What About Bernie Though?

I haven’t given much thought to a Bernie Sanders presidency.

Until recently, Bernie hasn’t been the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. It seemed more likely that Trump would face off against Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren.

We’re still a long way out from the 2020 election and I don’t plan to sit down and seriously start to think through the implications of a President Bernie Sanders until after Super Tuesday in March. The Democrats will throw the kitchen sink at Bernie to stop his campaign and have already rigged the Iowa Caucus so it is best to see what happens over the next month.

I’ve always been an Independent populist swing voter. I am not a Republican or a mainstream conservative. In Trump’s Chumps, I noted that Donald Trump had sucked all the energy out of the Alt-Right and that normies and mainstream conservatives are complacent whenever a Republican occupies the White House. 95% of Republicans approve of Donald Trump’s job performance. Life is good for them. They are winning on all the issues. These dopes are in the mental universe of the Great American Comeback. They Trust the Plan. They want to Keep America Great.

Donald Trump has been a tranquilizer for the Right and a national emergency for the Left. The same was true of George W. Bush. No one knows this better than the grizzled veterans of organized rightwing dissident groups. Interest boomed when Bill Clinton was president. The George W. Bush presidency after 9/11 was a major bust. Interest boomed again when Obama was president. Donald Trump has been a major bust. There is a cycle of partisanship and polarization and worse is better for the Dissident Right whenever we have a Democrat in the White House. While there is no substantial difference in either deportations or the number of legal and illegal immigrants who have entered the United States under Barack Obama’s second term and Donald Trump’s first term, the perception of the problem on the Right ranges from apocalyptic to glorious winning based solely upon which donor-controlled party is in power in Washington.

Here is the last 20 years of our lives worrying about illegal immigration:

Southwest Border Apprehensions: 2000-2020

2000: 1,643,679

2001: 1,235,718

2002: 929,809

2003: 905,065

2004: 1,139,282

2005: 1,171,396

2006: 1,071,972

2007: 858,638

2008: 705,005

2009: 540,865

2010: 447,731

2011: 327,577

2012: 356,873

2013: 414,397

2014: 479,371

2015: 331,333

2016: 408,870

2017: 303,916

2018: 396,579

2019: 851,508

Donald Trump has been “strong on the border.”

George W. Bush built hundreds of miles of this fence in his last two years in office. He got the GOP Congress to vote for it. Donald Trump hasn’t even done that much as president. The GOP Congress refused to do anything about the problem when it had a majority. Instead, it preferred to spend Trump’s political capital on Paul Ryan’s unpopular tax cut and health care agenda.

In reality, illegal immigration has gone up again over the course of the Trump presidency. It more than doubled last year. It peaked last May a month after Kirstjen Nielsen was fired at DHS. It has since swooped down to 40,620 border apprehensions in December which is about where it was when Donald Trump was railing about illegal immigration in 2015 and 2016. These numbers were a disaster back then. Now, simply getting back from the collapse of the border to those same numbers that Trump ran against in 2016 is the Great American Comeback story.

If the Bernie Sanders Political Revolution triumphed in November, the Boomers would go to sleep one day under KAG and wake up the next morning under “communism.” It is safe to say that it would have an enormous psychological impact on them. There would be a major shift in perception of immigration and the state of America. There would be a far greater shift in their perception of the crisis than our own. How would Wall Street digest President Bernie Sanders? Does the “billionaire class” panic and start pulling their money out of the United States?

Just the thought that Bernie might transform the United States into Cuba or Venezuela would have a far greater impact on the stability of the neoliberal order than having Donald Trump as president who is a Twitter personality who supports tax cuts, deregulation and free trade. Immigration plummeted after the crash of 2008 even after the Wall Street bailout. Both parties secretly support open borders and the annual influx of illegal aliens depends more on the state of the U.S. economy than any other factor. Bernie Sanders will chill the “growth” of the U.S. economy.

What do you think? What is the more effective barrier to immigration? Is it the three new miles of Trump’s pathetic fence, OR, socialism? I don’t really know. I will need to think more deeply about the issue. Maybe dealing with the Chamber of Commerce-types who control states like Texas and turning off the job magnets here is the more effective solution.

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  1. I’m not even going to read your entire post beyond the title and the byline, there’s no rational need to do so. Bernie Sanders is: first a Jew (enemy of the white race), pro Israel (foreign policy), anti-American Nationalist, pro Immigration (third world variety), pro amnesty (for blacks and browns who have already broken in to the Nation), pro homosexual/transgender and all the rest of that dysgenic agenda. Not sure what cultural/political thought experiment you’re feigning here, but I hope your just sick/fevered and thus involuntarily delusional or something. Otherwise, I have serious concerns about the nature and purpose of this site and its proprietor.

      • Based on the post it appears that you hate good decent Blacks. If you think all minorities are “bad” and they are only worth hating then you are a stupid racist fucker.

