Coronavirus Deaths

Am I missing something here?

In the United States, there are currently 739,932 cases and 39,015 deaths. There are 107,300 closed cases and 631,623 active cases. Of those 107,300 closed cases, there were 68,285 recoveries (64%) and 39,015 deaths (36%). Let’s assume for the sake of argument that no one else gets infected with coronavirus in the United States. How will the remaining 5/6ths of current active cases resolve?

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  1. This virus MIGHT mutate and star killing our children.

    The Yellowstone supervolcano MIGHT erupt this year and send us all into another ice age.

    Key word being MIGHT.

  2. Remember that article you did a while back about China becoming too powerful for the liberal West to handle? You posted a video with Q explaining how the Federation had explored too far, and found a foe (the Borg) they cannot deal with.

    With the recent 9 trillion dollar bailout, and now the re-opening and inevitable stock market crash we know will follow when people start dropping like flies, can they afford yet another 9 trillion dollars to bail out the rich?

    Perhaps it is time to bring back Q to explain viruses to libertarians.

  3. Who really knows what’s going on at this point. The only accurate way to determine covid-19 deaths would be to compare the number of bodies pilling up with the average from previous years. That way it’s possible to get true idea of its impact.

    On a slightly related note David Duke has been giving some incredibly bad takes suggesting the lock downs are a Jewish conspiracy to hurt Zion Don’s reelection chances. It looks like Stormfront radio has joined the freedom or death crowd.

    • I think one of the symptoms of the virus is brain damage, because the entire right is losing its mind.

      Case in point, I just watched an interview with Nick Griffin on White Rabbit Radio. It must have been recorded a couple of weeks ago, because Nick was talking common sense on the virus. Nick said it is very serious and it kills the elderly mostly. He and Horus also talked about how its economic fallout, could cause the end of the failing US globohomo empire. Hooray!

      So then I went to Nick’s Twitter feed, and lol he is now encouraging people to break quarantine like Alex Jones is. Then I went to Horus the Avenger’s Twitter, and he is defending the idiot race mixing Prince Harry, who like RamZPaul is telling people the virus is nothing to worry about, and I assume to return to work to save RamZPaul’s 401k.

      See for yourself the ongoing effects of the SARS virus:

  4. Four pensioners, a pony tail (hipster on the downlow?), the Joker, an orc, and a Gen X businesswoman. Nah, I don’t think you missed anything. Wait, where is the pork-belly 2nd Amendment supporter with the “Don’t Inconvenience Me” flag?

    • They’re mostly at home, being bad asses on the internet. The ones who are out “protesting” can’t stand to be home with their spouses and children, tasked to understand the real meaning of family. Wheat/Chaff.

    • Found this on another website:

      Mortality from all causes drops and lifespan increases during an economic depression.

      See the study below, where The Great Depression is analyzed. The notes and references at the bottom of paper provide examples from other depressions/recessions.

      From abstract:

      “Population health did not decline and indeed generally improved during the 4 years of the Great Depression, 1930–1933, with mortality decreasing for almost all ages, and life expectancy increasing by several years in males, females, whites, and nonwhites. For most age groups, mortality tended to peak during years of strong economic expansion (such as 1923, 1926, 1929, and 1936–1937). In contrast, the recessions of 1921, 1930–1933, and 1938 coincided with declines in mortality and gains in life expectancy. The only exception was suicide mortality which increased during the Great Depression, but accounted for less than 2% of deaths. Correlation and regression analyses confirmed a significant negative effect of economic expansions on health gains. The evolution of population health during the years 1920–1940 confirms the counterintuitive hypothesis that, as in other historical periods and market economies, population health tends to evolve better during recessions than in expansions.”

      Life and death during the Great Depression
      José A. Tapia Granados and Ana V. Diez Roux
      PNAS October 13, 2009

  5. Give me ice cream or give me death!

    Are people really gonna risk getting corona’d over fricking ice cream seriously? Haha lol ohh new mango temptation oh nevermind maybe its worth it afterall

  6. The short answer is that it takes longer to recover than it takes to die – something like 3 times as long. So new recoveries per day should be calculated as a percentage of the new cases from 2 to 3 weeks earlier, while new deaths should be calculated as a percentage of new cases from 5-10 days earlier. You could do a ratio between those two but there’s still a lot of uncertainty in the numbers.

    Anyway it gives you a more optimistic set of results. Not great – CFR still in the .5%-5% range, depending on circumstances and on what numbers you pick – and serious enough to make governmental intervention arguable – but not catastrophic.

  7. Here is your favorite example: “ Less than a month ago, Singapore was being hailed as one of the countries that had got its coronavirus response right.
    Encouragingly for the rest of the world, the city-state seemed to have suppressed cases without imposing the restrictive lockdown measures endured by millions elsewhere.
    And then the second wave hit, hard. Since March 17, Singapore’s number of confirmed coronavirus cases grew from 266 to over 5,900, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. “

  8. Am I missing something here?

    Um, yes?

    You’re just copy and pasting numbers from online sources to “debunk” people copy and pasting numbers from other online sources.

    You’re fishing out in the boonies and have no idea what is going on in, say, NYC. You’re just reading your favorite websites and arguing with other people reading their favorite websites.

