Donald Trump Took White Men For Granted and Paid The Price

In 2016, blacks cost Hillary Clinton the presidency.

In 2020, it looks like White men will cost Donald Trump the election. He outperformed his 2016 vote totals with every other group. He lost his 2016 margin with White men.

Cucks who were psyched out by fake news and fake polls which showed White suburbanites turning on Trump over “racism” in enormous numbers refused to defend the White male populist voters who were the lynchpin of Donald Trump’s 2016 coalition.

Note: Just yesterday, Greg Johnson wrote an article at Counter-Currents about how the wignat vote was insignificant and how Trump stood to gain more by appealing to non-Whites than to disaffected White voters. FOX News just called Wisconsin for Joe Biden.


  1. I felt a great disturbance in the Grift Right – It’s like Nic the Spic, Charlie Kirk, The Deplorable Choir, Ben Shapiro and millions of other Grift Righters suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

    • Andrew Anglin is basically telling his readers to prepare to go out and die defending donald trump now. The amnats have gone into full on fedposting mode. The grift right is over.

      He also has a new article blaming white women for blumpf’s loss, when all indications are that blumpf got the majority of white women, and increased his share from 2016. Doesn’t really mesh with the “white women all support BLM” message that Anglin constantly tries to push.

  2. I can confirm this. As a straight, white, right-wing male who happily did not cast a vote for the disgusting republican party.

    You know what? I feel great today. Didn’t know how I would feel, as I have done nothing but vote for repubs my entire life. But damn I feel great.

      • YOu traitors who voted for communism are sickening because THAT is JUST what Democrats are and should be hung in the Capitol square!, YOU ARE SO LOST–HOW CAN ANYONE IN THIS NATION WANT COMMUNISM? Are you idiots–YES YOU ARE!
        shame is what you should be feeling! The fool Biden mouths the words, but means NONE of them! Now he will be done away with and old Harris will be in the Chair and she is worse than the outrageously insane Obama was! m She is so far left she ought to speak Chinese! You are destroying America and all we were founded to be and you should be so ashamed of yourselves….idiots all!
        President Trump has been the BEST president since Reagan and you fools cannot see the crap that is pushed, the corruption and LIES by the all the left; the Dems!,,,YOU are siding with our enemies as they do in this world- against your own country! I hope there IS a revolution so we can legally get rid of all treasonous evil in this country…GOD FOR GIVE YOU– THE PATRIOTS WILL NOT…HOW DARE YOU BE SO IGNORANT!!!!

      • @Drogger, @Dixieland Observer, good for y’all. Seriously. The most troubling thing about many “white nationalist”‘s is that they refuse to draw a line in the sand (& stick to it, even if it hurts) wherein they refuse to give UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT to (((shabbos goyim))) who openly denounce them repeatedly and who don’t even bother to make false promises that would be beneficial to them.

        Instead, most “W.N.”‘s invert their spineless cowardice/cuckoldry, act as though it’s a rare species of bravery/honor/etc. (that conveniently absolves them of even a semblance of personal responsibility), and go around loudly scolding anyone who doesn’t tow their line. “…Lesser of the evils…” is the “strategy” that Aryan Americans have religiously followed since at latest 1916, when (((Woodrow Wilson, puppet groomed by Jew Bernard Baruch))) literally made the fact he had not (yet) gotten America into the cataclysmic global Aryan strategic defeat known as World War I the centerpiece of his campaign (as you’ve probably already heard).

        Americans who were, quite frankly, more intelligent & informed/educated (as in,actually learned, worldly people) than are we and who had higher levels of testosterone than ourselves (in +90% white Aryan America) pinned buttons to their shirts with Wilson’s slogan, “He Kept Us Out of War .” Within one year after “the lesser of the evil”‘s won his demockeracy re-election, he was “making the world safe for democracy” and sending Aryan Americans to slaughter their brothers across the Atlantic.

        We’ve been doing it at least since then. Giving *unconditional, carte blanche* support to known enemies who’s only *meaningful* promise to us is to supposedly screw us less than the other guy/gal. Voting for Trump in 2016 was my last rodeo, and I’m ashamed I even bothered. Voting is so appealing to many because it seemingly costs virtually no-thing, no real risk or prospect of personal loss, so it can seem. Well, I’ve increasingly accepted the idea that if you can get people to knowingly repeat lies, it destroys both their minds and their souls. Voting the “lesser of the evils” is one of several key means by which the powers that be create “sheeple.”

        There is a theory as to how Schizophrenia is caused, called the “Double Bind Theory of Schizophrenia” (created by an anthropologist of all professions, as I recall…his name was Gregory Bateson); and basically, the theory is that when a child is repeatedly subjected to “damned if I do, damned if I do not” scenarios (usually by his caregivers, oftentimes framed as “loving concern,” in the target’s “best interest”), over time, it drives he/her mad. The ruling elite’s tactics of psychological warfare against us Aryans are basically one and the same as the model/theory of Narcissistic Personality Disorder Abuse. It’s a special type of torture usually extremely sadistic that over time sucks the life out of the target in ways that you really can’t understand unless you’ve been subjected to it.

        I know I’m veering “out there,” but I am convinced that a related concept is crucial to understanding the phenomenon of the “sheeple” (especially of the American strain) and that is related to the Aryan race’s plight. Complex Post Traumatic Stress Response (aka “Disorder,” but I use “Response,” because it is a set of learned beliefs/perceptions/behaviors/choices/etc., it can be unlearned & replaced). Basically, we all probably suffer from it, to varying degrees. If interested, do some research. CPTSD causes self-destructive behaviors.

        It’s sad that this stupid Sportsball-like soap opera – this sham of demockeracy elections – nonetheless does still have massive consequences (since so many useful idiots &/or fearful folk deeply in denial as to the world in which we inhabit believe it really matters, that their vote makes a real difference); and now there is even more division & bitter hatred within the ranks of our race. It’d be better if the possibility of setting aside our (Aryan Nationalists who want to divorce the Jewish system & create & live in an Aryan only ethnostate wherein preservation of our race is the #1 foundational basis of such a state) differences and making it happen. Not hoping *& expecting* (insanely) for someone/thing else to do it for us, but instead actually making it a reality.

