Trotsky vs. Rothschild: Who Is The Most Accelerationist Candidate?

No, I am not referring to the Boogalootarians.

There is more talk about accelerationism on leftwing Twitter. Who is the most accelerationist candidate? Is it Michael Bloomberg the Jewish neoliberal oligarch who is buying the election or Bernie Sanders the Jewish socialist who is going to soak the rich and impose communism on the Boomers? Some Jews are worried that both are dangerous anti-Semitic tropes.


“As Allison Kaplan Sommer wrote Jan. 27 in Haaretz: “For some American Jews, the remark evoked two uncles feuding across a Friday night dinner table.”

Bloomberg and Sanders “embody two very different classic modern Jewish archetypes: the rumpled socialist and the buttoned-down capitalist,” she wrote.

Or, as the trolls will translate it, Trotsky vs. Rothschild.

The battle lines will be cartoonishly clear: Sanders the socialist who threatens to wreck the American economy if he is elected, and wreck the Democratic Party if he is not. Bloomberg the plutocrat trying to buy the White House.

I am not alone in my concern. As Eric Levitz wrote Tuesday in New York Magazine, “it will pit the arch-villain of rightwing anti-Semitism (the godless, outside agitator who rallies all underclasses and castes behind his ‘revolution’) against the arch-villain of ‘left-wing’ anti-Semitism (the globe-trotting, superrich financier who leverages his great wealth into control of the people’s government). It will be a golden age for Jewish-American discourse, and a somewhat dangerous one for us Jewish-Americans.” …”

Donald Trump is the best candidate for the Jews.

Trump has put all the chumps to sleep with Q lullabies. He has pushed a hardcore Zionist agenda in office. He hasn’t stoked anti-Semitism so much as he has tranquilized it. All of these idiots think they are winning solely because we have a Republican president.

Whether it is Bloomberg or Sanders, it will certainly be a change of pace to be ruled openly by a Jewish Democrat. Either Sanders wins and it is Red Dawn for the Boomers or Bloomberg buys the presidency and the Bernouts are further radicalized. If Trump is reelected, Jews will continue to rule behind the scenes but the status quo will be dragged out until 2025.

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  1. White nationalists don’t like bernie because they appear to be jealous of anyone who speaks for the common man, to paraphrase something i read on your old message forum. Basically bernie actually has working class support and white nationalists don’t.

    • Daryl – listen to Styxx, on Bernie. Styxx lived in Bernie’s little fiefdom. Bernie ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING. He just sat back and ate like effendi, on the labor of the Goyim. He’s done NOTHING for the working man. NOTHING.

      I’ve written this before, but there are 18 universities and colleges in VT. The tuition in the top ones, like Bennington, range from 50-53K PER YEAR. Most White Vermonters cannot afford to attend universities in their own state. Why aren’t they all free, with Bernie at the helm for decades?

      You must answer me. I will hound you EVERY time you show up, until you ANSWER.

      • Because Bernie cannot do anything he wants to do, anymore than a puzzle can fit together with only one piece. You have to add a bunch of pieces and then the puzzle fits together.

        • If elected, Bernie will accelerate the transfer of wealth from the working class and middle class to the top 1%.


          Because he now supports open borders.

          This will put extreme downward pressure on wages, upward pressure on housing costs, and increase the burdens on state and local governments which are (unavoidably) financed by regressive taxes.

          Employers will pay lower real wages, landlords will collect higher rents, and the public will pay the costs.

        • Daryl – blah blah blah. Bernie’s a classic jew parasite.

          Sunburn – I never worked in Vermont. I’ve just visited, and known folks from there. I;m a Groundling, and pleased to be so. I want to know how things WORK. The underpinnings. The infrastructure – is it sound? Will it hold up? That’s what matters. I’d much rather tour a sewer station to make sure things are running well, than waste a second of my life on any variant of Niggerball. For real. Because it’s infinitely more important for health and well being to have a functioning sewer system than idiotic “amusements”.

      • Denise lived near Bennington and worked their. Some very strange things go on at that liberal arts college. Very strange

    • That’s ridiculous. It’s not possible to dislike someone’s policies, broken promises, or hypocrisies? Are you really that one-dimensional? Blompf has support from the “common man” on the right. Do we dislike him here merely because of petty jealousy, or do we have legitimate problems with him? I hope you’re not as dopey or superficial as your comment.

    • Daryl B,

      I beg to differ. Most of our support comes from the White working class. It’s the middle class and above with their comfoilives that wear earplugs to our message.

    • I’ve seen a lot of white nationalists or alt right supporting Bernie. The ones who are opposed to him usually base this in him being a Jew or his statements about white nationalism (which mirror statements made by everyone in both parties anyway). But even being a Jew, his agenda is fairly anti-Jewish (as far as one can get in American politics) in the sense that it would be bad for Israel and bad for Jewish plutocrats.

  2. “It will be a golden age for Jewish-American discourse, and a somewhat dangerous one for us Jewish-Americans.”

    It’s what I said. Go for the full-on Jewish Bolshevik UGLY (Sanders) so we can FINALLY, IRREVOCABLY call the JEW THE ENEMY OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD. Which they have ALWAYS been, since Calvary.

    Death to the Jew World Order. It’s not just for breakfast, anymore.

  3. I don’t know. The problem with U.S. politics is it is currently plagued with Boomers and AWFLs, two groups who vote with their heart and not with their head. Canada is the same way. There’s something inauthentic about Bloomberg that makes him completely disgusting and the idea of handing back a chaotic America to the Jewish managerial class seems like a step back in progress. Though I’m sure plenty of Boomers will be happy in the pocket book.

