Joe Biden Wins Wisconsin and Michigan

I told you so.

I literally told you every single day on this website for almost four years that Donald Trump was losing his grip on the White male moderate, populist and nationalist swing voters who lean Democratic or Independent who put him in the White House in 2016. Yeah, it is a new day in the Republican Party. Unlike four years ago, the GOP will be lucky to hang on to a bare majority in the Senate.

This is who the GOP chose to be in 2020.

Tell me something. What is double the GOP share of the LGBT vote from 2016? What is 4% of 13% of the electorate? Is that worth the $500 billion dollars that Donald Trump promised blacks in the Platinum Plan? How many voters were won by this absurd campaign strategy?

Four years ago, the GOP won the White House and Congress. What changed between 2016 and 2020? OMG you guys, you guys … the GOP won Lil Pump/Pimp, Lil Wayne and Ice Cube over tax cuts!

There is a strong overlap between people who were ferociously opposed to UBI, who were convinced that COVID-19 was “just the flu” and that millions of people would starve to death as a result of the lockdowns and who thought the 2020 election was going to be a Trumpslide. Those are the same people who said for four years that Donald Trump was going to do all kinds of things for them and that we should “Trust the Plan” and that the “blackpillers” had it all wrong. They have lost the last two elections.


  1. Donald blancofraggus Trump to whites, “take your five percent and shove it up you Lil Pump”

    I hope Farage gets the message that nationalists need to be cultivated and not neglected for clowning with darkies.

  2. Literally 3%of that vote have to be nationalists with their noses put out of joint after four years of cringe watching the Lady MAGA, Lil Pump and Kanye stunts.

    • I agree captain BUT … I think he’ll make up for it in next 4 years. Also, we need to stop putting so much hope in any 1 elected bozo and CREATE the country we want.

  3. Yes and like all elections it was Moderates that made the difference. I believe Covid-19 was the biggest issue in this election and those in the middle who take a practical approach at solving problems and Voting let it be known that Trump could no longer be trusted during this Pandemic. If he would have put a National Mask Mandate in place that would have greatly helped him. Oh but no…never gonna happen with Right Wing Libertarians dominating the Republican Party right now. Deo Vindice !

    • @Brian…

      Kind Sir – more of the moderates went with Trump. It’s just that no amount can cope with a grand larceny.

      There is absolutely nothing to analyze here, beyond that of a theft in broad daylight.

        • The election isn’t valid on a meta ethical level. Whites have to burden a parasitic Jewish managerial class, a parasitic African criminal class of blacks and compete with a flood of Latino workers for dwindling wages, all the while forced to deny their own existence as an interest group, all the while as second class citizens in affirmative action. One candidate is incentivized to betray his own folk for a few shekels and the other candidate has to ritually condemn the existence of his own folk while zenos out vote him in specific locations.

        • Tank, get a brain, you offing idiot.
          Have you even been READING anything these last nine months, since the PLANDEMIC began?


    • National Mask mandate? Are you serious? Probably not because this site isn’t serious. Biden just stole the election and this site is going to talk about the virtues of masks for a proven Globalist Hoax. It’s almost as if Hunter is cheering the Biden steal, the results in Michigan and Wisconsin are fraudulent, 90% turnout, unsolicited mail-out ballots were harvested then used after election to get Biden elected this is clearly obvious. I’ve had numerous years working in elections, and have seen the process in multiple nations. The mail out ballots were part of a fraud, they were unsolicited. In Detroit we had people born in 1850 voting. Now your here bitching about masks like a little gimp high on Gill Bates propaganda.

  4. If you want to put a face to RainbowMAGA for me it would be that preening lispy faggot Richard Grenell – among other things that degenerate was another in a long line of insults to Germany courtesy of the jews.

  5. Trump and Lil Pimp – who said he was leaving if DJT did not get reelected – are deciding on a floor plan for a 2800sq ft ranch in Trump Heights.

    • Good luck overturning it. That requires years of preparation. Not something Trump did properly.