        One of the biggest actual problems preventing such an effort is – paradoxically – an apparent steadfast refusal among too many within the (ill-defined) “dissident right wing” to work within the framework of reality. An unhinged, delusional refusal to even contemplate the aspects of reality that are demonstrable. Basically, (not all, but..) too many “white nationalists” are infantile & dominated by emotionalism…basically, there are certain serious & dire problems that need to be coolly assessed, but too few are willing to even contemplate them (much less accept & acknowledge…much less thereafter start searching for actionable solutions….much less actually take such actions), because there’s a bit more fleeting pain that will be experienced by doing step 1. I know others are aware of this, so it’s not everyone, but a lot of “white nationalists” are deeply confused about several important issues that need to be dealt with centuries ago; and they simply do not want to think about them. Worse still, when such topics are brought up for mere discussion, the people I speak of become very angry and emotional, oftentimes showing a (I don’t think I’m exaggerating) homicidal rage to whoever is trying to discuss applicable issues. If only these people would re-direct that rage where and to who it really belongs.

        How can one solve a problem one refuses to recognize, much less even admit is a problem?

        Until/unless the average “white nationalist” decides he has had enough of this Jewish Hell in which we exist & that he is willing to do whatever it takes to do all in his power to resolve it, not taking “no” for an answer and act accordingly in understanding of the unpleasant truth that he has no-thing to lose….things will get worse, much worse. Whatever each of us does in a sense have/possess right now is also in a sense an illusion. That’s one core bitter truth. We really already have no-thing left to lose regardless of what we do in a lower sense have. Anything & everything worth anything, and especially the things that are worth dying for can (& will be, absent actions beyond words) and will be taken from us. (((They’re))) coming for each & every one of us. They’re coming for our children, y’all. Remember the Cheka’s favorite “technique”? If “we” do not assume a true revolutionary stance and start learning to rely upon ourselves to the utmost, we are screwed. You can’t bargain or cuck your way out with these monsters.

        A true warrior culture must be created. Metaphorically, we are Children of Mars. We are the chosen race when it comes to traditional warfare. But is the war of annihilation we are in a traditional form of warfare? We can and must adapt to it. To me, the first step is admitting and accepting that we are at war and to accept that this style of (arguably superior) warfare the Jews wage is not one which we like nor one at which we excel.

        Do you think the system would survive if the mentality of the average Aryan Nationalist was such that every commenter replied to my nice anonymous talking rant here/now with something like, “hey pussy, enjoyin’ your talkin’ eh? What the hell you doing ‘shitposting’? You better be able to post a pic with ‘trophies’ and prove that the pic was really taken today! We are at war faggot, gtfo offline and back to your duty!!”? History is made by the bold minority, not the masses. The masses follow. They beg to be told what to do by whoever they perceive as capable of…whoever they *fear* the most. Yeah, there are problems with the political police, they are a real threat. Don’t you know that a lot of life in this world is shades of grey? Just saying, tune into your gut & think things over, but don’t be unwilling to take as wise of risks as you can imagine either.

        Stop loving your (((enemies))). What advice has ever possibly been worse than that? These bastards are not invincible, but if we don’t assume a revolutionary stance and create a true warrior culture, they’re going to torture our children to death, in front of us. They will shriek with laughter as they cut open our child/ren’s stomachs, nail a piece of intestine to a post, and force our child/ren to run as we won’t be able to stop ourselves from pleading to trade places. They are merciless, our suffering is orgasmic to them. Our turn will come immediately afterwards. I know you probably don’t want to think about such a despicable thing, but this is the stuff that we *need* to hear & constantly be reminded of so long as the status quo continues (& worsens). You can handle more than for which you give yourself credit. Your people need you.

    • @Dixieland…

      I envy you feeling great, Sir, because, until The South gets free of this mess, my political self will be far from ‘feeling great’.

  3. GOP spent the last 4 years lambasting White Males, and now the bill is due. Trump took us for granted and pandered to everyone else.

  4. Has that grifting faggot Fuentes announced his onlyfans yet? Him and Vince James can suck each other off while Baked and Beardson watch.

    • Fuentes still has more viewers than all the wignats put together, it has only been growing since last year lol
      The wignats on the other hand, still have the RVs, fucking losers.

      • @Checheno

        Except not only does Nick have cold takes, but he often lies and smears.

        Truth isn’t a popularity contest. Should Nick’s narrative be dominant temporarily, it’s just going to cause suffering and stagnation not only to his supporters, but the right as a whole.

        Normalcy bias is very real and the U.S. and indeed the entire West is on a dangerous path. We don’t have time to do trial and error over shitty ideals.

    • @goyz of summer,

      You forgot Milo, Greg Johnson, and Ali Alexander in that remake of “Brokeback Mountain.”

      Tagline: “I can’t quit you catboi.”

  5. Hunter! I’ve emailed you in regards to a breaking story about Biden. This is in regards to Hunter Biden’s photos and videos of him engaging in sexual acts with his 14 year old niece. Please read the email! I sent it to Striker and Ethan from Killstream as well.

    The email should come from

    Tell me if you got it.

  6. HIlarious.

    A giant middle finger to Dornald Dormpf, Greg Johnson, Nicky Fuentes, and every other GOP shill.

    “You get what you fucking deserve!”

  7. President Trump absolutely took White Men for granted, and it was a big reason why it took a lot of prayer, and prodding from prayer voices to support him.

    That said, he won the election, and the Republicans lost no power.

    That leaves The Democrats, and the lawlessless elements of the political media and political establishments to figure out how they will try to do better next time.

  8. The Republican party is going to (already has started) pivot towards brown people, specifically latinos. In the next couple of years we are going to see Republicans shift the party focus from poor and middle class suburban White folks to mexicans in Cali, Arizona, Texas, Florida & wherever else.
    For the first time ever White people are going to be without a major party pandering to our interests directly. It’s likely that our vote will be split relatively even 50/50 Dems/Repub, but it would be interesting to see a nationalist and populist party with funding, and backing try and worm their way in by appealing to us. Dunno how successful it would be, or if it would even be possible.

