Donald Trump Endorses Bollywood Gay Romantic Comedy

This isn’t a bug.

It has been a feature of Trumpism that stretches back to MILO’s college tour, Peter Thiel’s speech at the 2016 RNC and the Deploraball during the Trump inauguration.

Donald Trump has moved the Overton Window in the sense that homosexuality has been completely mainstreamed on the Right. In contrast, White grievances are stoked but remain as taboo as ever. This is the big cultural change of the Trump era. Charlie Kirk’s “Culture War” college tour is best seen as a culture war against the Right to shift conservatives Left on social issues and more in line with donor preferences. It is the domestic counterpart of Trump’s foreign policy which has launched global crusades to promote feminism and homosexuality.

Note: In the last debate, I noticed Bernie Sanders casually mentioned his White working class supporters. Donald Trump never talks about his White supporters.

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  1. Great analysis. You nailed it. Trump throws crumbs to the rubes while their kids are psychologically (for now) sodomized everywhere they turn. These ignorant clowns also love Fox News despite Fox being far and away the main purveyor of sexualizing filth and of normalizing homosexuality on children’s TV. When Richard Weaver was asked what the end for the US would look like, he said it’d look like what’s normalized today—and added that morons would take it for renewal.

  2. Trump, as with many successful business men, is a master dissembler.
    They climb the ladder of success on rungs of deceit.

    We’ve been had !

  3. Trump is a vile, reprehensible, lying, manipulative, immoral, culturally and socially destructive bastard. Other than that, though, I think he’s awesome! Muh GDP and MIGA!!

      • France is a very interesting country Cristina, a great example of a people, un gente de la nación, who mentally, and spiritually exist at least somewhat outside, and semi-independent of, it’s state (“La république” – barf)

        The brave and wonderful Mouvement des gilets jaunes, the “Yellow Vests”, are a modern testament to this — as was the great historical example of the Armées catholique et royale during the Guerre de Vendée.

        Vive la France

        • Virtus,

          Yes, I have read about the counter revolutionaries of the French Revolution. I am not too familiar with the Yellow Vests though I have heard of them.

      • Cristina,

        Outside of the Westburo Baptist Church, I am unaware of any large scale protest against same-sex marriage in the USA. It is probably because the majority of Americans aren’t as ideologically opposed to homosexuals getting married, being apathetic or just lazy enough to place a phone call to their US senators and US representative and believing they did all that they could. But Americans understand that once the SCOTUS has made their decision that there’s no other court to appeal their verdict. The only way to overturn the law would be for the SCOTUS to have at least fiive Justices that are adamantly opposed to homosexual marriage on US Constitutional grounds. Also, it is very rare that once the SCOTUS has ruled on something as controversial as abortion or same-sex marriage that they’ll overturn “established law.”

        • November,

          I guess that is true. Strange that 5 people (justices) have such absolute rule in the United States. Also, I think most Americans have not been strongly against homosexuality for a long time.

          Homosexual marriages was a cause very easily won once it became an issue.

      • Cristina,

        On a side note, it was the Protestant churches in the USA that were the first to allow homosexual marriage in the houses of worship. Even though it was legally acknowledged, I recall a Methodist church in my childhood neighborhood conducting homosexual marriages with nary a peep out their congregation or other nearby Protestant churches, and that was in the early 90s.

    • November,

      I have to also mention this. My grandmother was watching an animal show this morning and the topic was scorpions. The Anglo veternarians were actually caring about scorpions and giving them checkups!!!

      Anglos are a strange people to care about animals including scorpions. I will never understand you.

        • Cristina,

          Sorry to correct you, but scorpions fall within the Class Arthropoda, whereas “bugs” or insects are Class Insecta. Scorpions have eight legs and insects six. Insects have antennae and Arthropoda do not. Insects can have wing and Arthropods never do.

          But yeah, I like animals more than most human beings. Really it isn’t even close, but then again, one of my nicknames is “Doctor Doolittle because I have a strong connection with animals.

