Donald Trump Visits India

It looks like Donald Trump got a warm reception in India.

What are they so excited about over there? Could it be the plan to change our immigration laws to import all these people as guest workers and high skilled legal immigrants?

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  1. I would have to have a perfumed handkerchief pressed to my nose at all times like Amon Göth in the movie did if I was Trump.

    • Maybe they mandated that everyone take a bath prior to his arrival… but where? The Ganges?
      Gag, puke, stink. Idolatrous, blasphemous, sh*t-laden hellhole. It was better off when the English ruled over it all.

      • It would have been an incredible optics failure had a partially cremated corpse gone floating by during Blompf’s insincere speech.

        • Did Trump also offer a grain of incense to that Hindu god with all the arms? Just one grain, not even an ounce. If he did would his ‘religious’ MAGA followers know that is prohibited if one is a Christian? Would Trump know?

  2. India is gaining steam in globohomoschlmo shopping rackets.

    Big banks are changing the way they do business, bringing streetshitters into the 21st century jew world order

  3. “What are they so excited about over there? Could it be the plan to change our immigration laws to import all these people as guest workers and high skilled legal immigrants?”

    Since the (((globalists))) have poisoned China for being “Nazis”, they will be looking for a replacement sweatshop country.

    India has an exploding population and is very poor, so working conditions and wages will be horrible. Also India unlike China is democratic, so the politicians will be easier for the globalists to corrupt and control.

  4. Blompf is allowing more dot-Indian tech people to be imported here, so the trillion-dollar Big Tech companies can hoard more wealth. Even though the subcontinental techies aren’t known for their competence, they work cheap. They’re also tribal types that mainly hire their own. Segregation is coming back, from college dorms to coding cubicles. This time, it’s the dusky people doing the racial separation. If Jim Crow’s good enough for them….

    • Yes he does. The Moslems are furious (again) because of their exclusion from obtaining citizenship, a wise move on the part of PM Modi. PM Modi will get away with his blatant discrimination against Moslems because he is a colored person discriminating against other colored people. Everyone knows, only white people can be racists and guilty of discrimination.

      Is corona on the march in India yet? Pakistan, India’s unfriendly neighbor has reported cases of corona. It’s difficult to believe with thousands of miles of borders to patrol that India can keep corona out. Maybe that Hindu god with all the arms can catch all the people sneaking in.

  5. The immigrants from India in the United States expect White Americans to hire them. But the Indian immigrants in the USA who own businesses, they only hire their own kind. If a White American business owner told an Indian immigrant in the USA looking for a job, “I only hire White Americans”, there would be a major lawsuit and it would be international news and the Indian immigrant would definitely win the lawsuit. But Indian immigrants in the USA can discriminate against White Americans all they want and the law allows that.

    And the Indian immigrants in the USA who work in Silicon Valley/Computer Science, are deeply ANTI-White.

    Trump only gets concerned about NON-White racism when NON-Whites attack Jews. He never gets concerned about NON-White racism when NON-Whites attack us Whites. Jews are not White, for those who may not realize that. Even the Jews admit they’re not of the White Race. Now the Jews are admitting that.

  6. Zionists see Hindu nationalists as allies. Zionists and Hindu nationalists are united by the common hatred for Muslims.Hindu nationalists incited anti-Muslim riots in Delhi for the benefit of Zionist Trump. Hindu nationalists are second to none when it comes to ass kissing Israel.

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