    • Whites haven’t had a major party pandering to their interests since LBJ shafted the Dixiecrats by passing the Civil Rights Act (with the enthusiastic support of The Party of Lincoln). He and the Prostitucians on Capitol Hill further shafted White Americans by signing onto the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. I wanted to add that Johnson did these things, because Whites had become more prosperous, were aligning themselves with the Repugnants and had stopped voting Democrat.

      Then there is the Great Reagan Betrayal with the first amnesty in 1984. This after winning the White vote by large margins twice. Am I the only one thinking that the Democrats pander to their own base while the Repugnants have this nasty habit of discarding their base and double-crossing their base after winning office?

      And, while sites like this one are quick to point out that, while Trump gained a smidgeon more Anything But Straight White Make Voters, the Repugnants are studiously ignoring the loss of White men while crowing over the smidgeon increase of Anyone But Straight White Males that Trump gained and loudly proclaim that Florida Is The Road to the Republican Future.

      Their attitude confirms my suspicions of many years’ standing … that the Republicans as Fabian Socialists and the Faux Opposition are a bigger obstacle to White interests than the Democrats are. So, as vile as the Democrats are, I think I will vote for them.

      There is this old saying that if you are stuck with only one bullet between an enemy and a traitor, you are better off killing the traitor and trying to negotiate with the enemy. As openly hostile to Whites as Democrats claim to be, they are still less toxic than the Republicans have been to us.

  9. Just remember how he and Kushner took you for granted, so when he begins to dogwhistle for the “POOR BOYS” and his supporters to take to the street. DO NOT DO IT. When you are arrested the media will slander you as “white supremacists” and the Trump or Biden justice department will prosecute as if you were a violent thug.

    Not our problem. Let the platinum plan people protest for him

      • Yes, indeed. If Trump attacks Iran he will be conceding defeat and this will be his parting gift to President Camel Toe Harris and “Our Greatest Ally”. The Government will immediately find that it has bitten off more than it can chew though and will call for conscription (AKA “national service”) to properly staff the military with high IQ White males so that it can function properly.

        That is the time for Whites to resist the Government that wants us dead, six feet under, by refusing to cooperate with its evil schemes. Non-cooperation from Whites can cause the whole rotten edifice to come tumbling down. It’s a far more effective tactic than direct action which the Government knows exactly how to deal with. Ask the UTR folks about that.

        • @12AX7,

          I don’t know how close you monitor such things, but the Kushner administration is attempting to change US law to sell Israel out bunker buster ordinance. The catch is that Israel doesn’t have a bomber capable of delivering this munition, so the jewnited states would have to give (not sell) Israel a few B-1s too.

          The fix is in. All those sunni muslim countries normalizing diplomatic relations with the zionist state is the lead up to that war.

          We can hope that ZOG-USA blunders into a war with China on its way to fighting another war for Israel.

          • Good catch, November. I did see the story about the MOAB but I don’t know the status of the “request”. It’s hard to believe any administration would say “NO” to “Our Greatest Ally” but especially not the Kushner Administration. The point you made about the B-1 (I assume the B-52 also) means either there are Israeli Air Force air and ground crews training with the B-1 now or the Israelis will order the USAF to drop the MOAB while the U.S. Government claims the bomb was Israeli so U.S. participation in the attack against Iran doesn’t count.

            Good luck with that argument, the Iranians aren’t going to make such fine distinctions, nor should they. The blowback from such an attack will be huge but WTF, Trump will be gone and President Camel Toe will be left with the consequences. Good luck with that.

      • Indeed and it was the traitor that misdirected energy away from fighting the enemy.

        Trump was truly a trojan horse candidate from the very beginning.

  10. It’s interesting to think about what is happening. I can’t help but think it’s over for us. It saddens me to say, but the most likely outcome is that Trump is going to lose, he will cry fraud, but eventually he will concede. There will be talk of secession and civil war, but the GOP will eventually forget about the obviously fraudulent election and pivot away from nationalism, Christianity, and white interests for good. They will become the party of lower taxes and guns for wealthy rappers.

    I don’t think a political solution will materialize for us in our lifetimes now. White Christians will become a despised minority and America will move on to become a high-tech, mongrelized dystopia.

    The only difference between me and the rest of yall is I’m not gloating about it. I still had hope we could avoid this outcome.

    • The Gathering of Pussies have already pivoted away from White interests before this. They definitely are going to try and build more Hispanic support. I think the political solution had already passed us by. That being said, I am still not feeling very good right now, and I think the future for Whites in North America does not look like a very good one. White people are the first race in history to actively support their own destruction.

  11. The comment by fr4nz.liszt is very moving. It shows real patriotism. I really like his comment. I respect his comment a lot. One of the best comments to OD in a very long time.

          • anonymous,

            Thank you for the compliment. Yes, I have a long history of writing good comments on the Darkmoon blog. And yes, I still write good comments on the Darkmoon blog. I write good comments at every website I feel could benefit from my storehouse of knowledge and my keen insights, my objectivity, and my logical way of thinking.

            Also, thank you on the update about the new Darkmoon posts. I’ll be sure to read the new posts — and if I feel it necessary, I will respond to the new posts — with my Real Original Joe “unmistakable style”. You’re too kind, really.

  12. “Just yesterday, Greg Johnson wrote an article at Counter-Currents about how the wignat vote was insignificant and how Trump stood to gain more by appealing to non-Whites than to disaffected White voters. FOX News just called Wisconsin for Joe Biden.”

    Okay—so let’s say Biden won Wisconsin. That doesn’t mean Greg Johnson was wrong. Biden might have won bigger if Trump had appealed to disaffected White voters. The cross-currents Trump surfed to victory in 2016 are extremely complicated. I don’t know that Trump “took whites for granted,” as you say, Mr. W. He simply had to hope that enough of them would stick with him even though he couldn’t call out to them expressly.

    As you know, I’m not an Aryan and am certainly not a Southern Nationalist; but there are times—like just about all the time—when I think I’m one of the few true Aryans who post here. Peeved—yes, that’s the word, peeved—because whites are being “taken for granted”? It’s your goddamn country, white man: ACT AS IF YOU RECOGNIZE THAT. ACT LIKE A FUCKING ARYAN, you fool, instead of like—okay, I’m going to say it: A Southerner.