      • The Repubs got Bush into the White House in 2000 with some BS voting shenanigans and the US got 20 years of war in the Middle East on behalf of Israel out of that TX moron so it all kind of evens out.

        • The electoral ambiguity and legitimacy crisis indicate that the Democratic incumbent will start a stupid war to externalize the disorder and redirect it elsewhere.

          There is a positive side to this. Biden is a warmongering scumbag. He will assist in redpilling many more white people about Israel and the Senate. People will notice that Trump started no wars. The autopsy on Covid will show it was not preventable by politicians. Trump will appear to be hard done by, the press, the judiciary, the medical establishment will look like hysterical cunts.

      • @Captain John…

        You’re right – President Trump, and, indeed, the entire Republican Party (devoted to posturing as defenders of our country) simply spent the last 4 years looking away, as those lawless forces that spied on the 2016 Trump campaign and then launched a soft coup to overthrow it made their plans not to miss in 2020.

        That said, this all has to be rubber-stamped by the citizenry.

        Is it your opinion that Rural New Englanders will take being finessed out of their vote?

  6. Just a friendly reminder: By Federal Law election day is “the Tuesday next after the first Monday in the month of November”. Not the day before or the day after. Been this way since 1845!

  7. In an almost evenly-divided electorate, pandering of groups that won’t keep you in office is incredibly stupid. As has been mentioned elsewhere, Blompf took White support for granted. Both wings of the uniparty see various groups as their property. They always assume slaves love captivity, never believing that their pets will try to escape. Mistreatment always leads to running away, at least among the sensible.

    Most Whites don’t get angry when they’re unhappy with someone or some group. They just walk away. Orange Man experienced the negative effects of the European silent treatment. He should’ve known better. A businessman should have more sense than to alienate his core customer base.

  8. I don’t know why you are celebrating. You are not right about anything, Hunter.

    You are not right about Covid-19, it is just the flu, the CDC numbers you love to quote like a bot are inflated and 98.5% of people don’t even get sick from this joke of a virus. Immunology 101 is you lower everyone’s immune system by constantly keeping them away from germs.

    You are not right about Trump losing, he didn’t lose, the election was stolen from Trump. 138K votes in the final tally in Michigan all of a sudden go 100% for Biden. Weird shit, right?

    So now you are celebrating that we have a trojan horse for Marxists as our president, you are proud that Kamala Harris is basically president of the United States. And then you alt right / dissident right people wonder why nationalists don’t take you seriously. Because you people are insane.

    You can celebrate now, Hunter. You got what you wanted: open borders, section 8 in every neighborhood, mass amnesty, endless wars, lockdowns, high taxes, war on Whites, 1st and 2nd amendment pissed on, big tech emboldened.

    You literally encouraged people to allow that to happen just because you couldn’t tolerate Trump. You and people like you shit on your fellow Whites because of your ‘principles’.

    • I like Trump. I was positive about him. I didn’t agree that whites should abandon his battle standard. But ffs he literally condemned and abused his core customers! PEOPLE will lose interest as was pointed out, HUMANS lose interest and drift off. They check out. His pandering to blacks signalled that he felt he didn’t need WN help even though they needed him to deliver a check or a wall or border closure…

    • I haven’t “celebrated” anything.

      I spent four years on this website documenting what transpired last night. It is not my fault that people like you believed all the nonsense you were spoonfed by idiots who were out of touch with reality and chose not to listen. It was all spelled out in detail here.

    • “Gryphon’s Ferocity,” you manage to be wrong on every point of your comment. I won’t waste effort on point by point rebuttal, no use.

  9. The election was stolen by the democrats. Look what they did in Michigan:

    “Voter Fraud in Michigan – Massive Dump of Over 200,000 Ballots for Biden All the Sudden Appear Overnight”


    I agree with Andrew Anglin, Trump should just say ‘fuck it’ and declare all out martial law. They’ll send him to prison anyway so he might as well.

