What Happened?

Here is what I remember seeing last night:

#1. In Georgia, a water pipe busted or something and Fulton County had to quit counting votes until this morning. Amazing how that just happens.

#2. In Virginia, 100,000 votes were accidentally tallied for Joe Biden. Whoops!

#3. In Arizona, FOX News called the state for Joe Biden, but then it turns out that there some issue with Sharpie markers that was invalidating Republican votes and also the vote count was inaccurate. There was a lot more vote left to count than was previously thought.

#4. In Nevada, they just gave up on counting ballots until Thursday.

#5. In Michigan, John James got something like 50,000 votes more than Trump and a huge number of votes came in for Biden at like 5 AM in the morning. There wasn’t a single vote for Trump.

#6. In Wisconsin, the same thing happened and flipped the state in the early morning.

#7. In Pennsylvania, they also gave up on counting votes.

This is a total disaster!

It is the worst possible scenario. What else am I missing?

Note: BTW, the media and the polls were completely wrong about the electorate, so now obviously they will be trusted to report the final results! Again, you couldn’t have scripted a bigger shitshow.


    • @Captain John…

      Almost the entire Mainstream Media of The West, Good Sir, is part of one corporation thought ought be better known as, ‘BS.Inc’

  1. At least Biden and Harris will destroy what little credibility USZOG still has and expose how feckless and weak it really is.

    I bet the riots stop immediately, as if they never happened.

  2. Lawlessness is so rife in this society, particularly at the upper echelons of the state and national political spheres, that things won’t be right until there are a lot of ole-timey neck-tie parties and very publick at that.

    I am sorry to be so impolitick, but these matters will not find their ultimate redress in the courts, because, for that solution to work, both parties have to be respectful of things beyond their own desires and, as is abundantly evident, The Democrats are not.

    President Trump, Senators McCain, Sessions, Lee, Burr, Tillis, Flake, Grassley, Graham, Cornyn, and many others, have responsibility for this, too, because, for decades, they have repeatedly refused to enforce the law and prosecute flagrant lawbreakers.

    Without effective legal oversight, as is the responsibility of Congress, this whole system cannot work.

    A lack of respect for limits (a lack of honour), and a lack of effective oversight will be written on the tombstone that is soon to be over the grave of The United States of America.

    In the end, the laws of a land are only so good as those who keep them.

    When I was a child most people, on all sides of the political spectrum, seemed to understand this. Now they don’t, which brings me back to the neck-tie parties.

    If you have some extra money to invest, invest in neck-tie manufacturers…

    • “Publick”? “Good sir”? “Honour”? It’s so aggravating to have to read these fake archaic spellings and means of address. You contribute nothing here, you codpiece of lies.

  3. Well, successful election fraud happened. Good news is, that this will probably the last one. Because after Donald loss, problematic areas will be so massively Merkel style multiculted that there will be never ever any chance for any nonconformist.

    Donald may still pull this off but chances are small. When pro Donald folk overslept this stunt, this demonstrates that they have very little control over the events. Expect massive treason and capitulation from the right. Supreme court will call elections to Joe, little protests from the right and that is it.

    And then will be Soviet style communism. White people vote themselves to death like South Africa in 1994.

    • This is my great fear. Red areas are going to be heavily targeted for major “social engineering”, “diversification”, and “cultural enrichment” to ensure the Final Solution for Whites in America. We are living in a dying nation.

  4. “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

    • @November – it was Trump’s election to lose – and he did – Trillions in bailouts and obsessing over Wall St, pandering to Blacks and nibbas, ignoring Whites, blabbering on at silly rallies, Tweeting stupidity while the Dinbus in BLM ran wild, “It’s just the flu, bro”, etc did him in

      • @ C D,

        Many of remembering trump’s first rally of the year in Minneapolis with law enforcement officers sitting right behind the podium. What we also recall about that rally was his supporters running for their lives as fagtifa attacked them as they were leaving the rally. Trumptards didn’t receive police protection from the anarchy-communist mob or Trump’s concern for their safety. That in a microcosm was the trump presidency.

  5. Trump is not going anywhere, and, with the Senate still majority Republican, the courts will continue to be reshaped, and, with that, the totalitarian yearnings of the United States’ government and their Blue State gubernatorial scions will not fare well.

    Of course they know that, which begs the question : how long will they choose to remain part of The United States.

    As I have said for more than a few years – The South will wind up getting it’s independence NOT because we have the gumption to fight for it, BUT, because we will be the ones remaining in it, after the Blue States leave.

  6. This is going to turn into a litigious mess that will make Trump/Gore 2000 seem like child’s play by comparison.

  7. You were amusing last night on Twitter, HW. I was almost tempted to sign up again under a different handle, but losing 9000+ followers last time was just too much to bear and start fresh with a big fat zero… You were the last manic Tweeter as far as I could tell around 3 or 4am, and I was just enjoying the show

  8. There’s plenty of voting fraud. That is something the Dims have been doing for decades, and the Recucks have done nothing to stop them. Dims will do anything to win, Recucks won’t.

    The argument over which corporatist puppet to vote for has been shown to mean nothing. The common man gets lied to and pushed aside no matter who wins. Trump got elected in ’16 through promising immigration restriction and rebuilding the economy for the plebes (economic protectionism). On both counts, he lied. Biden will make noises about giving families their tax gibs and minorities more access to power, but in the end the elites have rigged the game for themselves. Donors and the financial class call the tune, because they’ve bought the band. To get change from the bottom up, the White normies will have to get black-pilled about the system AND want to do something about it.

