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  1. Bernie is definitely the accelerationist one – but all 3 will be Noahide Rulers. It’s JEW JEW JEW. This is America’s punishment for letting them IN.

    • I’ve read this parasite is analogous to a saprophagous fungus in nature, meaning it can only consume already dead or decayed organic matter—or societies, as the case may be. What’s so odd is that MAGA people mistake the milieu of greed, hedonism, and materialism as a sign of health rather than obvious symptoms of terminal decay, which the parasite only hastens along. That’s not to say that a society, as with any organic entity, must not at least compartmentalize the parasite once it’s identified.

      As the pagan Spengler put it a century ago, in a viable society men prepare themselves for what’s worth dying for, rather than worrying themselves sick about what they might die from. Men are infantilized by TV at every turn with childish voyeurism and emasculated with materialism. At this point it looks like we go out with a whimper as Eliot and Weaver imagined, unless there’s a miraculous reversion to metaphysical truth and purpose, which would involve taking away the toys of America’s infantilized men, some so much so they’re attracted to homoerotic voyeurism in movies like American Sniper.

      • rather than worrying themselves sick about what they might die from.

        I know you didn’t mean it this way, but I hope you realize that there’s nothing wrong with a White man worrying himself over whether his women, his children, or even just himself, are in danger from the physical presence of hostile colored people. In other words, we as Whites have the right to eat at a restaurant, shop at a mall, or walk down the streets of a major city, without having to fear for our physical safety.

        I suspect you don’t share that conviction, as evidenced by your rhetoric about “infantialization” and your insult against Spengler for being a Pagan. Pro-tip: White, Christian, Protestant men in 21st century America are just about the weakest beta males you’ll ever meet. I understand they weren’t necessarily like that in the past, but they are now. Christianity will not save the White Race.

        • “Christianity will not save the White Race.”

          Not the form it is in, today. I would agree. But as has been noted:

          “Napoleon’s famous quote ‘Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich’ demonstrated his understanding that most people can only accept the existence of inequality and other hard realities in our world if they believe that there is a higher reason for them. Otherwise if, as atheists believe, there is no afterlife, and this is our only existence, then why should anyone accept inequality? This appears to answer the question of how atheism spread so widely when paired with the dominant political drive of today: egalitarianism. The entire system of hierarchy, so essential to civilisation, always tends to buckle and collapse when this very question is asked. It happened in 1789 and 1917, and there is no doubt in our own period we are going through unnecessary madness brought about by people asking that question.”


          “The Pagan vs Christian battles that often occur on social media often miss the point. Whether one form of religion is better, completely true, or even which denomination within a religion provides the best moral purpose, are all questions for a later date. Our societies have been degraded so thoroughly, and Christian denominations have been liberalised so extensively, and our people broken down in so many ways, that teething stages are needed first.”

    • I think you are right Denise. Bernie is not saying what he wants to do in order to fool his voters, like a certain current President did, he believes he can ride the Oligarch Tiger and make it submit, as do his followers. And TPTB know this, and will react accordingly, since literally trillions of dollars are at stake in the continuation of their bread and circuses/ divide and conquer deception game.

      As you know, I am normally not one to attribute all malice in the world to the Jews, but since Trump triggered the Evil Ones upon election, as they did not yet know he sought the Presidency as a FU to Manhattan, not to do anything in particular, the Oligarch’s death-to- Trump squad have uniformly been Jewish. I live in reality, so I now agree with you and our host that the truth must be told about our oppressers. It is fun watching the liars lie and the suckers absorb the BS in cognitive dissonance.

    • Yep….just like the old vampire myth…they can’t get you if you don’t invite them in. Our predecessors were fools who should have known better.

      • Just read a novel that pitted Good vs. Evil in a modern setting. The Good were called ‘the Garden’ and the Evil, ‘the Wilderness.’ Pursuant to your comment, Powell, it was funny to note they considered Oliver Cromwell as one of Evil Ones…. thus, when you connect Cromwell to the Jews being let back into the Anglosphere, I believe the author of the novel was correct… Just sayin’.

