Sheldon Adelson To Host Major Trump Fundraiser

The auctioning of Donald Trump: Season Two continues …


“Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson is throwing his financial might behind President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.

Adelson, a multi-billionaire who is the Republican Party’s most prominent giver, is slated to host a March 12 fundraiser for Trump at his palatial Las Vegas home, according to two people familiar with the plans. The event is expected to draw large sums for the president’s reelection campaign: Attendees are being asked to give $100,000 to get into the dinner and $250,000 per person in order to sit for a roundtable discussion. …

The Adelsons were the GOP’s most prolific donors during the midterm elections, giving over $100 million to conservative causes and groups — including a combined $10 million to America First Action, the principal pro-Trump super PAC, making them the group’s largest donors. But they have yet to donate to the group in the current two-year election cycles.

Republican officials say they remain uncertain how much Adelson will contribute in 2020, though there is a widespread expectation it will be substantial. …”

In December, Donald Trump raised millions from Orthodox Jews in New York City for the America First Action Super PAC, which is the organization that Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman donated $325,000 to in order to gain access to Rudy Guiliani.

Last weekend, Trump raised millions for his reelection campaign at the home of Jewish hedge fund billionaire Nelson Peltz. Trump is headed to California for a similar fundraising dinner at the home of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison who is even wealthier than Michael Bloomberg. We’ve known for a while that Adelson is planning to spend $100 to $200 million in 2020.

Back in 2016, Donald Trump said he was self-financing his campaign to be independent of the Republican donor class, which is the same scam that Michael Bloomberg is running on in 2020. Trump lent his campaign money and cut in the donor class during the transition. In 2020, Donald Trump has spent all of $8,021 of $211 million raised on his campaign.


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  1. Jewish mafia? The question is, how do we fight against it?

    No matter where we turn, this plague is hitting us from all sides.

    But Brad the editor of this website wants you to look at the democratic jews running for highest office to beat Trump at the game that’s already rigged in their favor.

    WTF is wrong at this picture? We lost…..

  2. “Jews stand ready to define the politics of the most powerful nation on earth…”

    They are now loudly declaring their triumph.

    What a disgrace. What would Washingtonon, Jefferson, Jackson, Davis, Lee and even Grant think of that?

  3. Have you noticed that as the US government’s policies become even more overtly jewish that the country as a whole has become more hated internationally proportionally?

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