Pope Francis Condemns “Barbaric Resurgence” of Anti-Semitism

Pope Francis is a prime example of why people of European ancestry are abandoning Christianity in droves in both Europe and North America.

New York Times:

“VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis on Monday condemned the “barbaric resurgence” of anti-Semitism around the world, linking it to the rise of populism.

Next week’s 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp should serve as a reminder not to become indifferent, Francis said to a delegation from the human rights and research group, the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

“It is troubling to see, in many parts of the world, an increase in selfishness and indifference, lack of concern for others and the attitude that says life is good as long as it is good for me, and when things go wrong, anger and malice are unleashed,” Francis said.

“This creates a fertile ground for the forms of factionalism and populism we see around us, where hatred quickly springs up … where hatred is seminated,” he said. “Even recently, we have witnessed a barbaric resurgence of cases of anti-Semitism.” …”

Christianity has become indistinguishable from liberalism.

Pope Francis condemns populism and anti-Semitism. He has also compared homophobic politicians to Hitler. He has said that Hell doesn’t exist and condemned souls just disappear. He crossed the U.S. Mexican border in solidarity with illegal aliens. He has demanded that Europe accept unlimited numbers of Third World refugees. He has demanded that the world take action to stop climate change.

Lots of people see Pope Francis and his Protestant counterparts embracing, echoing and mirroring every fashionable trend of modern liberalism and standing over it and blessing it as “Christianity” and take this at face value and respond to it by turning away from the faith and never looking back. As Tom Holland said, the liberal consensus is so hegemonic in the West that Christians now get their values from liberalism rather than the other way around.

It took me years to realize this. I am old enough to remember when the churches were loudly condemning racism in the 2000s, but were still condemning homosexuality and gay marriage. A decade later, the churches have done a volte face on the issue as public opinion has shifted. It hasn’t stopped the most liberal Christians from solving their cognitive dissonance by embracing atheism which is the most authentic version of their faith.

Imagine what Christianity would be like today if fascism or communism had defeated liberalism in World War II. It would be echoing back a different secular ideology.

Note: Skip to 38:00.

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  1. Why should any priest or religion “determine” what I should think? F* them!! It’s between me and my creator which is certainly NOT ANY MAN ESPECIALLY SOME DEAD FOREIGN CLAIMED TO BE THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE (WHAT A BALDERDASH DELUSION) !!

    And NO Odin was never claimed to be creator of the universe, he is an ancestor HONORED.

    • “Why should any priest or religion “determine” what I should think? ” Because you are dead in tresspasses and sins, and can no more think a good thought, than a slug can think about calculus. If you don’t want to be saved, fine. That is clear. But your presumption to assume you actually CAN think about the Almighty, and then spurn him, is a laugh. YOU ARE A FOOL.

      • Your whole life is based on presumption. You presume to know with certainty who the Almighty will damn forever. Too bad for those folks who never even had the chance to hear about him thanks to when or where they were born, huh? You presume that the scribblings of simple and primitive men from a certain area in a certain period of time are unadulterated truth. A wise man knows that he doesn’t know everything. A fool thinks he knows it all.

  2. Christ was the biggest anti-Shemite there ever was. The Jews must have compromising materials on the Pope.

    • Robert Browning,

      How much longer will it be before some Christians condemn Christ for his “anti-semitism, as Lutherans have done to reject Luther’s “sin”of the post WWII West?

      • How about condemning anti-Pope Bergolio for remaining silent about the child rapes of White girls in Rotherham and other parts of Europe? That is a continuing problem caused by the ruling class of Europe (and the U.S.) bringing in millions of our historic enemies into our countries. He washes their feet and kisses their asses when he should be condemning political leaders and their (((owners))) for their actions but if he did that, the money would dry up and the blackmail would be made public.

