The Jared Kushner Strategy Obviously Backfired

This isn’t a MAGA website.

The current narrative in MAGA world is that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. There is no use arguing with them about it. It is hopeless.

Before this happened, they believed the Democrats were blood sucking pedophiles who worshipped Satan and that the Durham Report and indictments were coming and Trump was playing 4D chess and was going to going to defeat of all his enemies. Losing the election was never within the realm of possibility.

If you are still reading this website, you are probably not one of these people. I’ve already pissed them off long ago for not supporting Donald Trump. Consider the following: a decisive percentage of White men were repulsed by this and sat out the election or voted for Joe Biden. This is the reason why Joe Biden won 43% of the White vote (the same share Obama won in 2008) and the 2020 election.

MAGA isn’t attributing Trump’s victory in Florida to voter fraud.

In Florida, Trump defeated Joe Biden more decisively than he defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Trump won 51.2% to 47.9% in 2020 compared to 49.0% to 47.8% in the 2016 election. The reason that Trump won Florida so much more decisively than when he beat Hillary is because Hispanics in South Florida moved toward Trump as they did in some other places like South Texas.

Florida, however, was the exception to the rule:

In the states that are shaded red, Donald Trump improved on his 2016 performance, but in the states that are shaded blue the opposite was true. Joe Biden improved on Hillary Clinton’s performance.

In Utah, the Mormon cucks who voted for Evan McMullin in 2016 came home to Trump. In 2020, Trump is winning Utah by 58.6% to 37.5%, but in 2016 he won it only by 45.5% to 27.46%. In 2020, Joe Biden is winning Nevada by 48.8% to 48%, but Hillary won it by 47.92% to 45.5% in 2016. There was a red shift toward Trump in Utah and Nevada. He performed better in those states in 2020.

What is going on in Illinois? In Illinois, Joe Biden is beating Trump, 55.8% to 42.3% in 2020. In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton defeated Trump, 55.83% to 38.76%. Joe Biden is winning Hillary’s 2016 voters in Illinois, but Trump is doing about 4 points better in Illinois in the 2020 election. In 9 out of 50 states, only two of which were swing states, the Jared Kushner strategy and campaign message worked better than Trump’s 2016 strategy. Joe Biden improved on Hillary’s performance in 41 out of 50 states.

In Sweet Home Alabama, Trump beat Hillary in 2016, 62.8% to 34.36%. In 2020, Trump beat Joe Biden, 62.5% to 36.4%. In other words, there was a 2 point blue shift in Alabama to Joe Biden. Similarly in Kentucky, Trump beat Hillary in 2016, 62.52% to 32.68%. In the 2020 election, Trump beat Joe Biden in Kentucky, 62.7% to 35.6%. There was a three point blue shift in Kentucky to Joe Biden. Check the map above and run the numbers and your state. In 41 out of 50 states, Joe Biden improved on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 performance. This is true in the whitest states in the country.

As we have already seen, Trump turned a 0.5% defeat in New Hampshire in 2016 into a 7% defeat there in 2020. He turned a 3% defeat in Maine in 2016 into a 10% defeat in 2020. He turned a 10% victory in Iowa in 2016 into an 8% victory in 2020. He turned a 1.5% defeat in Minnesota in 2016 into a 7% defeat in 2020. He is losing Wisconsin to Joe Biden by the same number of votes he won it in 2016. Trump is losing Michigan to Joe Biden by 2.5%. He only defeated Hillary by a margin of 0.23% in the 2016 election. There is nothing unusual about the blue shift that tipped Wisconsin and Michigan.

What the hell happened?

This is the result of the Trump presidency and the Kushner strategy:

This is how the electorate shifted between 2016 and 2020:

The red arrows are counties that shifted toward Trump. The blue arrows are the places that shifted toward Biden. Trump performed better in places like South Florida and South Texas which are full of Hispanics. He performed better in the Alabama Black Belt and the Mississippi Delta. Strangely in Alabama, the Wiregrass shifted toward Biden and the Black Belt shifted toward Trump. The Atlanta suburbs shifted toward Biden while Middle Georgia shifted toward Trump. Arkansas shifted redder.