        • Most blacks are treason voters, Kevin. That is not all, mind you, but for sure most as in 88 to 90% I don’t know if it’s just pure stupidity or the fact most blacks by far like being pretend victims by the jews media. Probably a combo of both

          I mean how many times can we see another black face on our tv screens saying, ” Hey Democrats, don’t take the black vote for granted this election.” Lmao…Yeah, right. Blacks are far and away the easiest vote to take for granted as long as their butts are being massaged 24/7. As treasonous as most jews are, they seem right wing compared to blacks! And the voting numbers back it up.

          I stupidly thought Trump had a shot at 15 to 20% of the black vote in 2016. Then when I saw he got 8% that woke me up. Then again, that was double what Romney got when he ran against the half black queen Obama. Nah, this time I just hope Trump gets a tad more than 8%. 10 to 11% is a realistic goal. He is certainly kissing enough black tush to get it. But nothing like the vehemently anti white Democrats.

          Notice even when a black Republican wins it’s mostly whites who put him or her in. For all the talk of someone like Allen West, blacks, browns and Jews were the main reason he lost his Florida seat!

        • “good decent Blacks,” IF THERE ARE ANY, should be ‘kings’ over in Africa. They neither deserve, nor justify their presence in a AI world. SEND THEM ALL BACK. We don’t need or want the sons of slaves and pimps anymore.

          • If one’s only exposure to blacks was seeing them in TV commercials, they would think they are the most virtuous, intelligent and helpful beings on the planet.

            Of course we know the real truth.

        • @Kevin Wake the fuck up dude. The kikes use shit skins as a weapon against whites. Blacks rape our women and kill our children meanwhile beaners and Indians(dot heads) take our jobs. Jews use open borders and criminal justice reform as weapons against whites. Jews are like rats while shit skins are like cockroaches and bed bugs. They are all horrible so fuck off.

        • Kevin -why are you so INVESTED in Negroes? I, Racist Knaaazeee CELT knows they “…are not all bad” – but their exploding global population is a dire threat to Whites, and every-one else, because the VAST majority are stupid, selfish and narcissistic beyond belief, offer nothing in terms of Human advancement in knowledge and achievement, and are prone to explosive, horrific violence for the most idiotic of reasons, or no reasons at all. That said – I simply don’t CARE about them. Why do you? Why are you SO invested in Negro wellbeing? Why should Whites expend one more SECOND of time and energy and precious resources on a Race that offers nothing but destruction?

          Why are you SO invested?

      • I don’t think Bernie will make the nomination if for no other reason than that he’s from New England. Save JFK (and that election was rigged) Dem NE candidates haven’t done well. Just because he looks good now doesn’t mean it will continue. Buchanan looked good at the start but gradually faded out.

        I think Biden’s the guy the money wants, don’t ask me why.

        • Bernie is actually a NY Communist who migrated to VT because it was still a traditional, rural New England lifestyle when he arrived there about 1969. Life was easy, the pace was slow, it was all white and Christian, living was cheap. There were high paying jobs in Burlington at that time because of IBM and some other high tech companies. Winters are cold and long but he didn’t mind.

          There was an exodus out of NYC about the time Bernie left because Bernie’s folks had wrecked the place because of their control of local politics. Seeing what a mess they had made they decamped to VT and did the same damn thing like they do every time.

        • I wonder if Americans outside Vermont have a clue about the origins of organic farming among pot smoking hippies like Sanders up in Vermont, where his sort went in droves during the 1960s. In the past the FBI had been keeping a close eye on the unAmerican activities characterizing Sanders and his ilk in Burlington, but now apparently work for them instead. All the talk about Bernie the lovable socialist outsider in DC is sheer bullshit designed to conceal his earlier affiliation, not with socialism, but with radical Trotskyism, as well as the Obama-like gaps in his bio.

          The quaint, postcard perfect Vermont towns with their wonderful architecture mask the socialist reality in Bernieland where prices on the large, finer homes on well-drained, flat land have been bid up through the roof by money made on Wall Street and the like, while their big city owners’ woodchuck servants live as servants do on the periphery of towns like Danby.

          The hippie transplants from New York like Sanders turned out to be capitalists in the extreme for themselves when it came to making money, as we see with the Bern’s millions and number of homes, euphemistically calling it beating “The Man” at his own game. Vermont is also famous for its virtue signaling organic co-ops supported not by the poor, but by well off leftists, its leftist political street theater, artsy gatherings, etc., and not least the official embrace of the socialist dictatorship in Venezuela ironically drawing attention to the same socialist pattern in Vermont of ultra posh, resort-style living for the monied elites and welfare for “the people.”

          There’s also the matter of Sanders symbolically choosing Christian-hating Sara Silverman to introduce him to hugs and kisses on stage during his appeal to fellow Jews in LA for money last time around. College “kids” no doubt love him all the more for symbolically shitting on their Christian heritage and, by implication, Western Civilization, and they’ll richly deserve what they’ll get if they put this crud in the White House as their president.

