California Votes To Embrace Racial Discrimination

I’ve studied race based regimes all over the world for 20 years. California is currently formalizing a new one where Whites are officially being placed at the bottom of the new racial hierarchy. Bizarrely, this is being done to fight what is called “systemic racism” and “white privilege.”


“We live in strange times, and strange indeed is that, while deploring racism, the Democratic Legislature in California has voted to codify racial discrimination in state law. On Wednesday the state Senate voted for a constitutional amendment, ACA 5, that would reintroduce racial preferences for who gets a state job or contract, or who is admitted to a state university.

The state Assembly previously passed the measure, which means the amendment will be on the November ballot. It would repeal Proposition 209, which voters approved in 1996 and outlawed racial bias in state policy. The repeal effort received a boost from the killing of George Floyd, no matter the irony of voting for discrimination by race in the name of eliminating discrimination by race. ..”

In our new era in which woke progressive liberalism is completing its transition into Third World Afrocentric Marxism, Whites are being returned to the feudal state. They are being trained to be a submissive and degraded race. They are being taught old customs by progressive elites like bowing and kneeling before their racial superiors to acknowledge their place in the new order. Perhaps one day they will even be required to approach and enter a home only through the back door?

The True Cons are already protesting: this isn’t what WE MEANT by colorblindness, anti-racism, MLK’s Dream, etc. Seriously, they were persuaded by that utopian pipe dream to concede their demographic majority in California. Now the state constitution has been changed to discriminate against their own children and grandchildren. They are also the “racists” now for being born White. The Democratic majority which enacts racial discrimination is … “anti-racist.” Whew!

Note: For some reason, I was reminded by this episode of Idi Amin’s Uganda in the 1970s in which he used to LARP as the conqueror of the British Empire.

“Idi Amin awarded himself the title “His Excellency Field Marshal Idi Amin Dada, President of Uganda, Conqueror of the British Empire, Victorious Cross, Member of the Excellent Order of the Source of the Nile, Distinguished Service Medal, State Combat Star, Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.” He had four British businessmen in Uganda carry him around in a chair on their shoulders and kneel before him in 1975. He proposed marriage to Princess Anne and graciously offered to become the King of Scotland and lead the country to independence from Britain.”

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  1. I almost feel bad for normie conservatives who actually believed the MLK “equality” gibberish fed to them by Republican party propagandists. These are the people least expecting what the cultural revolution has in store for them.

    But I still predict peak negro within the next decade, and this cultural revolution will not ultimately conclude with a favorable outcome for blacks. Latinos (and higher IQ tech immigrants like Indians) are ascendant, and they don’t go for negrophilia. Like many revolutions, this one will consume its foot soldiers. In 10-15 years, blacks will be worse off with even less political power.

  2. One of my dear friends I met way back when in the service.

    Given what California is become, and that he is a hard-core Christian rural California good-ole-boy who is down on his luck there, I invited him, and he accepted, to come to live with my wife and me in The Olde Confederacy.

    He’ll be coming here at the beginning of next year, and we are so looking forward to helping him reestablish his life in Dixie.

    By his blood and way of existence, he belongs here NOT there.

    We, Southerners, ought stock up on as many of our Smalltown and Rural cousins throughout this nation, so that we can better stand together in the coming storms.

    • Yeah it’s time for new borders, I’m here the South West. And we have our people armed and ready to go. Best wishes to you and yours, Sir.

      • @Ron…

        Thank you, Kind Sir – for both the kind words of support and the knowledge that many of y’all, out yonder, are ready.

        God bless you and yours!

    • It’s not a north and south divide, neo-Confederate. It’s a rural and urban one. Urban Southerners will have more in common with urban Northerners whereas rural Northerners will agree more with you. The suburbanites are becoming the real swing vote, but they’re leaning more towards the Dems these days since the Repubs’ increased alignment with the religious hard right and gun nuts are turning them off. If the Repubs were smart, they’d shut up about the social issues, heavily reduce immigration, return to law and order, and go back to their pre-Reagan economic policies. But they’re too beholden to their globalist donors.

      • @Freethinker…

        “It’s not a north and south divide, neo-Confederate. It’s a rural and urban one. Urban Southerners will have more in common with urban Northerners whereas rural Northerners will agree more with you. ”

        The wife and I lived in rural New England, for 12 years – on the Vermont New York State line, to be specifick.

        A lot of very Progressive Bolshevik Greens up there.

        That said, I have lived in 13 states, and, in general, I do agree with you.

        Though I am bullish about Dixie, our people, and our ways. The Good Lord has guided me through prayer to realize our best friends will be Yankee Good-Ole-Boys.

        It’s taken me some inner work to get to the point where I do not hold it against them that their forefathers fought for the wrong cause – the destruction of the American Experiment – in the 1860s.

        Thank you for your comment.

  3. It’s just a matter of time before the government in Mexico City officially and formally claims its northernmost state.

    Eventually, the oligarchy will find themselves in a world where their money, prestige, power and influence are no more.

    • @James…

      “It’s just a matter of time before the government in Mexico City officially and formally claims its northernmost state.”

      I totally agree, and have thought so myself for a number of years, already.

      Much of The Southwest is now largely been ceded back to Mexico.

      Of course, the final word on this will be Rural and Smalltowners out yonder.

