Yoram Hazony: Whatever Happened To ‘Honor Thy Mother And Father’?

Great question.


“From the start of the coronavirus outbreak, media reports have emphasized that most of the deaths occur among the elderly. These reports have badly misrepresented the reality of a savage disease that is in fact flooding intensive care units with adults of all ages: according to the CDC, 48 percent of coronavirus admissions to ICUs in the United States are between the ages of 20-64. True, these younger adults are more likely to survive the disease, but that’s only if there’s an ICU bed available to treat them, often for a period of more than 15 days. In northern Italy, hospitals have reportedly been refusing treatment to patients over 60 years old—precisely because they are inundated by younger adults undergoing respiratory failure. 

Eventually, commentators will wake up and stop spreading the dangerous falsehood that COVID-19 is mostly dangerous for the elderly. But in the meantime, the belief that younger individuals aren’t really at risk is revealing some unpleasant facts about the way too many of us, and especially “conservatives,” think about the older members of society. …”

Just two months ago, Yoram Hazony was excluding people like me from the “National Conservatism” conference in Rome while including the “mainstream” conservatives who preferred to sacrifice the elderly for the sake of the Jewish private equity titans and hedge fund managers who finance Trump and who preferred to “ride it out” over “spooking the markets.”

Note: Rod Dreher deserves credit for taking the virus seriously.

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  1. If I ever, ever, hear another “right to life” Conservative Christian talk about “Judaeo-Christian values” and the “sacredness of human life” I’m going to reach for a baseball bat: and I don’t play baseball.

    WTF is wrong with these people?


    “Judeo-Christian values” –

    The right to prey on your fellow man 24/7 – financially speaking, of course.

    The “sacredness of human life” –

    The right of every government to turn every people and land into a hotel for others, just to make sure that there is enough fodder for a good quarterly report.

  3. …including the “mainstream” conservatives who preferred to sacrifice the elderly for the sake of the Jewish private equity titans and hedge fund managers who finance Trump and who preferred to “ride it out” over “spooking the markets.”

    Your “arguments” are becoming simply mendacious at this point. It’s not “mainstream” conservatives who think this police state lock down is politically motivated, hysterical, and irrational, it’s “mainstream” people with a lick of intelligence and intellectual self control.

    To spin this as a trade off in favor of the “Jewish private equity titans and hedge fund managers” is also disingenuous at best, when it’s those very interests that desire and are orchestrating the police state we want ended.

    Policy measures and recommendations to protect the elderly and the otherwise vulnerable to contagious pathogens is sensible, but that’s not what we experiencing here.

    I suspect you are too smart not to appreciate that fact. Apparently you are just stubbornly over invested in your initial assessments, prepping activities and inclination to womanly hysteria.

    Give it a break already. How about some more posts on Southern history? I suspect if you go back to that research, you’ll reconnect with a heritage and a people made of much sterner stuff than you’re demonstrating lately.

    • That’s exactly what happened.

      Trump himself has said his donors advised him to “ride it out” and treat it like it was the flu. It was people like Kushner and Mnuchin who made that case in the administration in February

      • Forget Trump, he all but admitted that he’s not the final “authority” regarding shut downs (and he’s not).The police state lock down and the associated social damage is being orchestrated at the State level for the most part. 20M+ Americans (mostly white) with no job, no income, in dire straights. All non-covid medical procedures put off indefinitely, mandatory testing and vaccination around the corner, the real possibility of a biological ID for all.
        I know you want and need out of the corner you’ve painted yourself into here, it happens.
        Please try to fine a way, we need Nationalist voices more than ever now, I think yours could (should) be one of them.

        • I hate to break it to you, but a financial collapse was inevitable.

          The bubble that has been created rivals 2008. Covid-19 simply accelerated the burst.

          That’s not to say it’s good that this is happening, It clearly isn’t. These are real lives that are being effected.

          This crises has revealed our true character as a nation and it isn’t good.

          We of course suspected this, but it’s clear as day for anyone who even doubted it before.

          We are a nation of spoiled brats that wouldn’t know what sacrifice was if it bit them in the rear.

          And it’s clear that it’s not just so called SJW college students that are spoiled, we all are to a degree. We have rotted to the core.

          I think this virus is a message from God to tell us to knock it off and focus on what is important, namely each other.

          The problem is that I don’t think this message is being heard by very many people.

  4. The above excerpt is hiding how the younger covid patients are largely obese or with other pre-existing major conditions

    Americans are massively obese, and perhaps even more so USA minorities … leading to the USA covid ICU candidate situation, and the USA ‘crisis’ of obese people dying

    Maybe in Western boomer lands they take the implication of ‘honour your father and mother’ to be ‘lock down and destroy the economy so boomers can live a few more months’

    But in South-East Asia it is the EXACT opposite … what every elderly person there wants, is for their half-corrupt government to keep the economy open and going, so their children have a job and their grand-children do not starve to death, the boomers there saying, ‘If I die, I go in peace if my family will continue’


  5. I don’t know about anybody else here, but my political evolution has generally followed one basic principle: What will enable people to better survive the predations of the elite? Sometimes I evaluated that nebulous goal thru economic eyes, other times I thought promoting greater overall personal freedom was the way to do it, or developing parallel institutions and culture was the way, and so on.

    But it’s becoming clear to me that the only way to keep us from suffering at the hands of the elites is to take power away from them. (Not saying that route is perfect. Cults of personality usually destroy broad-based people’s movements and lead to a different kind of tyranny.) Hopefully, we could do that peacefully thru the ballot-box (the populist revolts of Andrew Jackson, FDR, Huey Long, and Eisenhower come to mind). State power or corporate power will win control of nations, and corporate power won’t work on our behalf, so we need to seize the reins of the state for our collective ends.

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