        • 12AX7,

          You have a better chance of being the lone winner of the Powerball jackpot than Bergolio using his unearned soapbox to condemn muslim, jewish or african criminality in the West. Francis was made pope to defame, disposses, and disenfranchise legacy White Catholics. He’s doing a damn good job of it too. Maybe he can borrow retard GWB jr.’s “Mission Accomplished ” banner.

        • PF wasn’t pulled out of a hat, of course, and was elected by a two-thirds supermajority of the cardinals in conclave. This is what troubles me most, not some renegade like PF.

          My take is that the project isn’t merely aligning the RCC with the globalist agenda, but Teilhardist at its core, which asserts that dogma inconsistent with modern science must be amended to conform to Darwinist nonsense or be outright rejected. The Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin categorized biblical teaching as “fossilized” myths from man’s infancy, etc. When they speak of “Christ” they’re talking about the Omega Point and not the historical Christ of our faith, which is implicitly lying. There are other parallels that can be found on the Internet.

          As far as PF’s heresies go, the one missing is the most important inasmuch as he’s said that dogma from the Middle Ages cannot be believed in this day and age, which is equivalent to relativizing dogma, not merely from the Middle Ages, but by implication for all ages including our own. Having been positioned as merely one “truth” among many by the Vatican, it follows that Christianity has no more claim to the truth than the blasphemers paraded through the Vatican and cathedrals as supposed victims whose presence is meant as an implied condemnation of we actual followers of Christ. It’s not at all surprising that PF is aligning himself with the Jews to condemn Christians and their faith.

  3. Wall $treet Francis is mouthing the script he’s given by Madison Avenue Sheenies. It’s blatantly obvious that Francis’ pandering to the ‘Christ killers’ isn’t a recruiting tool to bring jews into the fold but to be in the service of the descendants of the Sanhedrin. Roman Catholicism 2020 where charges pedophilia is ignored, covered up, or denied, but “anti-semitism” is “barbaric.”

    Too bad Catholics forgot how easy it is to remove a pope with a cup of tea.

    Oh well, the Roman Catholic Church’s death spiral just went into an even higher gear.

    • According to St. Malachy’s 12th-century vision about the papacy, our current pope is the last one. God, I hope so.

        • I can imagine that as there are Russian and Antiochian Orthodox churches, there will be Russian and Antiochian Catholic ones. There are already churches affiliated with the RCC like the Melkites and Maronites. Such arrangements might expand, but without those newly-independent churches putting themselves under Rome’s authority.

    • November,

      At this point in time nothing Francis says is surprising. If he came out and said Jews should rule the world would you be shocked? Jews routinely shoot and shell civilians in Israel/Palestine and he is silent. Shoot an African charging into Europe and there might be outrage.

      Anyway I am pretty sure he does not hold the Throne since no formal heretic or apostate can ascend the Throne much less hold it.

      He cares for his Catholic Fold about as much as Western rulers care for their citizens. Church and State in most of the Western world are deliberately traitors.

    • November,

      I need not remind you that the Catholic Church historically until recently has been the most Anti Jewish organization in history —at least century after century. So Francis is going against the constant teaching of Church, Popes, and Saints.

      He is part of another religion that is not Catholic.

      • Cristina,

        All what you wrote is true, but unfortunately, perception supercedes reality due to relentless propaganda by TPTB that Francis is the Holy See of the Roman Catholic Church, so the non-questioning sheeple will continue to go “baa”

        By the way, I would love it, if Francis proclaimed that “The Jews run the world, ” but we know he will not not do so because that would be “barbaric anti-semitism.”

    • According to Clif’s High’s predictive linguistics data back in 2018, the Italian people, under some kind of duress or brewing anger, breach the Vatican wall and what they carry out will shock the world. His data mining in this time frame also predicted Prince Harry would one be getting a real job.

      Who knows but interesting nonetheless.

      • Snowhitey,

        I have never heard of this man. Sounds like something to put on my list to investigate when I can get to it.

