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  1. The FBI now interferes in the electoral process by spying upon and infiltrating political campaigns. It treats political opposition research as serious evidence. It lies to the FISA court and misrepresents this bogus material. It leaks classified materials to its allies in the mass media. It now classifies European Americans who wish to live in the country as founded by their forefathers rather than in a microcosm of the Third World as a terrorist threat akin to al- Qaeda. It engages in entrapment. It makes lying to the FBI a felony even though the FBI lies to everyone and even to itself (McCabe). None of those FBI officials who have committed crimes have been held accountable– they are above the law. The FBI and CIA have become political and gone rogue. And need to be disbanded.

    We do not need a Stasi here.

  2. The FBI has engaged in entrapment and other illegal activities for decades. They were notorious for joining the KKK in the 1960’s, encouraging violence then arresting anyone remotely connected with the violence they started and funded.

    They have wrecked people’s property several times because they knew Jimmy Hoffa was buried in their basement or back yard. They tore up everything in sight and came up with nothing.

    They allowed Whitey Bulger to murder his rivals in Boston because Whitey was ratting out people in the Mafia for them.

    The Richard Jewell case was another example of the FBI not caring who set off a bomb, they just arrested the first guy they could stick with the crime even though he was innocent. Local police in NC caught Eric Rudolph who was guilty of the bomb attacks.

    They failed on 9/11 and then failed again by blaming the subsequent anthrax attacks on innocent people at least twice. That case has never been solved and the FBI doesn’t want to talk about it because they failed miserably.

    Their buddies in the CIA, NSA, DIA, IRS, FISA Court etc. are all in it together, notorious scumbags.

  3. Somehow the names Vicki Weaver and Kathy Ainsworth comes to mind. In the case of Weaver the FBI agent who shot her dead while she was holding an infant even got a pay raise and a promotion!

  4. Phenotypic expression is rooted in genotype. America is a transfected and recombinant chimeric mutant genotypically and the phenotypic expression we see all over the place now is a mathematical given. It’s impossible to reverse course and no amount of gene or radiation therapy can alter where we are headed.

    Even the natural growth cycle genetic programming of apoptosis has been altered and weakened.

    America is definitely an ‘experiment’, a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong.

    One thing is for sure: as America becomes more diverse, multicultural, and woke, the rights that many White Americans took for granted will erode and disappear.

    The predicted White Minoritization trajectory is incorrect and the differential equation needs to be adjusted. This will occur much sooner as many of us in the field already know.

    It’s impossible to truly predict and map the chaos that lays ahead and offer an antidote but the best advice is to……


  5. We need to actively discourage violence by making positive suggestions for non-violent action.

    1. Always vote, be a one-issue voter, the issue is immigration.
    2. Boycott Hollywood and the mainstream media.
    3. As an awakened White, you are a rare and precious resource. Your first responsibility is to take good care of yourself – fitness, career, social connections etc.
    4. Compared to a normie, you are saving money by boycotting the so-called entertainment industry and mainstream media. You don’t have a monthly cable TV bill. Give one half of these savings to White advocates. A win-win-win situation.
    5. If you know anyone who is an FBI agent, warn them that they will spend eternity in hell if they do not repent and resign from that evil organization.

  6. Whites can’t even organize in public of Antifa violence.If the FBI digs deep who funds and organize the the Antifa,the’ll pull ADL out of rabbit hat.

  7. This is a huge problem with ZOG. Sonetimes they prevent violence and other times do nothing while violence happens. Whatever fits ZOG’s agenda. 9/11 being a perfect example. Deo Vindice !

  8. This nation is an antichrist hellhole. Democracy was its nursing mother.

    ““There are three major forms of State structure that differ radically in their relation to God and man: autocracy, despotism and democracy. In modern parlance, “autocracy” is virtually equivalent to “absolutism” or “despotism”. But in this work it signifies something different: monarchy in union with the Church, respectful of her essential independence and submitting to her in matters of faith. Despotism is monarchy that attempts to control the people in all aspects of its life, including the Church. And democracy is the despotism of public opinion regardless of the teaching of the Church. Autocracy is the only form of government that is pleasing to God; and in the Byzantine and Russian empires it has guided multitudes of men to the Church and salvation, in spite of the sins of its rulers. Despotism and democracy are two aspects of the same bipolar disease; in them Providence still guides men to salvation, but in spite of rather than with the help of governments, insofar as the dominant ideology is now not Orthodox Christianity but paganism, heresy or atheism.

    This is not an original thesis. In 1877 the philosopher Vladimir Soloviev made essentially the same distinction when he identified three basic forces incarnate in his time especially in Islam, the West and the Russian Orthodox Autocracy.”


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