Coronavirus Goes Global

TruNews has a good update.

How many cases are there now?

It seems to be spreading rapidly in Iran, Italy and South Korea now. I currently feel like shit. I am sick again for the third time since December. My wife and son have been catching every little bug and passing it on to me. We’re doomed if it makes its way here.

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  1. Alexander Higgins on Twitter has good info posted every 15 min for those wanting updates constantly. Stay well HW with your family and quick recovery, mine has a bug as well.

    So maybe this is how the Southern Boarder gets locked down finally with a decrease of Drugs, and Illegals?

    Doomed? Well the international markets are?

    Stay positive, optimistic, and healthy!

    • This is exactly the point that is missed in all the political write ups on TV, blogs, everywhere. The corona virus is a game changer, it’s the black swan event Nassim Taleb et al. have written about for years regarding the fragility of the modern world with its complex, interrelated systems. The interruption of supply chains occuring now will bankrupt many companies leading to financial default, unemployment, and cascading failures of various systems daily life depends upon.

      This will play out in unpredictable ways, none of them good. The Spanish Influenza of 1918 – 1920 killed an estimated 5% of the world’s population but drastically altered the patterns of daily life, especially in areas like the U.S. that never suffered from direct attack*. This was a time without global supply chains or just-in-time delivery systems either making daily life more resilient than today.

      (See: The Great Influenza,John M. Barry, Penguin Books, London, 2004, ISBN 0-670-89473-7)

      Already auto assembly, smartphones, electronics and medical supplies are constrained because of interruptions in supplies caused by corona. China is going bankrupt now because its enormous debts cannot be paid back with production interrupted. Individual Chinese citizens are running out of money because they aren’t working while food and other supplies are running short in places.

      A similar situation in the U.S. would result in an explosion of violence from the coloreds who are prone to acting up anyway and are always encouraged to cause trouble by the Usual Suspects. If the 40 oz. malt beverages, buckets of KFC, WIC, EBT etc. are not available then don’t be in the diverse areas on that day, else you will regret it. Up close and personal diversity with a hapless and hopeless Government response will do more to wake up feetsball watching, 1/4 pounder eating, Big Gulp drinking whites than all the VDare, AMREN, Counter Current, Occidental Observer and HW’s fine blog, OD column inches put together.

      DJT won’t be able to help his MAGA supporters when things go bad, even if he cared about them, which he doesn’t.

      *except one trivial attack:

  2. You are the only person that I know of who has really interested effort and integrity in trying to track this thing, Brad. Well done

  3. I’m lucky. I haven’t had a cold or flu in 10 years.

    Maybe its time to ditch the fad weight loss diet for something with more fruit and vegetables, and think seriously about home schooling your son. Kindergartens are notorious for spreading bugs.

    • Home schooling is a very good thing. Especially if you care about raising your child(ren) to be intelligent, individualist thinking adults.

      • “Home schooling is a very good thing.”

        Yes, for those who have the opportunity, not both parents working (which is a crime against family and civilization).

        With computers for rote learning and tracking achievements.
        Internet for nearly unlimited learning.
        The above supplemented with some specialized personal tutoring would make an unbeatable combination.

        Arizona offers an internet based public schooling alternative to attending a physical school, do any other states ?

  4. Grapefruit seed, and Vitamin C. LOTS of Vitamin C. LOTS of clean water to flush your body. Get as much rest as you can. Eat as much non-processed food as you can get your hands on, especially roughage like apples. Make your local farmers you new best pals. The diminishing supply of local American farmers is going to be keenly felt, as invasive Chinese foods vanish from shelves. And Jamie’s right – pull your boy from kindiegarten. Avoid Human contact with outsiders as much as possible, until you build up your strength.

    You aren’t doomed. You simply must build up your immunity. A nurse I know told us me when you are ill for a very long time your immune system is beaten to a pulp. You must develop a plan to recover. It’s going to take weeks to get up to speed. You will recover.

      • If a person gets a fever, don’t take antipyretics to reduce it, aspirin, acetaminophen or paracetamol(Tylenol), ibuprofen, etc.

        They give a false sense of improvement by artificially reducing reducing the bodies homeostatic temperature.

        The immune system needs the higher temperature to fight the pathogen. Get to bed , stay dry and warm.

        IMHO !!!

  5. So far it’s CoronaChan is killing Asians. Period. Apparently the “Iranians” that died were old, and sick, and may have even been Chinese, since their city ison the Silk Road.

