Two Sheriff’s Deputies Shot Multiple Times In Los Angeles County Ambush

UPDATE: Some more videos.

This is the “mainstream.”

In three tweets, this explains why it is time to change our strategy.


“After two deputies were shot and left in critical condition Saturday night, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department released surveillance footage that appears to show the shooting in Compton.

Three hours after shots were fired, the search for the shooter was ongoing, officials said.

The deputies were working with the department’s Transit Services Bureau and sitting inside a patrol vehicle parked near the Blue Line Metro station in Compton when the shooter approached them, according to the department.

They were parked along 101 East Palmer St., across from the station, when the gunman came up “from behind” just before 7 p.m., Captain Kent Wegner said during a news conference later Saturday night. He said the deputies were facing southbound, and the shooter walked up from the north.

“He walked along the passenger side of the car,” Wegner said. “He acted as if he was going to walk past the car. And then he made a left turn directly toward the car, raised a pistol and fired several rounds inside of the vehicle, striking both of the sheriff’s deputies.”

Both deputies were left in critical condition with multiple gunshot wounds, officials said. They underwent surgery at St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood within four hours of the shooting. …”

This country is falling apart.

It is closer to going up in flames than most people think.

There is nothing that any of us can do to stop the inevitable trainwreck. It is definitely not in our interest to insert ourselves into this shitshow. As the pace of events continues to accelerate, it is changing attitudes. By staying out of the picture, we have gained more ground than we ever could by activism.

Trump has allowed the violent protests to continue for months because it is helping him politically in the 2020 election. Joe Biden is incapable of reining in these people. It has gone too far.

Once this country is engulfed by the looming catastrophe, it will be up to each of us to ride it out as best we can. I don’t think things are going to settle down and return to normal after the election. We’re at the point where the shooting has begun and the violence is being celebrated by mobs.

I’m not a survivalist. I can’t help you there and even if I tried it is probably too late. We’re less than two months from the election. If Trump is reelected, which seems increasingly likely, that is when I expect the leftwing violence to really jump off. I’m expecting something like Northern Ireland in The Troubles. I don’t think the vast majority of Americans are interested in Civil War 2, but I can see the violent Left developing into an insurgency against the police and the government in a Trump second term. Portland has foreshadowed a bloodier conflict between violent leftists and the state in our major cities.

If you live in one of these big cities where the violent leftwing protests have been occurring since George Floyd died and where Democrats have allowed the mob to take over like Portland or Charlottesville, I shouldn’t have to tell you that it is probably wise to exit as soon as possible. The government had to crush violent anarchists before during the Palmer Raids in the Wilson administration.

It will be our job during this catastrophe to explain to our fellow citizens why and how this disaster came about and why the country ultimately lost cohesion and disintegrated. Why are people assassinating police officers? Why are mobs surrounding hospitals and celebrating murderers and cheering for the death of innocent people? Why has the media been cheering on the mobs? Why are Democratic cities abolishing police departments to appease the mob? That already requires an explanation.

The explanation is this: antiracism has brought about this Crisis. It is why America will lose control of its cities which will descend into anarchy. The reconquest of the cities by the government and crushing the leftwing insurgency will necessarily be a fight against antiracism and anarchism.

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  1. Trump will lock up these animals on the streets once he invokes the insurrection act in November. It will be just like how he dealt with ISIS. Peace through power.

    • Trump is all talk – a Reality Show huckster/real estate Shyster from Jew York City proving the old adage that the US gets the President that they deserve. Trump is a vapid narcissist that worships the Jewbuck witnessed by the fact his most pressing concern is always how well the Tribe’s Stawk! Market is doing.

    • It’s mainly the Russkies dealing with ISIS. The Islamic State was funded and provisioned by Obama, anyway. Once the MIC gets their greedy claws into something, it likes to keep the gravy train going. Peace and stability are bad for business.

      • “It’s mainly the Russkies dealing with ISIS. The Islamic State was funded and provisioned by Obama…”

        ISIS= Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

        We’ve known White America’s REAL Enemy for sixty years. And you’re still spouting this garbage?
        No WONDER the nation is in such a mess, with fools like this, commenting on one of the more intelligent blogs out there, and thinking they are saying something intelligent.