          When I look at a scorpion, I think how perfectly astonishing they are and perfectly adapted to their environments. Now if something like a scorpion was found on an exo-planet, I am sure that I would be fascinated but really leery of it.

          Bugs were here before humans, and they will be here long after we are nothing but but fossilized remains that left behind plastics and other chemical compounds that aren’t biodegradable.

          • November,

            Thank you for the insect/arthopoda lesson. When I was younger I matched a praying mantis against a black widow.

            The widow I knocked out of the web for a fair fight. The mantis moved like lightning pinning and hitting and killing the widow faster than I could follow it.

          • November,

            I understand why you would like animals more than most people. However, it is defined Dogma of Catholicism that animals have no rights. That the lowliest human on earth is more important than all the animals that have ever lived.

            I am required to also have that belief. To belief otherwise is heresy. A catechism book at one of our houses says that to give more concern to animals than warranted is called the sin of sentimentality. A Baltimore catechism I believe. Very few Mexicans are guilty of this sin.

            The traditional Catholic and Americanism/anglo saxonism are incompatible. One of the core values of this website is that different groups do not mix well or at all unless they give up their beliefs/identity.

            That core value is correct.

          • November,

            I can not resist this. This song is what I think of animals. Besides the fact that God died on the cross for humans not animals.

          • November,

            When studying Russian I read an article in Russian of a Canadian or an American pet pig named Amy (if I remember correctly). She was accidentally left behind at a restaurant while the family was traveling.

            Even though she was hundreds of miles from home she arrived there on foot many weeks later. An incredible story. That is one smart pig!!!

          • Christina,

            Thank you for the time travel into the past. Next time take me back to München circa 1923. LOL.

            Being intentionally sadistic and cruel to animals is one of the characteristics that many serial killers demonstrate. It shows a lack of empathy and potentially psychopathy.

            “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”

            – St. Francis of Assisi

            When my days come to an end, I don’t plan on going to a “Heaven ” minus dogs, cats, horses, et cetera. My goal is to make it across the Rainbow Bridge and be reunited with my beloved pets instead of the Christian paradise because it wouldn’t be heaven without them.

      • Cristina,

        I will never understand how people can intentionally cruel to innocent animals. Bull fighting in my opinion falls within that category. Field Marshall November would outlaw such spectacles.

        • November,

          I remember first encountering you in the summer past with me hating scorpions and you taking up for them. I thought you were kidding at first. We have written on bull fighting before.

          My grandmother has been in the USA since the 1930’s so I ask her questions about the Anglo. She knows your people well. Does not understand you but knows things. So I learn.

          • Pigs are very intelligent. Their scent following abilities and sense of direction must be a lot better than commonly known.

            I’ve heard of dogs finding their way home from hundreds of miles away.

        • The rules of this site do not allow me to express what would happen hypothetically, if I witnessed a cock fight or a dog fight.

          Verstehst du?

          • November,

            Hard to find the right Reply button. On Saints that just means that the Church guarantees they are in heaven and that part of their life was inspirational.

            It does not confer intelligence much less infallibility. Saints sin and are sometimes in error on matters of Faith usually through ignorance. That is why we Catholics are always dubious about such matters. We call it your Saint against my Saint.

            The only thing that matters is Defined Dogmas. And you are aware what the official teachings of my religion are on souls.

            Remember no animal goes to Hell only humans. And it is our constant tradition that most adult humans end up in Hell because humans are rotten as a general rule.

            Perhaps some consolation for you. We believe after the Final Judgment there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth. While heaven with the Beatific Vision is for humans only, perhaps the New Earth will have animals including past pets. I imagine the New Earth will be similar to the Garden of Eden where there were animals.

            So that is a real possibility, perhaps even probability. That is better than where most humans end up.

          • Christina,

            Have you ever heard of “sin eaters or sin eating?” It was a bizarre practice that lasted until the late 1800s in England and Wales.

            The Catholic Church made the death penalty an option for those engaging in such activities. Jesus was the first sin eater in a sense.