Here is the blue shift in the Philadelphia suburbs:

In Pennsylvania, White men who are college graduates who live in the suburbs are responsible for Joe Biden’s lead in the state.

Here is what happened in Georgia:

The blacker parts of the state moved toward Trump. The whiter parts of the state moved toward Biden. White folks in the Atlanta suburbs moved toward Joe Biden.

BTW, here is Lil Pump/Pimp again:

This is Michigan.

This is devastating:

The current MAGA cope is that the election was stolen by blacks in Detroit. In reality, the White vote shifted to Joe Biden across the state. The greatest movement toward Biden was in the whitest parts of Michigan.

Some other data points to consider:

Niggers stole the election. This is a MAGA cope. If they stole the election, then the result in black areas would be highly unusual but that is not the case. Look at the margins in White areas.

Trump did better with black men and black women. He did better with Hispanics. He did better with Asians. He did better with Mormons, Muslims and Jews. The only group that tanked him was White men. Karens were lying the whole time about voting for Joe Biden at higher rates than Hillary.

The Jared Kushner strategy rested on the assumption that White men were solidly behind Donald Trump due to polarization and had “no place else to go” which flies in the face of the fact that it was disaffected Obama-Trump voters who swung the 2016 election. Thus, they could be safely ignored and taken for granted while Trump relentlessly pandered to other groups. It was arrogance and stupidity. Ever hear the old proverb, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”?

How else do you explain what just happened? I would love to hear to it.

Note: Before the 2020 election, we discussed Whexit and the exact scenario which seems to have played out in the exit polls and results.


  1. Hey Hunter,
    I appreciate you telling it how you see it, even when we don’t agree. I too did not vote for President this cycle, for both theological and practical reasons. As a Calvinist, I have finally come to the unpleasant Biblical conclusion that a people will get the government they deserve -to the chagrin of at least one Calvinist preacher I know who publicly begged me to vote from Trump. Standing outside the current, even the Alt-Right current, is not always fun or easy.

    • Make America Q Again MAQA is the thing we should be avoiding. MAWA, or Make America White Again should be the stated aim. The Trump fans need to be weaned off the crazy shit back toward Fascism and Race Realism. The race data is cleanly showing what’s wrong. Every state is seeded with population’s in urban areas, or in certain cases like the Navaho that see themselves as foreign entities in a hostile host white population.

      • @ Captain John,
        Shortly after this election, I found out that some Boomer age relatives of mine are on the edge of the whole QAnon stuff. sigh. That the whole QAnon nonsense took hold with millions says something about the mindset of the average modern American.

        • I’ve been depramming three Q tards in my extended family. It might be the final wall before these people admit that race is the determinate factor.

          • Yes, it does always go down to that. But people don’t want to face it. They think it’s “racist”. But for thousands of years, mankind knew to protect themselves.

        • @Joe Putnam
          “That the whole QAnon nonsense took hold with millions says something about the mindset of the average modern American.”

          Conspiracies only begin to take hold after the masses lose trust in their governments.

          Q only began to become popular, after it was made clear Trump wasn’t going to keep his promises. We saw it as a betrayal, and faced the reality that we had been conned. They can’t deal with reality, so they escaped into a fantasy world where they are still winning.

          @Captain John Charity Spring MA
          “The Trump fans need to be weaned off the crazy shit back toward Fascism and Race Realism.”

          Yeah, good luck with that. They wouldn’t follow Q if they had common sense.

          • Q Anon is intelligence agency LARPing. That is, it was started by disaffected members of the intelligence community, but after they had their say, they left. The LARPers then took over. It’s now a 4chan/8chan psy-op of silly nonsense. I wish pedophiles were being dispatched to hell or prison by the thousands, and that Killary and Bathhouse Barry were going to jail. The other tools of the MIC that got thousands of our own killed, maimed or mentally destroyed (not to mention the hundreds of thousands of innocent Turd Worlders slaughtered by our war machine) also won’t see the inside of a cell. Dubya and Cheney need to be slowly roasted over an open flame, imo, but that won’t be happening, either. When evil is committed by the elites, only other elites get to punish them, and that rarely occurs.

