Operation Gridlock

I’ve said from the beginning of outbreak in China in January that our culture is simply incapable of dealing with the coronavirus and we would be the hardest hit as a result. While this is winding down in China and New Zealand, the agony is just getting started here.

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  1. Something had to arise to bring The American People back to some sort of reality, beyond that of chasing vain dreams of uninterrupted godless pleasures.

    Sometimes it is only a buttwhoopin’, or, in this case, the prospect of death, that can straighten a kid.

    I know. I had to rear two kids who oft liked to be hellbent to listen to this world, while ignorin’ their mama and me.

    And when they got that way, a ‘rearin’ is precisely what they got.

    That is why I have prayed every night for The Good Lord to keep taking the Hickory Switch to us, until we straighten up and fly somethin’ more akin to what is right.

    • More parents and people in general like Ivan and we would never have gotten into any of these current situations ranging from the state of the country, Western world and reaction to this disease

      • You have to be an alpha male with children, even though your heart is breaking while you get to the ‘seat of the problem.’ And it doesn’t stop when they are older- you have to go the distance to present a man before his God, as an adult. I had a face-to-face confrontation with one of our sons when he was @17, and there was a moment where I saw clear rebellion in his eyes; and I challenged him- seriously challenged the mess of testosterone on youth, and he backed down. If I had merely tried to ‘talk’ to that punk kid, all of our rearing would have been in vain. He’s now much older (mentally as well as chronologically) has a serious sense of purpose, is chaste, is working at his chosen field, and is both loving and respectful to us and others, even in lockdown. (college is closed, so he had to come home his final year) Now his mom and I pray that our baptismal promises made for him become a flame in his heart, to make his faith living- as we pray also for his bride (wherever she is) so they are both ready, when that event happens, and the Almighty leads them to one another.

        You’re correct Ivan. God is winnowing the wheat, and the chaff is being blown away. May we be the former, to bring forth righteous fruit, an hundredfold…..and not the latter. Deo Volente.

  2. State has their license numbers. I wouldn’t be surprised if their electricity, internet and water service begins to have problems. And visits from code enforcers. Many will get pullled over and harrassed by the badgeheroes. Tax audits. Much more can be done. FBI can and does visit neighbors, telling them you are a terrorist. Go ahead and protest. Just be prepared for the shitstorm headed your way.

  3. What an embarrassment to the White race! They lack both political and scientific (hygienic and biological) common sense. “Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad” comes to mind. It is the “gods” of the FOX wing of Mainstream Media that targets (and target-advertises to) Republicans, that makes them mad and do this.

    • The real embarrassment to the White Race are the millions of idiots, of the CENTURIES, that do the slavish bidding of whatever ruinous scam the kikes concoct.

    • MAGApedes flying their Trump flags at the rally – ya know – because a guy that gives the kikes on Wall St Trillions is such a Man Of the People. This is just partisan BS instigated by the (((Usual Suspects))) – Whites vs White and the Hand-Rubbing Intesifies.

    • There was a quote – it might’ve been from Ferdinand Foch- something to the effect that America will be the first nation in history to rise and fall without a period of high culture in between.

    • We did once, I remember it.

      I was kid in the 1960s, growing up in an all-white, mid-sized city called Phoenix, Arizona, population, 200,000 in 1971 when I was 13. Back then, before Walmart, Starbucks, and Amazon took over, we had a common culture. When you said, “It’s about baseball, hot dogs, and Mom’s apple pie” everyone understood what you meant. Trying using that phrase today to a Somali in Minneapolis, or an Afghan in New York: they will look at you as if you have lost your mind. What is apple pie? What does that mean?

      Life wasn’t perfect back then, but we did have a common culture: a WASP culture that everyone agreed on. Republicans and Democrats had their differences, but we all saw ourselves as citizens: American citizens. Sadly, those days are long gone.

      Yes, you are correct. Today it is nothing but commercialism, vain (and vulgar) entertainment, and mindless consumerism.

      With apologies to MAGA supporters, a man like Trump would have NEVER been elected to congress or the senate, much less to the presidency in my day. Because even if many agreed with his stated political positions (which have turned out to be hollow) a man like Trump was simply too vulgar, too vain, and too “low-brow” to have ever won the presidency in the 1950s or 1960s. We were a different nation then, with no tolerance for actors, comedians, or entertainers to hold our highest, most sacred office. Actors, comedians, and entertainers were fine on TV or radio, but it was ludicrous for anyone to think that they had what it takes to govern a nation like the US.