            I first heard about sin eaters on an episode of “Night Gallery,” but when I found out that it wasn’t some fictional religious tradition, I was shocked. Whoever began sin eating was a conman or somewhat insane.

            Perhaps when HW writes another chapter in the history of Britain, he could cover this uniquely macabre Protestant era.

          • November,

            I have not heard of sin eating. I will have to look that one up.

            I am glad you found my latest post on probable animals on the New Earth. We have a shetland sheepdog we are quite fond of. I would love to not only make it to Heaven but to see our sweet dog on Earth as well.

          • November – I know animals have souls. Any one who CAN’T see it doesn’t have one.

            I’ve seen that video you posted, where-in one dog pulls the injured pal out of traffic. I don’t have words for things like this. I’m thrilled the injured dog lived! All dogs are worthier creatures, BETTER creatures, than most of the bipeds infesting the planet.

            I’ve lived in cities, and I know that Jigs are afraid of dogs. I had a pal, in Philadelphia, years ago, that owned a Vizsla. Well – she owned him. She wasn’t merely a pet – she was an insanely pampered Baby Princess. She was BEAUTIFUL.A glossy red coat, and violet eyes. She, alas, wasn’t the sharpest hound in the pack though. She was too spoilt! She didn’t know she was a canine. She disliked and feared other dogs. She liked to spend her time lounging on her own full sized bed, on the silk pillows.

            He asked me to care for her when he took a vacation one time. He was very well to do, but he knew she’d be treated like the Baby Princess she was, with me, instead of going to a kennel, no matter how high-end. He gave me a bunch of steaks, to cook for her, which I did, of course.

            I lived in a White neighborhood, where-in Negroes at that time KNEW not to tread. During the week I hosted the Baby Princess, I took her to visit a pal in South Philly. He lived in on the line of a Negro hood. I took her out for walkies there, and inadvertently veered off into the hood. I was only there for a block, before I walked out, but all the lazing bruthas jumped off their stoops, and fled when they saw this hound. (Her unusual eye color freaked outa lot of people). I thought it was really amusing, since I would have had to protect her, had they attacked. They didn’t know that, though.

            The gent in South Philly worked with animal rescue outfits, as have I. ALL animal rescue folks know about Negroes. I could write so many stories…I don’t have time, though. I lived in a large, multi-culti apartment complex on the “Joesy” shore a few years ago. I owned a number of cats. I kinds of people lived there. I was sort of pals with a middle aged Negress, who was very intelligent and rational. I discovered, from her, that other Negroes and Mestizoes thought I was a witch, due to my red hair and my cats. I was a “Bruja”. I’d take walks around the complex, and my kitties would walk with me. The orcs thought I was commanding my familiars. HA! I did not disabuse them of this belief.

        • November,

          St. Francis of Assissi does not determine doctrine. Our defined dogmas do. And animals have no spiritual soul therefore they cannot be damned or ascend into Paradise. That is Catholic Law. It has always been taught and that makes it part of what we call the Ordinary Magesterium.

          One can always find a saint to pit against another saint on most opinions but it is only the Law that determines matters.

          If you are looking for the modern Church for help. Well they might come up with anything nowadays since a good portion of the Vatican has defected from the faith on other matters.

          • Denise,

            We certainly share a love for animals. That’s better than nothing, and we don’t give a shit what any Abrahamic religion writes or believes about their supposedly lack of “souls.”

            Animals show uncanny common sense in racially profiling malevolent POC. My usually mellow and sweet dog chased a negro into a car hood last summer. She’s a rescue dog like my last five, so you don’t always know their behavioral quirks, but all my dogs really dislike blacks, and I can tell by their body language that the jiggaboos dislike and are afraid of my dogs. Funny how my dogs just love little White children.

            For anyone who still believes that animals don’t have a soul, after watching this one minute video of unbelievable courage; then you might be the one lacking a soul.