    • Yup, Calvinist’s will get the totalitarian government they lust for as they condoned the political economy of usury communism:

      And worship as their god a effeminate son of tranny he-she:

      From ancient your kin-folk in Canada who say contra the globalist semitic hereditary messianic communist monarchy:

      “On the other extreme stand the Caucasians. There is little point in uncovering the roots of their freedom streak, or self-reliance streak. It may be a negative. In their wanderings and treks, they traveled in little bands, free from the close supervision of overlord kings, choosing and changing their band leaders. For a long time they did not settle down into dense farming communities wherein a person had to adjust to his fellows and neighbors. They did not need to organize into large collectives, and to be commanded, in order to build dams and waterworks. Whatever the reason, we know that from an early time the Caucasians had this instinct for individual freedom. They had an inclination towards living aloof from their neighbors in large farmsteads and out-of-the-way homesteads that allowed them their own space and a splendid isolation from their fellows. The genes for independence, self-reliance and personal space were grown and reinforced. Thus even when they had, eventually, to live in more dense and close-quarter communities, they had an inborn and well-formed tendency for freedom and for determining their own destinies.”

      “This trait manifested itself in their pagan religions, which were democratic religions with many gods, each of whom had human characteristics, lusts and weaknesses. Look at the pantheons of gods of the Indian Aryans, the Greeks, the Celts, and the Germanic and Nordic peoples. A strong contrast to the autocratic, superhuman and controlling god of the Semitic peoples — a reflection of a mind that desires a dictator rather than democracy. And that includes the Semitic Christian god that tamed the Caucasians, even the Caucasians of the far north, in Scandinavia. The Semitic god was in a way the beginning of the surveillance state; he was a surveillance god who observed every private and furtive act.”

      “The Caucasian characteristic was of the individual wanting to determine his own destiny, even in a collective. This quality pushed its way to the social surface in most Caucasian societies, but most notably in the societies of the ancient Greeks. I’m speaking of the ancient Greeks, not today’s Greeks, who are — in my opinion — more Turkic than Caucasian. The Greek city-states formed some of the first democracies in recorded history, with votes and secret ballots. The Nordic peoples exhibited the same trait, until Christianity tamed and subdued them. They chose a man to be chieftain for his courage and leadership ability, but often shied away from making the office a hereditary one.” ~

      • That comment was by a different “anonymous.” We should use numbers to distinguish.

        The criticism of Calvinism (Cohenism?) I would agree with, but the anti-Christian blasphemy ( “the Semitic Christian god that tamed the Caucasians, even the Caucasians of the far north, in Scandinavia. The Semitic god was in a way the beginning of the surveillance state” ) is entirely wrong!

  2. Check out this story.

    The 76,000 / 2,000 split in the Nahavo Reservation sank Trump in Arizona. A blend of antiwhite hatred mixed with resentment over Covid19 subsidy.

    How can you govern a country that is going to be outnumbered by hostile aliens in local state areas and on a national level? There’s literally nothing Trump could have done to win any of these people over.

    The Somalis in Minnesota were effectively like a Bantustan in a sea of Scandinavians. Tipped that over into despond too.

  3. In Illinois the Hispanics are probably white identifying given that they live cheek by jowl around Chiraq. That’s a bright spot but it’ll never override the sheer quantity of Dindu in Chicago.

