Trump’s Chumps 2

I would like to take you back to a dark time in American history when there was still free speech on the internet, Antifa was a fraction of its current size, the Alt-Right was thriving on social media and the FBI hadn’t put White Nationalists on the same level as ISIS.

This is what America was like in 2015 and 2016 when Barack Obama was president and Donald Trump was running against the corrupt political establishment who had “Crippled America.” For decades, conservative elites had been content to cut taxes and regulations while suffering endless defeats in the culture war. They had passed bloated military budgets and kept America mired in endless wars in the Middle East. They failed to halt the spread of the cancer of political correctness as it muzzled their own supporters. They raised millions of dollars from wealthy donors for their Super PACs. They failed to invest in America’s crumbling infrastructure or to make health care, housing or college more affordable. They offered amnesty to illegal aliens, increased guest worker programs and negotiated free trade deals that bled our country dry with record trade deficits. They consistently put the interests of Israel above the interests of the United States. But that was then and this is now. America is back and our country is greater than ever before.


Illegal aliens were pouring across the Mexican border:

Southwest Border Apprehensions

2015: 331,333

2016: 408,870

Legal immigrants were flooding into the United States:

Legal Immigration to the United States

2015: 1,051,031

2016: 1,183,505

A shabby, rusting border fence of 353 miles of pedestrian fencing composed of steel slats and 300 miles of vehicle barriers existed along the Mexican border:

The Border Fence

As of May 2015, DHS had installed:

  • 353 miles of Primary Pedestrian Fencing.
  • 36 miles of Secondary Fencing.
  • 14 miles of Tertiary Pedestrian Fencing.
  • 300 miles of Vehicle Fencing.

This is what the pedestrian fencing on the border looked like in 2016:

H-2A visas were being given to farm workers from Latin America:

H-2A Visas

2015: 165,741

2016: 165,741

H-2B visas were being given to foreigners to displace the American worker in non-agricultural service occupations:

H-2B Visas

2015: 69,684

2016: 84,627

H-1B visas were being given to foreigners to displace skilled American workers particularly in the tech industry:

H-1B Visa Approvals

2015: 288,501 

2016: 357,195

Millions of illegal aliens were squatting in our country and weren’t being removed by ICE:

ICE Removals (Deportations)

2015: 235,413 removals.

2016: 240,255 removals

Refugees were being resettled all over the Red States:



Barack Obama had used his pen and phone to issue an unconstitutional executive amnesty to protect the DREAMers.

We were getting killed in trade:

U.S. Trade Deficit With Mexico In Millions

2015: -59,973.2

2016: -63,271.8

U.S. Trade Deficit With Canada In Millions

2015: -15,449.9

2016: -10,985.3

U.S. Trade Deficit With China In Millions

2015: -367,328.3

2016: -346,825.2

U.S. Trade Deficit With South Korea In Millions

2015: -28,291.3

2016: -27,624.6

U.S. Trade Deficit With Japan In Millions

2015: -68,753.4

2016: -69,057.7

U.S. Trade Deficit With European Union In Millions

2015: -155,899.1

2016: -146,681.3

Overall U.S. Trade Deficit with World In Millions

2015: -745,483.0

2016: -735,326.2

Then something amazing happened.

Donald Trump was elected president to Make America Great Again. We all remember how bad it was back then in those dark days before we had a Republican president.


President Trump has cut illegal immigration:

Southwest Border Apprehensions

2017: 303,916

2018: 396,579

2019: 851,508

He has cut legal immigration too:

Legal Immigration to the United States

2017: 1,127,167

2018: 1,096,611

He built the wall … all three miles of it.

The Border Fence

The Trump administration has replaced 110 miles of the existing steel slats border fence. It has added three new miles of fence in three years.

He slashed guest worker programs to put America First:

H-2A Visas

2017: 200,049 

2018: 242,762

2019: 257,667

H-2B Visas

2017: 83,600

2018: 83,774

2019: 96,000*

H-1B Visas

2017: 373,342

2018: 334,945

2019: 389,386

He deported the illegal aliens who were squatting in our country:

ICE Removals (Deportations)

2017: 226,119 removals

2018: 256,085 removals

2019: 267,258 removals

He ended Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty:


2018 CPAC Speech:

“And, by the way, the Senate Democrats and the House Democrats have totally abandoned DACA. They don’t even talk to me about it. They have totally abandoned. We get the reputation like DACA, it is not Republican. Well, let me tell you, it is Republican. Because we want to do something about DACA, get it solved after all these years. The Democrats are being totally unresponsive, don’t want to do anything about DACA. I’m telling you. And it is very possible that DACA won’t happen and it is not because of the Republicans, it is because of the Democrats. And, frankly, you better elect more Republicans, folks, or it will never happen. The Democrats voted in favor of sanctuary cities. In other words, they voted to protect criminal aliens instead of voting to protect the American citizens.”

