Coronavirus Surges In Italy and South Korea

I’m feeling better this morning. It has been a brutal winter. I am getting over my third case of being sick since December. I can’t wait for spring weather in Dixie.

Trump has based his whole pitch for reelection on the economy. With China brought to its knees by the coronavirus and South Korea, Japan and now Italy getting sick, I can only imagine where the global economy will be six months from now. Probably nowhere good. How is KAG going to sound in the fall if these scenes we have seen playing out in China are repeated here?

Italy and the Diamond Princess cruise ship show that Europeans aren’t immune to the virus. The CDC is even saying now that it is LIKELY to happen here.

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  1. I don’t know if my previous post went through, apologies if it’s a double post:

    This is the point that is missed in political write ups on TV, blogs, everywhere. The corona virus is a game changer, it’s the black swan event Nassim Taleb et al. have written about for years regarding the fragility of the modern world with its complex, interrelated systems. The interruption of supply chains occuring now will bankrupt many companies leading to financial default, unemployment, and cascading failures of various systems daily life depends upon.

    This will play out in unpredictable ways, none of them good. The Spanish Influenza of 1918 – 1920 killed an estimated 5% of the world’s population but drastically altered the patterns of daily life, especially in areas like the U.S. that never suffered from direct attack*. This was a time without global supply chains or just-in-time delivery systems either making daily life more resilient than today.

    (See: The Great Influenza,John M. Barry, Penguin Books, London, 2004, ISBN 0-670-89473-7)

    Already auto assembly, smartphones, electronics and medical supplies are constrained because of interruptions in supplies caused by corona. China is going bankrupt now because its enormous debts cannot be paid back with production interrupted. Individual Chinese citizens are running out of money because they aren’t working and getting paid while food and other supplies are running short in places.

    A similar situation in the U.S. would result in an explosion of violence from the coloreds who are prone to acting up anyway and are always encouraged to cause trouble by the Usual Suspects. If the 40 oz. malt beverages, buckets of KFC, WIC, EBT etc. are not available then don’t be in the diverse areas on that day, else you will regret it. Up close and personal diversity with a hapless and hopeless Government response will do more to wake up feetsball watching, 1/4 pounder eating, Big Gulp drinking whites than all the VDare, AMREN, Counter Current, Occidental Observer and HW’s fine blog, OD, column inches put together.

    DJT won’t be able to help his MAGA supporters when things go bad, even if he cared about them, which he doesn’t.

    *except one trivial attack:

    • I think you’re overlooking the coordinated ability of central banks to flood the world with liquidity, in a crisis.

      • Hello Arian;

        You certainly have a good point regarding central banks but I think they are going to be overwhelmed by the amounts of money they will need to conjure out of thin air to rescue markets. This applies to all central banks but particularly the Fed. If this were the first time that the Fed rescued banks and hedge funds then they would have the slack to flood the world with new money to make up for losses.

        Given that the Fed (and other CBs) have been holding up markets since 2008 and that the Fed had to implement extensive repo operations starting last September I think they’re backed into a corner. Interest rates are either zero or negative in much of the world and debt has exploded over the last 50 years, especially since 2008. The balance sheets of central banks are now overflowing with both government and private debts.

        Between the massive indebtedness throughout the financial system, zero bound interest rates and the expectation that the Fed will rescue markets (again) I think they have hit their limits. No tree grows to the sky and the short term policies pursued by governments for decades at the expense of long term stability are now limiting the ability of the geniuses in charge to paper over with new debt the problems they created with old debt. Being certified geniuses with Nobel Prizes, NYT & WSJ columns to prove it look for these idiots to screw up everything, count on it.

    • 12 – I’ve been saying that this is going to go global almost immediately. It’s been obvious from the beginning. Europeans are not immune; if anything I ever wrote gives that impression I apologize.

      Yes. It’s a Black Swan even. Position yourself as best you can. And enjoy the show! It’s going to be very interesting..

      • This is more like Gotterdammerung for the stock market than a Black Swan.

        Northern Italy is the modern area of Italy with what some claim is the best standard of living in Europe. The Lombards a Germanic tribe moved into the area during late antiquity, hence the name Lombardy.

        • Yes, I believe Rush has a doctorate in biochemistry, perhaps from Lagos University where it’s possible to get credit for life experience and study at home as long as your check clears the bank.

          He is the same dope who supported GWB II’s Iraq War, excoriating those who called ‘liar’ on the claim that Iraq had WMD. Of course, he had nothing to say when there were no WMDs, his buddy GWB II and the Usual Suspects were the liars. He loves war, too bad he had a boil on his ass that kept him out of Vietnam like DJT.

          He also kept talking about ‘green shoots’ back in 2006/2007, how great the stock market, housing and the economy was, repeating the phrase like his idiot pal, GWB II. Of course, it was all just another scam which collapsed in a heap, enriching the Usual Suspects (again) and impoverishing everyone else.