        • The bigger tragedy is whitey subsidizing blacks having tons of kids in Africa and in America. Meanwhile responsible whites base how many kids they have on income. It will have to come at some point where all welfare recipients must be forced to have no more than two kids. Otherwise what the heck are we doing? Literally creating a society of baby mamas and baby daddies? There is nothing funny in some black or brown chick having 6 kids from 3 different dudes. It’s disgusting and the end of a society. The dumb having most of the kids is the equivalent of putting arsenic in your cereal.

          In Africa its even worse. Much of the growth in children over the next 50 years is due to come from Africa. Yeah, that will work out great, huh? Guess what places they will want to come to encouraged by overly diverse once mostly white places? Talk about a suicide pact.

          And some Christians are truly wacky. I consider myself one for sure because I believe in JESUS CHRIST as the SON of GOD who is the Hope of all mankind. However this madness of keep on having tons of kids because the book of Genesis mentions to be fruitful and multiply. Well, that was back then as in the beginning pages of the Bible! What does that have to do with a world with boatloads of people due to rise to about 9 billion with much of the world dirt poor today? In fact it seems very irresponsible to have the world take care of your kids because you are too poor, dumb and just want to have fun getting laid or your culture is basically caveman? Really? And the white world especially is supposed to subsidize that?

          In some states we castrate rapists. Why the heck are we not doing that for welfare people who create tons of future criminals?

          Whites are about 11 or 12% of the world. A world without white people will literally drive society back 1 thousand years. I am so sick of non whites never being responsible or keeping up white norms. Some Asian societies have proven they can keep up a society but overall in the world, it is few and far between outside of white places. If anything the new act is we can just switch cultures like no big deal and that is has no affect on the society. Yeah, right! Then you woke up!

        • @ more the same,

          For whatever it’s worth, John Kerry who’s supporting Biden’s campaign for POTUS said that if Sanders is the demoncratic nominee, Bernie would bring down the entire party. Kerry has stellar establishment demoncratic bona fides, so it appears that the DNC is going to attempt to shoah sanders.

    • @MPO
      “Bernie Sanders is: first a Jew (enemy of the white race), pro Israel (foreign policy), anti-American Nationalist, pro Immigration (third world variety), pro amnesty (for blacks and browns who have already broken in to the Nation), pro homosexual/transgender and all the rest of that dysgenic agenda. ”

      Are you decribing Bernie or Trump? Because Trump is all of those things, except for being a genetic Jew., but he makes up for that failing, by being more Zionist than any right wing Jew in Israel. He has said he is 1000% for Israel.

      That 2A MAGA Conservative cartoon is accurate. These are truly stupid people.

      • Matty – Trump is a mischling jew, a genetic jew, on his father’s side. ALL off his children from Ivanka are genetic Jews, because Ivanka is one. Even poor, ignored Tiffany has Jew DNA, from Trump, and Barron as well. Tiffany and Barron appear as “Aryans” because the K alleles are kinda watered down. Those alleles spring up fast and express themselves, though.

        Consider the actress Olivia Wilde. She has STELLAR “White” genetic credentials, but she is 1/64th Sephardi Jew in her father’s side. That 1/64th is all over her face. Trump, Tiffany and Barron don’t look like Hebes – but they ARE. Hence Trump’s genetic loyalty to his Tribe.

          • @Arian – study his paternal family’s history. He’s like Pelosi. I cannot confirm that Pelosi is a genetic jew, but study her history. “Pelosi” is a Latin American Jew name. Pelosi’s “Italian Catholic” father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr, spent his ENTIRE political career working for JEWS. Not Catholics, Jews. Nancy married a jew. Paul Pelosi is a crypto. Her kids and grandkids are Jews. She LOVES Jews, and behaves like a Jew.

            She’s a jew. She’s still living as a Crypto – but she’s a jew.

            Same with Trump.

            He family’s original name is Trumpeldor – which is jewish. Not “Drumpf” – that’s misdirection – but Trumpeldor. Friedrich Trump, Don the Con’s grandfather, moved to WA state when mineral desposits were discovered. Also – the Alaskan Gold Rush. He didn’t work as a miner, He opened up a hotel/BROTHEL, that serviced the miners. That’s how he created his fortune. Trump’s grand-daddy was a whore-monger. He also ran into a lot of legal trouble in Bavaria because he refused military service – which was his DUTY as a Bavarian. That’s one of the chief reasons he fled to America. What does this behavior remind you of?

            Now – Trump’s Daddy, Fred, made a fortune in New York real estate. He worked with Jews his entire life, and funded tons of organizations that benefitted Jews.

            Trump himself married a Czech jew. Ivanka is a genetic jew. His children are jews. They all married jews. His parents died in a Jewish hospital. Trump has willingly surrounded himself with jews for his entire career, including the monstrous Roy Cohn. Would you spend DECADES associating with a homo/pedo gangster? EVERYTHING Trump does benefits jews, and Israel.