          • Great video!
            I love octopuses and all animals.
            Me and my son saved some turtles on the road and an osprey that was caught in a fishing net in the retention pond in our back yard here in Naples this week.


            Octopuses are more intelligent than most negroes.


            I remember reading something once where it implied that cephalopods may come from the cosmos ..pretty interesting.

        • November – I love all animals. I would keep elephants if I could. MOST genuine White people do. The Honey Badger is considered to be one of the most dangerous, vicious, fearless creatures on Earth. Honey Badgers will take on lions! This is a clip of a White Man giving a demonstration of how deal with Honey Badgers. to a crowd of White People:

          I saw the comedian Adam Carolla on the Tucker Carlson show a few weeks ago. He was discussing the destruction of California, do to (((Liberal))) policies. He was talking about the horrific homeless population, and how no -one was really DOING anything for them. Carolla made an off hand remark that if the homeless were all dogs EVERY-ONE would be saving them. I would like to tell Carolla personally that this is completely understandable and rational.

          I’ve watched tons of animal rescue videos. I am always touched and amazed by the enormous lengths people – 99.9% White – go to in order to save and help animals in peril. Animals -ESPECIALLY canine, respond to kind treatment. Dogs are pack animals, and are genetically programmed to cooperate and please, but as any cat owner aka Human Slave knows that cats are just as affectionate and helpful, when they gift you with their catches, as any dog. Cats, however, know who genuinely likes them, so they don’t waste their time with abusers if they can help it. Other animals, like goats and pigs and crows are very intelligent, and should be treated well. There is no excuse for cruelty. Even chickens are infinitely more intelligent than most people comprehend, They communicate with each other, and have NAMES for things.

          I digress. The homeless are largely druggies and/or other types of parasites, and simply regard kindness as weakness, and are usually too screwed up to redeem. So rescuing and helping animals is logical and a better use of time and resources. I’m so glad I’m a Pagan. I don’t have to obey mindless (((slave doctrine))), and have NO desire to do so. I am free to follow my natural White genetic instincts. I see and feel the spiritual element in every creatures’ eyes. Excepting Orcs, of course.

          • Sarah McLachlan was ridiculed and mocked for her ASPCA commercials because she chose to use her song “Angel” and her fame to shed a light on animal cruelty. It became one of the most successful fundraising ads in history.

          • Our friend Herr Hitler was such an animal lover that he chose to be a vegetarian. He referred to meat eaters as “corpse eaters.”

            Laws against animal abuse and cruelty were strictly enforced under Hitler’s government.

        • Yeah, i went to one sort of by mistake once in SoFla in Cubantown with a friend..
          I was disgusted , to say the very least and the first thought that came to my mind was – “who the hell allowed these scumbag people into our nation”….

          Did you know that Miami Florida is the most prevalent example of racial displacement in the history of the USA?
          In 1971 , dade county was 90% white….by 1991 it was less than 12% Non-Hispanic white.
          Recently Broward co (Ft Lauderdale) was in the group of the places that have “progressed” so much that they are now majority nonwhite.

          • I have (quite by accident). One Sunday I was invited to a Mexican multi-family post mass baptism party way out in the country. The cock fight just suddenly materialized out of nowhere. Two different vatos with roosters in two different trokas just showed up. A lot of Mexicans at the party had to have known it was coming though, as wads and wads of cash quickly changed hands among 20 or 30 bettors. The whole gory thing was over and done with in less than 45 minutes from arrival to departure of the cock fighters.

        • Flaxen,

          Cock fighting is legal in Mexico. I have never heard of it being condemned by any official teaching of my religion ever.

          I think professional Football should be banned since the majority of players retire with permanent brain damage. Since that is significant damage and unnecessary damage to a human being it stands as a mortal sin in itself.

          Humans matter. Animals less so. I would have watched the cock fight like you did. I have seen and have taken part in the killing of animals many times before. Goats, sheep, cattle, chicken, rabbits etc. Rather they fight and then get eaten or they are just butchered I generally feel no elation. I feel nothing.