    • Trump, being a big “bidnessman” in NYC, in real estate too, should have known all about scumbags and how they operate. in 2016 the Democrats were suffering from hubris, believing their victory was inevitable; “It’s Her Turn!”. The Democrats got over the shock of losing in 2016 and vowed not to assume in 2020 victory would be inevitable for them, they had an insurance plan.

      Their insurance plan was to commit massive voter fraud in several contested states. Their fraud plan required: 1.) early voting, 2.) mail in voting; the most important part of their fraud plan. This plan was only needed and could only be effective in states where the vote was close, exactly the states that flipped to Slow Joe.

      Trump’s clever reelection plan, no doubt spring forth from his big brained son-in-law was to alienate his voters from 2016 while appealing to voters who would never vote for him beyond trivial numbers. This ensured a close election in the states where voter fraud was rampant by Democrats. Trump played right in to his enemies’ hands with his denunciations of “White Supremacy” and his “Platinum Plan” i.e. reparations, reducing his margins with White voters.

      Now the Democrats just have to flip one state to put Slow Joe over the top and it’s President Camel Toe by March 1st, 2021. The Democrats started their early and most importantly, mail in voting plans a couple of years ago and per the usual, the Republicans did nothing. The MSM was pushing early and mail in voting vigorously too which should have set off alarm bells in the White House but there was very little reaction. Trump had plenty of time to legally challenge all of the early and mail in voting plans which favored the Democrats and prevent at least some of those plans from taking effect.

      Now Trump is on the defensive. He must achieve a series of improbable legal victories to overturn the momentum clearly in Slow Joe’s favor. Traditionally, the courts are where the Democrats have implemented their agenda. They have been successfully waging lawfare to achieve victories they could never achieve in the court of public opinion.

      Trump has been reduced to arguing his case in the very forum the Left has always used to their advantage. Unlike 2016 Trump has been outmaneuvered so that he is now fighting on ground favorable to his enemies. Nice going, Team Trump. I guess they were tired of all that winning.

  10. Imagine shitting on Trump for losing the election while ignoring the massive voter fraud being committed against him. Good reporting Brad, good job buddy.

    • He did perform a fraud on his early supporters though. So there is a poetic end to him. He never lifted a finger to help anyone who got beat up in his name either.

    • I wrote an article yesterday about it, tweeted about it all day and discussed it on Keith’s show. It still doesn’t change the fact that Trump’s decline in the White male vote is the reason why he didn’t walk away with the election after picking up support everywhere else in the electorate

  11. The Boomer Bowl In over time!

    Is Pennsylvania the field kick?

    Did not vote in my State of Pennsylvanian, however could not vote for The Pakistan women, my wife did however.

    Before the 2016 election my parents had their house on the market. They hired a crazy convict off Greig’s List to fix the place up, paint, etc…

    I worked with him on some projects, Rush on the radio blasting in the back ground he talked about the up coming presidential race constantly . He loathed Hillary Clinton however; was leery of Trump with his son in law being Jewish.

    Wow have I become (((wise))) since then, he was crazy, however now I see him as wise!

  12. I can’t wait for those arrogant, sanctimonious scumbags in Washington to issue their next report criticizing elections in Russia (or anywhere else, for that matter) and claiming fraud or irregularities or suppression (Remember “my people” in 2008?). Hahaha the nerve of these creeps!

  13. I agree with you Hunter, but I still think fraud is being committed. The whole thing is absolutely fishy. I did not vote (f**k the traitor GOP! Salesman Trump!) but what a crock of shit with all these late Biden votes streaming in! Pure banana republic nonsense!

    • The Democrats also stopped being purists they selected a compromised goofy white front man up for the White House instead of a darkie, or a Lurch, or a fanatic like Gore. Biden’s history of racism and corruption didn’t exactly turn anyone off.

      His warmongering is another kind of problem though.

      • Slow Joe is all done. His mind is shot, he just needs to flop over the finish line one more time in January, hand on the Bible, then it’s off to the rest home or a slip in the bathtub for him. The Hindu Dindu is burning incense now to that demon god with all the arms sticking out everywhere waiting for her turn.

