Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada Democratic Caucuses

FOX News has called the race.

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    • Yes, but the reality of someone who gets PAID for saying this!?!? “Chris Matthews likens Sanders victory in Nevada to Nazi Germany overrunning France in 1940: “It’s too late to stop him … it’s over”

      What a pile of useless dung all these politicos and pundits, save Tucker, are….

  1. looks like the Red Jew is doing well w the spics. Meanwhile,

    Drumpf’s down about 5 pts to Bernie in Michigan and PA. If

    that holds thru the election, Drump’s @ 273 EV. If

    he loses any other state he (barely) carried in 2016, he’s gone.

    a half-Red half-Zionist Jew in the WH would be a great polarizer/accelerator. Of

    course, (((Sanders))) is likely to die in office, so his VP choice (Warren?) would be of some significance.

    • Tulsi Gabbard will by his Sanders’s VP.

      She shores up his foreign policy lacks and will bring him several millions of disaffected White Conservatives who like her.

      • chheezz….if Bernie was smart enough to go with Tulsi G, I’d vote for him. But I doubt it. One thing fer sure, as he gets closer to the nomination, his donations from the rich Jews who normally finance any dem candidate are going to dry up. But Haxo will step in with a few shekels.

        • That’s why it will be Tulsi, Haxo. Sanders wants to cement his relationship with pissed off Rednecks and Disaffected Whites.

          As to wealthy Jews, Senators Sanders is running a campaign like Bedford Forrest – roving on the spoils of the land.

          He and his campaign staff planned it this way a couple of years back, because they knew that they could not give those with the reins any leverage over them.

          And so it is.

          Be Well!

    • I am less sure. What we have had in recent decades is ‘liberalism’ or ‘conservatism’, but banditry & highway robbery masquerading as such.

  2. I can’t believe people really believe this “Russian collusion” meme… It has solidified my view that not only the MAGAtards are drooling tards, but the catladies and bugmen are just as big. To see these peoples dropping posts and comments like they are “pwning” the Libs while they respond back with Trump/Putin memes makes me think America deserves what it gets in the political sphere

  3. It’s more like Israel overrunning the Egyptians in Sinai in the 60s, Chris Matthews. Sanders Six Day War.

  4. It will be the 1960’s Brooklyn Communist Jew facing off against the God Emperor king president of Israel in November. No matter the outcome we will still get fucked over. Weimerica 2020

  5. After hearing Bernie won it made me start to think why we have so many jewish politicians. The truth is due to them being so permissive pandering to the easier worst human instincts. Bernie and so many other jewish politicians are always pro abortion. Sanders wants to codify roe v. wade in the constitution. He is pro homosexual. Pro open borders. Pro ” muh reparations”. He wants student loans to be gone. The only thing him and other jews are not permissive on is the second amendment.

    Jewish politicians are like the easy substitute teacher in high school allowing kids to talk in class, eat food and take 20 minute bathroom breaks. Sort of anything goes. It appears to be fun and easy while nothing positive gets done.

    Compare that to many goy politicians who are no on abortion, no on gays, no on open borders, no on excessive criminal rights, etc. Basically a lot of no.

    The lazy and the immoral will then vote for a Schiff, Schumer and Nadler every time. The jews are permissive, goyim.

    • Bernie is different from other Jewish politicians. He has a hardcore ideology and his jewishness is secondary to his ideology. He’s a (democratic) Marxist first and a Jew a distant second. Bloomberg is also different. He is much more a power wielding corporate type than a Abraham Foxman type.

      • That’s it, Daryl!

        Sanders despises the Corporate Class, and they know that, if he gets to office, he will wage a continuous war on them, using all the mechanisms of government.

        As to Sanders and his feelings about other humans, you can just watch the way he interacts with people on the campaign trail to see that he genuinely cares for humans, unlike like a Pete Buttigieg, who just siphons of them.

      • Doom berg is for opening the borders wide and come on in as is now Sanders as he sees the mostly non white nature of the Democrat Party today. Both would be for Israel despite buy neees statements. Doom berg is outright for the end of America. Both are permissive jews. I am voting for our goy showman president again. At least he has moments of sanity as compared to none from any Democrat.

  6. In supporting Senator Sanders for president, the people of this country may have hit upon a new kind of secessionist scheme – launch a hostile takeover of long-usurped institutions, and force the usurpers to secede, or, rather, ‘to flee’ their ill-gotten gains…

      • What did you learn that could apply to this situation, Mr. W.?

        I’m recalling what might have been my very-first Occidental Dissent comment, posted many years ago. I objected to a disparaging remark of yours re capitalism, which, as I was recently struck, is a word I’ve never seen you use positively.

        Admit it: You’re a commie–maybe the only Southern Nationalist Commie ever.

        • I’m angry with Trump right now.