          Rush is an idiot who was always concerned with lining his own pockets, he doesn’t care about people who aren’t rich like him. He is an arrogant prick who will be gone soon anyway.

          • Expect to see COVID 19 cases explode in the UK. According to this report from Channel 4, British nationals returning from countries and areas that have known coronavirus outbreaks are allowed to “self-quarantine ” themselves for two weeks without any supervision by the NHS.

            Honestly, who upon returning from “holiday ” or business has a two week supply of food and toiletries stocked up? After a few days in “self-quarantine,” and you’re down to a half a roll of toilet paper and a few cans of tuna; what are the odds in favor of one of these people leaving their flat to purchase some essentials?

        • Limbaugh’s stage four carcinoma is just “glorified cell division.” The scientifically ignorant like Rush are the modern day ‘sin eaters’ of the RETARDican party.

        • @12AX

          You very well could be right. The cable is already taut to its limit, the next tug could snap it.

          Where does that leave us?

          • Our economy has been ‘artificial’ for decades.
            Can zog and the major institutions keep pulling rabbits from the same hat or another hat ?
            (Our economy has been so hyper-stimulated it makes me nauseous, common houses 600k to 2 million.)

            Dow -1032. natural gas 1.85 ( that’s the energy equivalent of oil at $12 / bbl). Hate to be in the oil patch if that happens.

  2. 12AX7 had an interesting comment. If coronavirus does disrupt the world economy this year, one had better have some food supplies, a garden, and an access to water and winter heat that *do not* require the grid system being functional. Agrarian author Michael bunker has some words of wisdom about this in his book *Surviving Off Off-Grid*. Things really could collapse.

  3. Some of us that have preached “preparedness” for some time will be unaffected.
    The hillbilly with supplies get the last laugh after all.

    Good luck finding food, gasoline or ammo if this ends up being a true pandemic.

    • Insulin dependent diabetics are facing a VERY nasty death. Also – I hate to say this – but (((chickens))) are coming home to roost. Murkins have been so busy with their own absolute BULLSHYTE for decades, they haven’t paid any attention to anything that is really important – especially the wholesale gutting of the manufacturing base in favor of “cheap” goods. Well now Murkins of all stripes are going to find out first hand why any one who arranges entire industries off shore are what should be GUTTED.

      Also PLEASE CALL YOUR REPS AND COMPLAIN. GET USED TO IT. All the (((pundits and” expoits”))) are talking about moving operations to Malaysia, etc, and not here. WHY aren’t American raising HELL?

      • Hello Denise;

        You raise a very good point regarding diabetes specifically and chronic diseases generally. I tried at one time to convince people to make preps for an interruption of supplies but to no avail. One response was that I didn’t know anything because I don’t have any of those conditions. I gave up, telling those people they better crack open the biochemistry books and learn how to make insulin themselves when it’s in short supply.

        • 12 – your experiences are real world examples of the bromide, “leading a horse to water”. You can only do what you do. You can’t make others take action. Most people don’t deal with disaster until disaster floods the basement and rises through the house. Do you ever watch Dr. Dutton’s videos? He speaks of global IQ dropping, etc. Disasters tend to clean out the inept.

          I don’t have any real medical issues, expecting seasonal allergies/ I don’t need any daily meds. I know people who do, and I warn them to stock up. Whether or not they do is their responsibility. So don’t worry about those that don’t take action to protect themselves. These types will always be energy and time wasting liabilities in times of real crises.

    • “Prepers”, just like “boomers”, and “chumps”, they think there’s a solution to our problems involving only internal, self actions. There’s no stocking up, hiding, and riding it out in a World gone mad. This isn’t a zombie TV show. More intelligent people will find you and take your “stocks of shit” and they will kill your ass. They will have superior weapons (home made, military etc.) to overcome your “guns and ammo”. They will win. You’ll be easy to find as the only house with the lights on. Our only hope is to prevent the genocidal apocalypse of our people, be it pandemic or white genocide. Hoping to somehow survive it is a fool’s errand.

  4. ‘Can we be sure all viruses that are said to exist and said to cause epidemics are actually found and observed and identified on electron microscope photographs?’

    The WHO declares this virus a ‘global health emergency,’ yet it takes them MONTHS before they find their way into Wuhan! It’s such a global emergency that tens-of-thousands of people continue to fly in and out of China!

  5. There’s an opportunity here. Quaranteen is literally about creating borders and closing them. The Corona Chan thing is literally going to make racists out of everyone.

    • But, but, but what about muh diversity and lowest black/hispanic unemployment evah?

      Ironically the word quarantine comes from Latin through Italian originally meaning ‘forty days’, the length of time suspect ships had to stay offshore before docking to allow contagious diseases to abate. Ships also had to fly a special quarantine flag so everyone knew when a ship was under quarantine. Local authorities would fire upon ships that tried to break quarantine and enter ports early, they did not screw around.

      • Informative !

        They learned by hard won experience, how to deal with epidemics.

        I’ll bet their 40 days is far wiser than the current 2,week nonsense.