        • What in my comment was incorrect? Point it out. If I’m not ragging on Israel every comment, or linking them to the Kennedys, I’m missing something? Get your doctor to adjust your menopause hormones, and stop irrationally flipping out.

      • If you guys want to kid yourselves into thinking Trump is just going to sit by after the election and let America get taken over by a bunch of twink Antifa and BLM gangbangers while he has at his disposal the awesome power of the militarized federal law enforcement, be my guest.

        You guys can sit around and predict a civil war from now until 2050 buying MRE’s and staying at home on election day while the rest of us work, vote, and get on with our lives.

        The anti-Trump meme died when Richard ‘the clown’ Spencer endorsed Biden. Every sane nationalist is voting for Trump. Go look on Richard’s twitter feed, he’s still convinced Trump will lose in a landslide. Don’t be led a fool.

        • A truly nationalist President would have sent in Federal troops long ago under the Insurrection Act (hey, how about the ones over in Syria or Afghanistan?) and quashed the protests. Trump is either too weak or too unwilling, And the GOP needs to shrivel up and disappear.

          • @James Bongstreet…

            “Trump is either too weak or too unwilling, ”

            Maybe, but probably more likely is that he is unwilling to stare a gifthorse in the mouth, particularly after they used a designed virus to destroy the basis for his running for reelection – the economy.

            So now he runs as the law and order president, which is exactly how most people are perceiving him, at this moment.

            Moreover, Sir, I like the fact that President Trump respected state and local rights, by offering help, but, not forcing it upon Liberal cities.

            Trump has many genuine Confederate bones.

            Yes, after thinking about it, it is good that Liberal cities are going to be left to wallow in the muck that they created and nurtured.

        • “every sane nationalist”. i.e.,

          every sane Zionist. Gryphon

          evidently enjoys the punishment.

        • “awesome power of the militarized federal law enforcement”… What? Was I asleep when we decided this was a good thing?

          Anyway, if I pretend I’m Conservative Inc vs. a racialist for a minute, what has he been waiting for? The election?

      • Oh, yeah. Does everyone remember that the US government assassinated one of ISIS’ biggest enemies with a drone strike?

    • Agree with Gryphon. Trump’s been under attack like no other Prez in history … and will kick ass in term 2. What’s good about the nig and white nig chaos is sheeple are now READY to hear and agree with the enlarged all white Confederacy 2 conversation.

      The white southern platform that starts and carries that conversation, will grow very popular and wealthy.

      Any bloggers out there want a ton of traffic and $$$$$$ for helping their kith n kin and nation ? 🙂

      • @Gray Ghost…

        I agree that Trump has moved the needle on conversations, if only because he sparks such reactions in all the enemies of The White Southern Race…

    • Blompf is POTUS now, and he just musters enough energy to tweet “Law and Order.” Don’t worry Mr. MIGAtard, I am sure he is “monitoring ” the anarchists very bigly.

  2. All State law enforcement officers should go on strike now and refuse to return unless Biden loses the election. And then when Trump wins refuse to return to work in any city with a Democratic mayor. They can all find work as security consultants for local wealthy people and businesses. Let the insurrectionists and their supporters receive what they say the desire- a Lord of the Flies society. Or just kill all Democrats. Both work to flush the sewage.

      • Yes, Praetorians is the correct term, cd. The militarized police of the U.S. are the antithesis of peaceful COMMUNITY-BASED POLICE, such as are found in semi-socialist Nicaragua – where the people know and trust their community-based police, and levels of crime are naturally much lower than Central American countries under right-wing U.S.-Israeli puppet regimes. Nicaragua also contributes very few immigrants to the U.S. compared to other Central American countries.

      • We need the police, the police are a tool though, only as good or bad as the power controlling that tool. We need control over that tool.

      • I am certain that we have many soldiers among the ranks of law enforcement..thee only reason we can leave our families and our homes and go to our jobs and earn our daily bread. Is being confident that law enforcement is on the job. For that i am grateful to them.