      Tragically, that all changed in 1980 when we elected a low-brow actor who had to be fed his lines in an earpiece as he spoke about “morning in America.”

      America, my America, has never been the same since.

      • “man like Trump would have NEVER been elected to congress or the senate, ”

        I dunno, we had LBJ.
        Trump seems a saint, by comparison.

    • Yep. What do these people usually do with their precious rights? Mostly just materialism, narcissism, and degeneracy. Poor babies.

  4. Protest movement in the US will probably force the issue one way or another. I’m not sure I understand why older skilled male workers would want to expose themselves to Covid 19 like this. Very interesting that guys in their fifties with skilled jobs are protesting this. Can anyone take a discrete look into the identity of these protesters? Not to Dodd identities but to see if it’s spontaneous or astroturfed? We are being bombarded with AstroTurf clapping campaigns in the UK and these end the quarantine protests ought to be scrutinised carefully and discretely to see if they are linked to powerful interests in any direct way.

    The wisdom of the crowds will end the quarantine anyway but it’s got to be timed right. If people don’t want to go back work they shouldnt be compelled yet. It’s got to be a populist demand not a media or capitalist led phenomenon.

    • Captain John, it is astroturfed in as much as you are looking at the main audience of Fox News and the most vocal people on Facebook. Whites aged 48 to 80. They are watching or posting 24/7 and the seeds have been planted since day one that although this is a world wide event, somehow it revolves around them and their president. They don’t argue that the third world is being escorted in by the tens of millions for decades now and will be the first to hire illegals to work in their businesses… But if you dare come “muh freedoms”…

  5. These mental midgets don’t seem to realize that we don’t live in a bubble. Externalities exist.

    That’s something Lolitarians and Cuckservatives seem to ignore.

    Just imagine if this virus killed more quickly. Half of the country would be dead right now thanks to idiots like these.

    Let this be a wake up call, this country is screwed.

  6. What constitutional rights do these people believe are being violated?

    There is no constitutional right to operate a business. Government has the authority to regulate business, including shutting them down temporarily/permanently. Always has.

    • Dart,

      1. Unlike you, there are millions of Whites who actually appreciate and respect their right to move around outside their homes. The sick should be quarantined, but the healthy should NEVER be quarantined.

      2. Racist Commies like you need to shut your spiteful mouths and leave this country altogether. Your shilling for god-awful leftist economic policies only makes life worse for those who actually want to make an honest living. It doesn’t matter how much you hate burgers, shopping malls, or Disney World. You have no right to erase the way of life that White America has decided it wants. You’ve been left behind. Even most White liberals in this country are socially and culturally liberal but fiscally moderate. The opposition to socialism isn’t just coming from conservatives. It’s coming from moderates and liberals. Joe Biden is the Democrat nominee, not Bernie Sanders, Pocahantas, or Yang Gang. A neoliberal will be our next President regardless of who wins in November. Socialists have lost, and they will continue to lose. The cattle shall NEVER run the farm.

      • Never in history has a population convinced itself to OPPOSE better conditions but leave it to American “free market” loving libertards. You probably call ancient Rome “socialist” for daring to distribute grain to the people. Prohibition of usury, helping the poor and years of debt forgiveness in the Bible? DAT’S SOCIALISM HRR DURR.

        Maybe you should look at WHY people flocked to anti-white Jew Sanders instead of following the embarrassing TPUSA and Fox News (minus Tucker) route of crying over abstract political ideals.

        • Never in history has a population convinced itself to OPPOSE better conditions

          Except, ending the shutdown and reopening America would, in fact, result in better conditions for the majority of White Americans. It’s true, some people would die from Covid-19. Maybe 60,000, maybe 100,000, maybe more. So what? Death is part of life. Death is part of living in a first world society. Death can’t and shouldn’t be eliminated.

          You probably call ancient Rome “socialist” for daring to distribute grain to the people. Prohibition of usury, helping the poor and years of debt forgiveness in the Bible?

          You’ve got me in one regard: Helping the poor is unironically bad, and the fact that the Jews have convinced us otherwise for 2000 years proves them right about how degenerate we are. The eugenicists of the early 20th century figured this out: Helping poor white people is dysgenic, and we should let them suffer nature’s consequences for being low IQ and lacking initiative. We shouldn’t try to save all White people. We should save Whites who, by virtue of their superior character, are worthy of being saved.

