Election 2020 Fallout

The evidence is piling up that Donald Trump gained ground over 2016 with every demographic group in America EXCEPT White men. He is struggling because of his base.

Imagine that … the media narrative was completely wrong. The real story of the election is that Donald Trump was attractive to LGBTs and non-Whites, particularly to Hispanics, but was such an enormous disappointment for “white supremacists” and populist voters that they abandoned him.

Donald Trump and the GOP never did anything to hold the people who were responsible for putting them in power in 2016 in the first place.

Note: In the podcast that I did with Richard Spencer, I said that my views were in the dead center of the electorate and predicted that Donald Trump was losing ground with voters like me … White men who are moderate, populist and nationalist swing voters who dislike mainstream conservatism and who are racially conscious. I’m “far right” in the sense that my views are in the middle of the electorate.


  1. Trump will never pin the blame for his L where it rightly belongs – on that Chabad Fifth Columnist son-in-law of his and his über-lib daughter. At least Israel squeezed all they could out of their shabbos goy while he was in office.

    • In six months Biden will be selling a war on Iran. The Juice Squeeze has only begun.

      • In six months, Biden will be in a nursing home, if the country doesn’t just collapse into anarchy and war. Biden will probably be the very last President of the formerly United States.

    • Fifth Percenters.

      That’s the starting point. Can’t be condemned after being driven out of the party by the leader.

      5%. Stupid old Trump.

  2. I would be lying if I said i didnt feel vindicated seeing the big -6 on White males. Trump spent so much time on blacks, Hispanics, JewIsh people and Israel. The Jewish vote was significantly higher for Biden than even Hillary and although up, the black and Hispanic gains were negligible compared to white men. How could any of us be upset? I know a lot of you were pulling for Trump, but this needed to happen. Pain is growth

    • It’s bitter sweet to see the exact data. You know that smug kike Jared scoffed and said white men have no place to go…
      We showed him didn’t we?

      • @CaptainJohn, he absolutely took us for granted and told Trump he had nothing to lose and we had nowhere else to go, so he should only focus on minorities. Kushner is a fool and if he was the senior advisor, this loss feels even sweeter. There are tough times ahead but I suggest viewing this more inline with a confirmation of self aware white men than anything else

        • There’s nothing to worry about. If we are supreme then we will demolish our enemies eventually. Maybe some good will come of it. The fact is Trump won in 2016 because of rvially motivated white men and he lost because he neglected racially motivated white men in 2020. Every serious analyst knows it was the case. I think kindly of Trump, and suggested we help him out despite his shitty attitude. But he did shit on whites generally with that Platinum Plan and the condemnations of white nationalism. So he got exactly what he deserved. He neglected a large interest group.

          • “So he got exactly what he deserved. He neglected a large interest group.”

            Do we deserve a Biden/Harris presidency? Do we deserve racial extinction?

          • There is no “we”, Britcuck. Americans will shoulder this burden while foreign cowards like you get off on it as a form of voyeuristic entertainment from the safety of the other side of the Atlantic. Fuck off.

    • “The Jewish vote was significantly higher for Biden than even Hillary”

      The Jews vote for the candidate who’ll do the most damage. Meanwhile, they keep their bugout bags and El Al reserved tickets handy.

    • @November

      As then, our state governments will be useless. We’ve had decades to build a Southern Nationalist party and to take control of our Southern State governments. Now that the end of USZOG is eminent, we don’t have the political machinery to take advantage of it.

  3. Jackson,

    Not so. What’s happened to Trump is a tragic event. Biden is the lowest of the low. He played second fiddle to a black politician. I think Trump was listening to his son in law too much about White Nationalist support. My interests in the US are strongly related to the preservation of a white majority in the US. I think it should be a white super majority. Kamala is a Hindoo Demon avatar and I do not like the prospect of such a bint ruling over the American military machine.

    I thought Trump was brighter than he turned out to be and would have cultivated white nationalists much more efficiently.