    Recognize the situation into which you’ve managed to get yourselves. The “pandering” or whatever it is you say Trump’s doing to Sheldon Adelson? To whom should he pander? The “white nationalists” who couldn’t even organize a rally in a five-hundred-foot-square park in Charlottesville? What are you going to do if he avoids “taking you for granted”? Write him a Seventy-Five-Million Dollar check, a la Adelson, from the coffers of your “movement”? I wish I could say you make me laugh. You disgust me, you Teutons unworthy of the name.

    Any white nationalist with an ounce of sense—no, with an ounce of PRIDE—should have said to himself and his fellow race-conscious whites, “That’s our lot at the moment. We have to accept being ‘taken for granted.’ We have to keep our heads down and try to do more good for, than harm to, the one political figure, Trump, who DOESN’T WANT US ALL DEAD.” But no, you have to whine like non-whites: “Why isn’t Daddy giving us any presents? He’s giving presents to all the other kids in the playground, and they’re not even his own kids. I’m gonna—cry.” That’s the level on which you, descendants of the whites who conceived and constructed this polity, implicitly place yourselves: the same level as everyone else.

    Re Trump’s difficulties up there in the rust belt and in Pennsylvania, my fellow commenter James Owen rightly said here, at Occidental Dissent, “Yankees gonna yank.” Well, even though I’m not a Southerner and really have nothing in common with Southerners and am not in the habit of calling Northerners Yankees, I would say James was rather on-target there. I would say the Never-Trumpers, if that’s what they’re called—the Ben Sasse types, I guess—are the persons who sank Trump. To the Republicans, Trump was a gift they refused. Just when the narrative that the Republicans were doomed by demographic change was hardening into a commonplace, Trump showed the way out—and they wouldn’t take it. All they had to do, oddly enough, was let him act on his one-plank platform: Build the wall. Had they done that, they’d have gained, not lost, in the 2018 midterms, and the Democrats would have had no chance in 2020.

    As I’ve made clear enough here, at Occidental Dissent, I reject the U.S. Constitution, because it protects neither the white race nor private property. Accordingly, I do not participate in any election conducted under it. I’m pretty sure the present comment is the first one I’ve posted here, at Occidental Dissent, re this presidential election of 2020.

    • @John Bonacorrci,

      Yes, and it’s refreshing that you finally commented on something other than esoteric intellectual movements.

      I guess Spahnranch 1970 was incorrect when he called you an “effeminate capon.”

    • @John Bonaccorsi…

      Actually, you do sound like a Southerner, an ole-timey hardcore Southern Nationalist, to be specific – so much so, in fact, you make some of that ilk sound pale in comparision.

      Though I do not share the loathing and dismissive tone of your comment, towards others here, I do generally agree with many of your no-holds barred assessments of the dispositions and behaviors of numerous parties involved in this human drama.

      For whatever it is worth, I reject the post original Constitution, too, though, I might add, it does not matter what Constitution we might have, because the U.S. Government, and, now many state and local governments, as well, are so lawless, it really does not matter who thinks what.

      Yes, immigration, or e-verify, The Wall, and The H1B visa boondoggles were what almost made me not vote for President Trump, urging voices from my prayer life the only reason I recanted my estrangement from him.

      For me, the continuing non-White invasion of this country, no matter how or where it is conducted, is far and away the primary issue.

      That said, I’ll say to you what I said to Mr. Griffin, (vis-a-vis his beliefs that Trump’s spurning of his fervent White Nationalist bases is what cost him this election) : no amount of wall, or anything else, would have changed the fact that The Democrats are currently using a CIA vote subversion system to reassign votes in the machines to overturn the actual results of this election.

      The only cure for this kind of thing is a neck-tie party, or that I am sure.

      In any case, be well!

    • @ john bonaccorsi. Very well said sir! Too my brethren who stand up, i hope you like your chains!

      • Trump neglected a large decisive constituency. Its his own fault. He bashed whitey all summer.

          • You are missing the point. And of course 4 years ago you spent all your efforts bad mouthing the guy while most people overlooked his uncouthness or enjoyed his obnoxiousness. You noted in a comment that you didn’t vote and are a Philadelphian.

            I wish he hadn’t messed it up. I placed a small bet on him winning. I like the guy. But he neglected a core support by not naming that support.

          • Re: “That’s probably why no whites were drawn to his rallies”:

            What matters is not which side has shown the most enthusiasm, but which side has the greater number of votes. One side may show up at rallies by the tens of thousands, even outdoors in rain and snow, but the other side need only vote at home (by mail) in greater numbers to cancel all the rally-goers efforts,

            There might be more fraudulent votes in this “election” than in previous “elections,” but not nearly as many as some claim.

            Furthermore, these “elections” are shams anyway, because no GOOD choice is allowed. Both “parties” are essentially the same, and a national-scale or even state-wide write-in campaign for a TRUE left/populist/socialist leader would be prevented from happening. The Empire does this regularly to foreign countries, and also enforces it at home.

    • I believe the Constitution in its original state protected the White race, and property rights. Unfortunately, it was not written in an effectively explicit enough fashion, and so has been loosely interpreted and slowly eroded and twisted. It is true that it is now a dead document as far as White people are concerned. I agree with your comment about the whiners complaining and not thinking more “big picture”. Break-up of this nation would ultimately be preferable, but I don’t think it is likely or sustainable and I think we are doomed to become Brazil Norte. The American Story will ultimately be a great Tragedy for our people. Sorry folks, I am in a black mood right now.

  13. Spencer and Hunter, two men that have never worked a day in their lives are happy about a Harris administration.

    Kids in my eyes. Neither of you have started a business or done anything but larp.

    Cowards in my eyes. Where I live people like you are laughed at.

    The trust fund babies have nothing to gain or nothing to lose.

    Enjoy that sheltered life of cowardice.

    • @Rontard,

      Nobody takes their marching orders fro Hunter or Spencer on voting or much of anything else. You should be blaming the narcissistic jew Yorker that established a voter fraud commission, and then after one meeting disbanded it three years ago.

      • Are you happy we are probably about to have Harris running the show flooding our cities with the third world?

        Good stuff?