          Maybe you should look at WHY people flocked to anti-white Jew Sanders instead of following the embarrassing TPUSA and Fox News (minus Tucker) route of crying over abstract political ideals.

          1. Tucker is on my side in this COVID-19 debate. He wants to reopen the economy and recognizes the danger of shutting down people’s livelihoods indefinitely.

          2. The white people who flock to Bernie are selfish pieces of garbage who care about nothing but their own particular, unfortunate circumstances: “Muh healthcare! Muh student loan debt! Mu house prices!” Screw those people and their needs. They don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, and most Whites don’t support their socialist agenda, as the Bernie Bros learned the hard way in the DNC primaries this year.

  7. The protesters are REAL Heroes and REAL Americans. The Twitter leftards are mocking them. Wait til the food supply dried up. FUCK the (((virus))) – any one who lets ZOG destroy their lives, takes their homes so the Chinese can get ’em, and leaves yo uwith nothing but mealworms as food – go shoot yourself in the head because you are IN THE WAY.

    • Denise,

      If I had know that 10,000 people would show up, I’d have made the drive to Lansing today. A WN friend of mine was asking me if I wanted to go. Now I’m pissed that I missed it. Like you said, all those White faces that showed up today are the kind of good, kind people with agency and character that we are trying to save. The socialists and the racist leftists HATE those types of Whites and, like a virus trying to replicate itself (ahe), only want to save whites like themselves – the failures and outcasts of our race who, wittingly or unwittingly, do the Jews work for them.

  8. Safety from disease is a legitimate concern, but so is our liberty. The danger from the virus is real, but so is the danger that evil people will seize on it as a means to enhance their power. We must find a proper balance between safety and freedom. If protecting our lives means sacrificing every value, then what value does life really have?

  9. I don’t wish harm or suffering on anyone, definitely not death as almost everyone has family that will be left to deal with the pieces. But these buffoons really deserve whatever they get for selfishly putting not just themselves but others in harms way for what? So they can resume consumption and wolfing down greasy fast food on their way to the mall. I’ve lost three family members and several family friends, including a kid named Kevin whom I coached in PeeWee. Every day someone new gets diagnosed and the number of neighbors stuck inside hacking their brains out with 103 fevers because the hospitals are full and they tell you there is nothing they can do for you anyway? I’ve lost count.

    If there was a reason to loathe brain dead Sean Hannity viewers and MAGA heads beyond their blind arrogance at “following the plan” look no further. What an embarrassment. For all this talk about higher intelligence among whites, the only people i see acting like tards?

  10. Very interesting that guys in their fifties with skilled jobs are protesting this.

    Men take risks for gain all the time, it’s the basic nature of masculinity. That skilled men in their 50s are willing to take risks to make money – thus, gain sex, social status, etc. – is expected.

    AFAICT, the risk of dying in a car crash on your way to work is still far higher than dying from Covid-19.

    • Lousy analogy. If you included the prideful driver was six Jack Daniels deep into a bottle before getting behind the wheel, it would atleast make a shred of sense unlike your deluded analogy. If the 55 year old sheet metal worker was only risking his health it would be one thing, but in this case the imbecile is putting everyone from his family to his neighbors to the local denizens of Walmart and Hooters at risk because you know in his peabrain that impeding his ability to eat dog shit food and shop for fishing reels and ice cream bars is unconstitutional.

      Don’t conflate masculinity and responsibility with a need to impose somones will to “own the libs”

      • Captain Schill,

        There’s virtually no public activity you can engage in – including driving a vehicle – that can’t be construed as being harmful to someone else. Every time we step outside to do something, we effect the lives of others, either directly or indirectly. Thus, the argument that “you can’t go outside because you might harm others” has no validity or currency.

        The REAL question, since we cannot and should not try to eliminate harm entirely, is how can we minimize harm to others? In the case of a pandemic, the proper response is: Quarantine the sick. But sorry, the healthy should never be forcefully kept in their homes. It is worth the risk that others might get harmed in order to maintain the right to go about our daily lives and make a living for ourselves.

        If you think the government has the right to order healthy people to live in doors, than America isn’t the country for you. Here, we respect our freedoms, and we look with contempt on control-freaks like you who would order us to stay indoors just because you have a problem with what we chose to eat and where we chose to shop. Your spiteful opinions don’t matter. We will eat where we want and shop where we want whether you approve of it or not.

  11. An economy based on burger joints and sports bars isn’t going to last anyway. Change is on the way, like it or not.

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