      • That is it, right there: “The first step is withholding support from false friends like the Republican Party.”

        The Republican playbook was always “The Other Guy is Worse!” until Trump rode down the escalator in 2015 then won in 2016 by running his own, not the Republicans’ campaign. This year it was back to the old Republican playbook, “The Other Guy is Worse!” and it looks like Slow Joe then Camel Toe Harris will be the next Mr. President. Maybe now Trump knows that Jared is not interested in his father-in-law’s success, only his peeps 5,000 miles east of NYC but many thanks father-in-law for the Golan Heights and new F-35s!

        Advice for Iran: Look out now, an “incident” (like the Gulf of Tonkin incident) may be very near at hand.


  9. I would like to see this Third World country with 5000 nukes (yikes!) immediately cease lecturing (and worse) other countries on “democracy” and fighting corruption.

  10. How did all of that pandering to the nibbas and Messicans work out for you, Blormpf?

    Just like his son-in-law Grima Wormtongue planned.

    There’s plenty of voting fraud. That is something the Dims have been doing for decades, and the Recucks have done nothing to stop them. Dims will do anything to win, Recucks won’t.

    Quite true. The Gay Old Pedos are still abiding by a 1983 consent decree under which they will not challenge massive fraud in minority districts (now precious diversity districts) – because rayciss. There was massive vote fraud in the 2018 mid-terms which went unchallenged by the GOP cucks who Cheetohead always selects for various jobs in his administration. Biden even inadvertently admitted the Pedocrats had assembled the most massive vote-fraud organization in history this time around. The Washington Generals, as always, will no doubt make a show of opposing this but capitulate in the end lest they be called rayciss. Perhaps the geniuses can hire Benjamin Crump to lead their legal ‘dream team’.

  11. More from the corrupt shithole known as Michigan.

    The Secretary of State once worked for the Southern Poverty Law Center and her research for a master’s degree in Sociology focused on neo-Nazis and white supremacists!!!


  12. It would appear that Wisconsin’s turnout numbers are statistically nearly impossible.
    More Biden votes in some places than there are registered voters.

    Please. No more of the “Our Democracy” mantra. It is a load of shit.

    • Thing is Trump would never roll in the tanks, never march the legions, never order an airstike on his domestic enemies. He’s full of hot air.

  13. What we did to so many other countries – selecting their candidates, determining their elections, and overthrowing the peoples’ choices we did not like – is now happening to us, and in fact it has been happening to us for some time. The population of the U.S. has lived by the sword, and now we are dying by it.

    • So true. If they hadn’t succeeded yesterday the next step would have been a Color Revolution right here.

  14. “Democracy” was a farce from the beginning.

    The minute God was replaced with humanism, a downward slide began.

    Muh free market and muh rights can’t replace the Holy Spirit.

    The people that are replacing European Christians come from 3rd world heathen countries. The very idea that they would embrace so called “conservative” values is ridiculous.

    There is much weeping and gnashing of teeth in MAGA world right now. “How could this happen?”

    You let 3rd world heathens take your country, that’s what happened.

    Now we get to live with the consequences.

  15. The Democrats (Joe Biden) are happy about the results and will probably take the White House. Oh but the Republicans and Trump are very mad about it. I think we already know if Trump was ahead on the Electoral Vote that he and the Republicans wouldn’t be saying a word. However he’s not so he’s mad about it. I think everyone should realize that Covid-19 is a real ongoing thing and it’s played a huge role in the Presidential election 2020. It’s pretty obvious and smart that so many people voted early. I think the same can be said for voting by Mail as well. I think the problem is this is all pretty new…all this Early / Mail Voting. So everything isn’t running 100% smooth. However this is a much different year with Covid-19 so thing will happen. I’m actually surprised that so many people Voted on election day. I think it shows how interested the American People are in this election. We’ve seen some very big things going on with Covid-19, Race Riots, Violence in the streets, no 2nd Stimulus Bill, and so on. We have an extremely divided country and both parties are showing no interest in coming together and governing together. I’ve seen Joe Biden speaking in that way (bringing people together) and that’s something very American. However he must reject the radical left wing and Black Supremacist fringe in his party and do just that. I think he and other Democrats should invite the moderate Republicans to the White House and work together. Stop all the violent junk and focus on Covid-19 and defeat it. Put together another great Covid-19 Stimulus Bill, Stimulus Checks, Universal Health Care, more Unemployment Benefits, and so on. Keep the economy and schools open as much as possible while having more people Work from home / do Virtual Learning. We got very little from Trump and he made it very obvious that he and his base was done talking about Covid-19. His Chief of Staff is a Conservative Libertarian extremist in the Republican Party and made Trump look very bad in his campaign talking points (like ignoring Covid-19 / Masks) and I think if Joe Biden wins….that’s what did it. Deo Vindice !

  16. Hunter you are as misguided as the people you write about. Greenwich Villiage is not in Brooklyn by the way.
    It’s in Manhattan.

    Stay in the woods, you definitely wouldn’t be able to achieve much outside of Alabama.

    Congratulations, I’m sure you are thrilled we will have a nigger running our nation.

    But it won’t effect your area.

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