  4. It’s not inconsistent to agree both with Hunter’s idea that the election went wrong for Trump because of stupidly following Kushner’s policies betraying white males –

    And that there was – as often happens – a huge amount of USA vote fraud, in this case rather egregiously by the Democrats

    Even Biden supporters are expressing shame that they apparently ‘won’ in a way they themselves recognise as visibly corrupt

    What happened in 2016 was that the ‘surprising’ vote for Trump overwhelmed the also-large vote fraud back then, which was too small in scale for the unexpected Trump surge

    This is also said of the 2016 UK Brexit vote … the fraud was insufficient to counter the surprise pro-Brexit wave

    The USA historically is a vote-fraud country, as for example in the 1960 election when mobsters in Chicago delivered the victory for the Kennedys … It is now on a larger scale, much more confirmed and known, by people worldwide as well

    The whole screwed-up USA voting system has been set up to enable vote fraud – oligarchs want this, they want a system where votes can be added and padded, shredded or deleted when needed

    Hence the no IDs at the polls, hackable shoddy-software voting machines, no security or standards at counting stations, postal voting games etc

  5. This is not about the elections but about a war between humans and communists. Donald has lost only then when he is forever gone. Before that, nothing is sure.

    Lot of people tend to mess up battle wins and victory of war. This is not the 4D chess but basic strategy. Define the pillars of enemy strength and take them permanently down to gain long term stable success.

    When Donald is useless ,why all this panic ? Why all those riots, lockdowns, madness and even murders?

    I live on the other side of the planet and I see how all communist power structure shakes and comes down like in late Soviet Union. Not only in US but in Europe too.

  6. The Jared Kushner strategy was 100% effective.

    Israel got everything they wanted, diplomatically, militarily, strategically – and in the last month, while the Democrats were laying the foundations for their election fraud, Trump was busy setting up a permanent 5th column in the US federal government to prop up the occupation regime in Palestine even when Trump is gone.

    The US has promised to support Israel’s racist apartheid regime in Palestine, defend the Zionist occupation of Syria’s Golan, given hundreds of billions of dollars, taken from Americans, to Israeli Jews, and they even named an illegal settlement on Palestinian land “Trump Heights.”

    Trump won – BIGLY – for Israel. So much so that Sheldon Adelson’s wife declared that Donald Trump is the “Messiah” and the “King of Israel” and wants to write a new book in the Jew Bible about Trump.

    Kushner got his man, “MBS” installed as the dictator of Saudi Arabia and even tried to force the Washington Post to stop covering his murder of CIA asset Jamal Khashoggi – by threatening to release the CEO of Amazon’s “dick picks” if he didn’t force his newspaper to stop the negative coverage. That backfired.

    So one loss for Kushner, in a string of wins. Jared Kushner will go down in history as one of the greatest Jews in the opening of the 21st century.

    Oh – you mean the “strategy” for White people, for Americans? Well, he got four years out of you, didn’t he?

    Maybe the “Alt Right” shouldn’t have put out until AFTER they got the ring, the dumb sluts.

  7. If Trump lost the election – massive vote fraud operation not withstanding – it’s his own damned fault. If one is deluded enough to believe the rigged system in the banana-republic which has taken the name of the USA is somehow legitimate, the loss is entirely thanks his adopting the Kushner strategy – like a typical Republican. HW has covered this in detail as have some others in places like the Unz Review. Trump has spent his first term manily fellating Jews and pandering to negroes while tossing the whites who put him over the top in 2016 under the Church of Woke’s speeding bus. He at least did not start a major war with either China, Russia or Iran. Tossing the largest segment of your voter base under the bus – be the Church of Woke’s anti-racist one or Goldman-Sachs Mnunchin’s usury-racketeering model – is not a winning strategy.

    About the fraud. The evidence is quite overwhelming that there has indeed been an unprecedented level of fraud. This has been a trend building for some time. There was massive vote fraud in 2018, even in HW’s home state of Alabama where the D-jerseys literally bused in voters from out of state to put Doug Jones in the senate. The fraud’s expansion is also thanks Trump’s own fecklessness. Instead of spending his days on Twitter, he could have been doing something to clean up the ongoing criminal enterprises in the DOJ, FBI and every other federal agency. Instead, he hired one swamp-creature after another to “drain the swamp”. His latest AG, William Barr, was born, raised and elevated in the swamp – truly a creature ‘of the swamp, by the swamp, and for the swamp’. According the Barr – who did pro-bono legal work for FBI assassin Lon Horiuchi, Epstein hanged himself. Yet somehow the Q faithful believe that this total swamp monster is somehow going to take the drastic action to destroy the swamp because of some secret 666-D chess plan with NSA spooks. I wonder what the “plan” will be if Biden is sworn in on January 20? Will they be tired of “winning” by then?