        Just remember: “All Men are created Equal . . .”. It says so in the Bible or my VW repair manual or the guy on TV told me or or somewhere so I know it’s true.

  14. Cardinal Vigano says the UBI will be offered to you, along with a complete and total debt forgiveness if you just accept the Moshiach.

  15. Unfortunately, White men are not going to do anything except talk about it. We have all of the legitimate power we need, to something about all of this. The 0nly thing that’s holding us back and stopping us, is us.

  16. “White men are not going to do anything except talk”:

    How about talking about how the Plutocrats want the commons of all races to stay focused on racial issues, and other “identity” issues, to distract them (you) from the systemic exploitation. Most of the racial issues, of multiculturalism, uncontrolled immigration, etc. are CAUSED by the systemic exploitation that “must not be discussed.”

  17. “I told you so.”

    Yeah, well, I told you so when Trump first announced. It’s too bad that no one paid any attention to what Donald Trump was doing during the Obama administration – pipelining the Irsael Jewess Orly Taitz’ “Birth Certificate Conspiracy Theories” and trying to derail the Iran anti-nuclear deal for Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s Likud party.

    Or Trump leading the Israel Day parade in New York after 9/11. Or Trump bragging about “ruining” Palm Beach for all those “stuffy White Anglo-Saxon Protestants” by opening a gaudy club for Jews and Negroes.

    Or how Donald Trump’s father lead Antifa in a terrorist attack on a peaceful Klan parade.

    Of course all of this was well known, on the public record, and discussed for years. But everyone decided they liked Trump because, er, I don’t know. If they were smarter they wouldn’t be a part of this idiotic “movement.”

  18. Some of my tweets:

    “Karma? You voted for Biden you White liberal suburbanites so this is what you get. Elections have consequences. Enjoy.”

    With a video of BLM protestors aggressively harassing an old White man at his house. He has a Biden / Harris sign on his front yard.

    “Good morning to the Socialist Republics of American States.”


    While quoting Dinesh D’Souza:

    “Will you just shut up, man? You’re the reason the whole mainstream conservative movement has become WOKE.

    Trump got 5% less White male vote than in 2016 because he kept campaigning on your stupid philosophy of ‘dems are da real racists’.”

  19. It’s so obvious that voter fraud is as Americana as Apple pie and sports. Mushy Mitt Romney was a victim of mass fraud in Philadelphia and parts of Ohio. Remember when he got literally zero votes in many voting precincts in Philly? Remember when he was also getting literally zero votes in some Ohio precincts and 1% in many others? He was too much of a coward to contest it. Romney is much tougher going after Trump.

    People don’t want to say the obvious: voter fraud is heavily done through black areas all over this nation. They figure who is going to stop them? You saw the blaxxx chasing out the Republican poll watchers in Detroit. Do you have any doubt the black areas of Milwaukee are driving voter fraud in Wisconsin? 89% voter turnout in Wisconsin? Lol. Be serious.

    America is a banana republic and as usual, black people are the driving force behind it with jewish run media and the entire Democratic Party giving a wink to it. And in Trump’s case he has so many Rino Republicans against him, too. It’s also very clear Fox News wants Trump out badly. Fox has a nice scam going. They are at best moderate/liberal Republicans yet they know their cash cow comes from guys like Tucker and Hannity. But if you notice their “news” that goes across the bottom of your tv screen is very leftist. It’s very pro black and all the typical b.s..

    It’s obvious that Pennsylvania will be stolen from Trump or a major attempt to.. I noticed they are only at 89% counted with Trump only up by a couple of percent now. Again, the scam is coming from Philadelphia which is a city with a black majority. Just like what was done to Romney in 2012. Even Georgia is obscenely close. It’s obvious the blacks in Atlanta are robbing it with the help of the Democratic Party with jewsmedia ” blackouts” on it all.

    How is it literally over 120 thousand votes come in and every single vote is for Biden in Wisconsin I believe? How is it Biden could not draw flies to his rallies yet he has received the most votes ever? Lol. Yeah, sure.

