Striker vs. J.F. on Liberty

I’m leaning more toward Eric Striker with each passing day.

Jewish billionaires like Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg are just openly buying our elections now. The wealth and power of these billionaires to set the agenda and the boundaries of our discourse determine all other issues. The oligarchy is the most important issue. Who is going to give Michael Bloomberg and Sheldon Adelson an enema and drain them of their wealth?

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  1. Some here might have already seen excerpts from Kaitlin Bennett’s visit to Ohio University yesterday. Below is her full 40 min. video where she simply began asking questions and in just a matter of a few minutes the pent up rage and animosity began to manifest itself towards her. This type of vengeful angst that continues to metastasize itself with each passing month is to the point where the violence that lurks beneath the surface will no longer be able to hold itself back and will just require some triggering event(like a Trump re-election)to burst through the thin shell that holds it back.

    When individual freedoms exceed there traditional boundaries and are unified and welded behind a hive mind, you have conditions that are ripe for events such as a St. Bartholomew’s Day,a Mountain Meadow’s Massacre, or even the Great Reign of Terror itself. The scale will depend on the forces building inside these mobs of unnecessary duplicates! Look into these plastic and vacuous faces! Peek into the dark camel-brains of these Last Men and tell me if you do not see the future approaching like a rifle-shot from up ahead?

    “What? Is the rabble also necessary for life?
    Are poisoned fountains necessary, and stinking fires, and filthy dreams, and maggots in the bread of life?
    Not my hatred, but my loathing gnawed hungrily at my life. Ah! ofttimes I became weary of spirit, when I found even the rabble spiritual”- Thus Spoke Zarathustra

    • Is that the Grifter chick who made a spectacle of herself at her graduation? She thrives on this type of attention and riling up “the libtards”… All part of this act we are forced to watch as a whole

  2. Even if we manage to secure our own ethnostate, I don’t want to give our enemies the breathing room to poison our people again. That’s why I cannot support libertarianism even with ideal demographics.

    Authoritarianism is a necessary evil in a dangerous world.

    • Authoritarianism is not really even an evil. It is just how all societies function. The authority can either be formal and visible or it can be informal and obfuscated. The USA is just as authoritarian as any dictatorship or single party state, but the power is just more hidden which makes it harder to pin down.

      • America, and Britain, were never real ‘democracies’ — certainly not in the classical, Athenian sense of the historic definition — but rather were, and emphatically still are, plutocracies.

  3. Striker is one of the good guys. He may as well show his face and use his real name since he already got doxed.

  4. Eric is fantastic. The only reason I listen to TRS is not for parody songs and movie tributes to Red Letter Media.. It is Striker and the FTN guys, mostly Jazzhands. The good outweighs the dead weight

  5. JF is a freemason. Let me explain, in his logo he has three bars coming off of ‘The’ which represents the compass a tool that can make a circle or the side of a pyramid. At the bottom in ‘Space’ is surrounded by a square the tool that can make the bottom of a pyramid giving any person the clue for what he is and who knows the ‘compass and square’ of freemasonry. He’s French and cannot be trusted and he smells by taking another initiated freemason’s money, Epstein of 25k$.

    JF is a smelly frog freemason who has sex with autistic woman.

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