          So, I would obviously not have to go to confession over such matters. The Catholic position is always that if you do not offend God, then it does not matter if you offend humans.

          I am bound to care for every person on this website more than any animals. Even the ones I do not particularly care for,.

          • Christina,

            I know that you were directing your comment to Flaxen Headed Strumpet, but it is these sort of Catholic and/or Christian dogmas and doctrines that will never bring me back to the faith EVER.

            I’ve looked into the eyes of literally soulless “human beings ” that have done unbelievably heinous crimes to their defenseless children. If the windows are truly “the windows of the soul,” then not all Homo sapiens have souls no matter what the bible claims.

            On the other hand, animals have illustrated unquestionable sentience, emotional expression, and unconditional love. That to me is more than evidence that if “souls” exist at all, they possess one.

            On the matter of Christian Saints, I’m quite sure they have quite incongruous views amongst one another. It sounds more similar to a political ideology than a bone deep,cocksure, than a faith of pious believers.

            I am respectful of your theological choice because I understand how you’ve arrived at your faith. Believe me, I am not so kind to other religious zealots that I encounter in my day to day life. Usually, when they ask me “If I head the Good News,” I respond with “Have they heard the bad news.” It’s kind of fun making them squirm.

          • “Cock fighting is legal in Mexico.”

            So is sex between a 45 y/o man and a 12 y/o girl. (in many states de jure, in all states de facto)

          • Pro football players, arguably, had enough brains to form informed consent before signing a contract. Certainly you don’t think animals have the same. In any case, you could say the same about people who make their living (and the town drunk amateur rodeo clowns) in a bullfighting ring.

        • Flaxen,

          One liners work in movies but seldom in real life. Lots of things are legal and illegal in the United States and Mexico that should change. Like maybe the USA love affair with homosexuality more than in Mexico.

          Until the early 20th century a Catholic 12 year old girl could marry if she was capable of having children. The Catholic Law is now 14 years old. It can always go back to 12 years since it is a Church discipline law and not defined dogmas one way or the other.

          I am not sure how high the Church could make for a minimum age for the girl. So currently a girl less than 14 is engaging in child sex. That is true no matter how old the man is.

          A young formed girl voluntarily engaging in sex outside of marriage commits a mortal sin rather her lover is 17 or 70. It does not make a moral difference in such a case only a temporal one.

          Perhaps you should be more worried about the problems in the USA not on cockfighting or sex in Mexico. That should keep you busy.

          • Would you believe it if I said that, among the many other homegrown in the good old USA dysfunctionalities that cause me (and others) consternation, the cross border hemorrhaging of Mexican ones deserve some highlighting too. As for the Catholic Church and its position (historical or otherwise) on marital sex with anything that bleeds once a month, I’m going to suggest that, given the Church’s current transnational quaqmire involving Clerical homo/pedastery, it has lost (at least temporarily) any moral authority it may have had in such matters.

          • Both Christianity and Judaism appear to use Genesis 1:28 as a guideline for the age of marriage being between puberty and twenty years old.

        • Flaxen,’

          Wouldn’t it be terrific is some…people…too their own “advice” and minded their own business, and paid attention to the complete dysfunction and criminality and STUPIDITY of their own countries?

          • If one were to look at who plays professional football, there probably wasn’t much brain to damage in the first place with their mean IQ in the 75-85 range.

        • Flaxen -there is a really tragic story about Mexico on VDare today. The story details how crime is OUT OF CONTROL, even worse than usual, and femicide. Murdering women and little girls is macho, or something. The police don’t do a thing, of course. AMLO, El Presidente, or what ever his title is, I concerned about the butchered women, but he’s MORE concerned about raffling off his Presidential jet.


          Trump is a nightmare – but…he doesn’t do something like that.

          But Mexico is morally superior to El Norte because….Catholic? Some…reason…

        • Flax,

          What you said does not even make sense. Football players voluntarily taking part in an evil sport called professional football makes it worse not better. They are responsible for their behavior.

