State Failure

I’ve come to accept my role as the bearer of bad news. I’m the guy at the bar who tells people what they don’t want to hear. Usually, this results in people getting mad at me only to come around years later. I have been getting a lot of this lately due to my years long criticism of Donald Trump.

I spelled it all out in 2017:

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I followed up on it a year later:

Trump Trends: Social Media Censorship (Year Two) (November 29, 2018)

Trump Trends: Leftwing Political Violence (Year Two) (November 30, 2018)

Trump Trends: Trump’s Conservative Agenda (Year Two) (December 1, 2018)

There is nothing new about these trends. The leftwing violence, censorship, stale conservative agenda and loss of nationalist and populist enthusiasm were all apparent from the earliest days of the Trump presidency. The first six months foreshadowed his entire term in office.

This is what happened in Portland last night after Tucker Carlson broke the news that Trump might actually lose the 2020 election because of this:

Please understand this is not an isolated incident.

This is the fourth summer in a row that Portland has been turned over to a violent leftwing mob. Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys used to come out and oppose these people. Now, they just riot against the police and ICE. Democratic officials lack the will to enforce the law so that criminals will face consequences and as a result ceded the town to the mob a long time ago.

Charlottesville was a microcosm of this larger trend that has played out from Berkeley to Portland to Minneapolis to Chicago to New York City. Black Lives Matter and Antifa are allowed to riot and engage in violence on a national scale. Democratic officials sit back and allow them to do it and attack the cops or order them to stand down. If anyone comes out to oppose them in these cities, they are the ones who are doxxed and demonized by the media and arrested and prosecuted by local officials. Meanwhile, the GOP sits back and does nothing based on the calculation that all the violence and destruction will lead to backlash politics which can be blamed on the Democrats and will benefit them in elections.

Obeying the law is for suckers. Elections don’t matter. Violence is how you bring about change. A small minority of violent rioters and looters who will face no consequences for their actions are allowed to tyrannize the law abiding majority. The law and judicial system is merely a tool that the Left uses to crush its political opponents while exempting themselves from the same rules. This is the compelling message that the GOP has sent to its own voters and the rioters by allowing this to go on for years.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said yesterday that Antifa are “imaginary” and threatened to impeach the Attorney General:

The next thing that most people don’t see and which they don’t want to hear is that the American system is nowhere near as stable as they assume. The state is fragile and is teetering on the brink of collapse. They simply cannot imagine how close they are to plunging into the abyss. As I have explained, all the textbook signs are there to anyone who looks and can notice the patterns.

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  1. I knew this was planned by the DNC, media billionaires, and Soros back when I saw them attempt to start this with the thief at that construction site the stone cold Pravda style lied about claiming he was a “jogger.” It’s clear either during the month long shutdown, or even before, they planned a long hot summer with the paramilitary arm of the media and Democratic Party: Antifa and BLM causing mayhem. Trump is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t act. It’s clear this was scripted expecting him to go Ceaucescu on the rioting bums the minute Shumer and Pelosi were demanding more Impeachment hearings after he simply went to the Church across the street from the White House and the park service shot off some smoke grenades at the mau-mau mobs. That’s all they had to go on and it looked really pathetic they were making such a mountain out of a molehill, of course it was a script for something else they were forced to play anyway. If Trump doesn’t send Barr out to arrest these insurrectionists time to simply resign and let Pence put it down with a clean hand. Trump has been so vilified by the lying media he is practically powerless. Really the first move any counter revolution needs to make is to seize the national media. Right now Tucker is the strongest leader in the country, and Savage is also telling it as it is despite convalescing from a heart attack, but neither are in the White House. Frankly I’d like Bob Barr to take control, but Pence is the next in line and having him step in there and put this down would throw a real wild card into the leftist plan as they put all their eggs into the demonizing Trump aspect and it would take some time to create a legitimate Pence Derangement Syndrome. As far as I know only Buttplug had Pence Derangement Syndrome as he would say Pence was worse than Trump because Pence was serious about his Christianity and opposed these fake gay marriages we are forced to endure the way the Romans were forced to pretend Caligula’s Horse was a Senator.

  2. Yes, the new electoral strategy of the “Right Wing” Jews is to HOLD US HOSTAGE and demand as ransom that we acquiesce to their war-mongering PC insanity. Hordes of half-senile life-long GOP voters have rabid Stockholm Syndrome, do they even want to be released from this hostage situation? NO VOTES FOR REPUBLICANS, NO LEGITIMACY FOR DEMOCRATS.

  3. I think Trump’s inaction as regards the riots acting on the advice of Jared Kusher to “ride it out” will sink his election. Biden will appoint a radical black female VP and will either die or resign in office leaving her in charge. I have given up on white middle and working class people in red state America as the vehicle of a National Populist revolution. It will be up to people of color and Antifa to start the revolution and make things so bad whites will either form a counter-force or go into extinction and disappear from history-at least in North America.

    In that case eventually China will invade under the pretext of restoring order and annex vast parts of North America after pushing non-whites out and resettling its teeming millions here. Nature hates a vacuum. In a very real sense multiracial diversity will eventually equal Chinese domination! Who would have thought of all the scenarios the original Buck Rogers had it right whereby a remaining rag-tag group of white people in North America have to fight guerrilla warfare style against America’s Chinese overlords. Has the torch passed from the Anglo-Sphere to mother Russia now as regards the fight for white existence? Naturally I hope none of this comes to pass and remains wild speculation but I am not convinced. The reaction of white people do not exactly inspire me with courage right now. Lots of angry boasts on Tic Toc against Antifa but no action a lot like their absentee landlord president!