    Yes the evidence is significant that pedophiles dominate the ruling oligarchy. This is not that much of a surprise if one takes some time to read up on Satanism and the practices thereof. It makes little difference what branch of Satanism is in play, be it Kang Jared and Queen Esther’s Talmudism or the various Masonic flavors or even flat-out Church of Satan. Crowley provided the shortest summary: “Do what thou wilt.” Pedo activity is the highest form of worship of Satan and does seem to be the required ticket to be elevated to great levels of wealth and power. Christ rejected Satan’s offer but there have been many men and women who’ve taken it since his rejection. So if Biden is sworn in on January 20 by Roberts (a pedo) he will be the next pedophile to preside over the banana-republic (it’s very unlikely he’s the first). There are many others worldwide of course, with even a Pedo-Pope now ruling over the sad wreck of Catholicism. (It was inevitable with the apostasy of Vatican II).

    Solzhenitsyn’s ‘old ones’ were correct: When the question was asked “Why has all of this (disaster) happened?” the old ones would answer “Men have forgotten God, that’s why all of this has happened”. Like the USSR, the Rotten Banana Empire will one day collapse under the weight of its own evil and corruption. Biden will likely be removed soon after assuming office. The Hindoo-Dindoo is the one who the overlords want to stamp the Orwellian boot onto the white man’s face forever. She’ll do it gladly too.

    • Trump was surely planning to lure Iran into a war by assassinating the Iranian general, good thing his plan was ruined by Corona. His focus on Iran was also why he didn’t see the Corona disaster coming

  8. Kushner and Ivanka were and are democrats. Trump was a lifelong democrat, but the opportunty to grift and take advantage of “reliable republican voters” was too much for him to pass by.

    Meanwhile, Anglin is wondering if Kushner will continue to pay him through December and MAGA’s are going to state capitols protesting… Something.

    I’m looking forward to reading articles that are about something other than Conservative Inc’s whining and ignorance. The signs were there 3 years ago, but the arrogance of these people made it impossible for them to see.

    Not my problem. The 3 men in my house, nor I did not vote for Trump a 2nd time and feel great about it.

    • @Vickey

      “Anglin is wondering if Kushner will continue to pay him through December”

      He’s already complaining that he had to get a real job because the “single large donor” cut him off six months ago.

  9. Too bad Ivana didn’t marry Tom Brady, instead of a jew. I bet Tom Brady is pleased with his decision to wed and breed with Giselle Büdschen and not Ivana.

    The fault lies with Trump keeping the snotty, unqualified, and moronic kike as his senior adviser.

    Make stupid choices. Get poor results.

  10. Guys have you never see Star Trek The New Generation? If you have then you know of a character called “Q” who is a trickster that can manipulate time and space and bend reality itself. This Q Anon stuff was created by 4 Channers to prank liberals and make them go insane.

  11. Guys have you never see Star Trek: The Next Generation? If you have then you know of a character called “Q” who is a trickster that can manipulate time and space and bend reality itself. This Q Anon stuff was created by 4 Channers to prank liberals and make them go insane.

    I always enjoyed John DeLancey in his role as the Mercurial alien jester. He was a lot more fun than any of the humans, who were largely tiresome.

