Bernie Sanders Condemns AIPAC as a “Platform for Bigotry”

Good for Bernie Sanders.

If Donald Trump were condemning the AIPAC conference, we would be congratulating him too. Instead, he is running as the candidate of Sheldon Adelson’s Jexodus movement.

National Review:

“The American Israel Public Affairs Committee on Monday blasted Senator Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) over the senator’s claim that the pro-Israel group gives a “platform to bigotry.”

“Senator Sanders has never attended our conference and that is evident from his outrageous comment,” read a statement from AIPAC. “By engaging in such an odious attack on this mainstream, bipartisan American political event, Senator Sanders is insulting his very own colleagues and the millions of Americans who stand with Israel. Truly shameful.”

Sanders announced on Sunday he would not attend the annual AIPAC Policy Conference. …”

I understand that the Israel Lobby was already running attack ads against Sanders in Nevada. This is why he is pissed off with them and publicly attacked the Zionists as bigots last night on Twitter. American Jews are divided over fervent support for Israel. Donald Trump has been highly polarizing because he is perceived as having gone full MIGA.

Note: Regardless of whether Trump, Bernie or Bloomberg wins in November, our foreign policy will be controlled by Jews. The choice here boils down to which Jewish faction will be in power. You can choose one of the three options or sit this one out.

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  1. According to the New York Times a Pro-Israel Super PAC ran some attack ads on Sanders and then yanked them when they discovered that right after their ads appeared, his campaign raised 1.3 million dollars in a single day.

    This was at the end of January. The attack ads came out on the 28th, the floodgates of cash for Bernie opened up, and the attack ads on Sanders were yanked – it looks like – the very next day.

    Apparently, Sanders has a huge war chest and it all comes from massive small-dollar grassroots contributions from supporters.

    Regardless of what he says, Trump should be very worried if Sanders gets the Democrat nomination over the repugnant Bloomberg who “suggested” a pregnant employee should get an abortion because he had too many women out on maternity leave.

    If Bloomberg or any of the others get the nomination, I can see the Sanders supporters burning the Democrat Convention down and/or staying home on Election Day.

    Personally, if I were the DNC Chair, I’d have a quiet meeting with Sanders in a smoke-filled room making it clear that he would only get the nomination if he agreed to nominate an establishment candidate as his running mate, much the way the RNC foisted Mike Pence on Trump in 2016.

    But it looks like Election Year 2020 may not be in the bag for Trump, after all.

    • “Regardless of what he says, Trump should be very worried if Sanders gets the Democrat nomination over the repugnant Bloomberg who “suggested” a pregnant employee should get an abortion because he had too many women out on maternity leave”

      Repugnant? “A repugnant President is what America deserves.”

      I don’t think Bloomberg has a chance of winning the nomination, since the people that vote in these things are left wing fanatics. However if he ran as an independent he could be as big as Ross Perot. All he has to do is stop apologising for his repugnant behavior. Apologising is death.

  2. Bernie will liberate the ‘Murkan Right from the

    Trump smother. And, in general, the Jew will be a great

    polarizer. And just to show I mean it, Haxo

    sent him $27. HW, a vote for Bernie would

    go far to atone for your Trump error of 2016.

    • Yes, Haxo, a President Sanders will be a good head realignment for those on the Conventional right who have come to regard an allegiance to Israel as something akin to faith in Jesus Chryst.

      Thank you for having contributed to The Sanders’ Campaign, that an entity which is the product of wherewithal from truckers, farmers, teachers, labourers, and low-end superfranchise workers.

      Every penny is worth it’s disruptive weight in platinum!

  3. But it’s sort of a big deal whether it’s a j street jew or a zionist jew.

    What you’re saying is a bit like saying that whatever you listen to on the radio, it will be white music. It doesn’t matter if it’s taylor swift or metallica. it’s still white music. But obviously there are big differences.

    • You’re right, Daryl. Only Classical music is ‘White Music.” The Baptists called Presley’s noise, ‘nigger music’ in the 1950’s. How right they were.