  4. but you delusional’s still worship him and there by indirectly worship his (((kinsman))) and do everything they say thru their (((churches)))… wake up…

    • Christ is not a Jew, you foul-mouthed Talmudic swine.
      We don’t worship the god-forsaken Yids and they deny Christ as their messiah.
      Which means, all you pagans are honorary JEWS.

    • Live in peace with your enemies, but only your personal enemies, and NOT the Enemies of God.

      That’s you, Ivar. An Enemy of God. Anathema sit.

  5. Daily reminder that on a global scale, Catholics who actually practice the religion are barely more likely to be White than Muslims are.

    Protestants would be even less White if it weren’t for all the Judeo-Boomers in the US.

  6. Traditional Catholicism is the only way forward for true Catholics like myself and many others. I do not view Francis or any of his henchmen as having any moral or legal authority over the church or its parishioners. Francis is a heretic and a traitor to the church. Hell is very real and based upon his actions and preaching he has a one way ticket into the fire when his time on earth expires.

          • @Cristina Romana Alva. H I was debating whether to even dignify it with a response so I figured one word would be perfect.

        • CROAT0517,

          Come on. Current paganism might be “fake and gay,” but it wasn’t always.

          Modern Christianity in the West could easily be described in using those same words.

          BTW, what’s the expiration date on the exceedingly stale usage of both “cringe” and “fake and gay?” Both are being thrown around ubiquitously and have lost their impact.

          • @November No I genuinely have always thought Paganism is fake and gay. It belongs in the same bs category where you find Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

          • @Croat – I generally really like your commentary -but the SOLE reason you are calling Paganism fake and gay is ignorance on your part. You are too indoctrinated by your Judeo “religion” to comprehend just how destructive Kristardinsanity IS.

          • Denise- the Protestant-schism you were raised in IS FAKE AND GAY, Literally.
            So, you are correct. Your error (and everyone else who is not a believer) is that you are so mired in the lies of the Jews, that you actually believe the propaganda they foisted on the West, to make every ‘goy’ into a slave of the Khazarians.

            You are all basically nothing but talmudic niggers, and only the orthodox Christians are the free White Men.

  7. A fitting epitaph to the grandiose Christian bi-millenium:

    “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

    1 Corinthians 13:11

    Honoring our Christian ancestors is sacred but continuing to believe things that aren’t real because we can’t let go for lack of any replacement isn’t noble. I just read that Icelanders created a religion called Zuism in the 1980’s. It’s obvious we need a new pan-culture that meets and addresses the modern spiritual needs of the European diaspora. This is an era of massive change and upheaval continuing on from the 20th century. We must continue experimenting and creating new forms even melding using some of the old forms which can address our souls, organically. It’s time to free the Aryan from the chains that bind us.

    If this Pope is not a blaring alarm to move on then I don’t know what is…….

    • I’ve always been puzzled how any intelligent White person could unironically believe in christianity in the current year when everything about it is basically proven wrong by science and evidence. Of course by and large, White people don’t – which is why the future of christianity is in Africa.

      I do think that most people probably need to have some kind of religious belief to unite them even if it is bullshit, but not a jewish one.

      • @Jijcf There’s obviously validity to the Christian faith..why else would jews be so obsessed with debasing, smearing, ridiculing and trying to replace it in every corner of the earth?.
        It wasn’t Muslins,Asians or Blacks tearing down Christ Cathedral in Moscow and turning it into a swimming pool while they were slaughtering the host population…it was jews!
        The Russian people rebuilt it recently, but that’s just one example of the jewsih obsession with attacking and trying to “replace” Christianity..there’s THOUSANDS of other examples.

        • Jews trying to replace Christianity? What planet are you living on? The spread of the Evangelical form of Christianity throughout Latin America and Africa is one of the best things to ever happen to Jews, along with the counterrevolutionary destruction of the USSR which coincided with it. It has turned millions of blacks and browns into fanatical supporters of Israel.

          The Third World Bloc used to be united in support of Palestine, now thanks to Evangelicalism kosher puppets like Bolsonaro get elected. Why would jews want to reverse that?

