The Dip

Some of you may recall how I told you about the dip.

“As we enter May, we have entered what I call the dip.

If memory serves, 45 states are in some kind of lockdown. California was the first state to enter a lockdown. New York followed about a week later. New York and New Jersey have accounted for half of deaths. Over half of coronavirus cases have been in the Northeast.

We’re now at the point where regions of the United States will begin to diverge in their response to the virus. The Blue States are going their own way and prioritizing public health over the economy. The Red States are going their own way and prioritizing the economy over public health. Consequently, we can project that the geographic epicenter of the virus will shift inland over the summer. …

The reopening experiment is set to begin next month. I’m not for or against reopening. I believe it varies from state to state and the result will depend on whether the plan for a controlled reopening that was announced is followed by the governors. I don’t have much confidence in the experiment though because I doubt the plan will be followed. I also don’t think there is enough testing or contact tracing in place at the scale needed to control the virus and prevent it from rebounding. The only thing that I am confident about is that the virus is going to have more opportunities to flourish in the interior of the country moving forward. …”

It was all for nothing.

Everything we went through in March and April was for nothing. Both sides are equally to blame for it too. Not that it matters now. We’re living in a failed state. I’m more worried about a descent into a violent civil war along the lines of the Balkans or Afghanistan than the virus now.

In six months, we’ve already seen a repeat of the 1918 Spanish Flu, the most staggering job losses since the Great Depression and the worst race riots since the 1960s. This catastrophe won’t be complete without a sequel to the Civil War and a collapse of the American-led liberal world order.

Note: In hindsight, I was thinking this was a serious national crisis and should be treated like any other natural disaster. We take hurricanes seriously. We don’t live in a serious country though.

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  1. I see that your state, Alabama, is breaking records each day. With “only” about 1,000 fatalities so far. because only a small percentage of the population is infected yet, it will have many thousands more (as will Pennsylvania). I suppose these deaths will be disproportionately Black, but many poor Whites also, “expendables” we are known as. “Health officials in Huntsville, the main city, say that 20% of cases require hospitalization….”

    There is information escaping from the CDC that many younger adults are havng serious cases requiring hospitalization, and that the virus is especially dangerous for pregnant women, who are much more likely than non-pregnant women to need hospitalization with oxygen therapy or mechanical ventilation to survive. Finally, Mr. Fauci stated plainly that “We now know the level of virus in an asymptomatic person is about the same as the level of virus in somebody who has symptoms.” Yes, the children are spreaders!

  2. I agree. While I still wear my mask and gloves, I am more concerned about the verbal and physical violence towards our people. I fear that our enemies want a racial war.

    • Of course our enemies/masters want civil war ….whites nor blacks can win, only jews win any armed conflict because they rule the nations of the world and the banks who fund this destructive behavior.

      In a sane world, blacks wouldn’t be permitted in any productive and safe country.

      But we don’t live in a sane or serious world , unless we are talking about the seriousness of jewish destruction and domination over the goyim masses..

      Thats to be taken very seriously and bowed down to by all…

    • Typical foolish woman. You are damaging your immune system and your lungs by wearing a muzzle You are cutting you 02 levels by a 1/4. and re-breathing in your own CO2. Do you actually believe a microscopic disease is not capable of getting into a open mask? You fools are members of the new religion of masks wearers.

  3. The whole edifice of the West is faggotized and corrupted, rotten and tottering. I look at that beautiful Orthodox cathedral Russia just built to commemorate 75 years since the end of WW2, and sadly realize that we are no longer capable of such a feat.

    • Orthodox churches are being built, and filled, all over Russia, while church buildings in the U.S. are emptying, closing and being re-purposed.

      • @Anonymous…

        “Orthodox churches are being built, and filled, all over Russia, while church buildings in the U.S. are emptying, closing and being re-purposed.”

        Yes, because they went through this exact insanity a century ago, and are now on the mend, replete with sufficient antibodies against further insanity.

  4. The Covid scene in Australia, which is also rising out of a “dip,” thanks to plutocratic “re-opening” policy: The military and police have been deployed to give the appearance of doing what the austerity-gutted public health system should have been able to do. “This aggressive policing is designed to give the impression that authorities are seriously fighting to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The reality is that this is only true insofar as it does not affect the profit interests of big business. While small gatherings of people in outdoor areas have been hit with fines, workers and schoolchildren have been forced to spend their days in close quarters with hundreds of their colleagues (…) the relaxation of social-distancing restrictions and the drive to reopen schools and workplaces has led to a dramatic resurgence of new COVID-19 cases. While planned relaxations to social-distancing restrictions in Victoria were postponed due to the spate of cases, the only measure taken to reduce the evident increase in community transmission was to restrict gatherings in private homes. This is part of a broader strategy to blame individual workers and their families for outbreaks and to ensure that the wheels of industry are able to get back to generating profits for the corporate elite. The Murdoch press (the Fox News of Australia) has enthusiastically reported allegations that one of the clusters is related to an extended family Eid al-Fitr celebration held days before state regulations were relaxed to allow such gatherings. This is a clear attempt to divide the working class and foster anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment as a distraction from the dangerous conditions created by the premature reopening of workplaces and schools”:

  5. I’m more humiliated by the fact that we, WE! may be banned from visiting our ancestral homelands because America has become the —-hole of the world, behind maybe… Brazil given our putrid response to this virus. WTF have we done? Have we “owned the libs” with Trump or have we been owned?