        • Flaxen,

          As far as I am aware the vast majority of bullfighters do not die or suffer brain damage as compared to football players. I do not know about rodeo clowns. I believe football used to be condemned as immoral many decades ago. Now it is big money even though it might be more dangerous than it was a century ago.

          As for our laws on marriage they hold true whether all of our Church leaders are saints or evil. For instance the moral law against abortion/homosexual marriages etc. are valid regardless of how evil certain churchmen are.

          The same is true on civil laws. They have to be obeyed whether politicians are decent or are all corrupt. Naturally, this assumes the law in question is not immoral in itself.

        • Flaxen,

          I mentioned death and brain damage together in one of my comments. There are relatively few deaths of humans in bullfighting and of course only rare deaths in pro football. But any serious debilitating and permanent damage to a human to themselves or others is a mortal sin.

          I saw figures that varied on permanent brain damage to pro football players. One study said 99%, another said 93%, and yet another said 87%. If true, those are appalling figures.

          Either way my religion has not condemned pro football to the best of my knowledge in a long time and since I am not allowed private judgment I have to reluctantly agree that a football player in the Professional sport does not sin. I have never heard of a Pro being denied communion or being excommunicated as a Professional therefore it remains a brutal and dubious but legitimate sport.

          As for boxing? That is a tough call as well.

        • Flaxen,

          Sorry to bother you again. While I find Pro football boring I have watched a few College Football games. They are quite exciting. I never knew American Football could be so thrilling.

          It is because of the inequality of the teams where college success is rewarded with money, recruiting etc. While Pro Football is punished for success since the worse teams get the first draft picks or something like that. I guess that means the Super Bowl winner gets last pick!!

          That is strange to me.

          • Soccer/fútbol (my old HS PE teacher calls soccer “communist football”) is equally, if not more slathered with money as the NFL. Look at the “French” team, for example and see how many ‘Frenchmen” you can find on it. In any case, I don’t find watching a bunch of semi-literate niggras in helments cracking bones on the gridiron to be very edifying. But, they knew what the deal was going to be and you should know all that stuff about “libre albedrio”. You’ve obviously never seen a bull rider or a drunk amateur rodeo clown leave the town feria in an ambulance with his guts dribbling out his ass from a bull’s horn. I have. That said though, the bull has a much better chance of prevailing than a rooster.

          • Christina, i sort of noticed the same thing about college feetsbawl and think its more entertaining than the negroFelonLeague.
            I think its because there are some whites in it and its not so corporatized but imo all sports are rigged.
            Maybe not outright “fixed” but tampered with to gain a certain outcome…vegas is ran by jews of course, and they control all sport via the gambling racket.

  4. Freedom means money-more choice in behavior means more products and services to sell. Win with sin!! On the flip side, the so-called civil rights era welcoming women, African Americans, gays, and whomever into the employment queue means both more customers with their own disposable income and more employees to drive down wages. So good or evil, it all pays in the end. As Omar said, it’s all about the Benjamins.

    • Like em Jones says. Give them shopping, sury,degenerate sexual freedom and the globohomo man wont ask for fair wages and fair treatment. They can be en ssd lsved to their passions for political control…
      He says it way better but it’s all in plain sight.
      Demons name is globohomoschlomo

  5. Homosexuality is against God’s law.
    Today it is apparently only Islam that actively opposes it. Shia is the faith of those who defended Christians, in Syria and Lebanon, and Iran has always be kind to their Christian communities.

    How many major denominations of Christianity opposed this sin against God and nature today?
    The Evangelicals support Trump.

    These are dark and perhaps end times.
    Watch who the evil ones support.

  6. The news just keeps getting worse.
    BYU (Brigham Young University) one of the most conservative, Republican, Mormon universities in the US, located in Provo, Utah, arguably the most conservative, Republican, “family-friendly” city in America, just removed homosexual behavior from it’s list of “Honor Code Violations.”
    So, at BYU now, you can now bend over and let another man sodomize you, or smoke all the sausage you want, and you are good to go, in good standing, in this “conservative” Mormon community.
    My God! Has this nation lost it’s mind?