        • Ron, if the White man every ill find the intestinal fortitude to rise up in revolutionary fury, it will be when his and his family’s backs are metaphorically against the wall. Another four years of being conned and gaslit just delays Whitey’s testicles from dropping.

        • Don’t worry, Ron. Kamala is at least as right-wing as Obama, who deported more illegal immigrants and approved more drone strikes on innocent people in foreign countries than any of his predecessors. If you like that sort of thing you will LIKE President Kamala. Democrats and Republicans all do the same things to protect and advance the interests of Zionism and super-wealthy elites, but the Democrats are very discrete, or coy, about it.

          • Part-Hindu Kamala may be thought of as a Democrat version of the part-Hindu Nimrata “Nikki” Randhawa, who was elected governor of South Carolina and is being discussed as a future Republican presidential candidate. If you want increased corporate fascism, escalating imperialist war, including hot war against Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, etc., and militant pro-Zionism, Kamala is just as good as Trump.

  14. I was not aware that the Constitution fails to protect private property, when the main objective of the “Founders” was to protect the property “rights” of the propertied class.

    As for protecting “the White race,” the “our posterity” mentioned in the document was not the “White race” (all Caucasian peoples), but a distinct people or ethno-national group: the English settlers of the thirteen colonies. But capitalism, even the proto-capitalism of the Founders, which had already imported Africans, is incompatible with – antithetical to – ethno-nationality. You cannot serve both people AND Mammon.

  15. The President’s base was about the same as in 2016. The very people who always Vote straight Republican. No different than Democrats who Vote straight Democrat. Trump dropped the ball on using the National Guard and stopping the Race Riots and Violence. However people did nothing but make excuses for him 24/7 about it. His base was more brainwashed than ever. Would him acting with the National Guard have helped? I think it would most definitely increase Joe Biden’s support among Blacks, Urban Voters, and White Liberals. However he would have shown leadership. Same goes if he would have took the Covid-19 Pandemic serious….like having a National Mask Mandate. He was stuck on his Right Limited Government views that make the Republican Party so bad. Sure he lost Votes from White Nationalists because he talked smack about the Alt-Right, called the Klan a terrorist organization, and so on. However he had so many people brainwashed that many of our people still Voted for him. I think that’s a real shame. Joe Biden got his base on traditional Democratic lines and is close in Georgia and North Carolina. Trump most definitely got more Votes from Blacks and Mexicans who embrace Civic Nationalism. Many of those Mexican voters supported him because they don’t like Black Lives Matter and the Violent Terrorism in the streets. Many of those Hispanics support Christian Family Values & Morals and Law & Order which I think is a positive thing. However anything goes in Presidential elections based on the Electoral College. I think the Democrats and Republicans should become far more Moderate, Populist, and Patriotic. Doing that would make many many states Swing States which I think would be good for America. Deo Vindice !

  16. Spencer and Hunter. Two thinkers that have never thrown a punch in anger or been shot at or stabbed.

    Two guys that have never worked a day in their entire lives. And of course they want Harris as President because they literally have no clue about real life.

    Amazing. Stick with history. And theoretics, you and your buddy Spencer have no idea about life.

    Both of you are soft, and unfortunately will always be soft.

    It’s the real deal in real life, Hunter.

    I almost feel sorry for you and Spencer. Both of you are coddled children that read about life but too afraid to get after it.

  17. Kids from wealthy families that couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

    You wouldn’t last a week in my city.

  18. I find the glee expressed in this article, at this utter calamity, to be contemptible.

    None of those disaffected White working class guys has any idea whats ahead or where to look for a rudder in this storm. This site certainly won’t provide it.

    The celebration of pyrrhic victory is a slaves mentality. I can’t understand it. People will suffer and die because of this.

    I’ll never forget you celebrated at their expense, Brad.

    You are lost in yourself.

    • @Ironic…

      Mr. Griffin is struggling with his frustrations, as are the rest of us all.

      We just have different ways of doing that, but, the frustrations are there, all the same.

      • No, he wanted this and it’s going to get bad. Hunter is a dumb spoiled hick in bumfuck Alabama.

        A child living off his family. A punk.

        Amazing how naive the kid is. He learned life in books. The kid has never worked a job in his entire life. Laughable really.

        He and his faggot buddy got what they wanted. And the two rich ladies will probably be ok. Family money probably. Spoiled children that read a lot of books written by their betters.


        • Tell me what we got from Trump, and what we will get from him. Promises kept, or monitoring and tweeting? You mean nothing to him, or to anyone else in the political hierarchy. They all take you for granted. But go ahead and feel hurt because some pol that never kept his word to you, and never will, wasn’t elected to keep on betraying you.

          • @ boomer x if i may respond to your post sir, it really wasnt about what he did or didnt do, it was, is about keeping the satanist out of the freakin not so white house, kéeping the chains off our kids!!

          • Terry, what chains had been removed by Trump? Why do you assume that kids are protected, in schools or anywhere else, by Trump? Q Anon?

        • Don’t lash out at HW, Ronny-boy – your boy Trump blew this one all by himself – although that kike son-in-law of his had no small part in this disaster.

        • I said for four years on this blog that Trump was losing the support of the White populist voters who won him the presidency in 2016. Is it my fault that I was right and no one in his shit campaign listened? BLEXIT and JEXODUS was supposed to carry him to victory in 2020.

      • @ ivan turgenev it looked.bleak for our fathers at valley forge, we will see who the real 3% are, as long as i breathe, i will struggle!

        • @Terry…

          God bless you, My. Friend, for being strong enough to take the pain without wilting.

          You are not alone, not by a long shot.

          Like a a good piece of flint, we’ll wait patiently until the char-tin comes along and provides the spark, at which point the flames will rise, and will not be extinguished until they have burnt up that which needs to be burnt…

          • @ ivan i am reminded of a story i read about our surrender at appomatox court house, there was a union officer standing around jaw jacking to our troops, going on about we will be forgiven, welcomed back into the union, blah blah blah!! The story goes. A colonel of ours looked man dead in thee eyes and simply said ” we hate you sir”! Then walked away. We are at a cross roads. Their aint no going back, i have searched my own heart , he will have his own motives, of that i am sure, but i will have mine, if the president issues a call to arms. To oppose this satanic onslought. I will harken unto it! Like our proud colonel, i hate thee other side, our fathers will be done in all things!!