    One thing is certain: there is no 2 million dead from Covid-19 which they were saying last month.

    • On Hipster’s blog he is posting pictures of Bill Gates standing next to Jeff Epstien and some other Jews at a public event, and using this to as evidence that Bill Gates is part of a pedo conspiracy against America using the Corona Virus

      Yet only last year Hipster was sticking up for “poor Bill Gates”, saying the mean Jews took Microsoft away from Bill and gave it to the Indians

      Hipster contradicts himself all the time, because he is off his rocker. LOL

  9. She needs the liberty to go inside “Baskin Robbins.”

    And to “shop ’till she drops” along with more she helps become infected. Hedonism. Hedonists are still booking cruises.

    “What will you do without freedom?” We must have freedom, but there is no freedom to kill people.

    ALL of our people need to have enough food and other life ESSENTIALS to survive until the pandemic is over, but “our” Neoliberal, privatizing, so-called democracy “doesn’t want to get in the way” of letting private for-profit enterprises like Walmart provide everything needed.

  10. Stay indoors, be afraid, believe the MSM Fauci and Gates. Run for the vaccine which will likely have some gene therapy as opposed to innocuous viral envelopes.

    Enjoy your incarceration. At least the boogeyman won’t get you.

    • Actually, I live in the country, so I spend most of my time outdoors. It is currently raining though.

  11. Hail CoronaChan!

    Perhaps the Locktards should go outside, Sunlight kills the virus, It breaks apart rather quickly, in fact.

    Go outside, The AMERICANS protesting being buffaloed and destroyed by the Kushner Kike Admin are going to be much healthier than the Locktards, quivering under their blankies. It’s still a bit chilly in the Great White North – but sunny. I am going to stay outside for hours.

    Go outside. In the SUN.

  12. So a quarter of a million dead is about as optimistic as we can hope for? Assuming no one else gets infected.

    Not exactly a cheery thought.

    Trump’s suggestion of 65,000 dead is absurdly optimistic. That would require the remaining 631,000 cases to resolve with a dead rate of just over 4% while we are currently seeing 36% and it also assumes no new infections or that 4% goes down even further as new cases are added.

    Trump is either incompetent or lying.

    • You are misreading the statistic. Recovery takes 30-37 days. Death hits in a few days. Or possibly several. There’s no disease here that kills 36% of infected. It’s not Ebola.

      • Let’s not delude ourselves here Captain, If it weren’t for modern medicine this disease would easily shoot past 36% infection.

        It’s only due to our contemporary understanding of infection are we able to do as well as we are against this virus. Yet there are hordes of luddite savage out there that want to make it much, much worse.

        God help us all.

        • I’m feeling better for the most part, but it was a three week ordeal that tricks you into thinking you’re better before coming back with new strength.

          To those who say it’s the flu, I’ve never had a flu give me chest pains and serious shortness of breath.

          Interestingly, I’ve never really got my sense of smell or taste back – smell is almost nonexistent and I can taste salty foods but not sugary foods.

          • I’m glad Marcus. I had Type A flu, from early January into the middle of February. I thought I was deadly ill for a week – got a bit better for few days, and .then POW. I was in bed for days shivering and sweating. I soaked my pillows and sheets. I’d have to get up and change several times. I don’t remember if I lost my sense of smell or taste. It was the last thing I thought of. I woke and slept, a few hours at a time When I needed to sleep I couldn’t stay AWAKE it I wanted to. I had trouble breathing a few weeks in, One night I had to stay up all night in order to breathe. My entire family had this. My husband – who never gets sick, couldn’t get out of bed for 3 days, When he did, after the third day, he collapsed on the floor. Fortunately he didn’t damage his head or anything. I managed to keep us fed, somehow, with water and juice and soup and whatever we could eat. We had very basic food, because it was a monumental effort to get up and make things. We had a lot of congestion. We had wracking coughs. I’d go through a box of tissues a day. It was disgusting. This was Type A flu. I was tested. He wasn’t. No one is talking about Type A flu. I do understand about how people can die from the flu. The hubby and I thought we were goners.

            Did you have congestion? Did your family get sick? I hope not, and I’m glad you are better. Did you go to the hospital? Apparently ethical doctors have discovered the ventilators are what’s killing people.

          • You fought the good fight. Sounds similar to what I had or am recovering from myself. No testing here though. Was there a test to be had or were you hospitalised?

  13. The above numbers have little to no value for extrapolation or prediction.
    The testing is too sporadic and inconsistent.
    There isn’t any measure of the degree of severity in the cases.
    It seems the Stanford numbers are the most realistic, wi an absolute mortality rate in the 0.1 to 0.2% range. This is wi the total infected undercounted by a factor of 50 to 100.

    Still, deaths in the 100,000s is no joke.

  14. I have never donated to people online, but I’m going to mail a few bucks to Hunter because of the good work he’s doing. We do not know what to make of corona in flyover country Midwest. What I do know is that I have never spent more time with my husband and sons. They were always working or talking about work. God willing, we may finally have a girl. In my world, this is all that matters. For those raging, this is your opportunity to get prepared & figure a few things out.

  15. Oh no don’t go outside! There’s an invisible monster out there waiting to eat you! And if you have to go outside make sure you wear a mask over your head so the invisible monster can’t see you!

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