    • Pretty soon their unveil that negroes founded mormonism and whitey stole it from them…
      We wuz mormans n sheeeit

      • Irate irishman,

        Yes college football does seem more harmless than Pro Ball. Also, that was an interesting statistic about how quickly Dade County in Florida changed. No. I am not rejoicing or gloating over it. I am just shocked.

  7. Terrific. Honestly, what is the MAGA movement? Christian Zionism, Tax Cuts, Deficit spending, Homosexuality, Increased Legal Immigration, Feminism. There is no possible path towards creating a “mainstream” political white racialist movement. We must build real communities. We must construct a system within the system to exist and to flourish. Non-violent reformation and violent revolution are both impossible. Racially conscious whites must recognize that we are a persecuted religious minority and act accordingly. White Racial Mass Awakening will not happen. We’ve observed the steady decline of Western Civilization, and low-status dissident right activists cannot turn it around. The West is dead. We must ask ourselves what is next. Politics, global or national, is a distraction. We must build resilient communities like the Amish, FLDS, and Mennonites to survive.

    • How do we do this in this increasingly hostile, anti-white environment we now find ourselves in?
      A lot of people on this site have stated this exact same thing , but outside of building ourselves and our own families, what can we even possibly do?
      And the newer generations of whites under 30 dont even really have families seeing how jewish created feminism has destroyed gender coexistence with the retarded muh patriarchy nonsense..

      Shit like MGTOW is widespread all over the net and it encourages white men to permanently mutilate their bodies with vasectomies to make sure whites never create children.
      How many ghetto nigs or third world beaners are getting “snipped”?

      Europeans will simply vanish into the echoes of eternity because we are being outbred…its that simple.
      Then you add all the other things killing off (mainly) whites like nonstop black murder, the out of control opioid epidemic (created by a jewish family of untouchable billionaires) and wars for israel and we will see a decline in the white population until finally the remainder of whites will just be hunted down as revenge for the social grievance de jour

  8. It’s pretty sad. What Trump does is give to his conservative Evangelical base on abortion and judges. He then goes full New York City gay boy with the gays. I mean the guy used to party at Studio 54 way back in the day. The place was hedonism central. Every wild celebrity used to go. Homosexuals were rampant. One of the owners died of aids. The place was shutdown after like three years.

    Trump is clearly not religious. Yet he does have some conservatives instincts. He claims he changed on abortion after a talk with a friend who wanted to kill his baby in his wife’s womb but she refused. The friend felt awful after the kid was born and falling in love with the child. Trump says that is what changed him.

    I wonder if this gay stuff is his daughter whispering in his ear about da gayzz. Maybe Melanie, too. I mean she was a show it all kind of girl back when she was living in Europe broke. Then she harpooned the white shark named Donald.

    After saying all that I am still voting for him. The Democrats are totally on board with all gay stuff minus the Trump stance on abortion and conservative judges.

  9. I remember how bizarre it was when the TRS crowd was trying to suggest that Thiel was our guy. We know now there was a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes.

  10. Ivanka, Jared, and your local homosexuals have more influence on Trump than 63 million Trump voters. He is worse than useless even to his most effective supporters. (Roger Stone, General Flynn, Julian Assange, etc). An absolute psychopath.

  11. An absolute psychopath who could really get us into WWIII. The act that he’s against war and is restraining all the insane war-mongers he chose to surround himself with. Yet people are going to fall for it.

  12. I think if we all wrote in Richard Spencer for President, it might get some attention, get some people talking. Publicity is what we as a movement need. The public is taught to hate us, the only thing that can change minds is someone daring to read sites like this one for themselves. Some people will agree, even if not publicly. No one in my family knows I am Pro-White, as I call it. I fear for my children being taken away if I raise too many issues or if the wrong official reads something I write. I am totally non-violent, I want to change minds through persuasion, not force, but at some point, the government might decide that even this is too much. I will not give up the fight, even if I can only attempt to effect change in little ways.

