Michael Savage Has Been a Conservative Outlier

I don’t listen to Michael Savage.

Apparently, he is one of the few people though in conservative talk radio who isn’t an idiot and took the virus seriously from the beginning.

New York Times:

“There are a lot of people who are ruining the country right now, according to Michael Savage. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Liberal mayors in big cities like San Francisco. Undocumented immigrants. Homeless people.

But for the past two months, listeners to Mr. Savage’s conservative radio show have heard him howl with unabated contempt about another menace: “The pimps” in the right-wing media “who tell you what you want to hear.” They are “intellectual dwarfs” and “science illiterates,” he says, who spent weeks downplaying the threat from the coronavirus epidemic and accusing President Trump’s opponents of exaggerating it to hurt him politically.

On Mr. Savage’s broadcast, which has one of the largest audiences in talk radio with 7.5 million listeners each week, the virus has never been a hoax or a bad case of the sniffles. He has lectured his fans on the research in detail: How it is transmitted; which treatments are proving effective; and the difference between morbidity and mortality rates.With no small amount of self-satisfaction, Mr. Savage reminds people of his credentials — a Ph.D. and training in epidemiology — and of the fact that he was one of the few voices in conservative media who had warned them all along. …

“We’re living in a terrible time in America where truth has died,” Mr. Savage, who was one of the first conservative media stars to urge Mr. Trump to run for president, told his audience. “This is crazy,” he added, pointing to the way the president’s defenders always accuse the left of spreading “fake news.”“How can we not let our side be called on the carpet when they lie to the people?

”That was Feb. 24. …

His contempt for hosts like Mr. Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, whose top-rated radio shows draw more than 30 million listeners each week, is especially searing. He mocks them as “Dr. Hannity” and “Rush Limbaugh, M.D., Ph.D.,” belittles their lack of education compared with his, and berates people who took their claims seriously. …”

Is this true?

I don’t know much about him.

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    • what’s tragic is that HW, a fellow white hardRight, is also

      slandering the lovely Corona-chan. HW!

      Corona-chan only wants to help us thin the urban herd, and

      maybe good a few rural boomercucks as well. HW,

      please stop slandering Corona-chan!!

        • Ewww. Not only does he look like a living flesh sack that those masks of ‘Remember, remember the something December’ crowd tended to wear a few years ago, he’s also a kike…. and a faggot?

          Three strikes, you’re out.

          Clearly, Brad has sold out… in a big way. Either that, or he’s approaching 40, and the comfort of his padded cell is looking better and better to him….. known as Amurrica.

          “For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.” Hey. 13:14

    • It may just be, Dear Miss Denise, that Mr. Griffin has reached the point where he is more interested to find the truth, than he is in appraising the source through which it passes.

      • Truth NEVER comes out of the mouth of a Christ killer….or a heretic.

        “…the slander of those who say that they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.” Rev. 2:9

        “no one is a Jew who is merely one outwardly, nor is circumcision outward and physical.” Rom. 2:28

        ” I will make those of the synagogue of Satan who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—behold, I will make them come and bow down before your feet and they will learn that I have loved you.” Rev. 3:9

        “Their end is destruction, their god is their belly, and they glory in their shame, with minds set on earthly things.” Phil 3:19

        “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.” Matt. 25:31

        “And many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of truth will be blasphemed. And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep.” 2 Pet. 2:2-3

        “One who is well-pleasing to God is to be preferred over myriads who are invested with presumption.”
        – Saint Theodore the Studite [PG 99, 1081C; PG 99, 1084A]

        “Certainly, it is not the utterly presumptuous opinion of the enemies of truth that makes penalties (especially ecclesiastical penalties) fearful, but rather the culpability of those who are condemned; for guiltlessness changes their punishments into a mockery, and turns their condemnations back upon them, and results in undefiled crowns and immortal glory, rather than condemnation, for him who is castigated by them. Therefore, all the pious and holy prefer to be reviled myriads of times by those who are alienated from Christ rather than, with splendid acclamations, to have communion with their Christ-hating and God-hating villainies.” – St. Photius the Great [Letter to Ignatius, Metropolitan of Claudiopolis, PG 102, 833 A-C]

        Ivan, you don’t know sh*t.