2018 State of the Union Address:

“The first pillar of our framework generously offers a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegal immigrants who were brought here by their parents at a young age — that covers almost three times more people than the previous administration.  Under our plan, those who meet education and work requirements, and show good moral character, will be able to become full citizens of the United States.”

He renegotiated our free trade agreements:

U.S. Trade Deficit With Mexico In Millions

2017: -69,301.2

2018: -80,657.8

2019: -101,751.9

U.S. Trade Deficit With Canada In Millions

2017: -16,617.6

2018: -19,055.7

2019: -27,042.6

U.S. Trade Deficit With China In Millions

2017: -375,422.6

2018: -419,527.4

Trump imposes large tariffs on China. U.S. importers respond to Trump’s tariffs by shifting their supply chains to other Third World countries.

2019: -345,616.7

U.S. Trade Deficit With South Korea In Millions

2017: -23,066.0

2018: -17,757.4

Trump renegotiates the U.S. Korea free trade agreement in September 2018.

2019: -20,613.8

U.S. Trade Deficit With Japan In Millions

2017: -68,832.5

2018: -67,195.9

2019: -68,983.7

U.S. Trade Deficit With European Union In Millions

2017: -151,645.4

2018: -168,660.4

2019: -177,866.2

Overall U.S. Trade Deficit with World In Millions

2017: -793,410.6

2018: -874,813.7

2019: -852,949.1

Now, I know there are wignats who say that the Trump administration hasn’t delivered on its trade and immigration promises. They say that nothing has been done about sanctuary cities and E-Verify hasn’t been passed by Congress. They say that the Muslim ban became a travel ban which became a joke. They are saying that the president has been saying for a year now that he wants to INCREASE legal immigration including in his recent interview with Laura Ingraham and that Jared Kushner’s immigration plan only changes the composition of immigration to bring in more high skilled foreign workers for business lobbyists. The wignats say that Trump cut taxes for the wealthy and has been the most Zionist president in history.

What do you think though? Do you think we have turned the corner on immigration now that holy shit it is an election year? Do you chumps think Donald Trump is back?


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  1. We are being flooded with Typhoid Mary’s.

    A pocket full of posies
    Ashes ashes
    We all fall down

    • Apparently it doesn’t matter to the MAGA fags if Blormp has betrayed them, because their only goal in life is to “trigger the libturds/snowflakes/dum-O-craps”. This is why I laff out loud six million times whenever they get their asses kicked by Antifa, which of course is the domestic terrorism wing of Trump’s FBI/DOJ.

  2. Every campaign promise he made has been broken. Blumpus’ friends and supporters are harassed and jailed for wrongthink, while he actually applauds and seeks to serve those that hate him, like the dark-skinned and the heebie-jeebies. He caters to people that won’t vote for him, and call him rayciss no matter what he does. His vanity, laziness, lying, backstabbing, etc., makes him an older, orange-skinned version of Obummer, but (amazingly) even worse. Orange Nero can’t even fiddle while he burns our society down, though. He would rather eat a gallon of Haagen-Dazs and watch himself on reruns of “The Apprentice.”

  3. One tidbit that illustrates what eunuchs cuckservatives truly are was the vote tally in the senate to confirm (((ruth bader ginsburg))). She waltzed to confirmation with a 96 in favor and only 3 opposed. Think about that. The defanged “right” completely submits to any leftist judge the demoncratic POTUS nominates, even though said judge’s previous rulings are supposedly the antithesis of their own values and those of their constituents.

    Joe Biden as chairman of the Senate judiciary committee rallied senate demonRATS to reject pro-life conservative judge Robert Bork will a roll call vote of 58-42. What did the Reagan and cuckservatives do next? They nominated a “palatable” judge in wishy washy Anthony Kennedy who turned out to cast the deciding vote( 5-4) that made “same-sex marriage ” legal and constitutionally protected in all 50 states.

    The only time that the senate cuckservatives found their gonads was in not hearing the nomination of Obama’s nominee to replace Antonin Scalia’s SCOTUS seat with another jew (((merrick garland))), but they only found their spine because the GOP’s base would have voted them out the next time they were up for reelection. Otherwise, bitch McConnell and his merry zio-cucks would have confirmed a fourth jew on SCOTUS.

