Roger Stone Sentenced To Three Years In Prison

Since the 2016 election, the Left has done the following:

  • The FBI has conducted illegal surveillance on the Trump campaign
  • The FBI and DOJ have arrested and indicted members of Trump’s 2016 team in retaliation for working on his campaign
  • Launched three years of endless scandals over Russia and Ukraine which culminated in the impeachment of the president
  • Rigged social media and deplatformed multiple people as punishment for supporting Trump in the 2016 election
  • Allowed Antifa to engage in systematic violence in the streets all over the country to thwart freedom of assembly
  • “Journalists” are now little more than Antifa who engage in doxxing campaigns to shame people and get them fired from their jobs for politically incorrect views
  • Multiple people have had their bank accounts closed for political reasons
  • Online fundraising has been completely shutdown for people on the Dissident Right
  • Launched a state crackdown on White Nationalism

The Left has been using tactics straight out of East Germany to coerce and silence its opposition. What has the mainstream Right done about it?

  • Passed Paul Ryan’s tax cuts
  • Deregulation for corporations
  • Increased military spending
  • Passed criminal justice reform
  • Renegotiated NAFTA
  • Assassinated Qasem Soleimani
  • Pulled out of the Iran Deal
  • Recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

Granted, Trump has rightly been focused on the WITCH HUNT and the criminalization of his closest allies. He doesn’t have much time to think about RAM going to prison when Roger Stone is going to prison. The fact remains though that the pushback against all of this by the Right has been wildly inadequate and disproportionate to the force used by the Left.

After looking at what has happened over the past three years and the response to it, why on earth should anyone bother supporting the mainstream Right? If all we are going to get from Donald Trump is George W. Bush’s third term, why should we continue to absorb these costs?

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  1. Going to prison for lying to Congress. Clapper lied to Congress and so did many others, but they’re sitting pretty. These laws are just weapons to be used against political opponents by jew bureaucrats like Rod Rosenstein, vicious jew prosecutors like Andrew Weismann and jew judges like Amy Berman Jackson.

    Again I ask– will the FBI please tell us which presidential candidates have met with FBI approval and will not be surveilled or undermined or their supporters targeted with perjury traps? Thank you.

  2. Chump just named a faggot as Director of National Intelligence. How do Christians even support this President? They can include me out.

  3. The mainstream right is too soft to do anything about any of it, as Nietzsche predicted, and as the threats and insults they endure from wusses on the left make clear. The Republican Party has disappeared up its own arse from what I can tell. What a collection of meek, cringeing stooges for Jewish billionaires’ money, which is of course the reason they were hand picked behind closed doors. And what a pathetic sight it was watching little Mitch McConnell waddling down a corridor in the Senate a few days ago during the impeachment trial with a look on his face like he’d just been gang raped by twenty members of M13.

    And then there’s Fox News doing its part as deep state propaganda pretending there’s nothing to do but accept our rigged democracy’s present trajectory that guarantees white genocide. I think I’ve mentioned here that many years ago when I worked in Midtown Manhattan I stopped by the office of National Review and was shocked that the young men behind the big words were a collection of limp-wristed preppies, just like the fairies working there today. As for American Spectator, no men, as Thomas Jefferson put it, could ever stoop so low or lose so much of their manhood shilling for Israel and international Jewry as that bunch.

    • Extremely well-put. Where are the conservatives that will fight back? Or (God forbid) even go on the offensive against the totalitarian creeps? I’d like the Trumptard shills here to give one good reason why their God-Emperor is such a feckless, limp-wristed pussy who never fights back or defends his friends and supporters. He’s damn quick to whine about how unfairly he’s treated, though, the cowardly egomaniac.

      • As you commented, if we have 15% who defied the taboo of admitting to consider being White central to their identity, how many more also felt that way but weren’t brave enough to confess such a non-PC opinion in 2019?