            He hasn’t admitted he’s a jew – but know him by his deeds.

      • The post was “What about Bernie though?”. Never said Trump was altogether much different. That said, don’t discount the critical importance of the first exception that you noted between them. Trump may be pursuing all of those destructive policies, but he lacks the atavistic hatred and enthusiasm for our destruction that any Jew does.

    • Thank you, mpo. Your comments are full of truth and sanity regarding Sanders. He is a disgusting kosher pig literally being led around by Al Sharpton of all people last election and now led by communist latina bartender aoc. Bernie is always sucking up to non whites. Then again every Democrat is. This is what too much diversity brings- treason.

      Sanders just came out with more anti white bs yesterday saying America is infested with racism from top top to bottom. Gee, what race was he focusing on despite that race being the victims of interracial crime 90% of the time? That race having to pay more money to get away from certain types? That race pissing away their tax money to bottom feed people who will happily turn America into zulu nation?

      Notice Buyyyy neeee just so happened to leave New York City for one of the whitest states in the nation years ago. Just “random” y’all..

      He is a complete scumbag. He is actually worse now because the Democrats are now a majority non white party so he is targeting whitey far more so. Meanwhile without whites, America would be one giant s hole. Right now we are just part s hole.

      Rag on Republicans all you want but until nationalists fully take over the Republican party which can only happen by nationalists running for office, I will still vote for them.The Democrats are a disease ridden cesspool of anti whites who want to turn this country into Haiti and Guatemala. Bernie, Biden and Bloomberg. All treasonous thugs along with that entire rat infested party.

    • Coming through with the most basic bitch takes, but with hostility!

      Please protect me Mr. Adelson! These sj-double-you’s are out of control!! Please fund some based drag queens mr. gop man!

      • Strawman Akkad,

        Entering from stage right to introduce DJT at the 2020 RNC will be none other than Lady MAGA.

  2. Hard to imagine any red pilled white person voting for this serpent kike creep.
    Like all liars in the ZOG, he will never deliver anything he promises…the entire rotten system is set up to pull the “hope and change” tactic over and over again.
    This is the purpose of creating a multiculturally and socially divided society.
    So in the end our choices are poop and diarrhea , as always.
    Many freedoms, goyim.

    • “Hard to imagine any red pilled white person voting for this serpent kike creep.”

      Then you understand nothing.


      “If you haven’t figured it out, what I’m getting at is that there’s a decent case for the argument that those of us who support the dissolution of the Empire ought not to be backing the least bad option, which is to say Broland Skrumpf, but rather we ought to consider backing the worst one. Bernie Sanders.”

      If we are going to have a Jew World Order, then why pretend we aren’t? Better to vote for the Clear Racial enemy – a JEWISH COMMIE, than a ‘nice’ sodomite who will only bring down even MORE evil into this land, and who is already IDEOLOGICALLY COMMITTED to HIS PERVERSION of Socialism. Damned if you do, anal damned if you don’t.

      So, I’m voting for the latest incarnation of the Antichrist, and not the sodomite. Because I hate faggots even MORE than I hate Jews. Jews are already damned, Gays CHOOSE THEIR DAMNATION, and then CORRUPT GENERATIONS YET UNBORN, in a vicious, sadistic, perverted cycle. Vote for Bernie, and get it over with…. is what I read in this article.

      “Why? Because nearly everyone is going to vote for the same party they always do, except for maybe some white Minnesotans/New Hampshirites. White people in very white states are starting to get the message about what the Democrats think of them. It’s slow in coming, as it was in Dixie in the 1930s onward, but there has been movement on that front. Of course, the non-white voters will not be swayed by the absurdity of the Democratic party, because handouts are the paramount concern. The craziness is largely to appease the dwindling share of woke white people.”

      I’m voting in the primary in my state for Bernie, simply to get him on the ballot, and to make the Dems UTTERLY USELESS, and maybe to SHOCK AWAKE THE DAMNED MAGATARD/TURDS.

      If you want to talk about ‘acceleration-ism,’ then Bernard Sanders is the CLEAR CHOICE FOR OUR FUTURE.

      Because there’s no way out of this mess, than THROUGH IT.
      “For this people’s heart has grown dull, and with their ears they can barely hear, and their eyes they have closed, lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and turn, and I would heal them.” – Matt. 13:15

      Every other attempt to BS our way around this elephant in our room, is to be a LIAR. There IS no other option. Because we aren’t condemned to death enough, to secede….. The USA is where Czarist Russia was, in the period between 1905 and 1917. More like 1916….. And we HAVE to atone for OUR civilizational sins- [allowing the Kike in, giving slaves equality, abortion, homosexuality, feminism, etc.], just as Russia had to atone. God is not giving us an ‘out,’ because we have said ‘Lord, Lord,’ too many times, and done nothing- EFFING NOTHING- to stop the EVIL IN OUR MIDST.

