Politico: Trump Seeks Deal On Guest Workers

This is why I am not voting for Donald Trump in 2020.

I simply can’t wrap my mind around the idea of voting for Trump and the GOP on the basis of immigration restriction and changing demographics. The Trump administration lacks credibility on the issue after promising amnesty to DREAMers, dumping E-Verify, increasing guest workers and doing a volte-face and running on INCREASING legal immigration.


“The White House can’t get its broad immigration proposal moving, so officials are pursuing a narrow deal that would please the business community but might go against the president’s campaign promise to reduce overall immigration.

In recent months, the administration has been in talks with senators about legislation that would create new categories of temporary worker visas or lengthen the allotted stays for those workers, among other possible changes, according to four people familiar with the discussions. …

The guest worker negotiations are separate from ongoing, more expansive talks about a 600-page draft bill that would grant permanent status to more high-skilled, well-educated immigrants while reducing the number for those who enter the U.S. based on family ties. Trump unveiled the contours of that proposal in May but has failed to garner support for the offer.

Since then, Trump has decided a narrow deal to bolster various industries like agriculture — which has been coping with a shortage of workers and the fallout from Trump’s trade wars — could be worthwhile even if it risks alienating some in his base, said one of the sources, who has spoken to the White House about the issue. …

The number of immigrants with temporary visas has steadily increased during Trump’s presidency, reaching 925,000 in 2018, according to the Migration Policy Institute. While there is no cap for the total number of temporary workers, there are annual limits on some of the more than dozen visa categories. Changes to the program could include adding new categories of visas, adding new occupations and lengthening the allotted stays. …”

Now, this is Politico and should be taken with a grain of salt, but we are told that Trump wants to pass a massive new guest worker program. What happened to his immigration platform from 2016? What is to stop Trump from throwing any promise he makes now out the window?

This is also immigration which was the keystone of the MAGA agenda. After running as a self-financing populist, he sold out to the donor class. Political correctness has only gotten worse. He has pretty much let the Republican establishment run his foreign policy and has taken us to the brink of war with Iran. The suicide rate is as bad as ever. He has created two new issues out of Antifa violence and social media censorship which are setbacks from before he ran for president. The Overton Window has moved in the sense that homosexuality has been normalized while our most basic rights and liberties are now trampled. He is presiding over a state crackdown on White Nationalism. Finally, he has only DEEPENED neoliberalism with his tax cuts and deregulation and has spent most of his political capital on delivering huge victories for Israel.

In order to vote for Donald Trump, we’re supposed to ignore all that and set aside what we believe about every other issue like health care and student loans because MAYBE in his second term he will deliver policy victories on immigration which he is now in full retreat from. It looks far more likely that a Trump second term will be like George W. Bush’s second term on immigration. I can easily imagine what a Trump second term would look like on foreign policy.

None of this is to say the Democrats are any better. They have only gotten worse. It just seems like nothing has changed. Whenever the GOP is given power in Washington, we are perpetually on the defensive and watching our priorities be neglected. The priority is always tax cuts and Israel and increasing military spending and winning over implausible numbers of based blacks by proving conservatives aren’t racist. It is the same old bait and switch in every election cycle.

Think back to the 2018 midterms. Did Donald Trump and the GOP run on creating a massive new guest worker program for business lobbyists? How about increasing legal immigration? Spending a whole year on fighting anti-Semitism on college campuses? Criminal justice reform? Regime change in Iran, Hong Kong and Venezuela? A state crackdown on White Nationalism?

I honestly believe that anything Trump and the GOP run on about immigration and other issues that I care about can be bought and changed behind the scenes by wealthy donors and business lobbyists. I was a chump to believe he meant what he said about immigration in 2016. I would rather just sit out the election than be duped and used a second time.

Note: I understand why some people will vote for Trump to stop the Democrats. In the best case scenario, we’re bailing water out of a sinking boat though.

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  1. Don’t beat yourself up Brad. No matter how many people will in before with the “I knew Trump was a scam artist” line as they dismiss that they ever really supported him. The fact remains I have yet to come across a single Right Winger, online or in person, that wasn’t excited about Trump and the meme war. Atleast you learned a year in.

    What is terrifying is how many people, 20s, 30s, 40s and especially Boomers still support this man. Not only support him, but are passionate about him. Cringe memes of Trump standing in front of a giant wall or heaping praise on him as a sort of savior figure.

    • “I have yet to come across a single Right Winger, online or in person, that wasn’t excited about Trump and the meme war.”