          • @Terry…

            Thank you for your heartfelt revelations. All I can say is that you are not alone in anything that you feel. In fact, I am quite sure there are millions and millions and millions who, more or less, feel as you do.

            Not only do I see myriad opinions online, that echo yours, I even hear them voiced from the mousiest females in my part of the country.

            Some people have gotten to be too big for their britches and are on the verge of being taken out to the woodshed.

            God bless you for being how you are. The blood of our forefathers runs without dilution within you.

    • He’s a baby that has never seen real life so he has no idea what this means.

      A child.

      I doubt the child has any family members that were fucked up in wars, probably never lost friends in violent encounters or ever had to fight for his life.

      He’s a baby. A punk.

      A little intellectual similar to what the media rolls out.

    • Okay, fine.

      If memory serves, you stormed out of here over COVID-19. I literally told you every single day for four years on this website that this was going to happen. I also told you that COVID-19 wasn’t “just the flu.” You didn’t want to hear it.

      It is not my fault that the Trump campaign didn’t listen. They were the ones who were counting on BLEXIT and JEXODUS to win in 2020. It is their fault, not mine, that they neglected the populist voters who put them in power in the first place. They had four years to change course, but instead to chose to squander their power on policies that were wildly unpopular.

      • @Mr. Griffin….

        Yes, of course, you are right – The Trump Administration has had 4 years and, though, they have done some positive things, they neglected to do some very major stuff.

        That said, they could have pleased every White Male who is alive, and it still would not prevent the wholesale theft that is going on.

      • “It is their fault, not mine, that they neglected the populist voters who put them in power in the first place.”

        No, it’s your fault, Mr. W. It’s your fault that you have your head so far up your—sorry, compadre—that you think “populist voters … put [Trump] in power in the first place.”

        What power? What are you talking about? The guy squeaked by to victory in 2016. For the past four years, he’s been trying to expand his base by playing to non-whites and hoping that “populists” or whatever they are who voted for him the first time around would have ENOUGH GODDAMN SENSE to shut up about it, just go along with it, and then pull the lever in the voting booth again, on the appointed day.

        Oh, but, no—not Occidental Dissent. There’s no fooling Hunter Wallace. No—Hunter Wallace isn’t going to put up with any “pandering” to Israel simply because the Jews own the fucking internet that enables him to present Occidental Dissent in the first place. Why does Trump have to “pander” to Israel instead of white “populists” simply because America’s white “populists” couldn’t pay for a single TV campaign ad even if they all emptied their entire bank accounts into his campaign fund?

        For the first time in my life I’m going to say it, even though there’s probably nobody who even says it any longer: I can’t even …

      • You would have been wrong if not for massive voting fraud in Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. Stolen election….Banana Republic.

  19. Yes, Donald Trump did take Whites for granted. However we don’t know if he lost 5% of the White male vote because he went after the minority vote exclusively.

    It’s entirely possible that 5% of White males have become cucked and WOKE over the past 4 years. Or 5% of White males had enough of Trump ignoring them.

    However it is becoming clear Biden stole the election. They counted 138K votes in Michigan towards the end and they all went for Biden.

    Even if the democrats stole the election, Trump will never win in court. The court will never side with Trump because they are anti-Trumpers and believe the false establishment claim that no voter fraud / ballot harvesting is going on.

    So I guess Biden-Harris is the new president.

    • Trump lost Wisconsin and Michigan because of his margin with White male voters. He is struggling in Georgia for the same reason.

        • “He was robbed!! We were robbed!”:

          The real robbery is being overlooked by those who are distracted by these so-called “elections” and U.S. “democracy.”

          There is always cheating in the U.S.’s so-called “elections,” but the official outcome of each one is accepted by those who continue to participate. These “elections” have to be close, to keep both sides (of the same coin) interested and fully engaged, and give each side (of the same coin) a fighting chance to “win.”

          Like the “American dream” of “moving up,” and gambling, and the lotteries, politics in America distracts the masses from thinking about the systemic exploitation/robbery.

          Finally, recognize that Florida and Texas were won only with the support of many NON-Whites: Hispanic immigrants – Cubans and Mexicans – the better-off ones, not the poor ones! The unexpectedly large contribution of upper class and upper middle class Hispanics and Blacks more than compensated for any loss of White male votes.

        • Thee robbery of thee election going on, is another in the long and expanding list of crimes commited against us! That being said, i have always admired thee ” solidarity” movement in poland, lech welensa wasna engineer, he understood how things work, that also being said, we here and now if we are united, with strength in numbers, the lukewarm anong us, here is your chance to atone for your poor judgement..

          • We really wanted a champion who would lead us, a standard we could rally around, dont fret, stay resolute, we will find a way! If god be fore us,? Who can be against us!?

    • @Gryphon’s Ferocity:

      Yes, Trump lost five percent of the Straight White Male Vote, not only because he was ignoring them, but also because, in tandem, he was allowing his justice department to pursue and prosecute even the most non-violent pro-White advocates. Finally, to add insult to injury, he was leveraging their future taxes to fund Platinum Plans for Non Straight White Males.

      Trump was very foolish; he made the mistake of thinking he was indispensable to the Jews; EVERY gentile is dispensable to the Jews. Hell, even lesser ranking JEWS are dispensable to the Jews. When word came out pertaining to Jews in concentration camps, Zionists were at the forefront to keep them there, figuring a lot of Jewish martyrs would hasten the fruition of their dreams of retaking Palestine and turning it into Israel.

      Trump was only needed to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He was probably the ONLY candidate who would be naive enough to fulfill that promise. His use to them is over. And Clinton was on their shit list for taking part in the Obama administration which set up the Iran deal. The Democrats will continue giving them everything else Trump was going to give.

      Trump wasted all good will when he engaged in Failure Theater rather than using executive action to put through what he could; i.e. E-verify, and removing the tax penalty for not getting Obamacare. He should have figured out that the reason why there was a Never Trump core embedded in the Republican party was that they never had any plans to end Obamacare, because the same insurance companies were part of their donor base as well. He could have handled Mexico the way he eventually was forced to; by threatening to tariff the hell out of them unless they locked down their northern border. He could have also put a remittance tax on any cash transfers by immigrants back to their home countries.