    Personally I’m hoping for Sanders, since I think he will ultimately be as effective as Trump which will disillusion the Left, take some heat off us and ultimately lessen the power grip the uniparty has. Even now them accusing Sanders of being a Russian agent is causing a rift in the party. The power structure needs to maintain legitimacy in the face of the 2016 election, and Sanders winning will be a blow to both the Left and the Right in equal measures.

    I think the Dems are going to win regardless, but I wonder how many true believers there are left in White Nationalism? How many Boomers and Libertarians will sell their soul to the GOP when Sanders gets sworn in to protect their bottom line? I guess we will have to wait and see. Stormfront used to have some pretty based Boomers, but it seems saying the word “Socialism” frightens the daylights out of them. Hopefully that’s not the majority of our people.

  4. Brad, I was surprised to find out that Bernie had such strong ties to the Trotskyites. I figured Sanders as closer to the old AFL-CIO & UAW “Social Democrats” that held positions in the AFL-CIO bureaucracy.

  5. For whatever it is worth – I lived on the upstate New York Vermont border for many years.

    I like Vermont and Vermonters. It’s a beautiful rural state where folks try to solve issues together at their yearly community meetings.

    Vermonters are the friendliest of Northerners and, surprisingly for new England, utterly lacking in pretence.

    Vermonters take great care of their environment and they do not junk up their historic towns with commerciality.

    Smalltown Vermont is a treasure, the closest thing in the U.S. to smalltown Holland or Germany.

    As to Bernie having been in charge of Vermont all these years, he has not been, but, to the contrary, has been their representative to Washington D.C.

    As to Styxenhammer – his point of view is the minority opinion on Sanders in Vermont. In fact, of all the Vermonters to whom my wife and I spake all those years, I never heard one so antagonistic to the Senator.

    At at rate, Sanders is going to be the next president, so I hope Styx will be able to handle it.

    • The Vermonters are as you describe. Hearty, functional, hard working, and they don’t complain. Being thus – the UBER White Helots haven’t noticed the jew parasites that exploit them.

      Sanders as POTUS will have to deal with the REST of the country, that is increasingly NOT Vermont. If Sanders does get in – he’s not going to be able to skate like he did “serving Vermont” aka eating like Effendi. The resulting chaos will be hilarious! And he’ll Jew OUT as Jewey as any Jew ever did.

    • Vermont as a getaway for the rich urban Yankees on the Northeastern Coast, is the same effect with the mid Atlantic tourism for southern colonialism Virginia Williamsburg’s historic look and vibe.

      The trend peaked in the 1990’s with leaf peeking in the fall and skiing/ snowmobile industry in the winter.

      The state is turning into a West Virginia in the poor Appalachia rural areas.

      DuckDuckGo Searsburg VT

  6. Bloomberg is essentially Trump except actually competent and not hiding behind conservative rhetoric. He would deliver very similar policies, the status quo. This would still be better than Trump because at least then there would not be this Trump derangement syndrome on both sides that taints all perceptions of what is actually happening in the USA. The left believes Trump is a far right dictator who is locking immigrant children in concentration camps, building the wall, and dismantling the national security state (which they support now for some reason). The right also believes this, but they think it’s a good thing. Neither side is grounded in reality. With Bloomberg people might have a little better perception.

  7. The pharmaceutical supply lines collapsing due to Wuflu will have more effect on whites then which Jew rules over them. Most are either 25¢ millionaires or just plain broke. What we need is an underground care, defense, and communication systems. Surviving is paramount. Don’t be shocked if that is the key to winning.

  8. Sir Mike Bloombergensteinblatt-Silver is the most spectacular example of a “fellow white man” caricature I’ve ever seen. From his “Mike” informality, to his exaggerated middle class roots, and the coup de grace of John Cougar Mellencamp “Small Town” campaign ad.

    With him you know you are getting the most disingenuous Jew candidate that has ever ran. By pretending to be everything to everyone it’s safe to say that he’ll only be one thing to a very small portion of the population. Just like the last time with Hillary, Bernie is gonna receive some Deep State head punches and ominous threats and Sir Mike K.B.E. is going to get the Dem nomination.

  9. I noticed in the passage abouve by Allison Kaplan Sommers she admitted the reality of the Jewish archetypes of the rumpled Socialist and the button down Capitalist. Notice she did not say stereotypes! She said archetypes. That ties in to Carl Yung’s theory of the collective unconscious. Archetypes vary according to different peoples based on historical experience according to Jung. An archetype is something buried in the collective unconscious(which is NOT Freud’s subconscious) which under certain circumstances can bubble up to the rational part of consciousness and project and become self-autonomous if it happens simultaneously to enough people. This could explain how movements on the fringe of society with little support can suddenly blossom seemingly overnight and become a mass movement in ways that often defy rationalism. You can see this is the rise of National Socialism and perhaps even in the belief of Islamic Jihad or the Crusades in the Middle Ages.

    Such a thing could, and probably will, happen to the white identity movement in the decades to come and there is nothing the powers that be can do about it because it is internal and out of their control. Obviously our archetypes are not the same as Jewish archetypes. Indeed classic fairy tales by the Grim bothers is a good examples of archetypes among Northern Europeans.(dark mysterious woods, evil practitioners of magic, the wolf as the symbol of evil and duplicity-as opposed to the serpent in Levantine religions…)

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