    • Military guys, Patriots and tough White men in general are now taking notice and publicly rejecting this globoschlomohomo agenda in North America…Without those guys the commies have no protection.

  2. I agree with every point you’ve made and would add two more. First, perhaps a sanders win would bring the jewish problem into sharper focus. Despite his lackluster debate performance, bloomberg will double down on the propaganda front. This will make for an interesting democrat convention… Second, maybe it will bring the capitalism problem into sharper focus as well. I know Keith means well, but he’s a bit bedazzled by the hype of bloomberg, not the substance. Bloomberg is, well, just too lacking in charisma. I can’t see why anyone with a pulse would get enthused about that bland little man.

  3. Keith’s take is essentially that a Bloomberg victory would cause the Left to blame “woke” politics for driving away the working class and would cause the Right to have to have a more “substantive” critique of power instead of saying he’s a “secret communist” like they would with Bernie.

    He also says that Bloomberg vs Trump would basically be a battle between Trump and a left-leaning version of himself.

    Keith is wrong on both points and the fact he spends too much time hanging out with Spencer and reading Striker shows that. The Bernie Left is already calling Bloomberg a fascist, who serves the interests of the financial elite. A Bloomberg victory would cement the narrative in the mind of the Left that Trump paved the way for Bloomberg and the open rule of capitalist, fascist oligarchs thanks to right-winger rednecks and centrists. If anything, it will probably have them return to their side of the fence even more bitter and confident in their read on the narrative.

    A Bloomberg victory on the Right would be seen as a “victory” of the swamp against Trump who did everything he could to fight them. There would be endless rationalizations how Trump baited “them” out into the open and fought but ultimately lost the gamble. That the swamp was too powerful for one man, and that we must be inspired by Trump to oppose the elite. Will it wake right-wingers up? Maybe Amnat types. I think Boomers might be indifferent though and it for sure won’t lead to any sort of introspection. Trump will be seen as a potential martyr. Especially if he is the last Republican president.

    Finally, Trump vs Trump isn’t Trump vs Bloomberg. Bloomberg is wealthy like Trump. Cynical like Trump. Maybe even Jewish like Trump. However, he isn’t the Trump the public know. Bloomberg cannot slay Trump on stage, just get into a futile pissing match. He can hit Trump where it hurts, but not where it can kill. Sanders is the true Trump vs Trump fight. Sanders with his populist talking points will be given the opportunity to stab Trump and his phony populism right into his heart and completely discredit him. It will be BTFO upon BTFO if Sanders lands his attacks properly. What can Trump say back? Lie? Say Sanders looks like a Communist Doc Brown? Say socialist in the mic over and over again?

    Keith, like many figures in our mileu, is too black-pilled about reality that they are really hoping the Left and Right will have a come to Jesus moment if things just keep getting worst. As if Neo-Cons and Left-Wingers won’t be able to point the finger at the other side if Bloomberg wins. A realistic take is to have two shitty back to back presidents chosen by the people be stifled their entire term in office by the elites. That will cause feelings of anger, resentment and disillusionment and the U.S. government will lose legitimacy in the eyes of its own people. We on the far right already know that feeling due to Trump, the Left needs that feeling with Bernie. Thinking Baron fucking Rothschild being in the White House himself managing the decline slowly will change anything because you can point the Jew king out pointless.

    It’s not that people don’t know, it’s that people don’t care to know. Bloomberg is a perfect boogeyman for the Left and Right to blame each other over. He’s a rich “white” vulture capitalist, and he’s a racist oligarchical elite Jew. At least 4 years at an attempting right wing change and then 4 years of preventing left wing change might cause people to start asking “what the hell is wrong with our power structure that regardless of what President is in office, nothing good ever happens?”. With Bloomberg, it’s two sides pointing at each other saying “LOOK YOUR CANDIDATE IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE!” while the Elites laugh.