        • @Father John

          “Truth NEVER comes out of the mouth of a Christ killer….or a heretic. ”

          Dear Father, I respectfully disagree. I have witnessed great truth and wisdom from even the most degenerate and afflicted, and or conversely greedy, people you could imagine.

          Conversely, I have heard, and witnessed, falsehoods come out of the mouths and actions of those who, in almost all their affairs, are virtuous and wise people.

          God is always revealing Himself to all people, though not only is
          His revelations not equal, people are often unable to enact in their lives those glorious truths they have heard.

          Thus, I have never known any individual or groups of people who had no wisdom or, conversely, had it all.

          I discount no one – including those who detest and decry me.

          If I have accumulated knowledge in this life, it is because of this attitude.

          I consider that God does not limit Himself in His avenues of truth (The Apostle Paul is a true example) so I will not limit it, either.

          But, yes, I would agree with you that you have to listen more carefully to some people than others.

          In any case, I am wishing you the very best on this weekend!

  1. Savage was f^cked over by (((media execs))) that wanted to hand over a prime radio slot to Ben Shapiro, the cuckervative chicken hawk and globoschlomo favorite. I don’t listen to him, either, but I can respect Savage because of how TPTB screwed him over but couldn’t keep him down.

    • “Savage was f^cked over by (((media execs))) ”

      Read how savage and his jew crew stole his radio spot from Jim Eason, read the dirty tricks they used to sabotage his program and steal an anchor station from which he could syndicate his program. Read all the back stabbing and subterfuge they used to secure weiner’s position.

      A study in jewish dirty tricks and group coordinated swindling.

      • I never knew that, Arian. After I read what you wrote, I tried to look that up, but couldn’t find anything specific about it. All I found was, the station Eason and Savage were on in SF dropped their policy of station hosts not being allowed to criticize each other in 1993, and then it was open season. I’ve no doubt that Savage could’ve been as Machiavellian as you say, though. Imus hated Stern, who hated him back, and Stern went out of his way to insult and destroy his competition like Imus. The most successful talk radio people seem to be insecure, hateful egotists.

        The ultimate lesson here is, karma’s a bitch.

        • The info on savage is years old,
          Maybe the websites have scrubbed their old material.
          It all happened at (((KGO)), home of the pedophile crypto ((bernie ward)).
          You might search KGO.

          KARMA needs glasses, she misses a lot of ppl.

  2. MICHAEL WEINER (his real Russian-Jewish birth name) has been tireless in his advocacy of borders, language, and culture, even though his principle area of specialty is as a doctor of Ethno-Botany, and as an author of many books concerning trees, plants, and medicine, and, yes, in the last 15 years – politicks.

    Whether you hold Dr. Savage in regard or not, he has been the most high profile American Nationalist, over the past 25 years.

    His plain spoken ways, and his common sense advocacy for things such as English as the only language in this country, it’s why they fired him at MSNBC, why they hate him at FoxNews and it’s why he was barred from entering Great Britain some years back – this on the grounds that he is seen as a terrorist threat.

    It’s also why Candidate Trump appeared numerous times on his radio show, began in the 2015-16 election cycle

    Of course, Dr. Savage is a threat to those who began trying to get this country under their grip with Alexandre Hamilton, and who, in 1913, moved into high gear.

    In spite of his blood, Dr. Savage has been brutally critically of those whom he refers to as ‘The Katzenberg-Ratzenberg Crowd’, whom he regards as having successfully colluded to destroy this land.

    Though I do not agree with Dr. Savage on everything, I find that, with a daily listening audience of 12,000,000+, he is the only national media figure, other than Tucker Carlson & Ann Coulter, who actually try to bring into view what the actual issues are.

    He does not mince words, and, just as does Jared Taylor, he does not believe that non-Europeans can ever successfully become European.