      • In what America does an attempted cop-killing black midgit (just tall enough to point straight into the window) kill neither cop in the “ambush” and escape after being recorded? He is still “at large”… Give me a break. This is a bunch of BS.

  3. you

    may not be interested in the (((revolution))), but

    the (((revolution))) is interested in you.

    so: it will not be possible to “sit this one out”.

    the Jews and their shitskin enforcers

    intend to kill us.

    all of us.

    • The jews are parasites – they would never kill their host. Where else are the jews going to go in the World to run their skim – China? Africa? They would sooner cast the worthless Blacks on the trash heap but the blacks serve their purpose – they keep Whites afraid of blacks and dependent upon the Govt for security which the Govt barely provides. Uncle Sam lets blacks off the chain a little to keep Whites in line. This is a Govt that lets large groups of blacks march around Lookout Mt and Louisville armed to the gills while unarmed Whites get stomped out at Charlottesville while the cops stand by and watch.

      • But they are killing their host. They are doing everything they can to lower the White birth rate while encouraging miscegenation at the same time. I suppose they are gambling that the resulting population will still be controllable and exploitable.

      • The “large groups of blacks” i.e. NGAF are pure bait, no doubt laid on by Soros or the DNC, or an alphabet agency, in a GLOWING attempt to incite Billy Bob and the local militia to take some pot shots. BAIT.

        Thankfully, wiser heads like our Hunter Wallace, Esq. have persuaded one and all to engage in the worthy pursuits of “CHILLING AND GRILLING” instead.

      • (((Susan Rosenblatt)))-alias-Sontag, in Partisan Review, Sept. 1967:

        “the White race is the cancer of human history”; echoing

        the Talmudic Injunction to “kill the best goyim”. And

        similar statements by many Jews since. (((They)))

        have made their White-genociding intentions quite clear. And

        (((they))) have been doing so for some time now.

  4. Doubt if it is Trump that is letting the violence roll on

    More likely it is AG Barr on point, with and for the Deep State apparatus

    Maybe half-Jewish Barr is perfectly poised to understand all this

    Jewish Barr understands what the elites of his demi-tribe are doing, in their unholy alliance with the oligarchy, managing media, and the manipulation of the plebs

    White Christian Barr understands the backlash that is brewing

    This burning fire is waking up the normies, fast

    But the USA police state and surveillance apparatus, is already so draconian in its resources, both in terms of law on the books and tech tools to crush insurgents

    That they can crush much of this, quite fast, when the Deep State is finally resolved on doing so

    Insurgent terra-rism won’t be entirely wiped out but it can become marginal

    The question remains, what societal architecture the Deep State has in mind for Ameri-burgers … the Deep Staters may not know themselves at the moment, what precisely they will try and sell as the November votes are ‘counted’ (heh-heh)

  5. I’ve been thinking about this, meaning the end, so to speak, because it has come up on here.

    I would say get some food that can be stored for months maybe years. Buy gold and silver coins, if you can afford it, and keep them where you can get at them, not in a bank somewhere. Buy a gun and learn how to use it.

    I saw a show on doomsday preppers, Travel Channel, I think. Doomer 1 was preparing for a nuclear bomb. Doomer 2 was preparing for a communicable disease that would kill most of the population. Doomer 3 was preparing for a financial collapse. The point is nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen, and nobody knows exactly how to prepare for it. I would say have some sort of a plan, but don’t think about it all the time. Enjoy what you can while you can.

    • What you advocate should have already.been done.we need much, more up to date planning and tactics . we are one event away from this exploding in our faces.

      • The shooter of the two deputies a kid ? The other side has upped the ante. Like the recent wars in africa. Child soldiers in thee american war? Their under age anwser to kenosha?

      • Never too late to plan, Terry. Even those in Jerusalem, were given an ‘out’ by God, during the early months of the siege. Trouble is, with the COVD scam lockdowns, Americans can’t even leave their COUNTRY, let alone their cities.

        God is truly enacting his righteous anger on an apostate and sinful generation, that allowed sodomy, abortion, miscegenation, transvestism, SRS, vile music, idolatrous Visual pornography (Television) and all the rest, to exist.