    • EXACTLY RIGHT sir. Nothing to add to your spot-on analysis. Both sides of the coin must learn that NOTHING within the system can dislodge the Oligarchs. Perhaps only then will the 99% finally understand that cooperation, and nothing else, is the only tool left for eliminating the wage and thought slave chains our masters have us locked in.

    • Here’s what’s missing in your analysis: The Woke Left won’t be able to plausibly paint Bloomberg as a Fascist if and when all the Blue States vote for him and all the non-white groups support him by at least 70% margins, just like they do with literally every Democratic nominee for President. That’s also what’s missing in Keith’s analysis, which I otherwise agreed with. The fact is, non-whites support the Democrat Party, and that’s because the Democrat Party stands for policies which objectively benefit them, and those policies are leftist and socialist in nature. So while non-whites may hem and haw over Bloomberg at first, all it’ll take is a few well placed ads on TV and encouragement from their Pastors to get out and vote, and they’ll vote for Mayor Mike despite his “racist” stop and frisk policy. The media will not be able to plausibly spin his victory as a victory for Fascism if that happens.

      Furthermore, I know populists such as yourself, and Hunter, and Richard Spencer, hate hearing this, but White Americans Do. Not. Like. Socialism and don’t want it. We didn’t even pass national healthcare back in the 1950s during the last years of Truman’s administration, and that was when we were an 85% White country. So to be perfectly honest, if the Bernie Bros and the Woke Left walk away from a 2020 Bloomberg victory emboldened in their belief that Capitalism and Fascism are connected at the hip, sobeit.

      For reasons I won’t get into here because they are long-winded, I do not agree with the consensus in the Dissident Right that capitalism or neoliberlism – which, btw, is hated and called out just as much by the Woke Left as it is by the Dissident Right – is the cause of mass non-white immigration. The cause of mass non-white immigration is a combination of aggressive Jewish lobbying on one hand, combined with the maladaptive egalitarian sentiments inherent in the socialist/communist philosophy of millions of spiritually depraved white people on the other hand.

      The idea that Capitalism can change culture at the level you guys say it does is only valid if you put a ton of stock – no pun intended – in the theory, formulated by Marx, that material conditions have a significant effect on moral values, which is only the case at the absolute extremes (i.e., total poverty, which, no, does not exist in America or Europe or anywhere else in the White world). Human beings aren’t actually hardwired to have their inner values shaped by mundane material conditions. We have innate sentiments and values that express themselves regardless of the material conditions we live under, as the Minnesota Twins study from the early 1990s conclusively demonstrated.

      • ” I know populists such as yourself, and Hunter, and Richard Spencer, hate hearing this, but White Americans Do. Not. Like. Socialism and don’t want it. ”

        I am voting for Bernie in my primary, and may vote for him in November, becuase I WANT THE GODLESS JEW TO BE BLAMED FOR EVERYTHING.

        We HAVE to go through the fire and the purging. There IS NO WAY AROUND IT.
        We deserve to have a Sanders as Commander/Soviet in Chief.

        Everyone, be ready to emigrate to Russia, once he’s elected. The pogroms may be late, but they are coming. ANd only our children’s children will see if God lets America stand, after this Purgation.

  4. Unfortunately it will not matter which Jew gets the nomination even if they beat king of Israel in the general election. Weimerica has not hit rock bottom yet and until we do there will be no great awakening.

  5. The idea that we can hold the line on societal destruction while supporting someone whose policies are guaranteed to further our society’s decline — whether it’s slower or quicker is immaterial — is crazy. No matter which of the Three Stooges becomes president, we ultimately lose. Better to focus on opposition to specific policies, and get the craven power-seeking class to alter their views based on that. Dollar Bill Clinton used to change his views on a dime according to polling. The corporate press asskissers used to fawn over that “genius politicking” and gave it a pretentious name, “triangulation,” but it was just policy making and governance done through constant polling. Voters tend to be centrist and populist, which is what the polling naturally revealed. Clinton’s so-called genius wasn’t taking the “third position” between the left and right, but paying attention to the fact that’s what the general voter wanted, anyway. Pressure can still be applied in the same way.