      • I’ve always been puzzled how any intelligent White person could unironically believe in christianity in the current year when everything about it is basically proven wrong by science and evidence.

        I think the key to understanding it is that if someone has felt – or believes he has felt – the presence of God in his life then biblical inconsistencies and other contradictions just don’t bother him. That attitude is not necessarily satisfying for all believers, so go off into literalism. But I think most believers are happy to more or less shrug their shoulders when you present them with evidence and arguments and the like. I suppose their feeling is, why give up something so powerful and meaningful just for the sake of factual correctness?

        I rather envy believers, tbh. Right now, I think the main reason is because I’ve never been able to really believe in morality since ceasing to believe in God. A world in which morality is just some human invention feels decidedly cold and ugly to me. I am sure that atheistic moral philosophers are sincere, but their arguments to me are unfulfilling – I just can’t bring myself to care about a morality that is mere convention. Religious people have the advantage of being able to believe in a real right and a real wrong. That’s pretty powerful.

        • Silver,

          A very thoughtful response. You gave one of the best, logical, and non insulting comments on religion that I have read.

          Even though I live with a completely different belief system than yours I still salute you for your honest comment.

        • Silverfagg / Silverstein: It’s been my experience that people often use their religious beliefs either as a crutch or as a justification to do whatever they feel like doing. As usual your opinions are irrational and womanish. Now go back to your master Colonel Anglin and tell him your mission to cause trouble on this site has failed.

      • Interesting talk of “subversion” after making multiple posts trying to insult a large segment of the actual pro-white community. Anyone professing actual belief in “Odin” is a try-hard subversive (read: jew or traitor), a low-grade troll or an idiot. Your choice there, Heimy-dall.

        • christianity is jewish from the core … Yahweh is he-she Shivaism (Shiva worship)… research it… Y’Shiva school’s and “sitting Shiva”… all paganism from the far far east!! He-she Trannyism… look around you at all the suberverision and smell the destruction of your racial nation… wake up …

          • here is the most subversive thing agaisnt your family, kin and nation that they preach, don’t tell me it’s “spiritual” and then tell me the book is inerrant literal history: “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple.” Luke 14:26

            Can’t have it both way’s doublethink cognitive dissonance… hog swallowing that doublethink is destroying our people!!!


        • Hman- balls. Paganism is the RETURN to Racial. Gods. The Return to Our Very White SELVES. A cannot comprehend why ANY alleged (((White Advocate))) would demand that Whites stay imprisoned on the Jew slave plantation. Can you offer some insight, (((Hman)))?

          • Very simple.

            I would recommend spending some time studying the period that I have been covering recently. If you can get past the slavery, the human sacrifice, the incessant warfare, raiding and the total absence of civilization, paganism becomes attractive. There is no such thing as “racial gods.” The Vikings raided everyone and sold White slaves to Muslims.

          • Christianity fully endorsed slavery….until it didn’t. It’s central ritual is based on human sacrifice and partaking of human flesh and blood. And when did Christianity ever step away from a good, blood-spilling war?

  8. How about that crazy ass Satanic looking Papal Throne? Fucking thing looks like a demon from a Hieronymus Bosch painting.

    If being a carnival barker for Jews doesn’t work out Pope Francis could go join a Swedish Black Metal group.

    • You may not be that far off…..

      “The zucchetto originated as the Greek pilos and is related to the beret (which itself was originally a large zucchetto). It was adopted circa the Early Middle Ages, if not earlier, to keep clerics’ heads warm. Its name derives from its resemblance to half a pumpkin. Its appearance is almost identical to the Jewish kippah (yarmulke), and this is often considered to have been deliberate (as a reminder of Jesus’s Jewish heritage), though its religious significance is ultimately quite different regardless.”

  9. Ciaphas states that Judah should not be dragged into the Roman decision to have Christ crucified-Reuters

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