        • I agree sir.but the things he advocates obtaining are in short, short supply. His post came across as very casual.there is nothing casual about what we face.thank you for your council sir.

  6. Nigs and cops shooting one another – who gives a fuck. After they corralled HW and the Alt-Right down the proverbial chute-like-cattle why would he even give a shit about what happens to cops. The Hard Truth is that Whites are on their own – no help from cops or the Feds or any other cog in this jewed-up system.

    • I certainly do not blame the police for Charlottesville, I blame the Democratic mayor who clearly had an agenda there.

      If law enforcement had their way, they would curb stomp the whole of Antifa and every BLM gangbanger within minutes. Law enforcement are employees, they have to follow orders, they are not vigilantes.

      I can’t imagine a single law enforcement officer anywhere who would approve of this chaos going on in the cities.

      • I know some cops – the only thing they care about is other cops(i.e. that Thin Blue Line BS) and their salaries and pensions. There is a reason that a person can be denied a job as a cop if their IQ is too high (see: Robert Jordan vs City of New London, CT) – TPTB want automatons to carry out their orders.

      • If the cops had principles beyond their paychecks and pensions, they wouldn’t have allowed C’ville to happen. They serve the system that provides for them.

  7. In Oregon, there have been several arrests of arsonists, and several people have caught on camera, people setting fires. There is even a vid of a drone spitting fire as it flies by a forest area. There are well over 100,000 people in southern Oregon who have been displaced, many now homeless. A live fire map shows the western states on fire. The media refuse to acknowledge who is starting the fires, instead whine about climate change.

    We have entered the next phase of the coming war, this is the “grey terrorism” phase. Sorry, you will not be avoiding the conflict, it is coming to you. You can try to explain all you want, to people why things are the way they are, and it will be the same as it has been for the last 30+ years, their eyes will glaze over, and they will not absorb what you say; they will now, more than ever crave reassurance from “authority figures”. Sure, a few are waking up, but the masses have chosen willful ignorance.

    The situation is going really hot soon. America as we knew it is gone. If you have not read Thomas Chittum’s book, Civil War II, you might want to now, while you still can. There are no “good” choices left, only choices…

    • Waiting for an American Franco?

      The Generalissimo gets a bad rap (thanks to the weight of leftist propaganda since 1936), but it could be argued that he really did save Spain.

      • OF COURSE Franco saved Spain, for over three generations. And what did those vile Spaniards do, as soon as they were ‘free’? Enacted all the enticing ‘laws’ that legalized abortion, sodomy, anarchy, and insurrection (Catalonian ‘independence’) just like the rest of Apostate Europe.

      • I guess we should all start hiding under our beds? I dont feel weak and defenceless and i dont see it in the rest of our army either sir

    • There are rumors among the local police and rural people in Oregon that Antifa is starting the fires. Unknown yet if there is any proof of this or just a logical conclusion that such destructive people may also be capable of such apocalyptic destruction as well? Whether official leadership of Antifa decided to do this may be debatable that they decided to destroy the trees they love so much and risked conspiracy to engage highest level terrorism is debatable. But it is also clear many Helter-Skelter deranged types minds warped from drug addiction are drawn to the protests and may well have seen the first natural fires and the “gender reveal fireworks” fire and come to the conclusion that they should just drive out there and start to burn out “the rednecks” in the rural part of the states or just plain continue all the bad feelings that grinch like democratic governors have been fostering with pointless shutdowns. I lived in Washington County Oregon for 11 years and never once experienced lightening and thunder. There are no lightening storms in Western Oregon due to the maritime influence, these fires must have been set by man made activities.

    • Yes, soon we will have all the soldiers we need, now we await our moment to provide the guidance and lesdership our people must have.

  8. Yes I agree. The Anarchists, Black Lives Matter, and White Liberals are doing it for us. Now I think the overwhelming majority of White People know that we Nationalists have been right all along. Now if our people would realize the Republicans and Trump will never ever save us. We must be the hero, work together, save ourselves, and advance the White Race. Deo Vindice !


