Cultural Marxism or Cultural Capitalism?

Keith and Tyler are bracing for Pride Month.

In light of the pandemic, I expect it will be a bit muted this year. Last year, I remember how the whole internet was awash in this festival. You couldn’t look away from it.

Note: This is clearly a Western disease that former Eastern Bloc countries like Poland and Hungary have had the most success in resisting.

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  1. Both are wretched. Marxism kills you faster than capitalism, but the end result is the same.

        • Soros, Zuckerberg, Paul Singer, etc. obviously don’t want a communist society in which the proles share their wealth around. They want a world of undifferentiated, deracinated, atomized consumers who derive their sense of identity through their consumption – the open society of liberalism(Read “The Open Society and its Enemies by Karl Popper). Some say communism and Zionism are two sides of the same coin but it is more accurate to say liberalism and Zionism are. Zionists can swindle internationally without limitation or submission to national interests while maintaining the refuge of their racial supremacist state. Why does it matter? Because the system sends right-wingers after communism and left-wingers after fascism because they’re the two expressions of statism – the only barrier to the capitalist ideal of the world as a homogenous open space of exploitation and commodification. The reason that cultural Marxism has been identified as a corrosive phenomenon is not that it’s a backdoor to a communist society (Marx’s central thesis is that economics necessarily determines culture) but because it facilitates the erosion of norms that served as natural barriers to commodification and social libertinism. Thus, if you mistakenly identify cultural Marxism as a logical extension of Marxism you will inevitably fail to understand and critique the source of the cultural degeneracy promulgated by the modern left.

  2. It is all to bring about the Moshiach. The Jew God of rectal loving. The Moshiach is very big, he is very very girthy and the Jews just got to have him, in their very very special place. Just ask Charlie Kirk how much he wants the Moshiach. Just ask.

  3. “Cultural Marxism or Cultural Capitalism?”

    In less laundered words : ——- ‘The Alliance of The New England Yankee Puritan Liberal Establishment with The Corporate Globalist Racket of International Jewry.’

    Strange bedfellows, indeed.

    The results?

    What we have today – a nation of disunified subgrouped individualists who are content to live in a nation that, producing few products not services and entertainment, makes life very difficult outside the confines of huge cities.

  4. Neither atheist-Marxist nor capitalist “culture” is Christian. But socialism as such is compatible with true Christianity, whereas the culture of greed never is.

  5. Do you ever wonder how and why things like massive societal changes proceed no matter how much resistance exists? The agenda will always succeed and there is nothing you or I can do about it. Some just happen to take longer than others.

    Forget the breadcrumbs, follow the symbols including the buildings, monuments, structures, and the coats of arms. To us they appear benign but they do tell a story. A rather complicated one. “The Talisman of the United States” is a good start. If you can find the actual book.

    “One of the Jewish vocations is that of dealer in old books and rare documents. In these dealings, records containing unfavorable references to the past can be sequestered and destroyed. Other rare documents, which contain no unfavorable references to the Jews, are sold to gentile collectors at huge profits. As usual, the Jew has it both ways, protecting his flanks by destroying all references to his activities, and financing this task with the gentile’s money.”
    (c) 1967 The Biological Jew (Page 30), Eustace Mullins

    And here we thought it was simply a practical vocation that made total sense. Maybe one day we’ll find out how many documents were slipped out of The Library of Congress never to be seen again? Like this:

    “Now, a feature of the parasite is his mobility. When the host moves, the parasite follows, catches up with him, and re-establishes his attachment. The American pioneers resented the efforts of the parasites to follow them, and one of the longest debates at the Continental Congress concerned a proposal for permanent exclusion of the Jews. It was finally defeated by the curious argument that, as the Jews were not presently a problem, they would be unlikely to become so in the future. This certainly went against the grain of everything that was known about the Jews and their methods. The records of these debates have survived only in a few notes taken by some of the delegates. The drafts of the Constitution which contains the proposal for Jewish exclusion have all been destroyed.”
    (c) 1967 The Biological Jew (Page 30), Eustace Mullins

  6. Rules/Order/Tradition sound good in theory, but Authority is exercised by humans, not abstractions, and these humans will be tempted to act based on self-interest and their individual comfort level with situations, rather than altruistic or empathetic understanding of public interests arising from wants and needs of people not like themselves.

    Therefore, the longing for a return to yesterday does not carry a guaranteed return to a positive life for anyone. Dictators are never benevolent, and they can mistreat their own kind, too. You want a good life? Grant that opportunity to your worst enemy, legitimately and consistently. Watch the good will flow back and forth. Argue constantly that people who have different values and interests are Pure Evil, and watch them fight you even where you agree on an issue.

    There is one profound secret to a good life. Think good thoughts, speak good words, perform good deeds-all of this directed towards all who you interact with daily. Then act together for the common good, testing different ideas for a mechanism to tie citizens together in an effective relationship that forces otherwise opposing forces to cooperate in each’s self interest (such as a certain someone’s Sovereign Wealth Funded Universal Basic Income to make secure production and consumption).