    Vote Biden. He is a White man and I do not know what will happen, but we will at least have some time to get ourselves together.

    Trump will be another 4 years of a —-show, tweets and for sure a war with Iran. In fact, we should “respectfully” ask him not to run again. Maybe in a pinch we could get a real POTUS elected in 2020. Tom Cotton, Jeff Sessions, who knows.

    One thing we do not seem to be anymore are risk takers. No Risk, No Reward.

    • @Vickey…

      How can Biden being White be a consolation to you when he is only a front for Obama 3.0?

      All my life I have voted for a presidential candidate, though, this time I cannot see how or why I would do that, unless it is a 3rd Party Candidate.

      • I don’t know Ivan. I do not know. Obama brought Trump, and he has turned out to be a weak ‘un. I know we can do better. It is beyond frustrating to know that we think voting red will get us out of this.

      • As a traditional woman, I am asking White Men to think before acting. Think through the solution to this problem. I may be part of the problem though, expecting social media whites to think versus posting memes. JB is always right but I do not listen because I am so dissapointed. Heartbroken.

        • @Vickey- you mean the same Joe Biden that was giddy and giggly that the white race will become a minority in America by whatever year…?

          I cant think of a more despicable piece of anti white trash than joe biden.
          We have no candidates and no representation and as soon as our people realize voting doesn’t matter, (s)elections are all rigged and we will NEVER vote our way out of genocide, the sooner we can actually move forward with actual progress.
          I don’t blame women for their emotional decision making process, but i’d say voting is a waste of time.

  6. The Covid scene in Iran is actually much better than Australia: Iran after the revolution was all about social justice. It set up a very elaborate health care network, similar to Cuba’s, but with more funding. A large hospital network. When the coronavirus hit, the U.S. was even preventing Iran to get test kits. Yet the system – not the private sector – managed. There was no full shutdown. Everything was under control. The numbers – even contested by the West – they do hold. Iran is now producing everything it needs, tests, face masks. None of the hospitals are full (…) Iran’s wide primary healthcare system, comprising public clinics, health houses and health centers is available in thousands of cities and villages”, and that enabled the government to easily offer basic services (…) also distributed protective equipment supplied by relief providers. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei ordered the armed forces to help – with the government deploying 300,000 soldiers and volunteers to disinfect streets and public places, distribute sanitizers and masks and conduct tests. It was the Iranian military that established production lines for producing face masks and other equipment (…) Hundreds of volunteer groups – called ‘jihadi’ – started producing personal protective equipment that had been in short supply (…) The sense of social solidarity is extremely powerful”: “Iran did better in dealing with the virus. Moreover, agricultural harvests last year and this year have been positive. We are more self-reliant (…) The Covid-19 crisis was so massive that people themselves have pitched in with effort, revealing new levels of solidarity. Individuals, civil society groups and others have set up a range of initiatives seeking to help the government and health workers on the front line of countering the pandemic. What the relentless Western disinformation campaign always ignores is how Iran after the revolution is used to extremely critical situations (…) ‘Made in Iran’ soars: the new normal (under the U.S.’s blockade and heavy sanctions) is to sideline oil in the economy and run the country’s programs without oil (…) Iran earned just $8.9 billion from the sale of oil and related products in 2019-20, down from a peak of $119 billion less than a decade ago. The whole Iranian economy is in transition. What’s particularly interesting is the boom in manufacturing – with companies focusing way beyond Iran’s large domestic market towards exports. They are turning the massive devaluation of the rial to their advantage….”

  7. I have just accepted that, for the time being, we are no longer granted an annual warm-weather viral reprieve that we are so accustomed to receiving.

    Now we have to deal with the possibility of sickness year ’round.

    In the meantime, I just go about my life as is, as do my wife and daughter.

    We are not living in fear, nor will we be controlled by those in the political realm who cannot control their own behavior.

    • The lack of a warm-weather viral reprieve convinces me that this is a bio-weapon, not anything natural.

      I have a friend who cynically assured me that all of this “will go away” once Trump is voted out of office in November. And if they are right, and this virus evaporates, that will be the proof.

      There will be a big, fairly cheap cure for Co-Vid. I don’t think it will be a vaccine, probably a drug combining the Z pack and the hydrochloroquine with something else to create a patent for Big Pharma to profit from.

      The riots might go on a little longer, but there will be a crackdown and the Democrats will do it. No one will be able to accuse the Champions of Wokeness of being racist especially since so many foolish Whites are in the mob.

      The Democrats will stage their own Night of the Long Knives once they are in power. Bet money on it.

      Probably the Dems will appropriate any of the stuff Trump did do to stimulate the economy and claim credit. In retrospect, it’s a shame that Trump did not throw his support behind Hillary Cltinton like he did with that snake, Mitt Romney. She had an even bigger axe to grind where Obama was concerned, but hindsight is twenty-twenty.

      Biden won’t be the nightmare that we think he is. I’ve been listening to Sean Hannity and Mark Levin go over his record and surprise. The Democrats ARE The Real Racists and so is Joe Biden! Of course I feel sorry for ay females around that lecher. Hopefully his staff can keep him on a tight leash and force Mr. Handsy to keep his fingers under control.

  8. If it mutates soon into a super black death type monster that kills well over half the population things might get really interesting. But eventually things are going to get a lot worse.

    Revelation 8
    6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

    7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and PESTILENCES, and earthquakes, in divers places.


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