    One thing I forgot to mention in my point above is that Kushner was also behind the incredibly inept response to the bio-weapon deployed by the Deep State or Chinese known as COVID 19. See the series of articles over at Unz on the topic if you believe either of the myths being promoted by Lügenpresse (it’s the ‘black death’) or the Tea-Party tards (‘just a cold bro’). Both characterizations are lies. It’s definitely real, contagious and sometimes deadly (tho rarely absent co-morbidities) but (((fake news))) and pols have used it as an opportunity to exercise totalitarian levels of power – even while inserting infected prisoners, etc. into nursing homes to boost the death rate. Trump’s failure to deal with this effectively also cost him lots of votes, regardless of fraud or ultimate outcome. Putting Kushner – a spoiled brat with no experience running anything – in charge of any policy was epic stupidity or worse.

  12. “Losing the election was never within the realm of possibility.”

    Trumpsters have merely been out-Q-ed as the Deep State Empire Strikes Back.

    QAnon will regroup and Trump will be back in 2024.

    But who will be Trump’s running mate?

    Will Oriental Dissent support a Trump-Yang 2024 ticket?

  13. HW, what about illegals voting? In 2016 this was a major concern. The mail-in voting was the major concern this time around.

  14. There is no doubt that if President Trump had put up a wall and e-verify, he would not have lost most of the White Support he did.

    There is also no doubt that he could have had 50,000,000 millions of White votes more and he still could not have overcome the ‘electoral advantage’ those clever people in places like Philadelphia and Milwaukee, and now Atlanta, have installed.

  15. Trump did better in Illinois because outside of the Chicago Metro area, it’s a solid Red state.
    With Chicago losing population to Wisconsin and Indiana, and a better downstate turnout, that can happen. Maybe in 20 years IL will be a battleground state!

    • As I drive around Illinois I see virtually no construction of any kind. The endless subdivisions going up I remember 25 years ago have stopped. I took a drive through Northwest Indiana the other day and there they all were, the new housing and businesses going up out in the cornfields. Looks like anyone wanting to do business or live in the region is doing it there away from the scumbag Chicago electorate.

  16. As a white woman, I don’t blame white men for not voting for Trump in larger numbers. He ignored them. Jared and Trump acted like we whites didn’t even exist but wanted our votes.

    I noticed that Trump did not keep his promises regarding the wall and the illegal aliens, so I simply sat this election out.

    I know it’s not going to be great with Harris (who will probably be the one who will be running the country), but even if Trump won this election, what would happen after 4 years more? Would we have a nationalist candidate to choose from? Highly unlikely.

    • While he is in decline, Biden is responsible for many of the hoaxes like WMD, ISIS and perhaps even Covid19, in the sense of shutting down the entire economy instead of just distributing masks and hand sanitiser and allowing extended sick leave. Expect war in Syria, perhaps even a round 2 clash with George Galloway and even a colour revolution in Russia.

    • To the people who did not vote for Trump…I get the reasoning…there is no one who represents us.
      But how could you vote for Biden? That’s just unfathomable to me.

  17. The map of how each state has swung will get much worse for Trump. The swing towards Trump in Illinois, New York, Mississippi, Alaska and Arkansas will probably disappear when the mail in votes are counted, and there are far more votes outstanding in Democratic areas. Nevada could go either way, Utah only swung because McMullin wasn’t on the ballot this time, Hawaii may have swung towards Trump because it’s the least white state, and Florida was the only success story, but it was the only state where the GOP pursued a sensible strategy by appealing to Cubans. Everywhere else the tactic of non-white outreach meant appealing to voters who had no interest in the GOP.

    My opinion on this election is that very little changed from 2016. Trump gained again among rural voters and minorities, but this time was more than cancelled out by white suburbanites. When you look at how he underperformed congressional republicans, the difference is especially stark in areas where wealthy whites might vote GOP. Nebraska’s second district is a perfect example, when rep. Don Bacon (R) won 51-46 but Trump was defeated by Biden. I can’t find the margin but it was called early so it can’t have been too close. The district is dominated by affluent, educated whites. Trump did badly among this group in 2016 not due to his policy, but due to his apparent lack of competence and expertise in politics. He did nothing to reverse this perception over the course of his term, but it has to be said that an establishment republican could never have turned out as many working class whites as he did.