    Although it is not soothing to hear, many many Eastern North Carolinians are of the opinion that the society cannot get right until people are once again hung in public, and then left there for days, for those who need a firm reminding.

    Public hangings were a part of Southern life until only very recent years, and, though the prospect of it terrifies this society, I note that this society has shown why public hangings were done for 350 years, in the first place.

    Folks, in Eastern North Carolina, speak in these terms, over and over – and not just crabby old White men, but, the ladies, as well, and not just about common criminals, but those who show a vile lack of respect for others – and that includes politicians who are shown to be treacherous.

    Bushwhacking officers of the law, or anybody, for that matter, is simply unacceptable, and, unfortunately, some people can only be deterred by harsh visual reminders.

  10. “In Oregon, there have been several arrests of arsonists, and several people have caught on camera, people setting fires.”

    The far Left is certainly ramping up their operations here in Oregon.

    That they may raid some banks or knock out power-plamts to cause further destabilization has be taken seriously.

    At that point the militias will self-activate and begin the grim task of restoring order. William L. Pierces Day of the Rope may become a reality…

  11. Those cops should of joined blumpfs diamond club membership or this wouldn’t of happened… but seriously this is f#%ked boomer biden gives some pathetic violence is bad love one another speech and potato blumpf tweet is throwing red meat by saying the killer should get a instant trial to death impossible by the way with the current (((judicial system))) not that has to be explained

    Meanwhile this stupid orange bitch is letting out criminal joggers and murderers at a unprecedented rate with the very democrat like criminal justice reform not one of his supporters asked for any is against 100% lol this is all so absurd

    • Trump was a lifelong democrat. All of his policies are liberal. The so called “conservative” judges he appointed just happen to “overrule him” every time. Trump is the Trojan Horse. I love our people, but I swear – how gullible can we be?

    • Yes, Trump has let the joggers out of jail but look at how much of the black vote he has gotten in return. Blacks have a well known reputation for kindness, gentleness, a thirst for knowledge, self improvement, order, small government, reading the WSJ, watching Fox TV, being libertarians and a great desire to vote Republican if only dickheads like Charlie Kirk would help them get off the “Democrat Plantation”.

      They remember good deeds done to them and will show eternal gratitude for Trump’s policy of letting joggers out of jail to commit more crimes. No doubt Trump will probably double his take of the black vote from a measly %2 to a mighty %4.

      Winning! Just like Trump said, I’m tired of all this winning.

  12. Carl rowan wrote a book back in the 90’s titled the ” the coming race war in america” a bit dated, now. But he had some very interesting notions. I highly recomend it. Time has and is proving him to be spot on.

  13. Ivan- I’ve said public COMMUNAL stoning for unrepentant sodomites, is the only way to remove the evil from the land. It’s much the same as your observation. The severity of the retribution is in equal measure to the vileness of the crime.

    Whites are the IMAGO DEI on this plane. N-words are the antithesis of it. Draw your own necessary conclusions. Deo Volente.

    “Christianity is our only real enemy since all the political and economic phenomena of the bourgeois states are only its consequences,” Rakovsky, says. (All page citations from Griffin, Fourth Reich of the Rich, 1988, p. 264) – ‘Christian’ Rakovsky (born CHAIM Rakover in 1873) was a veteran Communist insider…

    “The Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth. This is the historic destiny of the Jews” – Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), pp. 99-100

    • @Father John…

      Yes, Father, without very clear lines, and very publick consequences, it is hard to see how the evils that have become so epidemick in our land, will ever go away.

      Certainly, in my garden, the weeds and vines have to be constantly plucked out and cut back, for if they are not, our house would be completely overrun within several years!

      Thank you, as always, for your thoughts!

  14. Two takes I get from many comments is that Trump and law enforcement are against nationalists. Wouldn’t surprise me if these misguided souls were taking their views off from Richard ‘the clown’ Spencer.

    I wonder what Richard is talking about on twitter, let’s take a look…

    “…if Trump actually did annul the election and create a dictatorship in November, we’d get the same stupid shit for another few years”.