    • “Has the torch passed from the Anglo-Sphere to mother Russia now as regards the fight for white existence?”

      Sadly, I think the answer is yes. Celtic/Germanic people, everywhere they live seem hell-bent on destroying their nations and themselves, even their genes. I guess it was a form of cultural arrogance, to think that genetic and cultural aliens could somehow be fitted into their way of living. The only thing it is getting them is destruction on every level.

    • I disagree; I’d give the Chinese ruling class credit for more intelligence than that. An occupation would involve ruling over an unruly diverse population. That would be more trouble than the land gained would be worth. Besides, the Chinese need somebody to buy their cheap garbage aside from their own population. To replace the present population of california would require a great slaughter. They lack the stomach for that. Maybe…just maybe White amerikwans will find the stomach for such an undertaking.
      It will be necessary.

  4. The Plutocratic state is based on wealth, and the wealthiest have more of it than ever. With it they buy all the protection they need, legislation, everything they want. The “leftist” protesters are unarmed or very lightly armed, and what they have and do is by tacit permission because the serve a purpose. Don’t think that the state is fragile, it is very strong and healthy. Our culture and ethnicities are weak, but not the state. It still “beareth not the sword in vain.” The U.S. is and has been, ever since it’s beginning, at war constantly – and as Randolph Bourne said, “War is the health of the state.”

    • Trump has feet of clay. He talked a good game in 2016 but when it came to ruling after Jan., 2017 he gave away the store. To say he is incompetent is a slur against incompetents.

      He has all the earmarks of one type of salesman, typically the ex-jock selling to other frustrated, wanna be athletes stuck working in corporate America. His bombastic, shrill, over-the-top language, tapping into the fears, resentments and hopes of normies for a return to a decent America got him elected. His choice of co-President Kushner and a cabal of Wall Street scumbags, business tycoons and old, tired Republican hacks, many of whom he unmercifully skewered during his campaign is his administration. How could the results be much different from GWB II when so many of his choices have the same mindset as GWB II?

      His lack of ideological underpinnings, intellectual curiosity and general lack of knowledge about history, geography,science, philosophy etc., similar to Sarah Palin, worked to his and the Right’s detriment once he got into office. Trump, like most Republicans has no affinity for political philosophy; he knows what he likes and what he doesn’t like and that’s it. An intellectual like President Wilson in the White House would be a disaster too but someone with no political compass can be led around by the nose like Trump has been by scumbag Jared.

      The Republican Party sees the U.S. as just another business to be used for fat profits, that is their fundamental weakness. They think it’s natural that they should tilt the table in favor of big business through abolishing anti-trust laws, weakening the SEC, ending most business regulation (including health and safety) and selling off the industrial base today, tomorrow be damned. Tomorrow is here now, however.

      Multi-cult, diverse America is going to fail. The wogs and their handlers couldn’t run a two car funeral let alone a great empire.

  5. I highly recommend that our side NOT physically engage with the BLM or Antifa. All that will happen is that you will be arrested for trying to defend yourself and spend many years in prison. The BLM and Antifa are bringing more Whites to our side than a thousand White nationalists could ever do.

    • Excellent advice. What’s going on right now is similar to an intra-party war that breaks out in all communist regimes, similar to Stalin vs. Trotsky or the Cultural Revolution in China in the 1960’s. Right now various left wing factions together with mobs are temporarily allied by focusing against Donald Trump using “racism” (i.e. wog inferiority) as their rallying cry.

      If they win in November disaster will befall the Left. They cannot run anything and while Slow Joe Biden is sleeping on the couch in the Oval Office someone like Queen Hillary as National Security Advisor will be sitting behind the desk running things. The ugly, black, loud, 300 Lb. VP will be travelling around, living large; the ghetto lottery on steroids.

      At that point the Left Wing government in Washington will brutally put an end to rioting. The rioters will have served their purpose and will now be a danger to the State. It will shock Antifa and other left wing factions to learn how brutal the new regime is, much worse than the old regime. Read “Homage to Catalonia” by George Orwell to see how the Left deals with its own when it’s in power.

      This fight is between the Left and professional “conservatives” who have never conserved anything. The good “conservatives” were necessary for the Left to rule as their controlled opposition but they are no longer needed. The Left senses victory so they are discarding them. The next fight will be the Left devouring its own. Watch it on TV and stay many miles away.

  6. “In that case eventually China will invade under the pretext of restoring order and annex vast parts of North America after pushing non-whites out and resettling its teeming millions here. ”

    In addition the Chinese want the Sacramento Valley, some of the most fertile land in the world, to help them feed hordes of mongoloids.

    “Has the torch passed from the Anglo-Sphere to mother Russia now as regards the fight for white existence?”

    This happened decades ago.

    An anecdote I recall is a meeting between Leonide Breshnev and Antony Eden in the 1970s

    Breshnev became excited speaking to his interpreter.

    The interpreter then told Eden, in english, that Breshnev was concerned a nuclear exchange would destroy the White race.

    Edens response was to say nothing, pick up his hat, and leave the meeting, presumably due to Breshnev bringing up an impolite subject!

  7. “Elections don’t matter. Violence is how you bring about change. ” You finally figured it out.

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