Former Atomwaffen Leader ‘Rape’ Charged With Swatting Journos

I haven’t heard much about Atomwaffen in well over a year now. The accelerationist group seemed to disappear after briefly gaining notoriety after Charlottesville.

Back in 2018, I thought the threat posed by Atomwaffen was overblown. There was a murder of a Jewish homosexual in California. There was the jihadist who killed his roommates in Florida. There was another guy in Virginia who killed his girlfriend’s parents. While all these incidents were tied to Atomwaffen, there was no overarching pattern to the violence or any reason to believe it was going anywhere. Indeed, I don’t believe Atomwaffen has been linked to anything new since those murders, but that doesn’t matter since the DOJ and FBI are now just locking up as many White Nationalists as possible.


“The FBI has arrested the former leader of the neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen for his alleged participation in a swatting campaign targeting politicians, a historically black church, and journalists.

John Cameron Denton, 26, who also goes by “Rape,” was arrested Wednesday morning in his hometown of Montgomery, Texas. Federal prosecutors alleged that he participated in the harassment tactic known as “swatting” which entails tricking dispatchers into believing that someone is in mortal danger and requires immediate help from police or dispatchers. …”

‘Rape’ has been arrested for conspiracy to swat journos.

Seriously? Is that all he was doing? The leader of the most violent White Nationalist group in the country which is supposedly a greater threat than ISIS was arrested for making crank phone calls? There is another Atomwaffen member who was arrested in Texas and charged with possessing a firearm and marijuana and THC oil. Yet another Atomwaffen member in Virginia was arrested over gun possession charges for purchasing marijuana, mushrooms and LSD. The common thread that ties together all these cases and charges is the lack of evidence that the people who are being arrested were doing anything.

The FBI is under political pressure to “do something” about accelerationist mass shootings. So it is rounding up known White Nationalists and putting them in prison on bullshit charges because it can’t stop lone wolves. It has been going on for six months now and is getting worse.

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  1. We knew the crackdowns were coming, right?

    Sit tight, every-one. Be safe. Don’t write stupid things online.

    CoronaChan is riding to the rescue…just wait….

  2. It would actually be possible to accelerate to something people would actually want. When you “hit the gas” towards something people don’t want, it throws things in reverse.

    9 months left.

  3. If a White Mayor shoots a White Police Chief, or a White Police Chief shoots a White City Councilman, is that White Nationalism? Sometimes these White backyard feuds over parking regulations or zoning regulations for RV’s and boats gets out of hand.

    I heard of one FBI raid over neighbors having an argument over parking/zoning regulations, when one neighbor threw another neighbor under the bus to the FBI. Now the whole damn little town is in an uproar. LOL. The FBI needs mature adult supervision. I would be glad to nominate Mike Hill, or Keith Alexander for Director of the FBI.

    Btw, IMHO Atomwaffen, whoever they are, should be arrested for false advertising for claiming to be White Nationalists.

    • If you are wondering what the establishment and FBI’s defintion of White Nationalist is, it is the same as the SPLC’s defintion. They have defined White Nationalism as anyone who is not anti-White and is Pro White.

      So unless you are a self loathing White, there is no place for you anywhere according to these people. You don’t have to be White to be a White Nationalist. You can be a non-White who is not anti-White, and they will label you “White Nationalist” in their mainstream media.

      Only self hating Whites or non-Whites who hate Whites are acceptable to the establishment. They will try to put you in jail if you aren’t. They are making TV shows as we speak encouraging people to hunt down and torture-murder “White Nationalists”.

      The above is in regards to Al Pacino’s Hunters:

      • The United States was Founded and run by White Nationalists until recently—to put it mildly! How recently, would be a good debate?

  4. In the context of what you just reported Mr. Wallace, this next story should tell you everything you need to know about the treatment of “white nationalists” vs real criminals in our society who engage in horrific acts of violence.

    In St. Louis, MO. a 15 year-old Somali refugee, who is 6′ and 175 pounds, robbed a neighbor and attacked her with a screwdriver, stabbing her in the head trying to kill her. The St. Louis prosecutor dropped all charges against him because he has an IQ of 49.

    Here is the News story:

    Here is the Twitter feed I first saw the story on:

    Here is the blog post I wrote about it, called, “Meet Hassan.”

    Not only did they drop all charges against him, but the prosecutor told the victim that if he attacks her again they are “powerless” to lock him up because it is forbidden to imprison those who have IQs of 49.

    I urge everyone to look at this story and ask yourselves why white nationalists are being locked up as Somali refugees with IQs of 49 get a blank check to rape and murder?

  5. He may have been a “lone nutjob” in a cabin, but the man wasn’t wrong.

    21. Leftists may claim that their activism is motivated by compassion or by moral principles, and moral principle does play a role for the leftist of the oversocialized type. But compassion and moral principle cannot be the main motives for leftist activism. Hostility is too prominent a component of leftist behavior; so is the drive for power. Moreover, much leftist behavior is not rationally calculated to be of benefit to the people whom the leftists claim
    to be trying to help. For example, if one believes that affirmative action is good for black people, does it make sense to demand affirmative action in hostile or dogmatic terms? Obviously it would be more productive to take a diplomatic and conciliatory approach that would make at least verbal and symbolic concessions to white people who think that affirmative action discriminates against them.
    But leftist activists do not take such an approach because it would not satisfy their emotional needs. Helping black people is not their real goal. Instead, race problems serve
    as an excuse for them to express their own hostility and frustrated need for power. In doing so they actually harm black people, because the activists’ hostile attitude toward
    the white majority tends to intensify race hatred.

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