    In a way the establishment republicans got the best of both worlds, retaining their own base in the suburbs (which defected from Trump) while reaping the rewards of Trump turning out their more low energy voters. His force of personality also manages to sell republican economics to working class northerners (that is a much easier sell in the south for obvious reasons) and if the republicans go back to candidates like Mitt Romney they can expect a rerun of 2012 over and over again. If they want to be relevant they will need someone in between Ron DeSantis and Joe Manchin. The tax cuts populism is Hawley isn’t going to cut it, but the republican donor base is short-sighted and greedy enough that they might try, and fail to make it work.

    Finally, claims of a stolen election are ludicrous, all of the final margins in the major cities and suburbs of the swing states are exactly what you would expect given nationwide trends, trends even observed in red states like Indiana, which swung 4% away from Trump, with that kind of swing it would be bizarre for MI, WI and PA not to swing enough towards Biden for a victory. Some of the worst grifters out there are pushing the stolen election narrative and all it does is make the right look like even bigger cranks and conspiracy theorists. I say this as someone who listened to Fuentes up until a couple of days ago. I don’t hate the man but if he continues his current narrative I won’t be returning.

    • Good points.

      This is only a snapshot. We still don’t have the full and final results. It is probably even worse than it looks.

  18. The election was Trump’s to lose and he lost it fair and square. I say this as someone who still went out and voted for Trump anyway, because I was annoyed with the Democrats who think that having a raging sense of entitlement is what qualifies them to take power.

    Trump listened to that ditsy daughter and creepy son-in-law of his instead of heeding common sense wisdom that dictates you dance with the ones that brought you. Trump not only needed every White voter who got him into office in 2016, he needed to expand that base greatly, especially in the Rust Belt. Instead he cavalierly did everything he could to alienate this base, underestimating the same mindset of the Defenders of the Alamo and the Spartan defenders at the Battle of Thermopylae.

    Watching Trump’s inept bungling, I wondered rhetorically what would have happened Teddy Roosevelt and refused to engage in playing along with Hyphenated Americans. Just made sure that every campaign speech stressed unity and true inclusiveness by illustrating how his platform would benefit ALL Americans, across the board.

    The Democrats already had enough White supporters and White RINOs to make every percentage point increase of White voters supporting Trump’s re-election absolutely necessary to obtain victory. Trump didn’t have to engage in bribing Blacks and Hispanics; all he needed to do was make more middle class jobs and opportunities available to everyone. So-called people of color would have come on board with an expanded base of White voters leading the way.

    That said, I think enough establishment Republicans were complicit in this coup (because there was enough blatant, in-your-face cheating to make Trump supporters question the legality of a Biden Win even more vehemently than the Left did the 2016 Trump victory. Otherwise, Biden would have had very long coattails and the Democrats would have not only not lost House seats but also took control of the Senate.

    I also suspect that the Democrat establishment are expecting, even welcoming, dare I say, a major backlash from angry Trump supporters and will take one for the team in 2022 to purge their party of uppity little twits like Andrea Ocasio Cortez and her Squad. Though, just for grins, if she is serious about primarying the rat-faced Charles Schumer in his Senate race, we should ALL contribute to her campaign fund just for shits and giggles.

    The one take away that I hope every one with pro-White leanings learn from this Faux Populist that was Donald J Trump is to stop searching for a Great God-Emperor-Leader to rescue us. We need to rescue ourselves. And we can do it if we diversify our tactics, that’s all.

    • Clytemnestra,

      We had a God-Emperor in Adolf Hitler, and the ZionistAnglo Empires saw to that he and the marvel that he created were destroyed for world conquest. How has that turned out for everyone except international jewry?

  19. Sorry, but II respectfully disagree with you. I do not see Adolf Hitler in that role. I’m a results-oriented person. Hitler lost and Germany was decimated in the process along with Hitler’s ally Mussolini.

