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  1. Good friggin grief man. It’s not “vs” eachother. The solution is simple : Laws ( with teeth, ) preventing any “predatory” capitalism. “Capitalism,” is the best system so far in human history.

    YouTube : John Mark

    • What type of capitalism ?

      Parasitic capitalism ?
      Exploitive capitalism ?
      Merit capitalism ?
      Earned capitalism ?

      There are some very dangerous forms of capitalism.

  2. This is a really great video, Keith hits on some really important points that many people on the “dissident right” completely miss.

    • However, the most important one that many miss is that universalist messianic
      “Religion” goes hand in hand with globalism … wake up goy’s from the brainwashing … look around you and see what universalist messianic religion has wrought!

  3. Survival-ism.

    Get rid of all welfare. Get rid of all illegal aliens. Do everything possible to drive the Leftists/Communists out. Have local TV anchors, DJs, community spokesmen, etc go after every radical in their community and denounce them and do everything possible to destroy their ability to profit/exist/multiply (Jesse Helms was a good example). Rule over the local territory with an “iron rod” and make sure ever liberal Leftist pervert has to keep looking over his shoulder in fear at all times.

  4. Survival-ism 2.

    USA: When a state is turning purple/blue, the rural conservative counties should secede from that state and join themselves to a solid conservative state. This will reduce these offensive blue states to tiny metro areas with a high numbers on welfare.

    • this is exactly what West Virginia has offered to all the muh Konstitution gun counties in Virginia.

      so far, no action from the gunsels. Did get an e-mail from them today saying they are going to “continue the good fight against the gun-grab bills in the Virginia legislature…”

      ….distant laughter.

  5. “you’re not going to kick out the multi-national corporations and send your country back into the ‘Dark Ages.’

    And why the hell not? We don’t need to have Quaker Oats, were merely need to have farmer Jones grow oats in our county, farmer Smith grow wheat, and the community (It takes a monolingual, monoracial, monoreligious ‘village,’ after all) purchases such foodstuffs, and what is left over, is sold to the neighboring state/area, and vice versa.

    WHY do we need to have Chinese-made crap? (Hint- We don’t) WHY do we need to outsource labor, for obscene corporate profits, when we can manufacture everything we need at home? (Hint- We don’t) WHY do we need to have Jews in our country, when all they do is rape, steal, lie and cheat (Hint- WE DON’T!)

    WHY do we need to have the sons of slaves anymore, who lie, cheat, murder, kill, EVERY SINGLE TIME, now that drones and robotics have replaced almost all sub-human spawn? (Hint- we DON’T)

    This is again, an attempt to have our godless Multinational Corporate cake, and eat it, too. RURAL life vs. URBAN HELL.

    He who does not work, shall not eat. – St. Paul


  6. The US Chamber of Greed has condemned insulin dependent diabetics to a NASTY death. All the medicine, apparently, is made in China. China is shutting down, We’ve been trying to warn feckless Murkins for decades. The people inhabiting most countries are NOT Citizens. They are….dwellers. They haven’t paid attention. The White NATIONALIST Founders of this degraded country WARNED us to PAY ATTENTION.

    • Not just insulin, many other things necessary to manufacture drugs in pill or table form, too. Binders needed in pharmaceutical processing and mixing agents come from China. To his credit, Trump did commission a group to move away from dependence on China for pharmaceutical products but I don’t know how much progress has been made.

      Naturally, the pharmaceutical companies have been bribing mostly Republicans to prevent any changes to the system since it enriches them beyond all measure. Mitch McConnell (R. Ky), Senate Majority Leader, has taken lots of bribes (i .e. campaign contributions) from drug companies (and others of course) and has been an obstacle to reforming things. In other words, he is a good “conservative”.

  7. Its not really capitalism its socialism nut a variant of it, global communism ::

    Why is this system socialist?

    There are two ways in which a monetary system can be organized: either the market chooses what is money, or the state does, or delegated to privately owned central banks (the oligarchy of Jerusalem temples of Solomon and Herod) via “legal tender” laws who then can buy and sell politicians to carry out the policies of their global political will.

    The money of the free market, of capitalism, has always been commodity money that is outside of political control. Wherever the trading public was free to choose, it picked commodities of fairly inelastic supply as monetary assets. Almost all societies, throughout all cultures and civilizations, have come to use precious metals as money.

    Commodity money is apolitical money. Nobody can create it at will and use it to fund himself or to manipulate the economy.

      • Why would you follow a jew, even a dead one anyway? He is not of our racial kin unless your a jew, eh John ?

    • Really, what is all that christian “second coming” BS of a jew messiah? There is no way anyone can prove iany “second coming” messiah was “jesus” … who never exited to begin with!! creatingchriat.com.

      • Are you a Bernie Bro john? I suspect as much… your jew messiah “second coming” ? Ask Germany and now England France Italy …

  8. Way off topic, but I saw the other day that Molyneux finally got deplatformed by PayPal for being a racist antisemite. Couldn’t believe it took so many years. I imagine the other shoes will start dropping for him soon. Perhaps once he’s lost all sources of income from major payment processors, he’ll finally start embracing open white nationalism?

    • It has been predicted by many people that we will see a lot of these people dropping by the time the general election starts. This will be especially true if the Democrats can stop Bernie and get someone like Biden or Buttigieg.

      Molyneux for the most part is a complete libertarian dullard. He is like the new Ron Paul.

    • The jws are well organized to starve anyone out.

      They’ve done a number on Ryan Dawson, even with all his determination.

    • I doubt that Lord Cue-Ball will turn into the next Alfred Rosenberg, Julius Streicher or Joseph Goebbels. That degree of radicalization almost never occurs. But this is just another example of how paranoid and hate-crazed the enemy is. Even the politically correct alt-lite isn’t safe from these Semitic purges. Even if you’re not a “Nazi” they’re going to treat you like one anyway.

  9. Survival-ism 3.

    Globalism,Capitalism,Socialism,Communism, etc. No, the Swamp buster is VA (and others) declaring themselves 2A sanctuary cities and counties and considering leaving these Leftist captured states and joining other conservative counties and cities in other conservative states. It may take violating the Constitution to do this but the Leftists who disregard the Constitution’s 2A have made the states they now control (as VA) illegitimate.

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