      • Whatever that means.

        American populism is
        leftist economics and rightist
        social and cultural norms.
        In other words, the left
        from one side and the
        right from the other
        meets in the middle.

    • I had not thought of Bill Clinton’s economic populism/social conservatism (relatively speaking, of course) as reality-based, BX, but you are correct. People not in the 1% intuit that economic liberalism benefits them with social risk insurance in the form of government spending or payments, while social conservatism allows them not to be tempted into acts that will cost them money they don’t have enough of to cover. Win-win. As always, your aim is true, as the 80s song said.

  6. Clint Eastwood has endorsed Bloomberg.
    The US is GONE, and that is the fact of life. Whites are too busy watching TV and the $$$ to care about their neighbors and righteousness. They LET (((THEM))) destroy America and didn’t care. Well they will reap what they have sown, the whirlwind.
    The Evangelicals were APPLAUDING the murder of that Iranian in Iraq, they sure don’t remind me of Jesus.

      • And asshole Afterthought chimes in, below. Powell, “That’s the thing about most Christians….they’re hypocrites.”

        Look in a mirror, lately? It’s oh so easy to diss someone else, when you don’t even have a smidgen of a conscience left as an atheist/agnostic….

  7. For the theatre aspect of it, watching Sanders vs Blompf debates would be immensely amusing.

    Bloomberg vs Blompf wouldn’t have any heat, except for the entire planet seeing contemporary American POTUS contest has come down to Ashkenazi jew Manhattan billionaire vs shabbos goy ‘King of the jews’ Manhattan Billionaire.

  8. The Rural and Smalltown Man needs a president who will not only advocate for him, but will actually do something to improve his plight, and plight is exactly what it is for rural and smalltown communities, during the last 50 years of horrid governance at the national level.

    SENATOR SANDERS is the only one who fits that bill; the only one who seems to grasp what has befallen Working People and, our communities; and the only one who understand what has to occur for some of these dilemmas to ameliorate.

    As far as I can see – SENATOR SANDERS is the only one who understands the relationship between sovereignty and how corporations have to be handled to undergird that, as opposed to usurping.

    All the other candidates will just be wastes of time who will keep the exact same tyranny in place, because each one of them seems either not to care, or is owned by those who pay him not to.

    President Trump campaigned to be the man to make all these changes, but, sadly, has only further augmented the tyrannical Status Quo.

    I think the Conversations about Bloomberg are moot, the reason being that he will neither be the Democrat candidate, nor could he win, even if he were to be.

  9. Hunter, do you think having a jewish president will make it easier, or harder, to talk about the JQ?

    On one hand, they will instantly enact more anti-semitism legislation, and any criticism of their policies will be dismissed as antisemitism, like the way Obama’s critics were dismissed as racists. But on the other hand, jews are so self-centered they will inevitably talk about jews non-stop, which will alienate 98% of America.

    Penny for your thoughts.

    • Kenwick, read this article. Get back to us. Brad’s pretending not to have an opinion…..

      “So, why Bernie? I’ll tell you. Or rather, let me quote another:?”If you haven’t figured it out, what I’m getting at is that there’s a decent case for the argument that those of us who support the dissolution of the Empire ought not to be backing the least bad option, which is to say Broland Skrumpf, but rather we ought to consider backing the worst one. Bernie Sanders.”?


  10. Actually if your position is to vote purely for the “race realist,” Bloomberg might actually be the choice (and I know who Donald Trump is). But I advocate voting based on class, because I’m more interested in helping workers than hurting non-whites.

  11. This video describes David Duke’s flaw pretty well. Basically siding against left populism when it’s actually capitalists who want immigration and leftists who are being influenced by the capitalists but who think they’re fighting the capitalists but aren’t fighting the capitalists. Basically Whites should carve their place on left instead of attacking non-whites for being on the left.

    • Basically Whites should carve their place on left instead of attacking non-whites for being on the left.

      Translated: Whites should submit to misery and torment at the hands of vicious, hateful people for the rest of their lives. Because reparations.

      I’ll pass.