          I’m not going to identify with another politician though and lose my objectivity. This is especially true of Bernie Sanders who I disagree with on countless issues. I like a lot of what Bernie says, but I hate at least half of what he says. I’m not voting for him. I plan to just monitor the election like I did in 2008 and 2012.

          • HW- Here’s a link to history, that may prove different and enlightening to you, a student of history. It’s an ORTHODOX history of history, and it’s free..

          • I remember recently ,HW , when you posted something about how “anything” would be better than our current social order.
            And i’ve been thinking a lot about that statement combined with the idea of communist Bernie being “good” for whites in general because he can promote acceleration, as Fr John has mentioned to me in comments as well.
            I understood the idea many yrs ago when i stated we should have all voted for Hillary, not Trump and i was insulted and damn near threatened off of many “right wing” and “pro white” sites like the daily stormer and infostormer.
            2 sites that i now basically dislike and never pay any mind to…at all.

            I would say that what wa once deemed as ‘communism’ will once again be used as a tool of destruction but of course it will be something different this time even as the Overton window moves to the left more and more radically every few years.

            It will morph and mutate , like any control mechanism used over and over again eventually does….similar to how viruses mutate…
            How fitting in the current situation with the coronavirus.
            I learn a lot from reading your site and the comments and am super grateful for your time and effort that you put into it.
            Thanks again, Brad.

        • No, Dear John, Mr. Griffin is a Dixiecrat out of phase in time.

          When I was a child Dixie was dripping with Southern Nationalist types who favoured FDR stye progressivism.

          They were called ‘Dixiecrats’.

          That tens of millions of Dixiecrats wound up migrating into the New England GOP and adopting anti-Progressive stances is only a recent phenomenon.

          Regards to your mama!

          • Ironically the New England GOP, people like Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge, opposed immigration and successfully sponsored legislation to greatly reduce it in the early 20th century.

          • Thanks for the clarification, Jun– I mean Ivan. I’d been hoping you would post here again; I hadn’t realized you have a new nom-de-commentaire.

            Yes, I will relay your regards to my mother, who is doing pretty well as her ninety-seventh birthday approaches. To keep her away from low temperatures and potential for contagion in crowds, my siblings and I get her to Sunday Mass via the internet during the winter; but she’ll be pleased, I know, when pleasant weather returns and she’ll be able to get out to church.

            My regards to everyone at your end.

        • Thank you for your kind words, Dear John!

          Yes, good of you to keep mama out of areas of would-be contagion, because this year, Corona-virus or not, has been the worst year for viruses.

          I who have not suffered one for years, have been down twice, the first one hard to breathe through for several days.

          Thank you for your kind words and felicitations to my family.

          They will be passed along and readily recognized, as you are the only one from Philadephia we know!

          • You’re welcome–Ivan. I’m glad you got through those viruses–and I’m happy to know I’m representing Philadelphia to the good people of North Carolina. The television weather ladies here were amused this past week to be reporting that North Carolina was having cold weather and even snow while Philadelphia was passing through a mild stretch.

      • I’ve always codified that politics is about lesser evils. At the time, I thought Trump was the lesser evil. So my endorsement never means worship. Even with say Fidel Castro, I wouldn’t agree with every little thing he does.

        • ALL decisions are religious, Daryl. Therefore, WORSHIP.

          “Of the three forms of state power: monarchy, democracy and despotism, strictly speaking, only the first, monarchy, is based on a religious-ethical principle; the second,
          democracy, is based on an A-religious ethical principle; and the third, despotism, is based on an anti-religious, satanic principle!” – Confessor-Professor I.M. Andreyev (+1976)

      • Sir, our Southern ancestors never gave up during all the disappointments of the 1770s, nor did they give up after Appomattox.

        No, in each case they fought through tremendous deprivation, hardship, disappointment, and loss all the way to a win.

        And so must we.

        Just because Trump was a Park Avenue Huckster does not mean that we can quit on the processes which might hold hope for our people.

        If we can get some improvement under a Sanders, and it looks like we could (just think about his promises to use the Justice Department to bust up the monopolies which have choked the life out of our of smalltown Southern economies) we must explore that.

        • If Bernie wins though, there won’t be South anymore. “Woke Bernie” has promised to open the borders, not only to Mexicans and Guatemalans, but also to Somalis and Nigerians. With Texas and Florida already gone to Mestizos, it won’t be too difficult to mongrelize other states. The Squad is already salivating over that prospect.

          • Dear Mr. Caldwell – I do not know what you are talking about. I live in a historic Southern town and I am surrounded by Arabs, Africans, Orientals, and Latins of every stripe.

            Many have arrived during the time of Trump.

            Please do not be fooled by the theatrics President Trump has put on concerning immigration – the borders are wide open, just as they have been for decades.