      “If there was any real liberal idealism in the 1960s, which I begin to doubt, it wasn’t about self-interested consumerism, it was about altruism and caring for your fellow man. Self interested consumerism was never a project of liberals or liberalism, it was a project of these greedy Jewish and crypto-Jewish bastards like Brooks, Buckley, and all the rest, who wish to fully control society for their own enrichment and glorification. Just go back in memory or read your history: was self-interested consumerism sold by the hippies, anti-war protestors, or any other real liberals of the time? No. It was sold by the merchants and other cloaked fascists. Who benefits from consumerism? Not hippies. Merchants. And, as it turns out, the only hippies who were selling limited and perverted definitions of freedom have turned out to be hippies planted by the fascists—fake hippies like Ram Dass, Tim Leary, Terence McKenna, Carlos Casteneda, and so on. Cloaked and costumed hippies infiltrating and blackwashing the opposition.”

      • My whole point is that Hunter thinks it’s clever to point out that various opposing views have Jewish authors and I’m pointing out that their views are as different as night and day and that the difference between them is not trivial. Having said that, some would say even Sanders doesn’t go far enough, but he’s far ahead of everyone else but possibly Warren.

  4. Who does this kyke think he is fooling? Remember all Jews are the same. All Jews reject Christ and his teachings that is what makes the Jews.

  5. There are no Jewish “factions” to choose from here. It’s all just political marketing and propaganda. Of course each of the three “choices” would personally like to get a hold of the reins of power over the goyim, after all, there’s a lot of personal gain to be had. But the end policies will be the same in any case. Debt to Jewish financial capitalists, American military support for Israel’s interests, and the cultural/biological genocide of white peoples.

    • You are correct. Any white who can’t see through what the Sanders campaign is doing here hasn’t even made it through Antisemitism 101.

    • Only one dilemma with your thinking, dear MPO – Senator Sanders did not get your memo, and does not think like you do.

      On just a footnote – Senator Sanders has been a closed borders guy all his life – more solidly against White Replacement than any other major White Gentile Politician in the game.

      That he is wrapping that in politically correct jargon, recently, does not change the fact.

      He will do a better job than Trump has at the border – way better.

  6. Bernie Sanders : We finally get a presidential candidate who is not totally slavish to Jew Israel and who speaks up a little bit for the Palestinians, EXCEPT he despises us White Americans and if he becomes the president he will do everything he can to take away as much as he can from us White Americans, so ultimately his speaking up on behalf of the Palestinians does us White Americans no good, no good at all.

    The Jews are very unfair to the Palestinians. I’m all for helping the Palestinians, but NOT at the cost of turning the United States into a Communist country and not at the cost of making White Americans third fourth class citizens here in the United States. Sanders wants to flood this country with even more third world immigrants, legal and illegal — and wants to hand over the wealth of White Americans to the third world immigrants.

    Jew Bernie Sanders, he supposedly doesn’t like the way his fellow Jews treat the Palestinians, but he sure has no problem with his fellow Jews who are just drooling to treat us White Americans the same way the Jews treat the Palestinians. In fact, he’s one of those Jews just drooling to treat us White Americans the way the Jews treat the Palestinians.

    The Jews in Israel being extremely unfair towards the Palestinians are JEW COMMUNISTS. Bernie Sanders is a JEW COMMUNIST. Zionism and Communism are one and the same thing. There is NO difference between Jew Zionism and Jew Communism. Make NO mistake about it : JEW COMMUNIST Sanders would treat us White Americans the way his fellow Jews treat the Palestinians. So it doesn’t matter if he speaks up on behalf of the Palestinians — it doesn’t change anything for us White Americans.

    • “… if he becomes the president he will do everything he can to take away as much as he can from us White Americans…”

      If you mean by this that as President Sanders would insist that Latins, who come here, and work every manner of menial job, will not be continue to be treated like the 19th century Negro Chattel the South is always lectured about – then, yes – he will advocate an end to New England Yankee Empire Slavery that has long been speciously dubbed, ‘Free Trade & Migrant Labour.’

    • “Make NO mistake about it : JEW COMMUNIST Sanders would treat us White Americans the way his fellow Jews treat the Palestinians.”

    • “Make NO mistake about it : JEW COMMUNIST Sanders would treat us White Americans the way his fellow Jews treat the Palestinians…”

  7. Trump– and certainly not the Ziotard Pence— would never criticize AIPAC.

    Would a President Sanders require AIPAC to register as a foreign agent as President John F. Kennedy reportedly ordered?

  8. “American Jews are divided over fervent support for Israel.”

    Enjoy taking things at face value, do you?

  9. The Three Factions:

    Trump = Cyrus the Great
    Bloomberg = Herod Antipas
    Bernard = Saul the Herodian

    ?? = Judas the Galilean??