    By the by – so called “Latin Americans” an “Native Americans” posses a LOT of Asian DNA. Especially Mexicans. American Indians are mongrels, but they are essential Red Chinese. That grotesque mutant Mexican Julian Castro reveals this on his extremely ugly face. The Mestizos of Latin America are Asiatic mutants. The orcs are extremely low IQ, and don’t believe in advanced technologies like WASHING THIER HANDS.

    YOU, Hunter, are White. If your ancestors came from Wales and Cornwall – we are kin. WE are the descendants of the survivors of the Bubonic Plague (also from Asia. ).

    Don’t fear CoronaChan. EMBRACE CoronaChan. an her Holy Mission!

    • “Apparently the “Iranians” that died were old, and sick, and may have even been Chinese, ”

      Mongols invaded iran in 13th century, 30% of Iranians have Mongolian ancestry.

      This is also true for many Europeans, especially Russians, Ukrainians ,poles , hungarians even some French and Swiss.
      Many French kids born in Champagne have the Mongol blue dot at the base of their spine. A few swiss are really Mongol, ugly as F (they still practice Mongol burial rites).

      This.Mongol heritage may give some Europeans genetic vulnerabilities to race specific problems.

      • Makes you wonder how much the human condition has actually been degraded thanks to all of those filthy Genghis genes floating around. It’s enough to make one sick if you think about it too much.

    • If you come from Wales or Cornwall, you are probably mostly German, from the 16th century miners infusion.

      Brits paid German miners to move into Wales and Cornwall to work the copper and tin deposits.

  6. Fix your gut microbiome Hunter.
    No reason to be sick three times in three months.
    Yer kids biome is probably at risk.
    Your food is probably killing you and infecting your childrens.
    Fix your soil and fix yourself!

  7. Brad, thanks for keeping a focus on this. Sarah Westall on Patreon and Clif High on his Twitter feed are providing good, in-depth coverage on this growing pandemic. Sarah just got back from China not too long ago, too (before the publication of the outbreak).

    It’s now confirmed in Italy. Is this the social trigger that has the Italians breaching the Vatican wall as per Clif High’s data from a few years ago? Will this new parasite get rid of the older one once and for all? Too bad there has to be so many casualties in between.

    • Snowhitey,

      The Lüggenpresse is making the Covid 19 outbreak in Italy about racism and xenophobia instead of globalism and immigration.

      Shakespeare supposedly wrote, “kill the lawyers first,” If he were alive today, he’d add “kill the lying media second.

  8. I hope you feel better soon. I was recently working with several people who were coughing up lungs and I was touching a similar work environment that they were touching and I didn’t use any hand sanitizers and never got sick. I was literally breathing in their coughed out viruses and never got sick.

    I don’t know why but I get out of the house a lot into the outdoors, exercise and work out a lot (every day). I also regularly eat a balanced diet of meat, vegetables, grains, dairy, nuts, fruit with coffee, milk, PLENTY of water, and a daily vitamin. I don’t overeat ever and semi-fast a lot. I have also cut down on alcohol consumption drastically and I don’t smoke.

    I could get sick today or tomorrow with the cold or flu (never get the shot) so I should stay humble before my ego gets crushed. I also rarely use hand sanitizers or any hand soap with antibacterials. These weaken your immune system if overused. The immune system has evolved over hundreds of millions of years and is quite robust on its own. People who overuse antibiotics hurt themselves and also help bacterium evolve and gain resistance to antibiotics (MRSA).

    Not exactly sure why breathing in all those sick peoples coughed out viruses and touching the same things they touched didn’t get me sick. Could be my diet and exercise or it could just be luck. But, with the coronavirus I think the European peoples are relatively safe since it seems to be mainly affecting those genetically closer to Asia.

    Knock on wood…….

  9. Hopefully it is a lot less lethal for whites and extremely deadly for Africans Asians and Asiatics. This could be the moment when whites display their antifragility on a global scale.

    This is an opportunity we must not squander. Quaranteen is just another word for a border with guns.

    • Really??
      So you hope for death on others just so you can appear genetically superior? But have you not been superior by sadistic capitalism you built an entire country on?? Have you not been superior with EVERYTHING THAT PERTAINS TO YOUR EXISTENCE …by stealing? CLAIMING WHAT IS NOT YOURS?


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