    Have a different idea? No problem. Work until an idea that is effective for life in a specific time and place is discovered. Good does not arise spontaneously. It takes effort. Let’s get going

      • Thanks Virtus. Hard to stay positive in nihilistic times. Tough to see the situation as it is evolving into common understanding for a better future for all citizens. But we all must try.

  7. @Pius Faust,

    Keith Woods has solid philosophical takes in clownworld. If you have an issue with certain “e-celebs” on the dissident right, point out their errors from your POV. For my money, Woods could be the next Yockey.

    Recently, Keith absolutely destroyed British fairy Paul Joseph Watson on twitter by show tweets that PJW had made (e.g., “I love don’t know what I love more Brits or Jews” and “Having a great time in Prague’s gay district.”). Not that PJW disgusted his shilling for zionism, but the curtain has been completely pulled back and PJW like his leader Alex Jones have been exposed as jewish controlled opposition buttgoys.

    While most of us were riding the trump train in 2016, Tom Metzger of White Aryan Resistance accurately predicted what a blompf presidency would turn out to be. By any stretch of the imagination, Herr Metzger isn’t an e-celebrity, unlike the insufferable David Duke, whom Metzger broke off from back in the 80s.

    Both Tom and his son John were the hardcore version of Eric Striker and Mike Enoch ‘canaries in the coal mine,’ long before the cultural and racial calculus was as dire. is all that is left of these men who gave more than anyone other than GLR and Dr. Pierce.

    • “While most of us were riding the trump train in 2016, Tom Metzger of White Aryan Resistance accurately predicted what a blompf presidency would turn out to be.”

      Tom Metzger was saying pretty much the same sort of things about Ronald Reagan circa 1980-1988.

    • November,

      Cultural ¢rapitali$m & kultural marxism are ONE IN THE SAME because they both have the same $emitic roots

    • Videos are a poor and inappropriate medium for philosophical discourse. That’s my point.

      So, I hate to be the one to break this to you, November, but no, there are no philosopher kings of YouTube.

  8. Cultural Marxism or Cultural Capitalism?

    It is not an accident that Judaism gave birth to Marxism, and it is not an accident that the Jews readily took up Marxism.

    Harry Waton.

    Marxism, whose final objective was and is and will continue to be the destruction of all non-Jewish national States.

    Mein Kampf, page 102

    And then also I recognized the fact that all the bourgeois parties had been fighting Marxism merely from the spirit of competition without sincerely wishing to destroy it.

    Mein Kampf page 374

    The Marxist revolution is antichrist elevated to a global principle.

    David Horowitz, Human Events.

    The struggle against international finance capital and loan-capital has become one
    of the most important points in the programme on which the German nation has based its fight for economic freedom and independence.

    Mein Kampf, page 124

    Racist hatred is directed not only against Christian capitalists, but anyone who is not poor, and who is White; and ultimately against Western Civilization itself.

    David Horowitz, Human Events.

    Jewish elements provide the driving force for Capitalism and Communism for the material as well as the spiritual ruin of the world.

    Oscar Levy 1920

  9. I am reminded of a disc jockey who coined the term MAW (model, actress, whore) to denote most celebrities. I have taken that acronym and done one better with MAWS (model, actress, whore, singer)

  10. “Cultural Marxism or Cultural Capitalism?”

    It’s both. I like Keith Woods but he has Marxist priors; working class Marxists usually are unaware of the JQ and so don’t recognize that the anti-family, anti-morality modes of Cultural Marxism were present amongst J3wish Marxists from the very beginning, with Karl Mark, and continued on through Trotsky (who was incensed that Stalin had rolled back the anti-family, anti-traditional values of the early Bolshevik regime for more traditional pro-family values), and on to today’s globohomo.

    Goyish working class Marxists, especially prior to the 1960s, have never been interested in “homosexual liberation”, tranny rights, abortion on demand, etc.; they were concerned with economic issues and class conflict.

    J3ws, whether Marxist or Capitalist, have always been pushing towards today’s globohomo agenda. Marxism and Capitalism are just means to ends.

    Cultural Marxism isn’t that hard a concept to grasp once you understand this. (((Marxism))) was never really about defending the rights of the working class, just as (((Capitalism))) was never about the free market.

  11. It is not capitalism entirely, the proof of this is the fact that capitalism never promoted clown world until after New Left radicals grew up and drifted into power, to control the levers of capitalist finance power, to thus turn corporations into social justice machines- Cultural Marxists altered society to the point where capitalists can make a buck off the altered populace, even to the point of superseding such and big businesses can be the leaders of social change ( for the worse)….None of clown world would be happening if neo-Marxists and liberals, professors,journalists, etc had not changed society and govt enough to allow an acceleration when leftists seize capitalist organizations ( Silicon Valley, etc.). This is profit motive feeding itself.
    To sum up: cultural Marxists were primary, they changed everything, and now have entered into an unholy alliance with capital. Spencer, Woods et all are mistaken.

    The alternative is the old Bircher conspiracy theory: big banks funded the communist revolutions….

    In a way all this talk is just a way to camouflage the role of Jews, the main culprit.

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