      God has turned His back on America. There. I’ve said it. Judgment is at the gates. Better embrace it, and repent for your sins, cuz a traitor AND a coward are damned by BOTH SIDES, when such duplicity is uncovered.

      • I was more prescient than even I knew…..


        “…Buttigieg specialized in modern European literature and theory.[8] He was translator and editor of the three-volume English edition of Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks, published from 1992 to 2007 with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities.[9] He was a founding member and president of the International Gramsci Society.[10]…”

        I STILL prefer an Overt Jew Commie, than a sneaky faggot twink, who is nothing but an ideological jew commie, with AIDS……

        • “I STILL prefer an Overt Jew Commie, than a sneaky faggot twink, who is nothing but an ideological jew commie, with AIDS……”

          Agreed…..faggots are literal demon possessed golem scum

      • @Fr. John-
        i completely understand your points and the entire point of supporting acceleration but i don’t have any faith in white americans anymore.
        I realize “an open enemy at the gate” is preferred and less “formidable” than a traitor…

        But IMO for the most part even those who are “red-pilled” are never going to do anything besides become indifferent and silent -at best.

        I wouldn’t argue with anything you stated, and i flip flop a lot on the thought of what acceleration could bring forth to change our current trajectory…

        I just don’t see “Bernie the jew” waking up the sleeping masses however i do see him backing out on all his talk like all candidates do once they’re elected….but i guess we will never know until it happens, right? LOL
        I used to agree with your comment 100% and would’ve never argued against it in any way…but time has hardened my outlook and really awakened me on how weak and pathetic our people have become under capitalism aka neoliberal consumerism.
        The truth is that we are going to have to lose and suffer a whole lot more before the “normies” wake up…and candidates like BS cannot bring us there imo.
        Partially because the system itself and TPTB understand this as well..so it won’t be allowed.

        Maybe what you’re saying is right and it will spark the flame we need…i somehow doubt that comfortable hamburger-americans are ever going to care much about anything but consumerism until multiculturalism bites them right on their face with rape, robbery, assault or murder.
        Even then it’ll be the typical banter of how they aren’t all like that.
        I see it daily.

  3. Yes, I believe that you are on to something.

    In reality, it really makes little difference who is elected.
    Clinton and Obama terrified “the markets” and the ruling class. But once they signaled they would “stay the course” outlined by Reagan and Bush, things calmed down. It will be the same with Bernie. 10 minutes after he is elected, a group of lawyers and aides, representing the richest global companies and lot’s of Chinese and Japanese banks, (who we are indebted to), will give Bernie his marching orders: “Stay the course, tax cuts, aid to Israel, deregulation of business, unfettered immigration, etc.”

    Of course Bernie will have to throw a few bones to his cult (supporters) but the ruling class understands this as the cost of maintaining the system in which the West is plundered and turned into an impoverished 3rd world feudal state, much like El Salvador or Mexico were 6% of the population own everything.

  4. The only potential upside to Trump’s re-election that I see is that shitlibs might lose it and turn larger cities into Hong Kong of a few months back. Otherwise, I imagine we’ll see gun control, DACA amnesty (or worse), unprecedented expansion of legal immigration, war with Iran, and who knows what other horrors. The pleasure of snarking “We told you so!” at MAGABoomers will be a very small comfort indeed…

  5. You aren’t totally right about the George W. Bush years though. Yes, it’s true that White Nationalist organizing was in a sorry state but in part that was fallout from internal events like the death of Dr. Pierce. The Bush years were in many ways the zenith of White Nationalists being woke to how bad mainstream conservatives are, compared to either before or after. 2004 and 2006 were probably the only elections since the civil rights era when most White Nationalists did not even begrudgingly vote Republican because the disgust and anger at the neocons was so strong. Nor were racially conscious White normies all being “put to sleep” by Bush – there were still a lot of Dixiecrats back then (look at election results in Tennessee or Arkansas, by county), and Bush had nothing near 95% Republican approval in his second term. A lot of anti-immigration Whites hated Bush for his immigration policy and associated it with his pro-corporate, anti-worker agenda.

    I miss those days in a way. Those were my formative years when I first discovered White Nationalism so the anti-neocon atmosphere left a lasting impression on me, which helped lead me to becoming a NazBol. Basically, the 2000s were the decade of “color-blindness” when racial issues were barely even discussed in the mainstream, which meant that there wasn’t any real difference, even rhetorically, between Neocons and the Left on race and immigration (they both sucked).Instead the main issues that divided Neocons and Leftists were things like war, globalization, Israel, religion and civil liberties where I and many other White nationalists correctly perceived the Left as being better than the Neocons. I naturally preferred anti-war, anti-corporate, anti-Zionist, atheist race-mixers over war-mongering capitalist Christian Zionist race-mixers,

    The Neocons didn’t even pretend to be implicitly pro-White then, and at the same time the Left wasn’t horribly “woke” like it is now. Antifa, which was then called Anti-Racist Action, barely even existed (it was much bigger in the 90s) since the radical Left was preoccupied with anti-war, anti-globalization, and pro-Palestinian protests. The atmosphere was perfect for WNs to reject the left-right paradigm. If I’d been old enough to vote in 2008 I would have voted for McKinney, but even with hindsight about how horrible a warmonger Obama was, would have still preferred him to McCain. (I guess McCain could have been accelerationist though.)