  4. Chump’s losses and deceit regarding core issues required to truly Make American Great Again have been spun as “wins.” His foresight, like that of all Republicans, has always been a day late and dollar short. His memory? Short.

    57 Chump supporters were murdered in Vegas one October month, some years ago. 26 Chump supporters were murdered in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Both groups were slaughtered by leftists. When was the last time Chump mentioned these people?

    Remember the Transition Integrity Project? Lawyers, judges, and money interpret/create law. DNC/jews have had 600 lawyers and 10,000 legal gophers working this election steal for months, maybe years. How many lawyers does Chump have on the case and how long have they been working it?

    A Biden administration will neutralize any populist tendencies in the white, Republican base. There will be no more Chumps.The social “right” will move further left. There will be no more white Republican presidents. Your upper middle-class neighborhoods will become “less exclusive.”

    • All he had to do was stop repeating that lowest black unemployment mantra. I found that phrase dispiriting even though I understood the rhetorical point, it made me not want him to win. If he’d been a little more sadistic about Blacks, whites would have been less depressed about hearing about all the goodies the darkies were being showered with. That rebranding niceness was ballot box poison. Might have even depressed his Latino outreach strategy which cost him Arizona and Nevada.

      Kushner really fed him some bullshit about Blacks and an orphaned WN vote being simultaneously up for grabs.

      • Arizona is full of liberals. Not just the California ones who moved there. Not just the Mexicans. There’s a lot of “retired” government workers, teachers, and retired military there. Those people love big government and being supported by the taxpayers.

      • Thanks, November.

        Our resident idiot, Gryphon’s Ferocity, is right about one thing: Chump was the true accelerationist candidate. Problem is, Gryphon didn’t mean it.


        Chump is opposed not for himself, but for his original program and the “irredeemably deplorable” people he represents. Compare that program – Chump’s Original – to the NSDAP’s. The two programs are similar. The original was never going to be enacted. Trump’s unforgiveable sin was to resurrect the NSDAP program, superficially mask it with American flourishes, and bring it to the attention of the American public as a legitimate alternative.

        Chump would not have fulfilled the core promises central to any genuine American restoration, for it is against his interests to do so. His “winning” was spun by the RNC and his supporters on this website fell for it. Hunter, to his credit, didn’t fall for the spin.

        Chump is unwilling to do anything about Leftist chaos. He would never pull a Sulla on the Left and its financiers. Nothing would make that clearer than his re-election as President.

        Accelerationism was the ONLY reason to vote Chump. Why? Because nothing accelerates societal devolution like Leftist chaos in response to an inept/fake/dishonest opposition leader.

        Conservatives are fundamentally rabbits. They roll over in the face of legal and political persecution. A Biden presidency merely represents legal and political persecution, which conservatives are able to minimize/avoid by “rendering unto Caesar his due” and forgiving “those who trespass against us,” without any need/desire/thought that their enemies should reciprocate such treatment. It is, after all, What Jesus Would Do.

        A stolen election? Meh. What Would Jesus Do? Let’s be civil and courteous about our dispossession.

        Chaos, violence, pain, and death are the only things that might, MIGHT, modify conservative behavior.

        Chump is/was the Chaos candidate. His dimwitted supporters are too stupid to realize it.

        • @Oldtradesman,

          I agree that Chump was the accelerationist candidate. He stole his entire platform from Patrick Buchanan’s 1992 insurgent primary campaign against George H.W. Bush. What makes that all the more irritating is that Chump called Buchanan a “Nazi” every opportunity that presented itself to the pathological narcissist.

          The jews and their shabbos goy fellow travelers have created cultural conditions that surpassed Weimar Germany. It’s a cliché, but the only cure for Weimar conditions are Weimar solutions.

          • @November…

            Yes, Trump’s campaign was a blend of ’92 Buchanan and the writings of Radio Jock, Michael Savage, he who was one of his biggest supporters, and, despite some intermittent tiffs, remains so today.