            As to the South, I don’t know what to tell you.

            Okay, how ’bout this : ——- we are addicted to loving a nation that kicks us in the head day in and day out.

            Will we survive this strange predilection?

            I doubt it, because Southerners no longer act as if such a thing exists.

            We are dead in the head, collectively, and no presidential administration can change that – only us.

            I’m sorry for your pain. I know what it is, because I’ve grieved for many years with no end in sight.

  7. The establishment hated Ron Paul and now it hates Bernie Sanders. Anyone that offers a real change is seen as the enemy of those who rule. I’m sure the establishment really lost it’s mind when Unite The Right happened. It showed that Nationalists are getting better organized and that resulted in lawfare against Nationalists and censorship online. All change is seen as a problem….keep pushing for change in every direction and one day this country will again be run by We The People. Deo Vindice !

    • Make no mistake, Mr. Pace : The Sanders’s Campaign is a Confederate Flag to those who think they own and run this country, and it is every bit as threatening to them

      Just watching them squirm, after all they have done to this country, is, and is going to be, a continuing delight.

      They made their bed with their unbelievable amounts of thievery. Now let them lie in it, after President Sanders ‘makes it over’ for them.

    • As a spectator, to me, minus the death of Heath Heyer, the charlotsville event looked like a win. people who were basically nobodies suddenly were on national news media. I would walk to the local convenience store and see people getting covered who I had read about on the internet. they go the sort of large audience that I haven’t been able to get since my conflict.

      • Charlottesville was a blemished victory for The Far Right.

        For all the problems that came afterwards, there still remains the fact that it changed a country’s perception of itself.

        When Southerners recently rallied for Gun Rights in Richmond, and one Ole Dominion County after another declared itself exempt from new rules, it was all a child of Charlottesville.

    • I’m not so sure the establishment hates Sanders, and what better way to drive unreflective, emotionally driven support his way that faking establishment hostility? It worked for Trump. Sanders will do what he’s told to do and not what he wants—if he wants his family left alone, as the Kennedy family learned.

      It’s the CFR that determines foreign policy positions in the cabinet (and Trump’s CFR swamp appointments exceed even those of his predecessors), while it’s Jewish billionaire’s money that determines all else in both parties. It’s surely not some figurehead who wins the quadrennial, virtue-signaling popularity contest that passes for an election among dullards and fools.

      • No, Anonymous, Sanders is very definitely NOT going to do what he is told to do, once in The Oval Office.

        If he were that kind of guy, The Establishment would not be doing backflips at this minute.

  8. Putin wins again lol at Chris “the bitch” Matthews and Mr Clean with glasses and their shrunken head boomer democrat takes. Yes comrades finally we subvert America to Slavic Russian supremacy with Bernie Sanders Trotsky as President honk honk putting on my red clown nose

  9. Bloomberg is my favorite, that’s because Bloomberg has mo’ money than the other candidates, including Trump. Bloomberg has mo’ money than the others and having mo’ money means you’re smarta’ than those who have less money than you so Bloomberg would be the natural choice to vote for, that’s because Bloomberg the joo has mo’ money than the other joos running for president so Bloomberg is the smartest joo of them all that’s because he has mo’ money than all the other joos in the race put together so he’s obvious a lot smarta’ than the other joos so naturally he would make a smarta’ president . If you’re gonna have a joo president might as well have the joo who has the most money that means he’s the smarta’ joo of
    all the joo candidates including Trump and the mo’ smarta’ a (((president))) is the betta’ it is for all of us! 🙂

    • Easy, hispanics are “natural conservatives”, they can’t wait to vote Republican after watching FOX TV, reading the WSJ and joining the Chamber of Commerce. I know this is true because the Republicans have been saying this since 1980 when Reagan was elected. They showed their gratitude for the 1986 amnesty by voting Democrat.

  10. The Indians used to say the value of a man can be known by his enemies.
    Here we have a Super-Pac, ‘The Democrat Majority For Israel.’

    In late January, they began to ran assassination ads on Sanders, only, he used it to raise lots of money.

    What did the Democrat Majority For Israel do?

    They pulled the ads!

  11. “I’m not sure the establishment hates Sanders”

    He is being interviewed tonight by Ms Vanderbilt on ’60 Minutes’ so I think CBS knows which way the wind is blowing!

    • They have no choice, Ed. Sanders is on his way.

      As to Anderson Cooper – he has always been a Progressive at heart.

      So, nothing new there.

  12. Outside of some Executive Orders, I highly doubt much of Sanders’ agenda is realized. He’s not popular with his fellow senators, and big tech, big pharma, big corporate medical insurance companies, Wall Street financiers and their lobbyists, and Chamber of Commerce are going to pushback with donations to all 535 whores on Capital Hill.

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