      Don’t be surprised if more Alamos are on their way.

    • “Eventually, the oligarchy will find themselves in a world where their money, prestige, power and influence are no more.”

      Just the opposite.
      Their money and power will be evan more potent, when they have vast slums of illiterate orcs to control.

      The epsteins will have vastly more young girls to pimp etc.

      Examples: brazil, mexico, Venezuela. Whores are cheap, killings are cheap, money has much greater power.

  4. While you religious and social conservatives including Southerners Falwell, Robertson, Dubya, and Perry were clamoring about abortion, guns, and LGBT, race realists like Jared Taylor, Tom Metzger, and Pat Buchanan were trying to warn the nation about immigration and that mestizos/Hispanics are NOT natural Republicans as senile Reagan Gipper was telling us. Former GOP stronghold CA that elected Nixon and Reagan is now the most Democratic state because of RACIAL DEMOGRAPHICS period. As the Third World arrived, white middle and working class families moved out and the state turned Democrat. This has happened in every single large state in the country. TX is projected to turn blue in 2024 and when that happens, we’ll become a one party nation state. America, you were warned.

    • The underlying assumption on the Left and “conservative” Right is that the U.S. will still be a high functioning, 1st world country with the colored people nominally in charge. Life will go on, this is like the 2008 stock market crash or some other temporary inconvenience then it’s back to life as normal. That is the white normie position.

      The very idea that the U.S. cannot continue to function at a high level anymore because of the accumulated mountain of debt, 40% minority population and ineffective government is unthinkable. Right now the stores are full, fuel is cheap, the lights are on and EBT is still working. These things will fail just like they do in every third world country and when they do the country will just disintegrate. This will be a tremendous shock to white normies, it may even wake them up when their colored pets decide to visit them in the suburbs.

      • IQ collapse. It is coming, even faster than we thought. Brazil Norte. The race-egalitarians won’t know what hit them.

    • @Freethinker…

      “TX is projected to turn blue in 2024 and when that happens, we’ll become a one party nation state. America, you were warned.”

      I completely agree with you that damage has been done and geographic loss will follow cultural ,demographic, and political loss.

      That said, I remind you that Rural and America holds the veto over anything that is to come, because we occupy 85% of the terrain of this land, raise most of the food, and many of us have been raised with a gun in our hands.

      I know a lot of people on The Left feel very proud of themselves if they have gone to shooting ranges 20-30 times in their life, but, we are the ones who really know how to shot, how to track, how to bushwhack, and how to avoid those things happening to us.

      As French author, Honore de Balzac, once said – ‘Guns are not like words – they don’t lie.’

      • I look forward to the end of the Stupid Party as Sam Francis was wont to call them.

        Yeah, every candidate that runs for office will be a Democrat. But the races will be between the “Progressive” Democrats and the Populist Democrats. Which will be a big improvement over what we have now which is “Progressive” Democrats versus RINO (Republican In Name Only) GOPers.

        Was it on this board or another where some disillusioned blogger points out how stupid it is to run for a Party that is only interested in “small government,” big wars, and huge tax cuts?

        What do we have to show for the Reagan Revolution but outsourced factories, insourced everything else and crumbling infrastructure? Oh yes, we still have abortion on demand, even late term abortion, but we now have gay marriage and male trannies in the little girl’s room. And all this wonderful political correctness.

        The Republicans can’t go the way of the Whigs fast enough for me.

    • @Freethinker…

      “Hispanics are NOT natural Republicans as senile Reagan Gipper was telling us.”

      With respect, I speak Spanish well, and i have known too many Latins to count, from every Latin nation, and what you just said is incorrect.

      Latins are divided amongst Liberal, Conservative, and unaffiliated, much as we are, and for the same reasons.

      Donald Trump would not be president now, if it had not been for The Cuban Vote in the south of Florida in 2016.

      • Ivan,

        Trump won 304-227. Florida had 29 electorals. Therefore if Trump lost Florida he would have had 275-256 for Clinton and he still would have won. If my math is correct as well as the article I sourced from of course.

  5. You can either get ready for second or third class status or you can turn off the fuc*ing television and get busy preparing to fight what is just over the horizon.

    It’s really is that simple.

    • @Gunny…

      Millions of us already get that, and tens of millions more have got that percolating in their heads.

  6. Like I said-its not North verses South-its more red verses blue and racial preservation verses racial extinction. Thus do I advocate the secession of red states and red counties within blue states and the creation off a White Heartland Republic.It is the only way to save the historic America nation.

  7. Conservative Inc claimed Latinos were natural conservatives. The results of the Latino ascendancy to power have not lived up to Con Inc predictions. The long cherished American ideals of equality before the law, private property rights, gun rights etc are under assault by Latinos. AOC advocated socialism, California wants to sanction state discrimination in favor of certain minorities.

    • All colored people hate us, it’s just that simple. Colored people also hate other colored people too, that is their fundamental weakness.

  8. They resent us, but they hate each other more. An interesting poll between the various groups show that they feel more comfortable around and trust White people more than other Non-Whites who are not in their in-group.

    I believe this. A White woman was helping her Hispanic neighbor find a home for a cat. I told her that I would take him and her neighbor was adamant about her not giving the cat to a Black or Asian.

    Any friendliness they show to each other is only for our benefit. They still segregate from each other when given a choice.

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