      • Just to play straight man to your well-put observations Boomer X, the answer is that the Donald ran as a giant FU to the Manhatten snobs for whom success for a guy from Queens can never be acknowledged. In all the books and articles written about Trump’s election literally none described him asking who he could invite into his administration that would support a genuine nationalist-populist regime, nor did he seek knowledge about formal and informal power sources and action to try make policy.

        That tells me he was not serious about implementing anything in particular, but cared for the fame of beating all odds in nominally “winning.”. Would Donald Trump allow enemies to staff his profit-seeking companies like he lets them infiltrate or remain in “his” government? The obvious answer gives the game away.

        I’ll keep promoting my sovereign wealth fund social security for all (UBI) scheme and watch for a Huey 2024 while you make connections with like minded citizens and hopefully soon we can put our minds together formally to Fight the Power. Never surrender, I won’t.

        • JRC, Trump is a vain showman. He’s PT Barnum in the White House, a huckster flattering the rubes. The fact that he proclaims Andrew Jackson to be his model is laughable. Jackson said the people were his sovereign, and his policies and actions reflected that. Long is another excellent example to emulate, and your desire to institute policies that protect the common man from destitution and the vagaries of capitalism does you great credit.

          November, I saw your image link in another post. Thanks for the info. I also greatly appreciate your research and comments.

          • Boomer X,

            It does give us a glimmer of hope that we have 15%+ of our people that are with us at least in spirit.

            I read you comment under the dissident right might swing the 2020 election. You make a great argument that it’s a small miracle with all the heebs anti-White propaganda being suckled by generations like mother’s milk that we still have probably a fifth or so of are folk that didn’t drink the talmudic koolaid.

            Likewise. I always respect your well reasoned and throughout comments on OD.

  4. Read again Emerald Robinson’s tweet reproduced above (in HW’s post) and you recognise what an vicious, evil and shitty government lords it over us.

  5. “The Left has been using tactics straight out of East Germany to coerce and silence its opposition. What has the mainstream Right done about it?”

    Conservatism is not right wing, it is neo-liberalism.

    Conservatism Inc. have done nothing publicly, because privately they support what is happening. They’ve been supporters of liberaism since before the war between the states.

    “This is a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity and will be succeeded by some third revolution; to be denounced and then adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader.” = Robert Lewis Dabney

    It is time we dumped conservatism.

    • Robert Lewis Dabney has defined mainstream conservatism to a tee, but fails to note that from its post-war launch at National Review it was funded by Jews for the purpose Dabney exposes Because surburban preppiness is antithetical to the legitimate conservatism of Kirk or Weaver, jobs in mainstream conservatism became like a seminary for gays, a playground for limp-wristed, preppies who even the pencil-necked geeks on the left can walk all over. True conservatism would have taken to the streets when the principles conservatism stands for and enshrined in our founding and Constitution were turned into their opposite by the enemy within.

      Conservatism Inc has relied on the courts to excuse them from action in the streets, which would have put an end to leftism seventy and more years ago. I’d trace it to Frankfurter’s appointment to the Supreme Court. As William McCauley demonstrates in his Myth of Religious Violence, before Frankfurter religion in America was consistently held by the court to be the source of strength and civility in America, while after his arrival the court reversed itself and since then has consistently held that religion, now meaning only Christianity, is the chief source of strife and violence. Conservatism Inc has conveniently acquiesced to this and all evil has followed in their wake. We need to dump out the turds in the punch bowl and not throw out conservatism with it.

  6. A modest proposal: Just as there were memes supporting Trump such as Pepe the frog how about a Twitter hashtag, something like “#Stay home this election” or “#Don’t get fooled again”. This would be identified as coming from the Right in response to Republican betrayals in general and Trump’s failures in particular but reflect a more generalized dissatisfaction with Establishment power and corruption.

    After Bernie gets screwed at the convention this summer there will be an explosion of rage from the Bernie Bro types. Invite them to join the campaign and “#Stay home this election” also. This would get the attention of the uniparty governing the country and be condemned by the Lugenpresse also.