    If Trump allows the election to be stolen you will never see a Republican win again. While people are talking of Trump not pushing a White enough agenda, it’s all moot if Democrats can just steal it. And how is it North Carolina gets to avoid counting all votes till November 12th?

    I find it incredible I get more rational news from Sky News than American news. Sky does not have Biden at 264 electoral votes yet most American media does. It’s a scam to tell us Biden is the next president.

    The Republican Party is useless. How they have refused to deal with voter fraud in a real way is incredible.

    Trump should absolutely never concede. He won and it’s being stolen. Democrats shut the counting process down when Trump is doing well. Drop off dumps favor Biden with obscene numbers. 92% of Trump coverage is against him. Scumbags like Jimmy Kimmel and so many other ” comedians” become insanely wealthy due to their political views.

    This country is a sick joke. Trump should never, ever concede. It’s now or never to end this filthy voter fraud that is being heavily done in black areas of America and everyone knows it. Democrats always seem to find votes at the appropriate times. Even the retard Biden mentioned how his team has a great voter fraud operation. A senior moment or a mix of a senior moment with him knowing voter fraud runs deep in the Democratic Party.

    • Trump in theory had the means to assassinate and eliminate the people who are fixing the ballot. He could have had a lot of these local officials removed over the four years. But he monitored and he pandered instead. Hitler would have shot Several of these people himself in similar Weimar like circumstances.

      Trump is just girifting for donations now. Rattling tgbetin Cup for the last time.

    • Good comment, Jeff. There is immense fraud, undoubtedly. More than usual. After all the cheating, both parties will end up acknowledging the “election results,” and that the system works and is legitimate.

      There is really no benefit to having competing parties, only waste. A one-party democracy with full direct participation to choose representatives at the local level, and meritocratic advancement to higher levels would be ideal. No perfect government is possible, but the present system is the opposite of perfection. Good people and good fortune can make an evil system seem successful, but an evil system tends to corrupt the people.

      • These days you could have some kind of cryptographic voting that is (pretty much) 100% secure, which would ensure one vote per person and almost completely eliminate fraud. Why is nobody asking for it? Because both parties want to be able to commit tactical fraud when they find it “necessary.”

  20. “”I haven’t ‘celebrated’ anything.

    I spent four years on this website documenting what transpired last night. It is not my fault that people like you believed all the nonsense you were spoonfed by idiots who were out of touch with reality and chose not to listen. It was all spelled out in detail here.” – Hunter Wallace

    I don’t think anyone disagreed with your notion that appeasing minorities and playing the ‘dems are da real racists’ card was a terrible campaign strategy.

    If Trump would have appealed to White voters we probably wouldn’t be in this situation.

    I read an article recently that argued that the left will be subdued and defeated due to Biden being forced to moderate himself because he will be cock blocked by Mitch McConnel’s senate majority and a slimmer dem majority in the house than before. The article was basically arguing that Biden will be a do nothing president.

    I don’t think I buy this argument, I think Biden / Harris and the extremists that control him will use direction of federal agencies and executive orders to push through their agenda.

    I’ll honestly be extremely surprised if Biden governs like a Bill Clinton presidency, a moderate governance.

    • @Joe Putnam

      The social status system in Alabama is controlled by the same mass media that controls the status system in the rest of America. Alabamans do everything they can to not get called “racist” by the mass media.

      Sure, there are a few holdouts. But since being a “racist” gets you fired from your job, banned from all social media, defamed by the Jewish Supremacist Zionist pro-apartheid Anti-Defamation League, which will create a Wikipedia page defaming you, basically all normal citizens, with jobs, houses, and bank accounts, have to go out of their way to not be “racist.”

      The Republicans did start an Internet TV station, One America News, to shill for Trump. But it’s too little, too late.

      Meanwhile, the “anti-racist” White (and Jewish) “liberals” live in all-white neighborhoods and send their children to all-white schools. Not to mention their White Supremacist Dating and Sex policy: “Anti-Racist in the Streets, Ku Klux Klansmen in the Sheets.”