    Oh so Richard wants to use Marxist talking points that Trump wants to become a dictator. Interesting.

    Let’s see what else Richard is saying:

    “The American middle class as it’s currently constituted is dependent on America’s Imperial footprint”

    Does he blame Trump for 4 years of relative peace? Pompeo just announced that we are withdrawing from Afghanistan completely to zero troops in 2021. He must be talking about Obama, right? Because Obama invaded 5 countries.

    Let’s see what else Richard is tweeting:

    “Becoming a regular nation state…would also entail the destruction of the middle-class lifestyle”

    Do any of you actually believe Nietzche-worshiping, Ivy-league educated, fash-desiring Spencer gives two squats about the working class?

    Of course he doesn’t. He even implies in this statement that he looks down on the working class. I’ve been following Spencer for years, he is an imperialist, he is a fascist, he is an elitist. He admires the liberal elite just simply because they are elite. Richard envisions a nation-state where a powerful elite have total control and the working class are drones of the elite.

    Richard Spencer admires and follows power, even if that power is Marxist, even if that power censors and persecutes his allies and followers. That’s why he endorsed Biden and declared he is voting a straight democratic ticket.

    • I don’t even come close to agreeing on everything with Richard he is a upper class elitist snob but I honestly understand perfectly why Spencer wouldn’t vote for potato Blumpf

      I wouldn’t too either if he said I don’t belong in his party and after countless campaign lies, betrayals and him throwing them under the bus at Charlottesville (where some poor forgotten about people are still jailed for life for attending and defending themselves against a democraticly elected mob of state endorsed anarchists and thugs



    “Donald Trump: ‘Stupid’ Corporations Funding ‘Anti-Police’ Leftists Should Fund Families of Fallen Officers”

    “President Donald Trump on Sunday mocked the “stupid” corporations publicly announcing funding to radical left organizations during the George Floyd protests throughout the summer.

    “The corporations, these poor stupid people that run the — you know, they get paid a lot of money. They’re weak infective people, let’s face it,” Trump said at his rally in Nevada on Sunday night.

    Trump estimated that between $100 – $250 million had been pledged to left-wing organizations during the George Floyd protests. Breitbart News reported in June that American corporations pledged $1.175 billion to social and racial justice organizations.

    “It’s so embarrassing … that money is not used for good reasons,” Trump said.

    The president mocked the corporations for funding the left-wing groups, noting that the left would turn on them if they had the chance.

    “They’ll be the first to go if the radical Left ever took — they’d throw those guys out like they were nothing,” he said. “If they were lucky, they’d just be thrown out. It would probably be a lot rougher than that.”

    Trump suggested that the executives giving money to left-wing groups are clueless about their intent and should fund more worthy causes.

    “They should give money to the families of the crime victims and the fallen officers,” he said as the rally crowd roared with approval.”

    • “They should give money to the families of the crime victims and the fallen officers,” he (Trump) said as the rally crowd roared with approval.”

      How about using that obviously excess money to increase the wages of the people at lower pay grades? How about using that excess money to pay a little more to buy American?

      One of the problems with capitalism is its “profit maximization” (i.e. greed; a vice, not a virtue BTW) which leads to, amongst other things ridiculous executive compensation packages, buying from China to save pennies while destroying the domestic industrial base especially for things like antibiotics and medical equipment. If executives have available billions to spend on mafia protection money from public criminals then they can spend that money on domestic production and raising wages of low pay grades. If Trump were actually a populist that would have been a natural thought for him and he would have said that at his Nevada rally.

    • Trump worships corporations – the Orange Whore Of Babylon would gladly take campaign donations from the same corps giving jewbux to lefties.

  16. It would be unironically poetic justice, if the black munchkin would be assassin of the two snoozing cops was walking the streets because of the “First Step Act” prison reform that the Blompf-Kushner administration is so proud of that they paid an king’s ransom to run a political commercial touting it during the last super bowl.

    • November,

      I am still not really allowed back on here for commentary but I had to say hello. Little Maria has entered kindergarten and is forbidden to take her hard plastic knife to school.