    “Judas the Galilean was the author of the fourth branch of Jewish philosophy. These men agree in all other things with the Pharisaic notions; but they have an inviolable attachment to liberty, and say that God is to be their only Ruler and Lord. They also do not value dying any kinds of death, nor indeed do they heed the deaths of their relations and friends, nor can any such fear make them call any man lord.”

    – Josephus Flavius, Antiquities 18.23.

    I stand with Judas the Galilean!

  10. “Sit it out,” in my case. The left on economics/right on social policy populist most of us would support currently isn’t in the Uniparty, after all. As bureaucrats and financiers run things behind the scenes, whomever ends up as figurehead in the WH won’t have much effect on how the system operates. Unless the system has a breakdown, that is. That circumstance will provide the societal insecurity needed to usher in broad changes.

  11. The Hubster and I have Bernie Sanders Town Hall on Crazy Commie “News”. We tuned in right after Tucka. The first thing we hear is Bernie detailing, to a Negro, all the “crimes” of Whites. Charlottesville, the sin-a-gog false flags, etc. Now he’s talking about “gun control”. He’s gonna take away ALL “assault weapons” NO MADDA WUT DA KNAAAZEEE NRA SAY GOYIM! Now he’s telling a Nice White Lady that he’s polling ahead of Trump.He’s talking about he’s going to “bring every-one in” EXCEPT White.

    I am voting for CoronaChan.

  12. “It’s offensive that @BernieSanders denigrates the @AIPAC policy conference as a platform for bigotry. At a time when we see a surge of real hate across the US, it’s irresponsible to describe AIPAC like this. @ADL proudly will be there.
    — Jonathan Greenblatt”

    Oh, Frabjous Day! A weasel-faced KIKE is upset over a ANOTHER KIKE, saying something that is objectively TRUE. More! more! I want the god-damned Jews to decimate themselves by themselves, and rid U.S. of the surplus population, Deo Volente!

  13. I realize that the commenters here are an extremely sophisticated lot, but I, being a Simple Rural Southern Boy, think Senator Sanders’s public calling out of, and shaming of, AIPAC a very very good thing, and long overdue!

    Let this kind of thing become a new social trend.

    • And you, Ivan, are precisely the type of Southerner that has been screwed blue by the Jew SINCE THE BEGINNING.

      “Ya’ll always blame the Dreaded Yanquis for EVERYHING – but it’s really Dixie. Dixie can’t do enough for the Jew. Dixie, in fact, LOVES being sodomized by the Noses. They are the ones that trash you, slander you, abuse and use you for THIER wars. They flooded you with hordes of Negroes, and then have blamed Whites ever since. But you still blame apple famers from New Hampshire.

      It’s not the Yankees. It’s the South. It’s YOU.

  14. The worst Jew Communists in White countries like Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky also gave lip service to opposing Jewish ethnocentrism, opposing the Jews are God s Chosen people mantra.

    Whether it s sincere or not it doesn’t t really matter.

    We can t have ethnic, racial Jews ruling over us, dominating us, insulting us, replacing us.

    Israel is the homeland of the Jews. Go home.

    Any and all remaining ethnic Jews in White societies have to be on their best behavior, have to be monitored and controlled like Putin did to that Yid Yukon’s oil oligarch. Putting arrested him, put him in a public cage then sentenced him to hard labor camp in Siberia.

  15. How long before Jewish activists label Bernie Sanders “a self-hating Jew?” Don’t you love the way the mass media keeps calling Bloomberg and Sanders “white males” in order to keep the cultural Marxist narrative of “White Privilege” going strong despite the fact that the 2 percenters (or is it three?) have two of their ethnic kinsmen in the upper echelons of the Democratic Party as well as chief adviser to Donald Trump, not to mention his main financial contributor. Not bad for 2 percenters! Dare I be so bold to coin a new word? How about the word Pharasitic that describes those who must not be named! (Pharisee and parasitic combined as one word.)

    • Never understand the appeal of martini’s. I think people just like the look of them in the cocktail glass, had a martini glass with a very wide tulip very awkward to drink from

  16. Bernie’s real last name is “Gitman”, not Sanders, and he was a huge supporter of Zionism.
    This is just lip service to the “anti-racists”.

  17. And there goes his presidency with that tweet… He’s not wrong hes very right but deep state won’t allow him to become president now. I mean good riddance, bernie was too open borders of a candidate anyway

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