      Besides “white nationalism” is a dead ideology. First of all, “nationalism” is meaningless in a time of world travel, jet airplanes, and world-wide mass communications. Second, “white” was never a proper ethnic group. It was simply a shorthand that made sense in a society with a half Anglo and half African population.

      Consider how often people on this very site pretend to be serious Catholics or Protestants – or Pagans – and troll each other. “White” isn’t a real basis for solidarity, unless you live near a large population of Africans.

  21. This was end game! By the next presidential election in 2024 Texas and Georgia, and possibly North Carolina, will become blue. There is no way any white conservatives or Populists will ever get elected again. For here on out all presidents will be white liberals or people of color! To Southern Nationalists I say you beloved dream of a new Confederacy is going black, First Texas, then Georgia, and one by one they fall! Your future is not in the lower South but in a Heartland Republic. It time for Southern Nationalists to transform into Heartland Separatists!

    Revolutions do not happen when people think it is hopeless. They happen in times of rising expectations (like the Trump movement) and then a sudden down turn pulls the carpet out from among them when they think they are winning and then comes angst, anger, alienation and if we are lucky revolutionary dissent! The U.S is no longer us! There is no longer any salvation in the America political system. Its a slow burn to Brazil or a Soviet style collapse or maybe even a genocidal South African scenario. I’m telling you its either red state secession and the formation of a White Heartland Republic or incremental extinction! The Whitelash Revolution is upon us!

  22. If Tucker Carlson wished to run in the GOP primary in 2024 he’s got it in the bag. He’d sweep some of these near miss states that Trump bolloxed up. He’s got a built in audience, he’s actually able to articulate and communicate complex graduate tier ideas in a way that any 10 year would understand.

  23. Hunter, what the fuck is the matter with you?

    The polls were wrong. I was wrong about the polls being correct. You were wrong about the polls being correct. What you told us was wrong. Now you are repeating deep state lies in an attempt to cover that up?

    Admit error. It’s not hard. You were wrong. Trump won Michigan and Wisconsin and the Dems are engaged in blatant and stupid fraud in an attempt to overturn the election.

    What you told us was shit. What you told us was wrong.

    Face up to it.

  24. Trump didn’t lose the white vote by trying to help blacks. He lost it by not doing enough in the first two years when he had congress to help struggling whites in the rustbelt. The Republican Agenda helps the Economy of Dallas Texas, not the rust belt, Michael Moore was right in his first movie about Flint when he showed these Romney type plutocrats telling people to abandon their generational family home towns and everyone they know and move to the sunbelt. Supporting just this “atomized individual” lifestyle you have been railing about for the last month that destroyed the culture starting in the 1920s. Problem is running as a populist won’t really work in the Republican party. It was basically the George Bush Jr. agenda in Congress and the Cabinet of insiders, and he needed their support with all the investigations that put him on the defensive his whole first term. Had he gone against them they’d have united with the democrats to toss him out of office. The democrats were smart, a good defense against Trump was to go on offense and attack so he couldn’t do anything. His own shortcomings didn’t help his cause either.

    As an aside I am baffled by the Minnesota results, it was close in 2016, and after seeing those animals burn down Minneapolis I thought it would be even closer, yet the shit heads respond by going overwhelmingly Biden? Bizarre, North Dakota was a Trump Blowout, Wisconsin was very close with possible shenanigans in the Milwaukee Ghetto cheating Trump out of a victory, how different is Minnesota?

    • @Nightowl

      I agree with this. No one is bothered by Trump trying to get black votes – that’s just smart politics and he didn’t do it by being anti-white. As a White man, I’m not offended. If I were a Black man, I might be – Trump caused an international incident by getting that rapper off for battery in Sweden, and Kayne West and Little Pimp? That’s like trying to win the White vote by meeting with Kid Rock. They are rappers, not community leaders.

      You know, it was the decent parts of the Black community that WANTED those “Superpredator” laws that Biden passed and who wanted all the drug dealers out of the Black neighborhoods and in jail. Trump’s Jews decided the best way to get the Black vote was by coddling criminals and celebrity “rappers” who pose as drug dealers and pimps. Good grief, they are more racist than I am!

