Russiagate 2.0: Russia Is Boosting Bernie Sanders Campaign


No one ever saw this one coming.

The Washington Post:

“U.S. officials have told Sen. Bernie Sanders that Russia is attempting to help his presidential campaign as part of an effort to interfere with the Democratic contest, according to people familiar with the matter.

President Trump and lawmakers on Capitol Hill also have been informed about the Russian assistance to the Vermont senator, those people said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive intelligence.

It is not clear what form that Russian assistance has taken. U.S. prosecutors found a Russian effort in 2016 to use social media to boost Sanders’s campaign against Hillary Clinton, part of a broader effort to hurt Clinton, sow dissension in the American electorate and ultimately help elect Donald Trump. …”

It sounds like the establishment candidate is losing another election.

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  1. Are Boris and Natasha going to post more Faceborg ads no one will look at? I hope Rocky and Bullwinkle will save democracy from those evil Russkies!

  2. Coronavirus News-
    deaths in Northeast Italy, panic, situation getting out of control. dozens of cities in lockdown, all sport events suspended, xenophobic incidents against Chinese individuals and Ebola/AIDS/Zika/Malaria infested black Africans, media pro-globalization liars condemning xenophobia trying to portray Asiatic Chinese as human beings..

    • I read that there was one death of Covid 19 in Italy, but the Lüggenpresse didn’t mention the race of the deceased.

  3. Most of the political media figures and politicians in this country are assholes. Either they’re all stupid or they figure everyone else is. “Putin’s puppet” (Trump) and “Russian stooge” (Gabbard). Ridiculous. Highly paid “newsmen” on tv like Lawrence O’Donnell call Trump a “Russian asset.”
    Absurd. I have no respect for these clowns and creeps.

    Then you have the vaunted “intelligence community,” whose record is either rather dismal or is simply a bunch of lies (Saddam’s WMD), now claiming Russian interference again with no evidence to cite. These people are a menace. I think the CIA and FBI should be disbanded.

  4. I happen to know a thing or two about Russia and Russians. First, they are some of the most intelligent and educated people on this planet. They are not ignorant of what is, and what has been, happening to the US in the past 40 years. Putin, and his inner circle know full well that we (not they) are destroying ourselves. They are watching, not participating in our suicide. They watch the millions of low IQ Africans and Latin Americans flood into this country every year. They see our celebration of “drag kids” and “drag queen story hour” and the buying and selling of elections. They know where this road leads; and it’s not “strength” through diversity. We are getting weaker through diversity; and they know it.

    Second, Putin, his inner circle, and your average Russian is focused upon Russia, and how to make Russia stronger. They are indifferent to our chosen fate. With each passing day, Russia grows stronger; not through “diversity” or “meddling in our elections” but through Slavic cultural and national unity and consensus. Homosexuals are persona non grata. Drug use and deviancy are severely punished. And over 300 new churches are being built each year in Russia. It is an unprecedented Christian revival.

    In some ways, Russia in 2020 looks like America in 1950: strong, all white, Christian, a shared moral center, and shared unifying beliefs in their own history and culture.

    • I am starting to wonder if this had anything to do with Russia’s rise in superiority over the declining other White nations.

      Jewish population in Russia and their related teritories over the years:

        • Jewish population in USA over the years:

          Must be the inverse square law…

  5. I followed the American elections in 2016 to a certain extent for the first time, it seemed Trump was a different individual, he would do things differently because the previous was horrible.

    but he’s an actor, a good one. Doing just as he’s told. And he certainly has no grasp of the real world, a child already turned senile without having experiencied adulthood
    He’s no threat to anyone, that’s
    why he’s still there.
    I think his handlers just sit and watch the televised spectacle and laugh.
    So US elections is boring business to those who have come to understand it.

  6. The national security state is at it again. It appears this whole thing is being orchestrated for Bloomberg and revenge for Hillary Clinton. Bloomberg is obviously the chosen one for the national security state and for the most powerful of the plutocrats.

    They want to steal the election from Bernie. The justification for doing so will be that Bernie is a Russian plant. Then they will move on to roll over Trump with the same charge. If Trump and Bernie do not submit to these so-called reports coming from the usual suspects then they are “jeopardizing national security and our precious Democracy.” It’s a setup.

    • I guess the “intelligence community/ national security state” has announced to us in their own way which candidates they find unacceptable– Trump, Sanders and Gabbard– by tarring them as favored by the Russians (who are evil whites disliked by jews).

  7. Again, no evidence whatsoever. Unfortunately, Bernie is a really weak man and won’t effectively fight back against this. He could just come out and say there is no evidence and that lying warmongering intelligence agents should not be taken seriously.

  8. God i Can’t take it anymore its becoming to much to withstand. This election is like a gay romantic jewish comedy oh wait…

  9. The Left does hate us but I hope more people like Tracey, Mate’, and Blumenthal continue to lead that side away from Judafa which has leached most of their energy into fighting scary Nazi Ghosts and Putin Bots.

    Now that the National Security-Deep State Corporate-Media Oligarchy is attacking their candidate Sanders with the fake Russiagate nonsense, they’re starting to fundamentally realize where they’ve gone wrong.

    The problem is: most people don’t care for inhabiting these uncomfortable grayzones for too long if they ever even step inside.

    Our rulers realize this which is why they’re pulling the exact same BS again in full view of everyone. They don’t care because they have the power and they’ll do what they want and get away with it.

    Crazy times……

  10. To Dissente: , Feb. 22.,2020,

    “Our rulers realize this which is why they’re pulling the exact same BS again in full view of everyone. They don’t care because they have the power and they’ll do what they want and get away with it.”

    Quite so. Is there anyone, anywhere able to oppose this tyranny ?

  11. If Bernie picks Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown as his vice presidential running mate he wins. Brown brings back Obama-to Trump voters with his economic populism, secures Ohio for Sanders, and is a respected member of the Democratic Party establishment. If Bernie does choose Brown, game over, and accelerationism would start immediately, as the System could not chance either Bernie meaning what he says or being effective in implementation. Boogaloo to follow.

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