    Simple enough, though, in an era like this, where lies are lauded for truth and truth are held as lies, his behavior at the national level has been revolutionary and extremely brave, to say the least.

    Lastly, Dr. Savage has infuriated The Judeo-Bolshevist Left with his assertions that bringing 3rd World immigrants here would bring expose us to a potential disaster, from not just a cultural and racial point of view, but, from a bacterial.

    From that point of view, the bacterial, Dr. Savage predicted what has occurred these past months, all the way back in the 1990s, and when it came, he was quick to call this pandemic for what it is – along with calling for how to prevent something of a worse nature coming up the road.

    I wish President Trump would listen to Dr. Savage more often, but, as Dr. Savage has called out President Trump for not being consequential on his Immigration Policy, nor for a withdrawal from theatres of unjust wars, and, as well, for allowing the trophy hunting of rare animals to continue, President Trump has been shying away from Dr. Savage’s radio program.

    • One ironical note I forgot to mention : ——- though Dr. Savage is unabashedly a pro-Israel Jew, he is high on the publick list the Southern Poverty Law Centre maintains for those thought criminals they label as ‘White Supremacists’.

      To my way of thinking, this just may be one of Dr. Savage’s best credentials yet…

      • This is a trick, to infuse their ppl into the camp of the opposition. They have used this method for centuries to control an subvert gentile opposition.

        Like two sheepdogs, driving a flock, by barking from opposite sides.

    • Yeah, he was spewing MAGA-style talking points back when Trump was still buddy-buddy with the Clinton junta. I especially loved all his anti-moslem shtick on his old radio show

      • Very true, BR – and his very unMuslim ‘schtick’ is still in his holster for service any ole day.

        Sad that his being the first major figure to endorse Candidate Trump ultimately cost him the 8 o’clock hour – for Ben Shapiro, though a bright young lad, is not fit to tie his shoes, the quick-thinking lad simply too young to be able to penetrate beyond the fundamentals of the issues.

        I remember when I first saw Dr. Savage, and his ‘Savage-Nation’, on MSNBC in the late 1990s, I almost fell over in my chair!

      • Yes, Powell, like you, I really do not enjoy certain Yankee accents – above all the heavy Michigan-Wisconsin Gentile Accent and that of The New York Jews.

        I also do not like how urban Northeastern speak in a brusque manner, like they are somehow trying to stab the air.

        Ugh ! …. so unmusical, twisted, and harsh to these Southern ears.

        This is why, though I revere womanhood in general, I could never be married to a lady who was not a White Southern country gal.

        My wife’s melodious Southeastern Alabama voice, and utterings, fill me full of joy every hour of the day.

        If she died before me, I would miss the sound of her voice terribly.

        For me, Southern Ladies are the closest thing to God on this earth – proof that not only did The Good Lord have good taste, but, that he was a ladies’ man!

          • Hell no, it ain’t, Sir – I dun’ got me one of the best ever, from a place I am no longer sure is on the map – Perote!

          • @Gamecock…

            Thank you for asking.

            My wife has a most beautiful voice – rivalled by few ladies anywhere.

            It is warm, melodious, sweet, coy, lilting, and mysterious – all the while having a pronounced mischievous and whimsical quality to it.

            The voice of my wife, unlike the voice of Tallulah Bankhead (a degenerate Alabama lesbian who reformed her speech to suit Hollywood Jews) is a completely authentic voice to Southeastern Alabama.

        • “y wife’s melodious Southeastern Alabama voice, and utterings, fill me full of joy every hour of the day.”…….

          Lucky dude !

  3. Lots of good things to be said about Savage, but it’s beginning to look like the Corona virus has been in California since last November. If the hysteria were true, we’d all be dead by now. We’re not. This hysteria is being used to destroy this country at almost every level. I’m still not seeing numbers that show this is worse than a bad flu epidemic.

