Trump Administration Mulls Renewing Effort To Oust Maduro

This makes sense.

Juan Guaidó was a guest of honor at the 2020 State of the Union Address. It is too much to ask of Washington to focus on rebuilding our own country.


“Trump administration officials are discussing whether to renew their unsuccessful campaign to oust Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro by persuading some ruling party members to temporarily share power with opposition leaders, according to people familiar with the matter.

The U.S. pursued a similar strategy last year — endorsed by opposition leader Juan Guaido, president of the Venezuelan National Assembly — that included a failed uprising on April 30. But some of the officials think they may have a better chance of success now as new sanctions kick in, the people said. …

Trump repeatedly has reaffirmed his commitment to ousting Maduro. In his State of the Union speech earlier this month, Trump promised to break Maduro’s “grip of tyranny” as Guaido, who’s recognized by the U.S. and almost 60 other nations as head of state, watched in the gallery.”

What is the “America First” foreign policy?

It is giving Israel everything it wants in the Middle East. It is regime change meddling and ops in Iran, Venezuela and Hong Kong. It is expanding NATO and ratcheting up tensions with Russia. It is a new Cold War with China. It is assassinating foreign leaders with Reaper drones. It is renting the troops out to Saudi Arabia and backing its war in Yemen.

We’ve seen enough to project the future of the Trump administration. In their elderly years, the Boomers wanted and got a nostalgic encore of the Reagan administration. It wasn’t in any sense a time of transformative change or electoral realignment. It was a dream state during which the country continued browning and neoliberalism was deepened and the old and the wealthy became richer than ever. The culture only continued to rot underneath the surface.

It will be remembered as the last gasp of Boomer conservatism.

Note: It is easier for me to imagine the Trump amnesty of 2022 than almost anything else in a Trump second term.

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  1. Press F for Trunews. They had their YouTube terminated. They have an app you can stream their show from. Trunews app.

  2. Someday some entity will place far-reaching sanctions on the US and this country will suffer greatly because of its dependence on foreign manufactures. Or maybe the world will refuse to accept funny-money dollars in payment.

    The constant economic warfare waged by the US on countries and concerns via sanctions will produce this backlash and it won’t be pretty. Who are these DC gangsters who believe that they have the right to determine who does business with whom throughout the world and who believe they have the right to determine the government of foreign countries? I thought Trump campaigned against regime change. Oh, yes– Jorge W. Bush did, too.

  3. Please Maduro, go full Pol Pot, NOW.

    Put everyone still living in Venezuela who is found to have any connection to the opposition in a Gulag. Better – just shoot them all so you can make sure the CIA won’t make use of them. And all the remaining Jews who haven’t fled? Gas them.

    There can be no “democratic” socialism or “peaceful” coexistence with US imperialism and the Jews. That is the biggest mistake any revolutionary can make – show mercy to counter-revolutionaries, and especially the leaders of anti-Communism – Jews.

    Venezuela can not become another Syria. The time to put this shit to rest is now.

  4. Of course, ZOG-USA still has “regime change ” on the table and are running ‘black ops’ in and nearby Venezuela. They’ll need Venezuela’s oil reserves (largest in the world) in order to keep gasoline prices soaring into the stratosphere when the war for Israeli hegemony in the Middle East begins.

    Both big and little satans saw that Iranian surface-to-surface missiles are quite accurate. They understand that in.any military action against the Iranians, Saudi oil fields and processing facilities will be targeted and destroyed and put out of commission for the duration of hostilities. That’s where ZOG-America and the petroleum industry swoops in and takes over crude production and processing in Venezuela.

    The USA might be independent of importing foreign oil, but its “allies” in Japan, Korea, Europe, and most especially Israel are not.

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      Shunned by the Tin Pan Alley elites!

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      An interesting character from Mr RogerS

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