  12. Keith is right. Keiths takes are very big brained, he might be the only one in our sphere who understands every aspect of our struggle and those who aren’t well read will 100% misunderstand what he is saying. Spencer has this problem as well, though Spencers arrogance doesn’t make it better.

    His video has created a lot of uproar as he is misunderstood and misrepresented and some are already calling him a him a subversive. I have reached out to Keith and asked him to make another video to spell it out for all to understand, as it is creating fractures we don’t need.


  13. (posted again as it seems to bug out :/)
    Keith is right. Keiths takes are very big brained, he might be the only one in our sphere who understands every aspect of our struggle and those who aren’t well read will 100% misunderstand what he is saying. Spencer has this problem as well, though Spencers arrogance doesn’t make it better.

    His video has created a lot of uproar as he is misunderstood and misrepresented and some are already calling him a him a subversive. I have reached out to Keith and asked him to make another video to spell it out for all to understand, as it is creating fractures we don’t need.

    • I am listening to the Woods video, and he’s on target. But I JUST my first blatantly Anti White Bloomjew commercial – and FUCK THAT UGLY LITTLE KIKE. That rotten little midget is just tiny enough to fit in my kitchen’s oven.

      I’m taking Cly’s tack. Changing my registration, voting for Bernie, and writing in Adolf.

  14. I think I’ll take Bernie. I don’t think normies can ever embrace reality, so I’ll settle on exploding heads of TV pundits. Perhaps the most enjoyable thing will be to watch Bernie try to lose. He just wants to pad his PAC. Should he win out, watch the Dems pressure him to select Buttigieg. Then it will be lights out for the old Jew. Bernie Bros and their subsequent hissy fit still won’t wake up the white masses.

  15. I’m rooting for Bloomberg because with him as president, a lot of dumb people will think the Democrats have returned to their Klan roots, which will be funny as hell. When he bans guns, that will piss off the gun nut crowd. When he keeps the borders open, that will piss off the anti-immigration crowd. When he makes life harder for the working poor, they will get riled up. When he tries to start wars for Israel, everyone will see its a Jew doing it for the benefit of Jews. When he cracks down on Whites for having pro White views, everyone will see it is a Jew doing it.

    He is going to aggravate everyone except the filthy rich, and he’s paying $150 a meme.

  16. What’s really crazy is one of our local Mayors here in Mississippi endorsed Michael Bloomberg which was a very poor decision. He’s not well liked by Democrats or his for the rich policies. Deo Vindice !

  17. Doom berg sealed his fate by sucking up to the blaxxx. Nothing good ever comes from it. This is especially true when in reality he can’t stand most of them. So, instead of standing on his record, the mayor of doom decides to get into bed with Al Sharpton and every other black huckster.

    He looks like a complete coward not only denouncing his good crime record but basically throwing his police Commissioner and other higher ups under the bus for the blaxxx. But this is what happens when your massive 78 year old ego and jealousy/ hatred of Trump rules your mind.

    But Bloomy is a deranged character despite all the money he has given away- especially given to his alma mater. This is a guy who was sick of seeing so many pregnant women working for his corporation that he tells one woman to ” kill it” discussing her pregnancy.

    He is a chameleon jew not realizing just how far left his party has gone. Thus, all most politicians and media do now is worship jews, blaxxx and brown illegal invaders. That is why all the demon rats on stage with him turned Bloomy into a kosher pinata. The blaxxx are sacred after all and certainly not responsible for hordes of crime and welfare stealing.

    Oh the beauty of seeing a guy taken down by political sniper fire because he is too cowardly to stand on a successful crime record. It should be a lesson for all to always stand on your convictions, right mayor of doom?

  18. Looks like we will all be living in goddamned quaranteen in the next few months right as the simpering Jews and their puppet King decide who gets to pretend they are the least racist. Lol.

  19. I suppose the question is which model will prove accurate? The sudden style Soviet implosion or the slow burn Brazilian model where we are slowly assimilated out of existence. Red sates needs to secede and form their own nation.

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