  13. Neocons are promoting homosexuality around to incite the Muslim world against America. Trump is the enthusiastic leader of normalizing the homosexual lifestyle.

    • Speaking of ewwww, replacing that trio of homos in the photo with Pete Buttigieg, his “husband,” and Don Lemon’s heads would be an honest political commentary on the Democratic Party’s descent into nihilism, inasmuch as Buttigieg’s only distinction is his homosexual behavior.

      What would be odd would be if Buttigieg’s behaviors off camera didn’t include the gay bathhouse and hook-up scene. What would also be odd would be this demon among us not quoting scripture to sanctify evil.

    • Trump called his daughter a “piece of a**” in front of Jews. I don’t know how could any honourable Christian Southerner support this scoundrel.

      • Trump is genetic jew. That’s how. Jews do things like that. They are foul and depraved. I’m certain he knows about his daughter/girlfried from personal experience.

        • “Trump is genetic jew”

          i am starting to realize this myself…i notice how you’ve stated this for a long time on this site.
          Its starting to seem very likely that this is in fact true.

          I believe he once said something like “i’d be dating ivanka if she wasn’t my daughter”…or something of that sort.

          Who but some evil, disgusting subhuman kike would ever say such a thing?

          • IrAte – I obviously don’t have Trumpeldore’s DNA profile – but I do believe he’s a Mischling. Study the paternal German side. Study the behavior. Study the creepy pics of Big Orange and Teenaged (((Ivanka))). EEWWW

            Incest is very, very, very common among jews. All kinds of sexual deviancy is tolerated, of not celebrated. Sigmund Freud’s clientele was almost exclusively jewish. His female patients would come and tell him tales of being molested by their fathers. A LOT of his female patients. He recorded all the testimonies, and was going to publish on this subject, but he was warned that is he did his career would end before [it] began, and he’d be kaput – so he didn’t. That’s when he began making up all his crazy theories. He was a total JEW POS from start to finish. Shame on Humans for getting conned by this Yiddishe trash.

            FYI Germany is where Jews ALWAYS fled to when they were booted from every place else. Germans TRIED to convert them to Christardisanity – but Jews do not want to an CANNOT convert, because Judaism is BIOLOGICAL.. Study the antics of Trump’s paternal forbears. And then you tell me if you think I’m wrong.

    • Kushner has hips like a woman and Trump said the secret of a good marriage is not sleeping in the same room with your wife.
      So it makes me wonder if Kusher is a tranny and Ivanka is Don’s secret wife.

  14. Gay rom com in India? Conservative inc approved very cool blumpf own the libtards by becoming one Truly a great president of zog America No brakes on this gay ass trump train!

  15. Trumpo picks the Jews, Catholics and homosexuals he surrounds himself with. They are Trump’s choice. I can’t think of Trumpo picking anyone that I am even remotely familiar with for a position with the exception of Wilbur Ross. Trump hasn’t called Brad up, and offered him a position, has he?

    There are tens of thousands of federal positions, which Trumpo can directly fill, or indirectly fill thru his cabinet, or high ranking government officials. Why not pick some White Protestants for a change?

  16. November,

    I came home for lunch and saw you have been active. Several observations. Because of my grandmother I am familiar with 1950’s music. There is a cute song about a Doggie in the Window by Patti Page.

    Second observation is that since my every move is tracked by an internet stalker I will clarify. I have never watched from start to finish a Professional Football game. I have here and there seen parts of them.

    College Football does not have the brain damages to the players that the Pros have. So College Football does not have the moral baggage in that respect. Of course it has other issues involved outside of the issue of human damage.

    Final observation. I do not know about you but I am kind of tired about talking about Football, animals etc. Or when girls can get married.

    I do have a strong like for canines. One of our rural houses has lots of foxes. We feed them. My father calls them welfare foxes. Our dog acts like he wants to mate with the foxes.

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