln’s birthday, which is not technically a national holiday, but is certainly a day reverenced by a great many people in our country and has been. I would have preferred that, but since they seem bent on making it a national holiday, I believe the symbolism of that day is important enough that I’ll sign that legislation when it reaches my desk.

    The President’s News Conference, Reagan Library, October 19, 1983

  6. For me the issue is not so much his hypocrisy in regards to being a skirt chaser and being a racist with his pre selections……ONLY WHITE BLONDES – lets face it.

    The real Martin Luther ALSO had a thing for nuns – but let’s not go into this because many will have egg on their face !

    The issue for me is that he PRETENDED to be a religious man a person of Christian Faith yet he was a DEVOUT COMMUNIST !!

    THERE is no way that one person can be a believing Christian and at the same time be a communist.

    His famous speech that day at the steps of the Lincoln memorial was an inspiring and a True speech, for all men especially for America.

  7. If you will check into it you will see MLK did not believe in the virgin birth or the resurrection.

  8. At this point all the politicians and fake media do the King thing because it’s become like a required course in High school or college. It’s something that just took off and these ridiculous pilgrimages to black churches to see fat black people sing, dance and clap is borderline hysterical. Then the goofy white politicians will say ” I have a dream” for the one trillionth time. It’s almost like a mob tax at this point.

    Republicans know blacks are not going to vote for them but do the song and dance act to maintain their 6 to 8 percent black vote with hopes of 11 percent. It’s the most boring spectacle ever.

    King has become so martyred due to the way he died and the fact a white guy did it that mentioning the above article about him is simply ignored by politicians, academics, business and so on.

    Blacks have gotten far just on the threat of boycotts and violence and Mlk day is the day America lies and hypes it all up. There has become so much vested in it. Look at what happened to Arizona years back when they refused to make it a holiday? White business whores are not exactly to be trusted. South Africa showed us that.

  9. “Blacks have gotten far just on the threat of boycotts and violence”

    But (who) organizes them ?
    (Who) provides the media coverage and amplification ?

    • Yes goyim..We know. It’s the same reason Hollywood is super liberal and why a good actor like James Woods has been blacklisted from acting once he tilted right.

      Heck, even Jewish Roseanne Barr has been tossed from Hollywood due to her Trump support. Her ape comment or whatever to describe an ex Obama ite was just the excuse her fellow tribe people of Hollywood were looking for to dump her. The very Jewish Bob Iger came to the ” rescue” and canned her and life in Jewlywood has been saved.?

        • Arian,

          Are you unfamiliar with the super advanced and civilized Wakandan cities of Detroit and Baltimore? Negro prowess on display.

          • Just imagine what detroit and baltimore would look like if billions of White dollars didn’t keep them going.

            WHITES ARE FOOLS !!

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