    NazBols should have seized the moment, Instead, the anti-neocon zeitgeist was channeled into the Ron Paul rEVOLution and from there, into chasing after the Tea Party after Obama’s election. This effectively led WNs back into the GOP and conservatism. Meanwhile, the anti-war Left was “put to sleep” by Obama who continued the wars with little protest. At the same time the Left went through the Great Awokening and went nuts on race, paving the way for Alt Right supporting Trump.

    • I’ll add to this that even on racial issues, the Neocon Right was arguably even worse than the Left in the 2000s. Left-liberals in groups like the ACLU used to defend White Nationalists’ free speech rights and neocons used this as evidence that Democrats are the real racists for not supporting hate speech laws.

      In fact, in the 2000s if you saw someone making a racist joke it was probably some edgy leftist kid. Conservatives were the party of the uptight, no-fun evangelical prudes who wanted to censor racist humor. 4chan was already a hotbed of edgy ironic racism and it was also a place where you’d be btfo if you were unironically conservative or religious. Every racist internet troll was also anti-Bush and anti-conservative. God I miss those days.

      • “4chan was already a hotbed of edgy ironic racism and it was also a place where you’d be btfo if you were unironically conservative or religious.”

        Sons of hell ten times worse than the Pharisees.

  6. I loved Hunter’s statement that “…the perception of the problem on the Right ranges from apocalyptic to glorious winning based solely upon which donor-controlled party is in power in Washington.” Exactly. Most Republicans cannot reason any better than leftists can. Despite their public images put forth as window dressing, on core principals, the Right and the Left are far closer than most Republicans can comprehend.

    • They eat in the same congressional cafeteria, their children go to the same elite private schools, their wives shop at the same fancy boutiques, D.C. politicians are shekel grubbing nihilists that don’t care about anyone or anything except the power their talmudic masters provide to them.

  7. Bernie and his angry populist supporters is the only campaign the Billionaires and neoliberals care about right now. Trump and all the rest of the Democrat candidates are as worrisome to them as a cloudy day.

    They have Trump and his retarded supporters completely subdued. I’ll take it a step further – they have Trump and his supporters completely on board with their agenda and goals not only in regards to economy and healthcare but also for foreign policy. The right is completely useless in this election everywhere I look.

    • …on the issue of immigration the record speaks for itself. The party of big business, the wall st. journal, the club for growth and the chamber of commerce – the GOP will NEVER do anything substantial about immigration. The paleocons can sit on the sidelines begging the GOP to DO SOMETHING for another decade – good luck to them.

      The one thing we have seen about the average conservative in America is they don’t care about immigration either. Policy victories are secondary to them – they prefer GOP electoral victories which to them are the same thing.

      The populists care about the immigration issue but there is zero representation on the issue from either party so the issue doesn’t matter in 2020. All conservatives care about right now is whatever Trump tells them is true. To them Trump is WINNING on the economy, he is building the wall and is keeping America great again.

      • BIG AGREE with everything you’ve said.

        Do I think the establishment will be able to tame bernie? Yes, in many cases they already have in woke 2020 bernie vs class politics 2016 bernie.

        However they’ll have to devise a whole new gay-op to contain bernie. They might just keep russiahoax going for bernie, which would be great and provide a potential for cross solidarity among left to right populists. Or more likely simply some of the white socialists coming over to ourside.

        They already have trump completely whooped. They know how to tighten the screws on Trump, mostly through ivanaka and jared. They have the hostage trump playbook down.

        The more the intelligence agency has do gay-op on our own presidents the more legitimacy they lose. The establishment can afford to pull gay-ops but they need down times to regain some legitimacy, but if they have to gay-op back to back to back, the time frame is too short and it makes real power visible.

        I want to make the “deep state” spend all of its political capital.

        Collapsing the center should be the goal of any dissident. And if it isnt, you’re probably a pussy. Go vote for centrists candidates if your afraid a stock market crash will wipe out your 401k.

        You can’t dislodge power by always seeking “the lesser of two evils” you’re enabling power

  8. I think Bernie is Trump’s prefered candidate, because he’d rile up the MAGAtard anti-commie Boomers to come out and vote. However the Dems will cheat to ensure Buttplug beats Bernie, just like they did with Hillary.

    Buttplug won’t rile up the MAGAtards vote as much as Bernie would. He might have a man for a wife, but the Republican Party supports soddomy now, so they can’t go after him on that. Pete says he is Christian, so that will calm down the fake Christians in Trump’s base. Pete will be just as bad on immigration as Trump is. Pete does not have a personality that grates on people like Hillary does either. So what will Trump have to work with? I think if Pete wins the nom, Trump’s goose will be cooked.

