TruNews Has Been Banned From YouTube

I’m shocked.

I can’t believe yet another large dissident channel has been nuked this month by YouTube after all the intense monitoring of the situation by the White House.

Note: TruNews can still be found on their own site. Nick Fuentes has said that he is launching something similar. I wish him success with that project.

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      • Yes Arian,

        Yan red pilled me,

        Before him and the Brian Ruhe channel a misled sheep fool.

        By chance found their videos via the concern for the drought in Cape Town South Africa two years ago.

  1. TruNews dared to mention HIV strains were found in the Wuhan virus. They criticized Christian Zionism, Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, and the perpetual war machine in DC that always seems to work on the Jewish state’s behalf. They also mention all of their sources, which are typically mainstream ones. Being accurate and truthful about the world goes against the elite’s narrative, so of course TruNews had to go.

    • @Boomer X Just as Father Coughlin was silenced in the 1930’s and the Catholic church was silenced as a whole in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Any person, religion, race, organization, or country that tells the truth about the Jews gets silenced. These evil demons(Jews) will go as far as using physical violence against someone and their families if they refuse to keep quiet.

      • Yeah, the infallible Pope Pius XII and his American Cardinals gave the order to Coughlin to silence himself or be silenced, and being a good Roman Catholic worshipper of the Pope Coughlin obeyed for the next 40 years until his death in 1979.

        So Croat, your infallible Pope and his Cardinals are Satan and his demons? LOL.

          • @Virtus No Krafty is just an antagonist. He is a perfect example of why whites will always stay divided. From what I’ve gathered in his past posts he is a protestant(follows Calvinism I believe) and he bad mouths and attacks Catholics/Catholicism every chance he gets.

          • You have not been reading or commenting on Occidental Dissent for very long because I’ve been here since around the time Brad started, and I remember Brad’s predecessor Original Dissent which was Protestant and Southern too.

        • That’s the very reason I detest any tyrannical system. It silences all ideas, aside from it’s own ‘perfect’ knowledge.

          Jehovah’s witless are much the same, just lack the power and money.

          • We have a cult problem in the US, and we fail to recognize the cults that are the most politically harmful like the Catholics, Jews, and Muslims. Then we do have minor cults like the Mormons, Hindus, and the Watchtower people. LOL.

            The US isn’t a White Protestant country for thinking men and women anymore.

  2. Christ must be silenced. In his second coming Christ must be silenced the second he opens his mouth. The salvation of human kind must not be allowed to utter a single word. But why?

    • Because the JEWS killed Christ. Not the hebrews, Israelites, or Chosen People…. the JEWS.

      “We killed Jesus Christ, we’ll kill you, too!” – Modern Israeli teen, hollering at Swedish Red Cross volunteers in Palestine, helping wounded Palestinians.

  3. “Trump needs better advisers”

    Yes, yes the standard response every time Trump fucks these clowns over. Battered wife syndrome.

    • Trumpo picks these Jews and Catholics he surrounds himself with. They are Trump’s choice. I can’t think of Trump picking anyone that I am remotely familiar with, he hasn’t called Brad up, and offered him a position, has he?

      There are tens of thousands of federal positions, which Trump can directly fill, or indirectly fill thru his cabinet, or high ranking government official.

  4. Yet CAIR – with proven links to terrorism – is still operative on youtube and you can still donate to them via PayPal. Funny that!

  5. All indications are that Trump himself is fully behind the internet censorship and undoubtedly many of the bannings are done at the request of his administration.

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