  5. “It isn’t the death rattle in the throat of Western civilization that is surprising, but it is the fact that that to millions of Americans that death rattle is a beautiful song.”

    – George Lincoln Rockwell

    • @November…

      That, Sir, is a chilling quote – not just because it is true, but, because over 50 years have gone by since it was issued, and it is even truer today.

      • @Ivan,

        Yes, indeed. More than a half a century hence, and the situation is even graver.

        I believe the people Commander Rockwell is talking about are Juri’s “genetic white liberals.”

        • @November…

          Yes, the White Genetic Liberal is a huge problem, this properly identified by Malcolm X, who said The White Liberal was the most profound enemy of The Negro, which, in part, was why he worked with Rockwell and Klansmen to thwart them.

          Unfortunately, in those efforts he was not successful.

    • November,

      You have been on fire for the last few days. This quote and the one by Alexis somebody are excellent.

    • @November

      That quote wasn’t written by George Lincoln Rockwell – that was written by the Jewish writer Dan Burros, Rockwell’s “right-hand man,” the head of “propaganda” and the man that wrote everything for Rockwell.

      Of course, Dan Burros was a Jew.


      Surprised? You shouldn’t be. All, 100%, of American “neo-Nazis” are either controlled by Jews, or are Jews themselves.

      Rockwell did more than anyone to defeat Southern segregationists and help J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI destroy what was left of the Klan. Rockwell was in constant contact with J. Edgar Hoover and personally informing on his own “movement.”

      Rockwell was a “reality TV show” before the term was invented and helped the ADL popularize the concept of “hate speech” with his “hate bus” – that’s why the media loved him so much.

      Nothing has changed in the era of Trump, of course. America’s most famous “neo-Nazi,” Andrew Anglin, is of course handled by the Jew Andrew “Weev” Aurenheimer and the Daily Stormer website itself is run out of a Jew’s apartment in Manhattan. Also, Anglin featured Joshua Goldberg, another Jewish “neo-Nazi” on his site before Goldberg was busted for setting up fake “Al Qaeda” terrorists attacks in Australia and assisting the Jewess Rita Katz and her “SITE” group make up fake propaganda about “radical Muslim terrorists” and “neo-Nazi white supremacists” working together.

      Non-Jewish Neo-Nazis are the stupidest people in America, but I have to hand it to the Jewish Neo-Nazis, they are really clever.

  6. The electoral fraud was so blatant, awesome, and in your face, especially in Wisconsin and Michigan and Philadelphia but also in other places, that I no longer have any confidence that their elections are on the up-and-up. It’s probably safe always to assume chicanery.

  7. I had to stop listening 20 minutes in. That Joel guy was a fucking idiot Trump supporter regurgitating GOP propaganda. MAGA is Jewish. The Republican party is globalist and Zionist and anti-white. How hard is that to understand? Is there any hope for us when even so called “Nazis” think Trump is the good guy?

  8. “Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy. You in America will see that someday.”

    – Benito Mussolini

      • Christina,

        I ask because OD we often here how Dixie is so conservative and traditional, as opposed to the other regions of America. From what I’ve seen in the last year, they are catching up fast to the status quo of the rest of the nation culturally.

        • @November…

          No, Dear November, this is far from the case.

          Please do not confuse our large cities, which are inundated with non-Southerners, and which come close to dominating the top positions of our electoral politicks (not our legislatures – which better reflect who we are and are very very Republican) with our states.

          No, Sir, our present governor Cooper is only so because 10 counties voted for him, while 90 against.

          Those 10 counties are flowing to the brim with alien urbanites, and, as well, Cooper is in office because of money from people like Soros and Bloomberg, as is Northam in Virginia.

          • @Ivan,

            Well, that’s good to know. It’s unfortunate for those outside the large cities (i.e., centers of economic and government power) that they have to suffer offense by carpetbaggers and copperheads.

            With White leftists fleeing Mexifornia, and dispersing to conservative states like Idaho, Utah, Montana, and even Texas, they too will feel the pain of unpopular policies put upon them by invasive transplants.

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