      I supported Bob Whitaker for President in 2016 because…

      “If a Pro White had a chance of winning, he wouldn’t NEED to run.”

  2. The guest worker negotiations are separate from ongoing, more expansive talks about a 600-page draft bill that would grant permanent status to more high-skilled, well-educated immigrants while reducing the number for those who enter the U.S. based on family ties.

    You don’t think reducing chain immigration is big? Of course, it depends on how many is meant by “reducing,” but even a merely symbolic reduction is still a step in the right direction, and not something any democrat is going to offer.

    • That’s the Kushner immigration plan and a reference to changing the composition of legal immigration for business lobbyists, not illegal immigration.

      • I know it’s not illegal immigration. The point is, if it would indeed reduce chain immigration, that’s pretty big. No one else is even talking about it.

        • No, not really.

          The Kushner plan changes the composition of immigration. Instead of an endless influx of peons, we would get foreign professionals who would compete for middle class jobs. It is not in any sense an improvement.

        • I appreciate the positivity and looking for silver linings rather than being just black pilled… But the fact remains that as is, without a major round of deportations and moratorium on all immigration and work VISAs, this country is done. These small gestures do nothing. We have gone from over 90% whites to under 60% in about 40 years with the current system.

          It is only going to get worse. It is time to devise a plan which doesn’t rely on any mainstream member of a political party

  3. Yep. I am voting for Trump again but it is all so tiresome. America cannot change until we have gov’t funded elections or severe restrictions placed on the uber rich. They just buy the whole thing.

    Trump is for sure a bait and switch guy or a watered down guy. I remember when he was talking to Laura Ingham and she was very upset with him when he mentioned how all these corporate types were begging him for more immigrant workers.

    Yet listening to the white hating Democrats, it’s all so sickening. Evil Joe Biden pushing millions more ” immigrants” instantly with his stupid line of America can easily take them in. Hey Joe, in case your senile brain did not know, most of these invaders will simply move to overcrowded cities and their burbs driving up costs for homes further, create tons more traffic and taxes. Yeah, what a utopia living like India, Pakistan and China.

    You would figure a guy who has suffered great losses in life with his wife and kid dying in a car wreck years ago and his son dying of brain cancer not long ago, would not literally look to wreck the country he lives in at nearly the age of 80 at the tail end of his life. I guess I underestimated what a complete dirt bag he is. Sickening.

    • My takeaway is that the GOP is only interested in amnesties and increasing immigration. If that is the case, why vote on the basis of immigration? It is like voting for a sand castle which you know will be washed away by the tide.

      • At least there are members of the gop who still want to save this country. They do exist in the house especially. At some point the thinking will have to be post Trump and that would be about two years from now.

        I do think there is at least a decent to good shot at Trump increasing the amount of White people immigrating here with his push for no more chain migration and looking for immigrants to care for themselves instead of spreading their legs and baby Paco or baby Idi Amin Jr. plops out which whitey has to pay for. Diversity is expensive.

        I see zero in the Democrats as they are now a 2/3rds Jewish and non white party that will radically increase. I expect them to push land stealing from white people, refugees will increase by 10 to 15 times what Trump is allowing now. Anything you can perceive as being insidious and evil they will push.

        While the gop has too many bought off shills they have to realize they cannot exist in a non white America. All they have to do is see the token opposition they represent in countless cities in this nation. I think if one scrapes through the voting records of some gop members in the House you can find some good there. The Senate I think there is less but at least some. The Democrats want us dead or as slaves.

    • It is tragic that a man of Biden’s stature as a former senator and Vice President of the United States can go down at his age as a backstabbing whore to his own family and ilk, groveling for favor with his Jewish masters.

      Dostoevsky wrote a sarcastic short story, Bobok, about Biden’s sort, who are so corrupt in life that not only are their last moments of consciousness filled with rot and corruption, but their decomposing corpses continue talking in the manner Biden keeps campaigning.

  4. “Guest worker” means permanent 3rd world immigrant. If massive, endless 3rd world immigration is all about the economy why does forced assimilation thru forced integration always go along with it?

  5. I think so the reason so many are still fiercely loyal to Trump, in spite of his immigration treachery, is that they hate the same people who hate him and “the enemy of my enemy,” and all that. One of the major reasons why I supported him was that I felt that if all these traitors who were selling America and raping Americans hated Trump it had to be because he loved America and Americans.


    This has nothing to do with us. This is all about who gets to lead the train gang-raping the country. The more I have watched Trump versus the Never Trumpers, the more I am convinced this is all in-fighting. Like George Carlin once said, it’s a very small clique and you’re not in it.