    Contrast Hitler’s results to that of General Francisco Franco of Spain who successfully ran the communists out of Spain, allowed a contingent of volunteers to help Hitler fight on the Eastern front and was the only fascist left standing at the end of WWII.

    The Jews like to keep our focus on Hitler. He was the best thing that ever happened to them and the worst thing that ever happened to the White race.

    We need to stop glorifying the failures and start researching the tactics of those that succeeded.

    Franco is the closest thing to God-Emperor that emerged at that time. He maintained a tight-fisted iron grip on Spain until the moment he died. The Jews were so bitter about Franco that Saturday Night Live joked for a year or two after his passing that “Franco Was Still Dead.” He still died, at the top of his game, of natural causes.

    • Clytemnestra,

      Hitler didn’t want the war. It was thrust upon him by primarily Britain and France. He actually wanted to retire in the early 1940s from politics and go back to his interests in architecture and painting.

      Franco was good. I respect Franco more than I do Mussolini, but neither one of them can hold a candle to the greatness of Herr Hitler.

      By the way, when NS Germany was decimated by the Soviet Union and the (((western allied powers))), that was the death sentence for Western civilization.

  20. The Jared Kushner strategy and electoral fraud are in no way mutually exclusive, and there is overwhelming evidence of the latter. By design, it’s impossible to say for certain what the result would have been if the election had been clean, but my guess is that Trump would have scraped by in spite of heeding the advice of his detestable kosher son-in-law.

  21. How else do you explain what just happened? I would love to hear to it.

    I guess I should have saved the long comment I just made for this thread.

    Nonetheless though, I will add on to what I said: It wasn’t Populist White Men who cost Trump the election, it was College-Educated Whites, who have very different economic interests and cultural values compared to Populists, as I explained in that comment. Furthermore, to be brutally honest, Populist White Men are a declining population. They aren’t the future. Obama and the Democrats felt safe abandoning them in 2012 because their “Coalition of Transformation,” composed of non-whites and College-Educated Whites, was enough to propel them to victory. College-Educated Whites are the true swing voters, and they aren’t against Conservative Liberalism just as long as it’s purified of what Richard Spencer correctly called “a caricature of the GOP as the party of stupidity, nuttiness, and racism.”

    To be clear, Populists did not support Trump as strongly as they did in 2016, but if College-Educated Whites had supported Trump and the GOP as strongly as they did in the 2010 and 2014 midterms, Trump would have been cruising to a second term right now. The GOP should not try to remake itself as a Populist, Working Class party so much as it should try to remake itself as the generic White People’s Party that is capable of attracting ALL classes of Whites. Of course, the GOP leadership is repulsed by this reality. They WANT the 2012 autopsy report to become the norm. But the fact is, the GOP in its 2010-2014 form naturally appeals to Whites more than the Democrats do, and the only way the Democrats can undercut that is by picking off College-Educated Whites on social and cultural issues, which the GOP can counteract by isolating the woke faction of the Democrats and coming across as sensible moderates.

    If there is a “White-lash” in the 2022 midterms, which there very well could be, especially if the GOP repudiates Trumpism, it would be awesome if the Democrats proceeded to purge the AOC’s and Ilhan Ohmar’s from their ranks. Hopefully this 2020 election will have the effect of restoring moderation to American politics. I don’t think the Woke faction of the Democratic Party will be nearly as strong without a fascist boggyman in the White House to rail against.

    • @DP84…

      Yes to many things you say in your fine thoughtful comment

      No, to the premise that anything has led to Vice-President Biden claiming himself to be president-elect, other than rampant fraud and cheating in certain Swing States, and,. as well, a lackadaisical Attorney General and Compliant Republican Party thought should have been on this situation months and months ago.

      Untold numbers of votes have been lost to Trump in purposeful glitches placed in the Old Dominion Electronic voting machines that are owned and run by Nancy Pelosi’s chief of staff and other top Democrat officials.

      There is no demographic, and no rhetorical and policy persuasion thereof that can overcome systemic fraud.

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