    • Sometimes the conservatives find their balls, like when they shot down Lani Guinier’s appointment as Clinton’s Assistant Attorney General, or prevented Merrick Garland from getting on the Supreme Court. But those laudable actions are the exception, not the rule.

      • Was Guinier going to be assistant USAG under Janet Reno?

        I almost forgot what a freak show the Clinton administration was filled with. For example, an arab (Donna Shalala) who was his Health and Human Services Secretary and now represents Florida with the backing of Jewish demonRATS of America, jewish midget Robert Reich who was labor secretary in Clinton’s White House, and the aforementioned Janet “the bull dyke ” Reno who was USAG for both the Ruby Ridge and Waco FBI murderous sieges.

  4. In a way Trump and the Republicans are worse than the kikes because at least kikes are straight up openly hostile towards us and seek our destruction. Orange man and his cuckservative brethren unzip then piss on our foreheads and tell us it’s raining.

  5. Fun RETARDican Fact: The most prolific mudshark pornstar ever India Summer (born Jody Jean Olson) who was raised in a very small and conservative town in Iowa is a registered RETARDican and a Blompf supporter. Ms. Summer is has been married to a man for 13 years, but is engaged to a female pornstar simultaneously. That’s your twenty-first century GOP in a nutshell. Winning!

    • I did not know that. Before going “pornography free” I remember what helped me along to the decision was an India Summer double anal culturally enriched gangbang… At which point the temptation to flip over to Pornhub wasn’t worth the self loathing

      Where did you find that out about her by the way? Not exactly a big name “actress”. more of a c lister

      • Captain Shill,

        India Summer is 45 years old, so unless she’s doing “MILF” porn, I suppose she’s a c-list pornstar now.

        The information about her being a RETARDican is on her IMDb profile. I wish I could recall where I read that she was a trump supporter.

        Yeah, it’s a terrible shame the indignities Jody Olson/India Summer allows herself to indulge in for the tribe’s filthy shekels.

        BTW, I’m glad I didn’t see that seen you wrote about.

  6. You really do God’s work Brad. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to pair data and analytics with current feelings, and know you are neither crazy or alone as you are subjected to nothing but an endless stream of Boomer “GREATEST POTUS EVER… KAGA” and “The Demonrats Pelosi and Schumer are Iranian terrorist allies” memes, which are so full of ignorance that it can drive you mad.

    You have so many good works at this piece, the only way I can catalog them is by screenshotting them and coming back later.

    • Thanks for calling attention to WOTW. He does stellar work. As most people don’t get their info through reading, it’s important to have video content makers that make visually-appealing, accessible content normies can understand and learn from. I also like Keith Woods, who makes philosophy relevant and appealing. Woods relates philosophical ideas to aspects of the nationalist movement quite well, I think.

  7. It’s pretty simple:

    Trump and the GOP continue to appear as a viable option even though they’re clearly the party of the have and have mores, the party of open border cheap labor, neoliberal, neocon, non-conservativism, pro-LBGTQ, pro-establishment, pro-MIC, pro-health care industry, pro-Wall St., anti-worker, effectively anti-white, non-America First, and pro-continual BS that manipulates the base every election cycle.


    Look at the state of the modern Democrat Party and their Mainstream Media Fake News Complex innervated with the Deep State and the Hollywood Pop Culture Medusa with significant pepperings of Antifa and other Far Left elements.

    Just look at it.

    That’s why.

    Bernie is not a viable option. I hope he gets the nomination but he’s not really a change factor. He couldn’t even hold onto the microphone when two Seattle Antifa mulattoes grabbed it from him. He continues to believe in the Russian Witch Hunt and the Ukraine Impeachment Hoax BS. He has a weak spine.

    Tulsi is a change factor which is why the DNC Mainstream Media Complex have tried to keep her off the debate stage.

    The Democrats won in 2018 because of the fake Mueller Russian Witch Hunt and the DNC Mainstream Media’s role in shaping that narrative. In reality, their party is a complete joke. Climate change lunacy, open borders insanity, pro-corporate America, pro-censorship, white privilege nonsense, non-heteronormative SJW vomit, Antifa, Russia-Russia-Russia, and remove Assad from power……just a brief glimpse into their psych ward.

    This is why Trump might still win in 2020 and the GOP might take back Congress and it doesn’t take a chump to realize this…….

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