2020 Occidental Dissent Fundraiser Update

I didn’t get around to addressing this when I reopened the site in August.

I basically plunged immediately into working on my book. Back in August, we raised around $3,300 toward our 2020 fundraiser, which I used to pay off my son’s annual private school tuition through March. Since it wasn’t a pressing issue at the time, I went ahead and reopened the site. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. I still need to raise around $700 to finish paying off his last two months of school.

In related news, I have finally figured out how to use cryptocurrency after all of these years of not having a means other than the P.O. Box to do fundraising. I was forced by necessity to figure it out because my wife is even more clueless about the subject and a relative wanted to send her some Bitcoin. If you enjoy this site and want to support us through Bitcoin or Monero, you can now do so through the sidebar.

Note: If I have somehow screwed this up, let me know in the comments. I’m still struggling!

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    • Pretty sure the objective is keeping the site online, the time he spends researching and writing for this site would be better spent working a job to pay for his son’s schooling if nobody sends money.

      • Muh White Nationalism Muh White children most of which don’t turn out “White” by your own definitions.

        • Not having any black or Indian blood is what White is and that is a bar which 96% of self-described (non-Hispanic) White Americans have passed. You sound like a coping beaner.

  1. And you need to do away with moderation of comments and moderate posters instead, i.e., ban those who violate your rules. Otherwise, moderation is boring in the social world we now live in.

  2. Glad to see you are learning crypto. I want to do it too.

    A bitcoin commentator I saw on lrby.tv said, never leave your money on the coin exchanges as they get hacked quite often. He also recommended hardware wallets, but I don’t know what that is.

    • How can you recommend something without knowing what it is? Bitcoin is super over valued. Buy low and sell high. It was something 10 years ago when it was under $100 but now it’s crazy over priced. The American dollar will last as long as the US military. We’re still 30 years from total collapse. Buy land and build a family.

  3. I get tired of fairy’s who ask about using crypto currency. Why not just send cash?

    Brad, needs a “PRO” status button and a “Donor” button. Let’s say pro for $100 dollars a year, and donor for $25 dollars or more a year. Something on the order of what Andy Torba does at GAB. That way you know who has skin in the game.

    Even a $30 dollar a year pro, and a $10 dollar a year donation would mean something.

  4. I won’t use crypto. Various ones have crashed, and the main ones have been greatly overvalued. The manipulation potential is huge with them. You should at least offer the opportunity to contribute through a service like SubscribeStar.

      • Coinbase recently asked their employees to sign a pledge to be apolitical. Those that wouldn’t sign were offered 6 mths pay to leave, and 60 employees took the offer. Hopefully that is a good sign for the future.

        I’ve been listening to advice from Boomers not to trust crypto since it was between $250 and $500. If I didn’t listen to those old fools, my small investment at the time would be worth several million by now.

        My thought is to go long term, like buy Bitcoin and hold it for at least 5 years. Buying and selling on the bumps, and trying to interpret those candle stick graphs is where I think most people screw up. I would however be interested in hearing how WN lost money on crypto, as I’ve heard some of them lost a lot.

        • Last post from me on this. I didn’t want to leave what I said about Bitcoin unmodified.

          I’ve been watching some more crypto videos and think I have found their version of Cpt Blackpill. He says the PayPal adopting Bitcoin is not mass adoption, it is a take over by the big end of town, because mass adoption has already happened.

          He says the leaders of the international finance system met and said crypto is the biggest threat their system has ever faced. So they are taking it over so they can identify individuals and what they buy, and regulate it. So it looks to me like the most interesting crypto is not Bitcoin, but anon coins like Monero.

  5. Hey, if you have mentioned this before I apologize, what is the book about, and where can it be purchased when published?

  6. I’ll put an envelope in the mail tomorrow Brad.
    I don’t always agree with your long term strategy for our Southern brethren, but you at least let me speak my peace.

    I would be happy to contribute an article to the site on long term strategy (specifically surviving the inevitable crash that is just over the horizon).

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