    • Boomers can’t win elections, otherwise that commie kenyan would’ve never been elected. Michaels husband was absolutely hated by boomercons but they couldn’t do jack shit. *insert more boomer Obama memes here*

      Trump is clearly afraid of Bernie. In his Superbowl interview when asked about his nicknames for the candidates he had them ready to go for everyone but Bernie. He had to pause for a second and then came up with “communist Bernie” which is telling because it shows socialism isn’t polling as negatively as it used to (socialism polls better than capitalism at the moment), otherwise he would of simply called him a socialist.

      In the past he’s called him crazy bernie, which is not a good nickname (probably why its been shelved) its like when the Washington Post called trump “dangerous Donald” crazy bernie and dangerous donald aren’t good nicknames because the meme can be flipped into a positive association.

      Yes, I am crazy enough to take on the big banks or yes, I am a danger to all those in the swamp.

      Trumps sleepy biden or corrupt Hillary are great nicknames because they ring true and can’t be flipped into a positive framing in any situation

      Pete and Biden would be the easiest for Trump to beat. They stand for nothing so it enters the realm of pure where trump will stomp them with

      • @Strawman Akkad
        Trump is not afraid of Bernie. When the Dems were cheating Bernie in Iowa, Trump put out a tweet supporting him.

      • @Denise
        Negroes hate Trump and the Republicans as well. After all the grovelling Trump has done to blacks, 83% still think he’s a racist. 90% think he has nothing to do with higher black employment. Republicans have been trying and failing to get the black vote forever. They will never get it.

        The other thing Buttigieg can do is take the gay/tranny vote from Trump. Buttigieg can run as a calming American down candidate, while Trump and Bernie are pot stirrer candidates.

        • @CCVM – Preach! The “outreach” to Negroes on the part of the GOP is beyond pathetic. What’s that observation…it is real, or is it something from The Onion? You can’t even tell anymore. When I remind the GOP normies I know about how the “love” they exhibit towards Negroes is….NOT…returned…they just go blank. Some still sputter about “I know Good Ones/they’re not all like that”…but not so much anymore. They just clam up and look into the middle distance.

          I think it’s gonna be Buttplug vs Bernie the Commie Jew. Buttplug will get the Soccer Mom Liberal Normie crowd, including a lot of the disaffected Republicans. Ghey sex and the First Gentleman – meh. No Biggie. Will this demo be enough to counteract the absolute loss of the Black Vote, for Petey? Dunno.

          I’m beginning to doubt that there will be an election at all. We don’t have a real Administration or Government anymore. It’s all Grand Guignol theater, and has been, for decades.

  9. I am beginning to warm to the idea of a Sanders the Commie Jew Presidency. I think it would be hysterically funny! Of course, CoronaChan is a Black Swan. It IS. So who can even predict anything at all, until this plays out, and CoronoaChan may take years to reveal full effects…

      • Arian – lulz! I know it sounds crazy, coming from me, of all people – but what’s it gonna take for Whites to snap out of it? Bernie is full on old school Commie JEW. As I’ve written repeatedly – he had a lovely, safe, soft career as a politician in lovely White on White Vermont, presiding over unknowing White Helots. America is NOT that. A Sanders Presidency will be absolute chaos.

        Trump as POTUS; he’s the “soft” Nation Wrecking Zhid. When you think about it, the (((Trump Admin))) is really very professional about hoodwinking the Goyim. As it’s been noted on this site, many times, his hordes of White MAGAtards are asleep at the switch. They dream their dreams of “winning”. The MAGATards think he’s wonderful. .

        Trump gives the crazed Lefties and Orcs some-one to really HATE. The idea that he’s a White Nationalist racist is a bitter joke to us, but to the Lefties and Orcs – he represents us. The Hated White Race.

        A Sanders Presidency will be absolute MADNESS. A Mad Small Hat0ert Administration. I don’t think ANYTHING will wake up battered, dormant Whites in this country anymore – but it may be the last chance. His fevered acolytes don’t know a THING about real world economic systems – not a SINGLE thing. Now Munny in the JewSA literally is printed up, with nothing but imagination and trust to back it up The Munney Jews apparently hate Bernie because his attempts at “socialist” policies will blow everything up. I think. I don’t think anything he tries will work. But undeniable chaos WILL ensue.

        Will the overt hatred against Whites trigger any vestigial self-defense? Maybe. But the economic chaos will be…fascinating. Everyone cares about healthcare. You are so intelligent and astute – you know that nothing is free – and healthcare is very expensive. It’s a lot more expensive here than it needs to be, BECAUSE of all the grifters. Not just scamming welfare patients – the medical establishment itself. No one pays attention to the FACT that 90% of the medical miracles occur due to HVAC and electricity itself. Who will pay the HVAC techs and electricians, never mind doctors and nurses, under “free socialized healthcare for all”? Bernie’s fans don’t seem to comprehend these things – but neither do millions of the MAGAtards.