      Good comment on your part of course. i won’t be able to respond but I catch some of the articles and comments.

  17. Virtus,

    Thank you for your sentiments. I watched that video clip you sent. That was good. I have never seen that movie though I have heard of it.

  18. November,

    My view in a nutshell. How did this monster anonymous get on this website? He is a communist. Is there anyone lower?

    • Yes, Dear Cristina, and, to be sure, we’ll treat him with a thousand times more respect than any of us would be treated if we were at a site with many of his ilk, which, unfortunately, there are so many.

      Be well, My Little Falangista!

      • Ivan,

        I am passionate yet I do admire how calm you always seem to be. How do you do it? Granted, it is the latin way to be emotional and I do try to be aloof but it is difficult at times.

        • Thank you so very much, Dear Cristina, for your very kind words!

          As you know, Latinas are full of feeling and sentiment, which is what makes them so often great wives, daughters, and, of course, the most passionate of lovers.

          Of course, I have known some dry and and very self-contained. Latins, particularly the well-educated men from the upper middle and upper classes.

          So, it goes without saying that you ought have a temper, not to mention that you are young and hormonal, which complicates things.

          As to myself, I came up in the Olde South, Virginia & North Carolina to be exact, and we have as our ideal the English reserve and civility.

          In my childhood our heroes were George Washington and Robert E. Lee – two Anglo-Southern gentlemen who, when they got angry, were very sure to keep it private.

          Decorum. self-discipline, and self-restraint is very important to Southerners, particularly those of us from the oldest parts.

          Whenever I would lose my cool, so to speak, when I was young (not often) I noticed that it not only did not sit well on me, it served no one else well, as well.

          If there is every a time and a place where I might act it, it would be in tandem with other Southerners and smalltown Americans fighting to protect our culture and regain our sovereignty.

          Of course I would remain a gentleman, but all would not be mollycoddles.

          Now, concerning The Internet, and opinionation in general, I’ll say this : —– when folks take to speaking disrespectfully to each other and calling each other names, or suggesting that, just because you do not agree with them, you must either be a traitor or a dupe, I am not usually affected by it because I do not see what they are throwing at me as indicative of me, at all, but, indicative of who they are.

          That’s the key – when people throw mud, it’s their mud, not ours, and it reflects not only terribly on them, but, poorly on all their ancestors.

          Maybe that is key, something which some non-Southerners here at this blog have taken exception to, and that is this : —— wherever I am, I see that I am not only representing my ancestors, but, my community, as well.

          I am not just there by myself, and, given all the lies that are constantly told about Southerners, and the endless attacks we suffer, I am mindful of these things – and given my background, breeding, and age, it’s up to me to be a leader, if, albeit, only a small one.

          Never stoop to the level of those who are stooping, and never show cowardice in the face of the enemy.

          This kind of thinking, of which I really was not so conscious was in me, until I got older, is indicative of having been raised in the upper class of North Carolina, in the days of White Southern Supremacy, which, looking back on it believed that, if you are superior, then do not forget to act that way!

          And then, of course, last but not least, there is Chryst and what He expects from me.

          So, there you have it, My Dear!

          All the best to you and yours!

          • Ivan Turgenev,

            That was very well written. Except for the Southern examples (which I did enjoy) it almost reads like a model chapter on proper decorum. Of course everyone knows to remain calm and collected like Clint Eastwood in an Italian western. Easier said than done.

            There are times for righteous anger of course but yes the general rule is dignity and decency. In some of the schools I have attended we are taught such values. The private schools of course.

            Anyway, I thank you for such an informative and interesting letter. It took time for you to compose it and I much appreciate it.

            Cristina Romana

    • @Christina,

      That was a very wholesome video. There wasn’t anything that I would object to. It reminded me of similar videos of Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Reich. How could anyone with more than a dice roll of brain cells claim that those three nations are an improvement on their fascist era qualities of life?

      Falangists are fine and acceptable in my humble opinion. Fa superior the anything in the modern West.

      I am not here as often as before. There are two posters using the username “Anonymous,” so I am unfamiliar with the marxist one.

