Joe Biden Is Running For U.S. Senate

This actually happened last night.

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  1. It’s too funny in that the establishment and their msm lapdogs were pushing for this senile dotard to be the next Commander in Chief. They really know how to pick them. No wonder they’ve thrown their support to “Munchkin Mike.”

  2. Biden is a sleazeball and a total disgrace – but this is just sad. I hope they put him out of his misery after this, and just let him go home.

  3. Time for Old Joe to retire to the golf course. As loathsome as he is, it’s tragic to see an old man of such distinction making a fool of himself in front of the cameras.

    In DC where bullshit is the lingua franca, a televised round of golf between seasoned players like DJT, Mini Mike, and Old Joe would better determine fitness as president. Gnostics like Bernie who’re besotted with remaking the world don’t have time for golf, or for any civilized socializing for that matter because it’s anathema to their maniacal obsessions.

  4. Vote for the OTHER Biden? Was the addled old nutjob referring to Hunter, the special needs son who can only make money from his father’s name and corruption? Hunter Biden for the US Senate in South Carolina?

    Thanks to incidents like this, and his continuing need to smell children while tightly holding onto them (“Nuzzlehumping”), I think Creepy Uncle Joe needs to be quietly escorted to a “Senior Memory Care Facility.” We wouldn’t want him to start publicly revealing national security secrets because the staff forgot to give him his pudding, so Biden might need to have a rather convenient, fatal “accident” while there.

    • Don’t forget that Hunter Biden knocked up some low rent stripper in Arkansas, denied that the baby was his until a paternity test proved it was and then claimed to be broke so as not to pay child support.

  5. Its taken out of context to be fair. Delete this article and do better research the next time you are supposed to publish something.

  6. And now! Stand by for another forgettable episode of the misadventures of…SENILE DEMENTIA MAN!! *cue theme music* (Moody Blues recording of ” Lost, In a Lost World “)

  7. I dig his confidence and energy, also he isn’t afraid to grope any skank that falls into his orbit.

    Joe has got my vote! That other Biden can fuck off and pound sand!

  8. I think Joe Biden’s campaign is extremely well integrated, this because his stances on what he would do, if elected president, largely mirror a mind that is out of sync with the time in history in which it finds itself.

    That anyone would entertain the erstwhile vice president’s candidacy for more than a few minutes is akin to the diabetic who, upon awakening in the morning, skips his insulin shot in order to get to a breakfast of Pop-Tarts & Frosted Flakes!

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