    • I doubt that.
      Ppl are so stupid they might even blame this on White Nationalists, with a little urging from the ( media ) masters.

  6. HW, you’ve been sick 3x already this winter?? I’ve got one word for you:

    zinc. Also multi-vitamins, and more fruit/vegetables everyday.

    As re Corona-chan, 3 cases there, 17 somewhere else isn’t a pandemic.

    Haxo still has hopes for her though.

  7. We are entering World War C. While humans fight the last war nature is fighting the next. Buy guns, a month of food and batten down the hatches. The whole world is going to be Borders.

  8. In Birmingham several Pakis assaulted a Chinese woman at a bar telling her to to take her Corona Virus Home… This is going to get good. Let the mask of civility slip from the coloured gentle folk. BREXIT vindicated to a degree. FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT OVER BORDERS IS BAD FOR YOU.

    • That’s trivial, compared to all the rape gangs and dope dealing.
      The mass displacement of Whites is a million fold worse.

    • “Pakis assaulted a Chinese woman”

      Like , when the Brits withdrew from India ?
      The sweet lil browns started slaughtering each other by the 100,000’s.

  9. Pretty serious situation, but, how serious do you take the Orientals? If you have ever talked to Orientals, even those fluent and educated in English don’t make a lot of sense.

    • This is just one obvious consequence of the poison.

      How about 300,000+ chinese students taking the college seats that could be occupied by Whites?
      Educating our destroyers!
      (Who) could have been behind this ?

  10. Italics are not Europeans! haha
    Answering to @November in the other thread, 3 deaths already in Italy no foreigner among the dead, one Venetian (like myself) and two Lombards
    The hateful unpopular far-left government must come down.

    If black individuals are not immune to this virus I wonder what will happen in Africa in the next weeks and months.

    • Nemo,

      I can guarantee you that blacks are not immune to Covid 19. Their cookie cutter DNA makes them even more susceptible to any pathogen, except malaria of course (sickle shaped red blood cells). In many sub-Saharan countries they eat “bush meat ” and have similar unhygienic “wet markets” like China’s. Oh, the inhabitants of Wakanda eat bats which carry a myriad of viruses.

    • “Italics are not Europeans! haha”

      Most northern italians are of German stock.
      Lots of German and Greek genes in Italy.
      Sadly, much of it mixed, in various places.

  11. You’ve had the flu 3 times already this winter? Damn that sucks man, thats really bad luck.

    Hope you are not getting flu shots those things are inaffective, they are scams imo Eat plenty of spicy kim chi ramen soup (to induce sweating) and drink lots of liquids preferably herbal teas with added honey to flush it out your system Hope you get better soon

  12. This virus and any pandemic for that matter is an anti-globalism event. Globalism is what causes the spread of these killers around the world and nationalism will stop them. I hope the virtues of nationalism come to the fore while everyone is focused on this crisis. Pandexit.

  13. “I’m feeling better this morning. It has been a brutal winter. I am getting over my third case of being sick since December. I can’t wait for spring weather in Dixie.”

    Glad to hear you are recovering. I like winters better than the hot summers but am glad when winter is over just to have everyone get over their illnesses. (Wonder what it will be like if we have a nuclear winter.)

  14. A world wide killer disease that could wipe out half the planet is hardly enough to get our anti-White overlords to relent on open borders in White countries.

    • More – but a disease that kills off half the planet CHANGES everything. Italians obviously have intrinsic self preservation instincts. They are closing events down, and ATTACKING Chinese. Racial aliens. Coronachan, in terms of actual deaths, has really done NOTHING at this point. Wait til it really kicks in. Do you think ANYONE is going to give a flying F#CK about the policies of Hebes and their minions? Cops are dying in China, and I’m certain military personnel will as well. This is the Bubonic Plague. The survivors will rule.

      • Never underestimate the depths of depraved hatred anti-Whites have for our race. They couldn’t give a fig if half the non White world went with us.

      • I can see the Israelis withholding most essentials to Palestine, to increase the death toll in an outbreak.
        Ooops, just seeded an idea to the GCLs.

  15. A lot of Chinese cops have the virus now. I have been saying all along – we’ll either live or die – but that happens anyways. Over 25Khave died from the regular flu in America this year.

    CoronaChan is AWESOME, because the survivors will have a lot more options. Government trash already can’t control this. (((The Elite))) probably think they are immune – but they aren’t.

    Humans will have a lot more options after CoronaChan completes her Holy Mission.

    • It was a given Denise, the police and military where going to be infected and showing symptoms in the large numbers. The Dissent Harry Chen Phd was just suspended from Twitter. He was one of the few in Wuhan showing the police, military and draconian government brutality on its citizens.

      The violent videos he posted always showed close contact altercations with those not wearing a mask or violating quarantine orders.

      • Sunburn – many here don’t seem to appreciate the opportunities a mass global pandemic presents. The virus taking out badge fags is a boon, Capiche?



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