Is Anglo-Saxon a Racist Term?

No, Anglo-Saxon isn’t a “racist” term.

If you think Anglo-Saxon is a “racist” term, you are a woke moron. Virtually no one who lived in Early Medieval Britain was non-White. There were only a handful of exceptions like the Syrian Christian Theodore of Tarsus who was the Archbishop of Canterbury. You could gather up all the non-White people who lived in Britain back then and they wouldn’t fill up a building.

The whole population of Britain was “White” in those days although the term had no salience as a marker of identity. Everyone was “White” from kings down to commoners so the distinction didn’t matter. The people who were descended from Germanic settlers who came in the 5th and 6th centuries coalesced and came to think of themselves as Anglo-Saxons and the English in this period. Perhaps a majority of the people who over time became the English were themselves conquered Romano-Britons who were assimilated as Old English speakers. These groups intermarried over time. The distinctions that mattered in those days were mostly tribe, language, religion and class. Race included almost everyone in the known world at the time.

The fact that White Nationalists are interested in Anglo-Saxon, Celtic or Norse history proves nothing except that they tend to be ethnocentric. There is nothing unusual or immoral about being interested in your own ethnic origins. It has nothing to do with anyone else, particularly with blacks, who weren’t encountered or enslaved by our ancestors in Africa and brought here to North America until a thousand years later. The current plague of political correctness and wokeness which has infected academia doesn’t go back more than a few decades.

Anglo-Saxonism DID BECOME racist in the modern era. The Anglos who settled Texas and won the Texas Revolution DID believe in their own racial superiority as an Anglo-Saxon race. The English came to believe they were racially superior to the Irish and other Europeans. They were the most xenophobic and ethnocentric of all Europeans who came to the New World. This is a world that was far removed from Britain in the Early Middle Ages though. The people who lived in England in this time spoke a language which is unintelligible to modern English speakers.

Note: It goes without saying that no one who lived in Early Medieval Britain was a liberal either much less a woke one. Their total absence is one of the reasons why I enjoy reading and learning about the subject. I wish those people would disappear in our own times.

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  1. Then modern life is racist, along with logic, science, art, architecture, music, philosophy, democracy, and so on. It’s also hilarious that prominent Jews, who’re behind the racist thing of course, are accusing anyone critical of usury, debt slavery, Wall Street, Hollywood, TV, pornography, etc of being an anti-Semite. Talk about an embarrassingly inadvertent admission of collective Jewish guilt.

  2. “The English came to believe they were racially superior to the Irish and other Europeans.”

    They had good reasons for believing so. The English were the most powerful, most civilized and most stable of all nations. Their descendants are still by far the best people in the New World.

      • Virtus,

        Are you familiar with Dr. Edward Dutton aka “The Jolly Heretic?” Anyhow, he is a Brit living in Finland, and he had his DNA analyzed with one of the commercial testing labs. When he received his results, he actually seemed perturbed that they found (oh, the horror) German ancestry in his DNA. Dr. Dutton eventually shook of this terrible news by offering that his German ancestry derived from old Angles and Saxon invaders which is technically correct.

        Even though Dr. Dutton can be very autistic and a sperg, I enjoy his videos. But every so often, he’ll let his mask slip, and it’s obvious that he’s a British supremacist at heart.

        • November – yes, very familiar with Edward Dutton, and spot on with your assessment of him. (I also listen to him as well.)

          To be completely frank, I admire and respect a lot of aspects about the English — just like the Kaiser & Chancellor Hitler did. Neither of them wished to be in a needless war with what they rightly felt were a kindred, Nordish nation, a country that historically shared, and was influenced so much, by Germany, and the Germanic peoples. This was especially evident with the British monarchy, with the royal houses of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha and well as the House of Hanover, and the Battenberg family of the House of Hesse-Darmstadt.

          Where Britain really began to go wrong, beginning in earnest with Cromwell, was when they established Europe’s – and the world’s first – central bank (the precursor to our “Federal Reserve”, which, as you probably know, is neither federal, nor a reserve, nor even a bank

          Ever since then Britain’s main role in world affairs has been relagated to be the attack dog of global finance crapitalism, and the international banking cartels that own it, and thus own Britain by extension — a “mission” so €nthu$ia$ti¢all¥ passed-on, and warmly received by America, the once-junior, now senior partner in the “Anglo-$phere”.

          *More to come in this subject…

          • Virtus,

            And what was England’s reciprocity towards Kaiser Wilhelm II and Chancellor Hiler for their Anglophila? War, starvation, rape, disease, occupation, crimes against humanity…

            Aryamala is most likely a troll meant to stir up inter-European harmony, but it might just be another arrogant tone deaf Brit that still likes to throw around that empty slogan, “At least we’re still speaking English.” Well, that’s all they have left to mollify themselves with their capital in the hands of a muslim and their daughters getting raped by Mohammed and his crew throughout their island of cucks.

            We must always keep on alert for backstabbers that will with both eyes wide open make alliances against our folk and kin with the enemy.

            My personal position in relation to the uk and Alglo power in the jewnited states is the same as the Dixie Chicks in that I am not ready to make nice yet.

      • Germany didn’t even exist as a country before 1871. Anglo-Saxons are closer to Danish and Dutch than modern Germans.

        • But the German people existed throughout antiquity. The Danush and Dutch are Germanic, Teutonic people, with a kindred language and culture.

          Germany didn’t even exist as a country before 1871.

          Big deal, this you can say about a lot of countries .. however their folk existed before the official foundings of their respective states.

        • As well, the modern-day English (what is left of them) are much closer to the Scots and the Irish, than they are to the Danes, Dutch, or any other Germanic country.

          • You might also add, modern-day Germans are much closer to the Balts and the Slavs than they are to real Germanic peoples like the Danes or the Swedes.

          • Dwyre,

            All Germans are “real” Germanic people, even the ones in eastern Germany with various degrees of Baltic and Slavic ancestry, since Germanic heritage is cultural, as well as genetic.

            By this definition, Danes and Swedes should not be considered Germanic
            – they certainly do not culturally think of themselves as so.

    • Aryamala is exactly the type of Anglo that should NEVER have any say in matters in the survival of the European race. These limey supremacists and their American brethren are the quickest to throw all the other European ethnicities under the talmudic bus for their benefit.

      Never again British SOBs. Never again.

      • Aryamala’ sounds an awful lot like previous commenter ‘riuck’, and another commenter of late with very misguided views on the British and Anglo-American schtick.

        • Now I know that you are, as November called you, a limey supremacist, who is here in bad faith.

          The whole White, especially Nordish race, and all of European Christendom lost the two world wars, including Britain.

  3. What can I possibly add? The book Albion’s Seed comes to mind! As you may know the three main ethnic strains that constitute the white population in the United States are people of British, German, or Irish (Scot-Irish) ancestry. Until recently people of British descent were in the majority but in the least few years people of German ancestry have surpassed the British. If Germany goes extinct-if Mama Merkel turns Europe into Eurabia-then the greatest reservoir of German genes will be in the America heartland.

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