Bernie Sanders Declares Victory In Iowa

97% of the vote has reported.

Bernie Sanders is ahead in the popular vote in both rounds of the Iowa Caucus. Pete Buttigieg is ahead in meaningless “State Delegate Equivalents.”

USA Today:

“MANCHESTER, N.H. — Three days after the Iowa Democratic caucuses, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders claimed a “decisive victory” Thursday, pointing to his 6,000-vote lead in raw popular votes in the first alignment and downplaying partial results that show a tiny lead for former Mayor Pete Buttigieg in state equivalent delegates.

“We are holding a press conference that should have occurred three nights ago in Des Moines, but for the inability of the Iowa Democratic Party to count votes in a timely fashion,” Sanders told reporters packed inside his New Hampshire campaign headquarters. …”

This is hilarious.

The Iowa Democratic Party stretched this out and reported precincts that voted for Pete Buttigieg instead of Bernie Sanders in order to create the false impression for days that Buttigieg had won Iowa in order to soften the blow and limit his momentum in New Hampshire.

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  1. Such a ridiculous shitshow.

    I have decided that I’m going to go ahead and vote for Bernie once my state primary comes up—not because I like Bernie, or have any illusion that he will make life better for me and mine…but because I think he has the best chance to beat Trump. Virtually the only good thing we can hope for in this election is possibly getting the orange buffoon out of office, and giving the conservative normies the rude awakening they need and deserve.

    • Good luck awakening the OK Boomers – Trump’s stalwart conservative normie base – after a lifetime of Talmudvision being beamed into their brains.

      • My boomer cohorts were the first to be edumacated that prejudice was unnatural and wrong, Whites were responsible for everything bad in history, marriage is just another lifestyle choice, anyone can be a good ‘murcan, and all the other harmful fables that are now destroying our society. So take it easy on us for that. The entitled greed and smug CivNat posturing is something I do keep encountering in my age group, though, and that does make me want to dent in a few empty heads.

  2. the demoncrat wing of the ZOG Uniparty is certainly worried by Bernie the Red Jew, and

    deep-state faggot Buttfiegal, if Biden continues to flounder, is clearly the Alamo. Either

    would be an excellent accelerator. Think on it: a she-male Prez & a male “First Husband” in the WH.

    • I like it. Mr. & Mr. Buttplug will nead some niglets and maybe a Guatemalan as accessories but they can afford it. Then they would be in the same league as Madonna or Charlize Theron.

  3. Bernie supporters should do what Ron Paul supporters did and go to the state conventions and hoover up more delegates!

    In the end it wont be Bernie, it will be a stiff, but I will enjoy the ride.

    Tulsi for 3rd party though.

  4. Bernie would attract a much more diverse body of supporters, whereas Buttplug would only be of interest to affluent urban homos.

  5. The people who yell the loudest about “our democracy” really don’t like it very much. What a corrupt bunch.

  6. This dysfunction will inevitably happen when it’s more important for leaders to have minority identity than competence. The call to “recanvass,” after a total clusterf*ck already occurred, just makes this embarrassing vote-fixing bungle even more damaging to the Dims. I didn’t think the party establishment could get any more obliviously stupid, but I was extremely wrong.

    • Boomer X,

      DNC chairman tony perez (not the former Cincinnati Reds first baseman) was Obama’s secretary of labor, and a virulent anti-white cholo.

      • I know. The minority takeover of the Dims is instructive. May we learn to embrace pan-European tribalism before it’s too late.

  7. I see that CNN has called Iowa for Buttigieg with 100% reporting and then immediately put him on the air.

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