      I am not the only viewer who winced and rolled my eyes every time his team bragged about record employment for Everyone But Straight White Males especially at his rallies, expecting those attending them to dutifully cheer while he did this. All of his stump speeches should have been talking about how Americans, across the country, from every walk of life, were achieving record employment.

      He should have outlined a plan expanding the middle class. He could have taken away any penalties for social security and disability recipients going back to work and making more than some arbitrary ceiling. He could have stopped penalizing welfare recipients if they married a working spouse or if their teen-aged children were employed. Had he done those things, he would have gotten more Blacks, Hispanics, and elderly voting for him.

      Finally, he enraged five percent of Straight White Males by refusing to be drawn into condemnations of them. Instead of condemning “White Supremacy,” he could have said he condemned ALL Supremacy. He could have refrained from commenting on Charlottesville, delegating that task to Jeff Sessions after a complete and thorough investigation of the matter was resolved (after four years).

      Again, he was sabotaged by the same faction that put him in office to begin with. Once he declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and put the American Embassy there, his use to them was done. The last thing they wanted was for Trump to make the lives of his White voters any better.

  20. I voted for trump. I hate him for betraying me but I wanted the leftist riots to continue and get worse. It punishes the idiot masses right and the left could self destruct on that path.

    • @Doomguy…

      Do not assume that what you wished for won’t go on.

      There is no reason to assume that Democrat cheating will hold up in courts, or that Trump will leave office, if he still feels cheated, or that the avid Forever-Trumpers will take this lying down.

      There are millions and millions of smalltown White guys who adore the ground President Trump walks on and this may be the last straw for them.

      I know about this because I listen to Rural folk talk of Trump is usually it is with sublime veneration.

      He is not just a president for them, but, a liferaft in dangerous waters, or so they see it.

  21. The drop in white male support for Trump was Trump’s negligence. We told him that he won in 2016 because of racially motivated white men. And what did he do? He failed to cultivate that segment of the electorate. It’s got nothing to do with pundits and thought leaders pointing it out.

    • Trump still had a few MAGAtards like that shabbos goy Wandre Wanglin twisting themselves into pretzels defending the Orange King Of the Jews all the way to the end

  22. “Donald Trump Took White Men For Granted and Paid The Price”

    White Men Took The Power of the Vote For Granted and Extended It To EVERYONE!

    • @Snowhitey,

      “Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.”

      – Alexis de Tocqueville

  23. “Donald Trump Took White Men For Granted and Paid The Price”

    I think those white men you referred to may have bitten off their nose to spite their face. We will see, won’t we?

    • Not so. Trump explicitly condemned all AltRight, white Nationalist, fascist, nazi voters. While the circumstances of the condemnation were in loaded questions and gotcha moments they did grind away the support he could expect. The correct response from Trump would have been to slap the journalists asking the questions. Guthrie, Wallace and that Paki should have been dismissed. He gambled, he used bad data, he fudged the responses. Not that anyone expected him to endorse racisms but he could have refused to answer such impertinent questions. He was asked the questions to damage his standing among nationalists.

      • What support did it grind away, Captain? Did it grind away your support? That hasn’t been my impression. From your comments here, as the election approached, I got the feeling your support for Trump was solid. Anyone whose support Trump lost because of all that is a fucking idiot. If that’s what you’re counting on, your candidate’s correct negotiation of the fucking-idiot vote, you’re going to be disappointed one way or another, because there’s no such thing.

        • How did Trump lose my White Male support? Let me count the ways…

          1) Criminal air strike on Syria for bogus chemical attack
          2) increased sanctions on Russia (I like Putin and want good relations – see wonderful 2018 World Cup hosted by Russia, contradicts Western media lies)
          3) Assassination of Soleimani – almost kicked off WW3!
          4) Too chickenshit to face the public the day Iran struck US base (first country to do so since WW2!)
          5) Ice Cube invited to advise on $500 billion “Platinum Plan” reparations – fuck off!
          6) Repeated condemnation of White Supreeeeemists
          7) No clampdown on illegals – Obama did better
          8) No prosecution of criminals like Clinton, Clapper, Brennan, Comey
          9) No serious tariffs on China
          10) No adults in the room when a firm b*tchslap was needed to quell the negro/commie riots
          11) Javanka making policy in the corridors of power
          12) No serious troop withdrawals
          13) Selection of RINOs and warmongers like Bolton, Preibus, etc, who only undermined purported MAGA agenda
          14) Kidnapping of Julian Assange
          15) No immigration moratorium (1 million fresh bunanas per year is unsustainable)
          16) Constant ass-kissing of Jews, Blacks, hispanics etc who hate him

          etc. etc.

          • And you think the Democrats will do anything good? THEY are Communists! Biden and Harris will honor any of these things you seem to think are important?
            They are more against all of that than you say Trump is…OUR PRESIDENT has done more for this nation in the FIRST year he was in and the other three than ANYONE in the Chair since Reagan! Fool, research the truth and find it!!!

          • @Mainz…

            Yes, you are so right in your assessment, which was why I very nearly did not support President Trump again.

            That said, your overall point of view is, with all due respect, grossly insufficient.


            Because it is one-sided, and no one-sided analysis ever cuts the cake.

            President Trump has done some very positive, very necessary things for this country.

            In short, he is a tiller, and the reason why I say this is because he has broken up long fixed soil that had become badly corrupted and toxick, and, as a result, the lawlessness of the governance of this land, at every level, is on perfectly plain display for the Average Joe.

            Please bear in mind that the overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens are not so assiduous, well-informed, and thoughtful as you. The work from general feelings and generalities.

            In 2015 most had not a clue what was going on. Now, as of November 6 2020, they do have a general sense of what is wrong, and are prepared to move on that in a myriad of ways, as are more and more of our representatives.

            The Republican Party, which has long been nothing more than a passably choreographed opposition is, for the most part, rallying around the president to expose this newest coup plot/colour revolution and it is really the first time in decades that you could see such a thing.