      • My God, Brad, LISTEN TO YOURSELF. “No, no, no I am right, this is no conspiracy theory, and you are wrong, I alone know what Corona is, because: Fauci, the CDC, middle-finger graphs, ‘this is no flu’ and most of all- all of my Jewish/Jewed sources, say so….. and then he quotes a Twitter feed….

        And you say Anglin is a phoney. Log in eye, Brad. Log in eye.

        • @Father John…

          “All of you, still don’t get the reality. NOTHING the “Savage Whiner/Weiner” says or does, justifies following him, BECAUSE HE IS A GOD-DAMNED JEW.

          He needs to repent (as do you all)”

          Dear Father, with respect, I do not need to repent.


          Because I have done it many times a day for quite a few years now, and have walked the walk of a Christian Man.

          Many times a day, I burst out spontaneously and recite, either in Serbian, Russian, and or English – Oh, Lord Jesus Chryst, Son of God, forgive me a Sinner!

          As to be a damned Jew, I note that the entire Christian Church was built on Jews – righteous apostles of Chryst.

          This is why folks like Miss Denise – have wandered from Christianity because they consider it too Jewish!

          In any case, be well!

  4. I have been listening to Savage since the mid 90s when I was still back in the Bay Area and before he went national.

    I can tell you that his position on this doesn’t surprise me. Back then he was regularly talking about the dangers of marijuana use citing scientific research. Of course the pro pot people couldn’t stand him for this.

    I may not have always agreed with him on things, but I’ve always believed he was a straight shooter and cares about this country.

    As a side note about nicknames, he used to refer to O’Reilly as the Leprechaun.

    Pretty funny actually.

    • Good points, SC Rebel.

      Yes, of course, Dr. Savage is very pro-American – as it used to be defined before the Katzenberg-Ratzenberg crowd joined the New England Egalitarian Puritans to tweak it to their whims.

      • Ivan – I know that Savage actually is excellent on many issues. He is a geniunely honest Jew, 99.9% of the time – BECAUSE he knows that America has been THE BEST HOST the Tribe has ever, ever had.

        The thing is – he needs to name the Jew AS Jews, He doesn’t do that.

        • Thank you for your kind comment, Dear Miss Denise. Dr. Savage is VERY honest – far beyond what anyone I can think of has been in the major national spotlight, save perhaps Miss Ann Coulter. – god bless her iconoclastic soul.

          And, yes, I have heard Dr. Savage said exactly what you said here – that the United States has been a great friend to Jews, as was for so long Germany, and that betraying it and bleeding it dry is no way to repay that!

          • All of you, still don’t get the reality. NOTHING the “Savage Whiner/Weiner” says or does, justifies following him, BECAUSE HE IS A GOD-DAMNED JEW.

            He needs to repent (as do you all) and until he does that, he’s no more ‘valid’ in God’s eyes, than MILO is. Because both are (in their respective ‘spheres’- another lie- [Ps. 104:5])…
            IN REBELLION TO GOD, and because of that, they/you WILL ALL PERISH.

            As Jesus said to/of them [Jews] specifically, “You brood of vipers! How can you speak good, when you are evil? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” [ Matt. 12:34]

            Listening to your arguments is like watching rabid dogs barking at one another….

          • Good point, Jannie.

            Dr. Savage has, in spite of every taboo not to, delivered a poignant and ringing critique of Jewry to the wider American publick.

            That they do not listen ain’t on him.

            Moreover, Dr. Savage was the first major figure to endorse Candidate Trump in 2015 – this at a time when 90%+ of American Jewry were ridiculously carrying on like Trump was an oberstürmbannfuhrer in the SS Sicherheitsdienst!

            Savage lifted Candidate Trump up from obscurity, with numerous interviews, and, in so doing, he lost many of his markets and his prime time hour – because he had invoked the ire of the most powerful amongst American Jewry.

            And just like us, Dr. Savage has been disappointed by president Trump.

            Yet, this does not change the fact that he did the right thing and put himself on the line to do it.

    • “I’ve always believed he was a straight shooter and cares about this country.”