        All the Murkins who want, or loathe, “socialism” don’t even know what the concept IS. Socialism in American political discourse is a chimera. Sanders invokes Nordic socialism – well you NEED Nords to make it work. The REASON socialism worked in Nordic countries is because, as you know is because high trust homogenous White populations are honest, and don’t CHEAT. These systems are collapsing with the Muslim Arab/Pakistani infestation. Bernie the Jew never talks about this, though. Socialized healthcare will NOT work in Murka. BECAUSE of demographics – and nothing else will, as well.

        Another 4 years of Trump – which is likely – not certain but likely – is only 4 more years of a slow grind-down. There’s NOTHING in it for us. A Sanders presidency will smack the MERDE out of EVERY-ONE Every-one Including his devotees. A Sanders Admin will be the Last Chance Saloon for Whites. The last chopper out of Nam. Vestigial limbic self-preservation instincts will finally kick in – or not.

        Does this help you understand why I’m saying what I’m saying?

  10. You won’t have to think too much about Bernie. He’s already done.

    Bernie had real white working class appeal, but he swapped that out for his new multiracial base. The problem for bernie that black & brown people go with the winners. Bernie’s POC coalition would only stay together if bernie was perceived as a winner from the media, black & brown people also watch more tv/mainstream media streaming than any other demographics. I suspect much of the concern trolling done by MSNBC of “I like bernie BUT….” went right over their heads and they probably took MSNBC concern trolling of bernie as sincere.

    Bernie will have to win big in new Hampshire to hold his lead with latinos in Nevada & super Tuesday. Which it doesn’t look like he’ll get. If pete wins new Hampshire its cookies for bernie, if bernie wins with a small lead many Nevada latino supporters will switch over to pete. He may be able to still win the majority of the latino vote but he will dramatically under perform his polling

    Leftists saying POC won’t vote for pete because of his neo-liberal policies are retarded, but so are reactionary whites who think pete can’t win POC because he’s gay. Reactionaries are more right, in the sense that hurt pete to break out BUT blacks/latinos will vote for a gay if he’s winning/a winner.

    White nationalists get it wrong when they say POC vote for communism. They vote for neoliberalism.

    Bernie would’ve had to hit back hard in the debates lastnight to regain narrative control. Instead he called for democratic unity, which is bizarre because he’s sending the message to his low iq black & brown voters”we democrats, were all pretty much the same”

    Which for him is disastrous. If his voters think all the dems are pretty much same and he’s losing, why stick with him???

    Bernie is donzo

  11. After much soul-searching, I am going to support Senator Sanders for president in my state, North Carolina.

    Why would a pro-Southern Christian reactionary, who loved and supported Candidate Trump in 2016, do such a thing?

    Because President Trump ain’t Candidate Trump.

    Though I love most of his judicial picks, and very much appreciate how he has hurt political correctness in this country, the president has continued the Neo-Con wars, been an abysmal failure at Immigration Reform, and has not delivered economically for those who hoisted him on our backs – The Rural & Smalltown White Southerner.

    As for Sanders – I totally disagree with him on abortion, guns, marriage, gender, and sexuality, and a host of other values’ issues, and, as well, the notion of Federalism.

    That said, the overwhelming majority of the U.S. populace disagrees with me on States’ Rights. So, as a voter, I am being asked to choose between two different visions of a huge central government.

    In that case, I choose Senator Sanders because I believe that he says what he means and means what he says.

    He will pursue policies that will favour rural areas – from his policies aimed to buttress the family farmer, to his medicare for all, his desire to end and not start wars, his anti-fracking belief in clean air and water, and, above all, the fact that all his life he has been for closed borders.

    In my small olde Southern town, I am surrounded by East Indians, Africans, Chinese, Latins of every stripe, and Arabians. Most have come since President Trump was inaugurated.

    While I get along with my immigrant neighbours, it galls me to be living in what is progressively like being an outdoor The United Nations, particularly in light of the fact that President Trump campaigned against this sort of thing.

    Lastly, even where I disagree in Senator Sanders on matters, such as guns, I appreciate that he will irk my fellow Smalltown southerners to such an extent they may begin to reevaluate continuing to belong to this ‘union’.

    Evidence of this kind of thing is what is going on in Virginia over gun rights.

    Moreover, I know that Senator Sanders is the only one who will go after the smalltown Southerners’ greatest enemy – the Corporate-Globalist Establishment; they the ones who have raped and pillaged the smalltown South my whole lifelong.

    The South is literally in ashes because of Corporate-Globalism, and, in Sanders, we find an ally.

    Whether The South is independent or not, we will never get right until we can get the Corporate grip off our throats.

    So, to my way of thinking – Senator Sanders will be a win-win deal, even though I will grimace at some of his executive orders.

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