            Again, this would not have happened without Trump, and, again, he is a tiller, because, in addition to exposing the reality of institutional failure today, he has popularized nationalist/populist conversations that we effectively squashed after the electoral failures of Buchanan and Perot in the mid 1990s.

            Even if Trump has done nothing else, which is clearly not the case, he has rendered to this country, whether it stays together or not, an invaluable service.

            The asses of the corrupt, and corrupt entities and localities are hanging out for all to see and a lot of people will be exposed, impeached, and going to jail.

            Again, without President Trump standing up for himself, nobody would be effectively standing up for us, or, at least not in the broader scope of things.

            President Trump is not the the destination, but, he is the beginning of that trip and watching the globalist system flail away ineffectually at him is of the greatest value.

        • True. I expressed support for Trump the entire time. But I did see the drift away from the guy among racists.

        • By the way, I hated what Trump did after Charlottesville but everyone was warned of the danger prior to the protest. No one attending thoroughly investigated even the possibility of what happened to happen. I expressed my concerns and I remember Denise did, too.

          In all fairness to Trump, when a powerful system is trying to destroy you sometimes the worst thing you can do to yourself is to double down. He would have most likely been impeached if he had fought for the Charlottesville whites. Too many whites in this country are delusional when it comes to racial issues.

          • @Snowhitey:

            I am not saying that Trump should have defended the Robert E Lee supporters at Charlottesville. I am saying that Trump should have rtaken the most logical, easy out and refused to be drawn into commenting on a case that was still under investigation.

            Trump could have covered his ass with the following comment:
            “No comment. This case is still under investigation by the justice department and when they have finished their investigation, a department spokesperson will share the investigation’s findings with you.” PERIOD.

            As Mark Twain once said, “Sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut and have people suspect you are a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Trump should have zipped his lip and delegated any publicity to the PR department at his justice department.

            MY personal opinion? I thought the Unite the Right Protesters were very feckless going out to protest after they had to go to court to get a permit. Especially when all they had to do was what was done anyway without marching or rumbling with Antifa or BLM protestors. Someone took it to court and used an existing law on the books to stop Charlottesville from removing that monument.

            A lot of people who marched with UTR got doxed and even imprisoned for nothing. That’s on that Attention Whore, Richard Spencer and the very suspect Jason Kessler (former Clinton supporter and reporter who organized the whole damned thing). Spencer strikes me as rather vain and fatuous. I suspect Kessler KNEW he was leading those who marched with him into a trap.

            That protest did exactly what it was intended to do; back Trump into a corner where he had to disavow and condemn “White Supremacists” and prosecute them to prove he was not a racist. JMNSHO.

  24. This is great news, HW. If Trump is defeated because of white nationalists jumping ship — this is the best situation that we could hope for. These “politicians” will at least be forced to think twice about promising us great things only to find out later they were lying. I expected a huge WALL across the entire Southern border and all we got is several hundred miles of “chicken wire” and now other demographics are being promised half a trillion dollar stuff or what have you (probably being lied to as well). You can’t please everybody but don’t tread on the white founding stock of this nation or you will get hurt at the next election. We whites do have some political power left.

      • I will probably only be able to get about 15 hours of sleep each night for a while fretting over the fact that Repubs may have their government stolen from them by these evil Dems (and the Dems are the most wicked political group I know of — they engage in or approve the murder of over 60 million innocent lives and still counting).

        So, you think you Yankees did not steal the original USA from the South. The South wanted to preserve the original Constitution and not become this Yankee Empire we see today. But no, the Yankee invader not only wanted a military victory they waged war against civilians and destroyed private property to crush our region economically to forever make us inferior and subservient to the wicked Northern invader whose Empire moves farther away from God with each passing year?

        With over 150 years of condemnation coming from every other region of the country the Southern people have been made scapegoats for all the injustices done in the context of slavery for all time … and yet they are actually the true Americans today. Lincoln was actually the traitor who unconstitutionally waged war against the South. Secession was not rebellion, the Confederates were not traitors and slavery was not a crime.

        No wonder Trump never really stepped in and protected Confederate monuments. All the Repubs are really Yankees at heart.

        The South needs its own political party (really its own government) and maybe this is the time for it to stand up. Let’s hope so.

  25. Did you donate any money?…NO you just mouth off. The Wall would have been built right away if not for the Democrats that want to let everyone from anywhere to come and take our country apart! How stupid can you lefters be? The Left nad Democrats are enemies of America and we are sick of you and will fight for the right to be the Nation we were founded to be…with GOD at the helm instead of all the evil in the world…you shame this country!

  26. Donald Trump didn’t lose because he lost the support of White men. He lost because of MASSIVE voter fraud on the part of the Democrats. Yes, he lost the support of SOME White men but NOT a lot of White men. He lost the support of a few White men but very few, NOT a lot. His rallies all across the United States were chuck full of White men.

    I’m talking about the election as if Trump lost the election — that’s because It looks like the Democrats are going to succeed in taking the win away from Trump and installing biden-KAMALA. If they take the win away from Trump it will be the absolute LAST NAIL in the coffin of the USA and whatever good is left in the country you can kiss it good-bye before it gets buried, murdered in cold blood, dead, dead and buried.

    Again, Trump did NOT lose because he lost the vote of [ a small few ] of White men, he lost because of MASSIVE voter fraud on the part of the Democrats.

    I know I’m right and what I said is not open to debate. I’m not going to debate anyone about it. I am not going to allow myself to get dragged into any long drawn out tedious debates about what I said because I know I have THE CORRECT VIEW.

  27. Miss Ronna has done invaluable service to this country in her handling of the GOP.

    I sincerely thank her for that and hopes she has a long tenure.

    That said, she does not decide who is in the Republican Party.

    No, she does not, and, for whatever it is worth, their are millions and millions of ex-Dixiecrat White Supremacists in the party of which she is temporarily chieftess.

    Without us, her party would be an insignificant minority, not only in the national government, but, in every state.

    We are the very source and backbone of the strength which she gets to use, and that she does not have the sincerity and good sense to at least acknowledge that enough to keep her mouth shut about the fact that we are he elite troops, then that is very clearly the one liability she does have.

    That said, it does not change the fact that she is much much more effective at political organization than numerous GOP heads before her, particularly Mr. Michael Steele.

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