      • November,

        Thank you as always. I have to rush off to school so my posting is brief. I believe Pope Pius XI said in 1929 that Fascism is Catholicism and that whoever is against Fascism is a Bolshevik.

        Because of some of Mussolini’s frailties he somewhat soured on him but not on the Catholic Fascism of Franco which was very traditional.

      • November,

        Well my dear November on what sites do you haunt? If I can access them perhaps I will leave polite commentary on such. I do not possess a smart phone. I share a room, a computer, and a normal cell phone with an older sister who of course uses them at her convenience and i get the left overs. The law of the jungle in large families.

        • I am mostly on Telegram. Most of the chats that I am a member of have gone private. The public ones I’ll just send memes to.

          All three Telegram channels that banned me are Anglo owned. LMAO! Cucks from cuck island. No one really likes the Anglos on Telegram in nationalist circles. Often they receive (((anglos))) when mentioned.

          Telegram could use a Spanish Falangist channel. Are you or anyone else in your family interested in making one? There’s some recent pro-Franco videos in circulation where young and older admirers give the Roman salute while singing the Spanish national anthem.

          • November,

            Banned from 3 channels? That is quite an accomplishment. You must have been critical of the Greatest Generation. Cuck Island is Great Britain I imagine. Is it really that bad? Are those people that far gone?

            It does sound like an interesting concept for a channel. I doubt if I would be allowed to especially as long as I am in the USA. It is becoming more and more left wing and deranged no matter what political party rules. I think the consensus in my family is that the USA is fast unraveling therefore we watch. My family would not let me be exposed for attack in a country that does not protect the law abiding. I think I would be safer in Mexico with such a channel.

          • November,

            I know you must be somewhat disappointed that I am not allowed to have a website to promote values and ideology that we both share but I am not mistress of my actions. I had to stomp, to plead, to cry, and to enlist the favorite in order to return to this website.

            My family share my beliefs as do all 3 priests I have consulted with but for now I am contained within this website where I can and will promote the Truth. Do not fret. Someday I will be allowed free reign on my own website.

            Also, while matters will get worse before better, the righteous win in the end.

            Cristina Romana

    • Flaxen,

      Yes I am somewhat back. The now you see me now you do not is not of my doing of course. The last time we spoke or should I say we wrote I may have been snotty toward you. Apologies for that. I can be snooty.

    • A Caudillo-ista princess of Culiacan? Culiacan is a capital of tourist entertainment and also of the Sinaloa drug cartel, so powerful it that even defeated the Mexican military! Wealthy, privileged, lighter-skin-toned HIspanic nobility have nothing to fear from Sinaloa, or any other Caudillo that keeps the working class in fear and submission. “Caudillismo” is paradise for the privileged class. What they do fear is “Chavismo” (or any other ethno-national socialism) and they want every trace of it destroyed before it spreads. They love a strong man (fascist leader):

      Latin American fascism has murdered millions: – and it is currently destroying the remains of the Amazon rainforest (“the lungs of the planet”) and slowly genociding its native inhabitants.

      • You’re right about the Amazon. I once met a former missionary to the Brazilian Amazon region. He told me that (among other things) if one (regardless of nationality) is overheard in public (e.g. sitting with friends in a sidewalk café) discussing the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, they can be arrested and criminally charged. He adjusted his behavior accordingly while in Brazil.

        • Flaxen,

          Since most of my family including myself are from Durango could I be the princess of Durango instead of Culiacan? Either way I find it amusing. I am from the land of the scorpions. I have been stung twice by them. Once in Durango and once in Texas.

          • Durango has a long crime history and is a main center of the Sinaloa drug cartel and also of the competing Gulf drug cartel.

            Durango was also a center of reactionary conservative opposition to the Mexican Revolution in the Cristero War (La Cristiada) to preserve Roman (Catholic) hegemony and the “rights” of U.S. and European corporations and of the lighter-skinned Mexican nobility (hacendados) to own most of the land, and nearly all of the best land, forcing the landless peasants to labor for slave wages on their vast “farms” of hundreds of thousands of acres and up to over a million acres.

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