Today’s Cancellations

U.S. economy and political system:

For being a “system of oppression.”

Thomas Jefferson:

For racism and white supremacy.

Walt Whitman:

For standing for white supremacy and racism against Black and Indigenous Americans.

Matt Yglesias:

For signing the Harper’s Weekly letter which includes several prominent anti-trans voices.

DeSean Jackson:

For being a little too candid about Jewish power in our society.

Cecil Rhodes, John Locke, Elizabeth I:

For creating a hostile environment at Britain’s universities.

Noam Chomsky:

For signing the Harper’s Weekly letter and failing to denounce Matt Yglesias who failed to denounce Yascha Mounk who failed to denounce Steven Pinker for failing to denounce David Brooks.

Eddie Gorcenski is denouncing J.K. Rowling and Noam Chomsky:

J.E.B. Stuart:

For serving the Confederacy.

Washington and Lee University:

For perpetration of racial terror.

“Officer characteristics and racial disparities in fatal officer-involved shootings”:

For repeated misuse by conservative pundits and contradicting the ideology of the racial justice movement.

Portland War Veterans Memorial:


E. Michael Jones YouTube channel:

For severe violations of YouTube’s hate speech policy.

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  1. And as usual, in a Country with tens of thousands of far Left anti-white system approved commentary, CHARLIE KIRK manages to be the single person who genuinely invokes my disgust and brings to the back of my heart a feeling I suspect might be hatred, if not just anger, for his despicable shilling

  2. I have nowhere else to share this, but there is a large event planned to distribute tons and tons of food, fresh produce, and other healthy staples to a neighborhood which is less than 1% white (.3% non white hispanic to be exact) being organized by a few dozen excited people in my extended social circle. When I asked the leader of the group, a 20 something white girl, why a group 100% composed of white people, mostly women, was driving 90 minutes to deliver food to other communities not their own, I was verbally attacked and unfollowed by all.

    Helping other people is a nice thing and with the majority being South American and then black, it doesnt phase me either. What does is that these people are skipping over atleast four other areas which are also poverty stricken, but mostly white and senior citizens. It is almost as if they get off on flaunting how little they care about anything but those ReTweets and likes

    • “Noblesse Oblige” racism.

      “Those brown people are unable to take care of themselves, so we’ll show how great we are by doing it for them.”

    • Living in a place completely overrun and transformed by hispanics, no, I would not give them anything except a bus ticket back home – with some food for the ride.

  3. Whitman was queer, and Rhodes was a rapacious pedo, so I’m a little surprised their statues are marked for destruction. But the insane leftist cult needs more sacrifices, so any white man from history will do.

  4. I agree with Ilhan Omar. The US economy and political system exist to oppress Whites and elevate non-Whites. Both should both be abolished.

  5. People always invoke book burnings, especially conservatives who would die for the right of degenerate jewish homosexuals to endlessly flood their societies with absolute filth, day in and day out.

    They wont stand for anything else, but by god Magnus Hirschfeld should have been able to poison Germany for as long as he desired.

    The book burnings were one of the most courageous acts of actual social power wielded by the right in history. Incredible act of heroism.

  6. Rev. Rob Lee is a fraud no real man of the cloth would support grave destcruction even if you disagree with that person. If he hates Lee so much he should change his and disappear

  7. Our enemies have gotten so brazen that they don’t fear any retribution from those who disagree with them. I’ll keep on saying it: It’s too late to take back America. We must create a homeland or several homelands for our people on what was once America. But definitely keep the White anti-whites out. They can live in their new diverse country.

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