      You’re being fooled, by an actor.

    • In recent days you were in the land of, ‘there is no virus’, Ben – so maybe you are now spreading your wings a bit.

      In case you did not know, Occidental Dissent has long been a straight-talking Southern Nationalist website that pursues the truth – no matter who that irks.

      • Bullshit, Ivan. I’ve been on this site, reading and commenting since shortly after the beginning. There has been a SEA CHANGE in HW’s posts, since about a year ago….

        Who are you? Brad’s new avatar?

        • @Father John…

          Dear Father, I am not Mr. Griffin.

          Yes, I see some change in Mr. Griffin, in that he has decided to pursue the truth and listen to what he regards as the truth, no matter whenceforth it arises.

          He has grown more empathetic, without changing his worldviews or his approach to writing.

          It is unrealistic to expect any man to walk through life and not mature like a wine does in the cask.

          Like you, I have been reading Mr. Griffins posts for many years.

          I liked them then, I like them now.

          They are interesting thought-provoking reading.

  5. He’s always promoted Borders, Language, and Culture which are solid American nationalist principles. That doesn’t surprise me that he’s on top of Covid-19. Deo Vindice !

    • “always promoted Borders, Language, and Culture which are solid American nationalist principles”

      That’s his uniform to infiltrate the gentile side.
      Just as the NKVD wore SS uniforms to cause havoc in the German forces.

  6. He started out taking it seriously but he now complains about the lockdown.

    He has always been an anti Muslim propagandist; there’s a Muslim behind every tree looking to force Sharia on you.[ but now we’re all covering our faces voluntarily[lol]Just kidding]. That has been his mantra; like it has his nemesis Hannity, and Fox in general.
    This virus has undermined that anti Semitic agenda[ against Semitic Arab/Muslims] .These right wing anti Muslim propagandists are all like deer in the headlights now.[ the whole purpose of the creation of the Fox network was to get the US to go to war with the Arabs[IMO]

    So now he has switched his propaganda to attacking China, like Hannity and the rest of ’em at Fox have too. He’s persona non grata at Fox, and he’s banned from Britain cause he said something homophobic, years ago,I believe.

    He did not play the game as required; attack Muslims all you want but be PC regarding everyone else. Attacking China is now acceptable but they will have someone of Chinese descent doing it for them so not to appear anti Chinese people.

    • @Nellie –

      True, Dr. Savage has evolved his thoughts on the issue as we have gone through it.

      For that matter, so have I.

      That is what ought occur in a battle – we adjust as more clarity in the situation comes through.

      Consistency of view, which is something sought after outside of battle, is nothing virtuous in a combat.

  7. Michael Savage is good, he offers a free podcast online. Yes he is Jewish, but as far as Jewish media personalities goes, he’s not the worst.

  8. Savage is good. He is an oddity in Jewish culture. He has a fairly good grasp on history through Jewish eyes. He calls out his people. But he’s a racial Zionist. He offers a good perspective.

  9. i have always thought Savage was decent , if not for anything else but his nonstop Borders,Language,Culture spiel….

    – and he at least mentions the katzenberg ,ratzenberg , hatzenberg kikes of hollywood and their evil anti American anti white degeneracy nonstop….

    He also stands up for white male “Eddies” -he calls us all the time and and asks the audience where would america or the world be without white MEN….

    I cannot stand his kvetching about Israhell and how wonderful WW2 has been for jews but he is a jew…
    As others have pointed out, this parasite knows America has been the best host country for the jew in the history of this world.
    He was removed off of NPR in 2018 i believe and then i stopped catching his show at night on my way home from my second job.
    Haven’t sought out his new podcast forum …dont care that much.
    His message is very basic and only appeals to muted normies imo.

    • @ Arian…

      When others disagree with my points of view, I do not consider ‘fooled’ or necessarily fronts or sellouts.

      Life has pointed out to me that, though I have been right many times, I have been wrong.

      Many times, or so it has seemed, I have been, ‘fooled’ by myself, Sir!

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