  7. Multiple people have had their bank accounts closed for political reasons

    I wasn’t aware of this. Could you give me some names to check out?

  8. Hunter, is there any good news to write about out there? Just wondering. I am getting tired of seeing nothing but the latest escapades of ZOGnald Trump and why we shouldn’t vote for him. I understand others need to see this, but at the same time, I and many others don’t. There has to be some good news to write about.

    • The corona virus will cause supply chains to move back to the U.S. from China, something Trump wasn’t able to get accomplished.

      • For the record, I dont think any politician could. Let’s hope the virus achieves that though. That would be swell.

        • Next up for corona is India where many businesses have their call centers and back offices. If the corona virus causes a shutdown of business in India it will be even more devastating to business than the shutdown in China. Many good paying jobs were outsourced to India over the last ten years or so and the sudden loss of support personnel would upend all of the plans these scumbags have made and cost them a fortune.

          I don’t wish any harm on anyone in India or China, those people aren’t to blame for the policies of the U.S. Government, bought and paid for by big business. The concentration of manufacturing in China and support jobs in India presents a huge economic risk to the country, it’s a gamble that there will never be a big problem thousands of miles away in foreign countries. Long term is here and it looks like the gamble is about to go bad. Good, fuck ’em.

  9. “The fact remains though that the pushback against all of this by the Right has been wildly inadequate and disproportionate to the force used by the Left.”


  10. Trump didn’t help out any of his other allies as they were railroaded, so it’s unlikely he will do anything to help Stone.

  11. It’s not really the “left” that is doing it. It’s the national security state which has nothing really to do with the two-party system.

    They are more of a shadow government than anything else who serve the plutocrats, not anyone we elect to office – Democrat or Republican. They cracked down on Trump because of the populist threat that was rising under him due to the kind of campaign he ran in 2015/16. They would pull the same shit on Bernie Sanders if he were to able to win the election. They wildly succeeded in shutting the populist right down and they have its fake leader Blompf under total control now.

    Conservatives and Trump himself adore and support the plutocrats & the national security apparatus and its tentacles so they can go cry me a river. Maybe one day they will smarten up. I wont be holding my breath.

    • The populist left is up to bat now. We’ll see if they have better success than the right did at hitting back at the plutocrats and the national security state.

      The right has been completely neutered. The absolute worst scenario for them is another 4 years of Blompf which will end very badly. I think it is going to be very similar to Bush’s second term with maybe another war that will be blamed on them.

  12. Eccentric for the sake of being eccentric?
    (((Art))), (((Political Theatre))), (((Con Artistry)))!

    Roger Stone knows the play book, Trump as well, and the Bureaucracy.

    Meet the (New) boss same as the (Old) boss,

    Don’t Get Fooled Again!

    (WHO? ) is the (((Boss)))?

  13. Trump is probably going to lose, but if he doesn’t I guarantee you he will work with democrats in his 2nd term and sign all of their legislation. He can’t stand the weak republican party. He spends as much time attacking his former supporters as anybody else. Trump is all about Trump. He buoys from watching TV to golf to Air Force one to Israel without doing a damn thing for the people who put him in office. I am not impressed that he “donates” his salary when he’s spending millions of our tax dollars sitting on his fat arse somewhere complaining. He’s the first POTUS on welfare.

  14. If Trump doesn’t commute his sentence he will die in jail. All modern jails now have special housing units to limit the air – oxygen being put into them. The slow torture is called O2T. In these special cells they permit how many breathable life oxygen molecules is permitted into the sealed environments.

    Julian Assange is in such torturous conditions, that is why his health is failing.

    These SOBs know everything, a painless and death ridden torture procedure called O2T that many political prisoners suffer worldwide and nobody knows about because people in general are retarded and only care when their next hamburger and potato chip dinner will come.

  15. Trump’s job is to make favors for Chabad and obey Bibi. It’s not his job to stand up for his closest supporters or make any serious effort to carry out any of his campaign promises. He is an absolute fraud, his moronic daughter has more say than ALL the Trump voters in unison.

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