    HW keeps saying that Trump hasn’t done anything that Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney wouldn’t have done. I’m further extrapolating on that theme; Trump hasn’t done or will not do anything different than Mike “Gun Grabber” Bloomberg wouldn’t have done.

    No matter which side gets the WH, we will still be at war with Iran and rattling sabers at Russia and China. We will still be seeing more gun control enactment and Pro-White activists will still be labeled as terrorists on par with ISIS or Al-Quaeda.

    I don’t think not voting at all is the answer though; I think if you cannot stomach voting for either Democrat or Republican, the thing to do is vote for another party altogether. The idea is to let them know you are still out there and haven’t dropped dead or given up, but that they lost YOUR vote and that you are shopping around for an alternative to the status quo.

    It WOULD be kind of interesting if a third “Dark Horse” part candidate won the presidency. Can you imagine the reaction? I think it would make the meltdown on Election Night in 2016 look like nothing.

  6. I voted for Trump based on his position on two main issues: foreign policy and immigration.

    On the first, he is more a slave to Israel than any other president. The only improvement over Clinton-Bush- Obama is that he has not started a war– yet. But he has come close. The murder of Soleimani was an outrage which will haunt them for some time to come.

    On the second, Trump is no improvement over Obama. Even the travel ban was something Obama had done himself. Trump wants MORE immigration, just with official government approval. And there is no Wall.

    My guess is that the GOP general election campaign will focus on tax cuts and Israel (nothing new here), tarring the Dems as socialists and “the real racists,” and Supreme Court nominations. Jeb! would have run the
    same way.

    I’m staying home.

    • “The murder of Soleimani was an outrage which will haunt them for some time to come.”

      Normie ‘Murkans loved it. “He blowed up that terrist real good, by god.”

  7. Senate Republicans Set To Propose Big Ag Amnesty

    It is only a matter of time…
    That doesn’t mean we should vote/not vote based on the GOP’s STENCH.
    On the 2nd Amendment ALONE, most GOPs will not vote to ban guns at this time.

    I have to wonder if the Ayatollah recently tweeted and the US is trying to get him to lose his Twitter account, that America is controlled by the Zionists, and he has Christians living freely in his nation, and in Lebanon and Syria Christians live peaceably. In Syria they sure did but many got out after Obama and McCain armed, gave training to, ISIS. And Israel took care of ISIS wounded.

    No one is fooled by Trump, I should say folks who read OD, but Trump has STOLEN Syrian oil, how can ANY Christian support that?

    The thing for those of us who are believers, we know that God will see the ENDING of the enemy.
    So have faith.

  8. On boomer conservative sites, the majority of the comments about this are in favor of increasing immigration or indifferent. Boomers have truly learned nothing at all. Lot’s of comments like “the economy is booming thanks to TRUMP! We need more workers!” and “fake news, TRUMP! would never do that and if he does, TRUMP! is still better than the demonRAT! so we all have to vote for TRUMP! no matter what he does on immigration!”

    The whole Trump thing is has not done anymore good than the Tea Party. Mainstream Republicans in Congress were talking tougher on immigration in 2009-2011 than they are now.

    Until we have our own political party, this scenario will repeat forever. Many political parties have taken power without winning a national election. The important thing is to be our own independent force rather than an addendum to conservatism/GOP. The short term thinking and lazy desire to take over the center right so as to avoid the work of building our own party is THE problem with the alt-right in America.

    I’m not seeing OD making any headway on this problem. Hunter was overly optimistic about the Tea Party and was denigrating “vanguardism” in favor of the idea that the GOP could be taken over. Does OD support a Euro-nationalist style strategy of having a pro-white political party, no matter how small at first, and running in elections, knowing that there will be no big wins the first few times around? If not, OD is just as much a part of the problem as the average MAGA boomer. We need to hear a clear statement about what the path forward is with details. There are many possible scenarios for victory, but they all involve pro-white political parties as the center of the movement.

    Anyone not talking about party building is a joke.

  9. “We are running out of people to fuel the economic growth”

    Translation to English:

    If we don’t keep cramming more ppl into USA, the paper asset bubble will pop.

    At some point , this ponzi scheme of mass immigration crashes, crashes hard!

  10. Boomers are reacting to this with cries “fake news.” Any news story about blump selling out on immigration is treated this way. Boomers see any negative information about blump as a plot by the “liberal media” to ‘divide conservatives.” One of the core components of boomers is mindless devotion to leaders. Boomers don’t care about policy.

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