      Also no one would have minded Trump trying to get the endorsement of the Log Cabin Republicans – that would be better than the drag queens like Lady MAGA and Milo’s quasi-child-porn “Twinks for Trump.”

      The problem was the fact that Trump’s Jew handler, the Israeli Mossad agent Jared Kushner, assuring him he had the “trailer park vote” so he stopped even trying.

      If Trump had actually stopped immigration, built the wall, and brought jobs back to America – maybe. But he didn’t actually do any of that. Trump did NOTHING except for shovel trillions of dollars to his Jew friends on Wall Street and nearly start WWIII for Israel.

      • What amazes me is how could the Republicans not have dealt with this issue decades ago? For sure how could they avoid it after Romney got zero votes in various Philadelphia precincts and zero in some Ohio precincts? Just so happened to be the states that were the main players in 2012.

        White people have become obsessed with blacks not perceiving them as racist. This has gotten so bad that it put Obama in office and many blacks in other key positions of power. It has gotten so bad that we import ” the blaxxx” into our neighborhoods through low income housing and racial bussing knowing full well that it will turn into a disaster.

        It’s clear nothing was done about Democrats stealing votes because being called a racist is very much a part of seeking the truth. Romney did not want to be called a racist if he pursued the obvious voter fraud in black areas. Plus he was running against a black guy in Obama. So the Republitards did nothing and they got beat in 2012.

        Fast forward to 2018. The Democrats take the House. The absurd ” ballot harvesting” becomes Americana in our big banana republic. It cleaned out the Republitards in California. Guys like Paul Ryan were still trying to figure it out. Ryan is the same ” incredible genius” destroyed in a debate by pre- dementia Joe Biden.

        Despite Republican mini grumbles, zero was done about voter fraud in 2018. The Democrats took back the House so they could zero in on Trump and Russia, Russia, Russia. Since so many ” muh people uh cola” got elected to the House, Republicans speaking of fraud would be met by ” you’re a racist” just for mentioning it. So they cowered….. as usual.

        And here we are. Trump is the obvious victim of a coup from our black areas in various cities. Some scummy White Democrat Governor sets it up and our heavily kosher media pushes the lies followed up by our tv talk shows who just all happen to be leftists. After all, you don’t get the job otherwise, right Ceo Schlomo?

        I laughed today when I saw a picture of all the black poll workers in Atlanta. Most hate Trump just for being White and rich. So these are the folks we are trusting our nation with? Diversity is a strength…..for voter fraud.

    • Something very interesting occurred on the final Question Time in the UK. An expert panel including a Tory minister, blacktivist Bonnie Greer, Scaramuchi and a couple of other British panellists. There was a Jewess from the equivalent of the ADL on there. Fiona Bruce hosted it. The public from a provincial town Zoomed in on a large screen. Greer fillibustered the entire show with niggerbabble. She ruined the entire event. Literally would not shut her bootlip mouth. They discussed CORBYN and Labour antisemitism then pivoted to discuss US election. Again that black cunt would not shut up.

      It occurred to me that white people in the UK do not have enough contact time with blacks to handle the filibuster that blacks attempt on panels. It then occurred to me that few enough whites are around blacks enough to realise the problem of running a civil society where a city machine can permanently Nig the vote. Southerners in the US understand the problem but Minnesotan just have not had the time to adapt to the tricks. Much like the Tory minister who sat there dazed as Greer dominated the discussion.

      Instead of what the panel had to say I’d have liked to hear the opinion of the audience on their preferences for the election but that was literally drowned out by a motormouth American negress with a British passport.

  25. Michigan will prolly go Trump. Hunter, you and CNN don’t decide elections. According to the Constitution, the state legislature does, via the electoral college.

    Not that it matters much to me. Anyone can see, the Country is terminal, on life support.


  26. I think that the Soviets were right years ago. This country will fall because of its many internal contradictions.

    It probably deserves it.

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